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IM Tool
Frank Sirianni's review...
Streak: A CRM in your Gmail inbox

CRM is an acronym for customer relationship manager. Steak works as an add-on right inside of Gmail.

I started using Streak over 2 years ago at work to manage my Gmail account for my banquet business. What a difference Streak made, for it completely changed the way I work with Gmail. Streak integrates with Google Drive or G-Suite so any correspondence, such as google docs or a spreadsheet can be linked right into Streak. It will even search through an email thread and itemise attachments.

There are many ways you can use Streak but it will also come in very handy if you are an affiliate marketer. Even if you use an autoresponder or a list builder, Streak can fill in the gaps that these tools might miss, and even money you have may have missed because of these gaps.

Do you own a website? And do you have a contact page with your email address on it?

Anyone that emails you directly will be bypassing your offer, your opt-in, or even your newsletter, because they have decided to contact you directly. This is where straight can come to the rescue. Creating a pipeline for your website using streak will capture all those people that I've decided to contact you directly. You now have the ability to turn that person into a direct lead and eventually a customer.

Are you involved in an MLM program? if so, do you do a lot of word of mouth advertising to gain referrals? Anyone you have talked to about your business can now be managed systematically right inside of Streak to turn those potentials into referrals.

These are just two examples of how Streak can help grow your business.

Streak is not only a CRM in your Gmail inbox, it is really a gold mine in your inbox.

Like I said above, I've used Streak at my workplace for over 2 years, and has since become one of my highest rated programs to work with.


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Marketing System
Magdi Mikhail's review...
I am very excited to share with you a program I believe many marketers are looking for.

This program provides all the cutting edge funneling and prospecting system for marketers and the best part is that it is totally free.

When I say free I mean 100% free. No One Time Offers, No hidden fees, no future expenses. ZERO cost to you. Anyone who is looking to build a list will find that most of the tools needed are there for free.

Tons of professionally designed Lead Capture Pages and Splash Pages coded to you and can use to promote any business.

Over 55 follow up messages already pre-written for you to follow up with your prospects for 155 days.

I found this program to be very efficient to promote my other businesses.

Their automated Lead Capture pages and Splash pages are tied to Traffic Wave AutoResponder.

They will even show you how to copy the pre-written messages to your Traffic wave inbox so that you can start promoting in a very short time.

One small thing which I found to be a little confusing for newbies is that the "log In" page is different from the back office. So you first need to log in to your admin area you fill your profile for other 10 income streams, which is an extra income for you for free and then log in to your main member area.

I have been marketing online for over 17 years and in my humble opinion this site is the best free site out there with real value. Big Thanks And Congratulations to owner Marvin Williams.

Go ahead and create your free account and you can thank me later.


Magdi Mikhail


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Passive Tools's review...
Was a wonderful program, and admins made sure that all members made it to BEP ( break even point)

They are currently not accepting any purchases with external funds.

If you do have a balance ( like me) the ppc or ptc is your best bet. Or just wait.

If they do open back up you will definitely see me there.

Until then. Should be marked as closed.


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IM Tool
Michael Gielfeldt's review...
As part of a new marketing strategy for my website, I decided to join a long-standing social network dedicated to independent business owners: IBO Toolbox.

Essentially, IBO Toolbox offers a community of business owners to share information, offer support, and network amongst each other. Additionally, IBO Toolbox provides important marketing tools such as a url shortener, sms lookup, and access to advertising credits for your opportunity and profile - all for FREE!

I do not use traditional social media such as Facebook or Twitter, so this was a huge leap for me. But a much needed one.

It's all about building reputation

There is an option to upgrade, which costs $20 a month, and you will receive a 'Contributor' badge to show the other members that you support the community. You also get free advertising credits weekly to help drive traffic to your website.

But this is not about simply getting clicks to site, this is about building trust within the community.

You are far better off participating in the conversations by offering support and encouragement to others. Take your time and build up a reputation for providing quality information and assistance to the members.

Success will not happen overnight!

