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Timothy Olson's review...
This Udimi review will help you learn more about one of biggest sites where you can purchase high quality email solo ads to promote your online business opportunity.

I will share my personal experience of buying email solo ads (my results at the end of this review), what I especially love about Udimi and things that could be improved.

Personally, I think is one of the best places you can buy email solo ads, for around $50 you can get 100 clicks to your offer. If your optin page looks professional and you have a great offer, then you can expect to get a high optin rate (and sales down the line).

You can be 100% sure that only people who are truly interested in what you have to offer will click through and read your message, bots and fake traffic will be automatically filtered out. The traffic you receive is highly targeted.

I have purchased 9 solo ads so far. I especially love their rating system, it gives me the opportunity to read reviews from other Udimi customers before I place my order.

The Udimi website is also very easy to use, you can do a search to find sellers in your own niche and your old solo ads and payment information are saved in the system for later use.

The site has also a chat that allows you to chat with the vendor and get more information about the traffic. The support team helps with any questions you may have. has also many in-depth tutorials available for solo email ad buyers. I especially recommend reading the "how to buy a solo ad" - tutorial before you do anything else. You will learn lots of useful tips and avoid costly mistakes. Buying email solo ads is very effective, but it must be done correctly in order to get great results. 

Another great tip I can give is to read the forum regularly. The forum is the best place to learn about email solo ads and ask questions. Other members (both buyers and sellers) will answer any questions you may have. There is also an affiliate program available if you are interested in earning commissions for referring new members.

When you find a seller that has an email list that matches your offer, be sure to read the reviews from other customers before you place your order. It will give you an idea if this seller delivers what he/she promises and if recent customers have received sales and optins from their solo ads.

It is always a good idea to start with a small campaign first to see if it converts or not. You can always buy more clicks later.

Buying email solo ads is always a bit risky, you can never be 100% sure of the outcome. If you are serious about building an online business, then you must invest money into your business.

Udimi is one of the best places to buy advertising, you can really build a responsive email list just by investing a small amount per month. Email solo ads is probably the quickest way to build a responsive email list.

Usually when buying email solo ads from Udimi or some other place, you will get sales over time when your subscribers receive more information about your offer and get to know you. It takes time to build a relationship with your subscribers.

Always write down from which seller you buy ads and what results you get from each mailing. When you find a good seller you can easily buy more leads and scale your business fast.


Solo ad 1: I ordered 125 clicks and received 149, this resulted in 54 leads and 1 sale so far.

Solo ad 2: I ordered 175 clicks and received 188, this produced 50 leads and 0 sales so far.

Solo ad 3: I ordered 125 clicks and received 168, this gave me 47 leads and 0 sales so far.

Solo ad 4: I ordered 100 clicks and received 108, this produced 37 leads and 0 sales so far.

Solo ad 5: I ordered 100 clicks and received 104, this produced 41 leads and 1 sale so far.

Solo ad 6: I ordered 150 clicks and received 162, this gave me 48 leads and 2 sales so far.

Solo ad 7: I ordered 125 clicks and received 135, this gave me 33 leads and 1 sale so far.

Solo ad 8: I ordered 100 clicks and received 110, this resulted 42 leads and 1 sale so far.

Solo ad 9: I ordered 150 clicks and received 165, this produced 49 leads and 2 sales so far.


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Ray Spr's review...
I found JDI International a few years ago through a friend. They sell unique health products. That's what attracted me as I have been taking supplements for over 30 years. Their flagship product is JDI™ Multivitamin – Multimineral with Neustem. I'm not going to review the product but must say I like it. Now I decided to look into the business side of JDL International. The cost is low to be part of the compensation plan. The cost of the product is $29.95. So that works for me as I get the product and the business. JDI International also provides you with a very nice marketing website, training and support. Her a run down of the JDI international compensation plan: JDI International has a fast start bonus so when someone signs up under you get a 40% commission on the product.

Other features are a 7 Tier Affiliate Plan that pays out:

Level 1 pays you 20% from those you personally refer.

Level 2 pays you 5% from those they refer.

Level 3 pays you 5% from those level 2 refer.

Level 4 pays you 5% from those level 3 refer.

Level 5 pays you 5% from those level 4 refer.

Level 6 pays you 5% from those level 5 refer

Level 7 pays you 5% from those level 6 refer

From my experience JDI International is one of the lowest cost Network Marketing companies around. So if you are into health and would like to start a home business JDI International may be for you.

The only thing I don't like is I don't think they have capture pages or an autoresponder. I will double check and update you about JDI International in about a month.

Update: I found out JDI International does give you a Free capture page and a pro autoresponder all free. I started taking the JDI International Stem Cell Vitamins and feel good about them.


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Vernon Hayes's review...
So, a friend of mine calls me on the phone and asks..."How much are you paying for your cable or satellite T.V.? I told him about $135 a month. He replied, "Good. I wanted to make sure that what I have is better." Then he referred me to NuMedia T.V. I was skeptical at first but after watching the company video I took the 15 Day Free trial then cancelled my cable. Now, I'm receiving over 3,000 HD T.V. channels for just $49.99 a month! Not to mention the income I receive for making SUPER EASY referrals.


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Web Hosting
Jon Fox's review...
If you don’t use any advice or other tools found here, make sure and use Bluehost for your website hosting!

Yes they reward those who put the word out about their services, but that is not exactly why I am telling you to use them. I have used around 4 other hosting companies but settled on “Bluehost” when I saw the value they were willing to offer in comparison to the others. I actually quit the others at different time periods based on some frustrations and the way I was treated. They wouldn’t help me with “code” or “html” work for my sites, one told me that I needed to hire a programmer because it wasn’t their job to help me with that.

Helping with code really isn’t the job of the hosting company but Bluehost got a guy on the phone and he totally talked to me up close, and helped me with my technical code and other concerns cheerfully. I was so happy, after all I didn’t have to go find someone else to help. They always answer the phone, seriously, any time of day and night that I have ever called, (and I have called many many times). Save the hassle and go with an inexpensive hosting company Bluehost and work with their great service. They inspired me to offer my help to you as well so when you get your site hosted with them, let me know how it goes!

Typically when someone is stuck they would email support, get an immediate autoresponse email saying “We’ll get with you in 24 to 48 hours, you know something to that effect, and then you wait to hear from them. Okay, so Bluehost is not typical! You get stuck? Grab that smart phone and call them…no waiting. I hope this hosting tip helps. J. F.


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Social Network
Andrew Anderson's review...
Connecting with people on Webtalk is amazing.

The program is very professional like a young LinkedIn, with more options to choose from and soon more ways to earn. Earnings are something this network will make sure happens with not only sold advertising but also professional memberships with a CRM or Customer Relations Manager solution tied in and the ability to turn off ads as a pro member.

They are adding an online marketplace to rival Amazon, pay walls to sell services and content, and they will integrate with apps and SAAS or Software As A Service programs to provide limitless earnings. In all have Facebook and Linkedin, Fiverr and Amazon have a brain child together and add in you control it privacy and you will start to see that their projection of earning $10 per month per user is a low ball figure.

They offer true you in control privacy on their site. Instead of businesses segmenting you alone you can segment your contacts and view feeds that are restricted to just the information you want to read using tags.

You can share viral PDF and white sheets to boost your business right on your profile, share stunning images and live video while not cluttering your feed or those of your contacts.

Web talk offers a 5 tier affiliate program paying 10% on each of 5 levels deep of referrals. That makes them the only viable Facebook competitor to offer up to 50% of their profits to members.

The best part id people will join with or without mention of the referral program and still bring friends and family to the service placing a limitless amount of referrals under you.

One of my connections there posted a snapshot of her downline she built in September and has 213 direct referrals but a 5 level network of 1,899 referrals. If all they hit is $10 a month in value per user as predicted they will pay her $1,899 a month just on that network. Needless to say it is understandable why they saw 565% growth in September and now have over 750,000 members while still in Beta Testing. Can you imagine when the whole thing goes LIVE!


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Brittany 's review...
I found LeadsLeap years ago when I first started marketing online, can't remember exactly where. Might have been a Traffic Exchange site most likely...

Once I joined this unique platform I have never looked back! I was and still am amazed at all of the tools you are able to use as a free member! This platform has just gotten better and better with time!

What I love most about LeadsLeap is its accuracy when it comes to how many real views you are getting using "The Real Tracker". Also the ability to build your own business if you are a more experienced online marketer such as the "Run Your Own Biz" and "Pop Ups" tools it provides!

This platform beats any and everything and I highly recommend joining it for the highest quality traffic and results for your business!



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