My best recommendation: don't spam your links! Watch the training videos, use the tools, engage with the community, and connect with others. Make a goal to build a solid reputation over the course of several years, not days.

My first week

I remember seeing IBO Toolbox many years ago, so I was familiar with what to expect. As such, upgrading on the second day was an easy decision.

I took the time to setup my profile and my advertising, and watched all of the training videos so that I could get started fast.

Engaging with others was easy. People have been friendly and responsive, and I have already met other members who may prove to be very valuable connections down the road.

As a bonus, I was fortunate enough to also be chosen as a Feature Member of the Day, which resulted in massive traffic to my website and profile. Stay active and engaged and this may also happen to you in time.

Engagement is the key

Posting to your wall, writing press releases, and commenting on the posts of other members is the key to staying active...And it's the key to keeping your name in front of an engaged audience. You also receive stars for your activity to show others that you are offering value.

The results of being active daily have so far produced some great results! Over 5000 views to my profile and over 5000 clicks to my opportunity. Most importantly, I have received over 100 direct clicks to my new website, which is amazing considering it's just over a week old.

A supportive community

Overall, I highly recommend joining IBO Toolbox, even if you never upgrade. You may just make the right connections that propel your business to the next level, or you may even discover an new opportunity with some world class leaders.

To your health and success,


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Traffic Exchange
Passive Tools's review...
EasyHits4U is a Traffic Exchange (TE) program. However, it’s not a regular Traffic Exchange, but the very best and visited one in the world!

Wonder why it’s got to the leading position in the TE industry? Then, read up!

EH4U is a simple to use yet very powerful platform that suits the needs of both beginner and professional marketers who seek to bring more people (“traffic”) to their websites/blogs/referral links from other programs/etc.

Do you have some time and would like to get some visitors to your links for FREE? Surf other people’s websites – and get others to visit yours, in exchange (at an industry-best, 1:1 conversion rate!).

Or, maybe, you’d prefer to buy some traffic for cash, instead of spending your time to generate it? Then, feel free to choose from a variety of Advertising options, carefully prepared for you by EH4U – and tested over a span of 15 years by almost 1,500,000 users!

As a nice bonus, you’ll, also, receive such presents as ad credits, banner and text ad impressions, Premium days, cash and more on each prize page while surfing. And if you install their browser extension, you’ll be receiving even more and bigger (by 25%) bonuses!

Sounds tempting already? Get ready for even more cool features!

Over the years, EH4U has built a fairly impressive portfolio of easy and useful marketing tools for its members. Even being a free member, you are allowed to use the tools that let you create custom Mini Pages and Site Rotators, as well as Geo-target your ads! And if you go Premium (or even Ultimate), you gain access to such awesome features as Geo targeting by regions (not just countries!), detailed statistics and tracking of your ads, dedicated hosting, random direct referrals assigned to your account and many more!

Is it “too good to be true”? Not in this case!

Check EH4U for yourself – and thank me later. :)


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List Building
Bob Caine's review...
I joined 30 Minute List wanting to add more names to my list.  In the past, I can usually add 50 or so names to my list after several months of promoting.  What happened with 30 Minute List really surprised me.  In 21 days, I had 55 new names on my list.  I had never added that many names in that short of time before.

30 Minute List calls itself a viral list builder.  The concept behind 30ML is that each referral adds their first 4 referrals to their sponsors list.  All commissions are received kept by the original sponsor.  No commissions are passed up.  This technique helps your list grow 5x faster.  It sure worked for me.

I would highly recommend 30 Minute List to every one who is serious about internet marketing.  30ML is simple to understand. 30ML provides great training for those who may need it.  They provide professional, effective tools to help you promote making 30ML easy to promote.

The one criticism that I have is that currently 30ML only accepts Payza.  This makes it impossible for US referrals to take advantage of the reasonable lifetime upgrades.  (They are working to resolve this.)

If you want to build your list, 30 Minute List is a valuable tool to add to your arsenal.


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