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Keith Dyer's review...
Wow! I'm blown away at how Kenneth Koh, leadsleap founder, has constantly taken this program to new levels. Honestly, I have only been using this system for a few months, but the utility of the Leadsleap program never ceases to amaze me. When I check my advertizing to see which ads are performing the best, Leadsleap is always at the top of the list in sending me lots of traffic. And with the Real Tracker, I know which of my ads are performing best. And I'm still learning new features and benefits!

But the traffic generation and aids in tweaking my advertising is only the tip of the iceberg. The best part of Leadsleap might be that in just a few short months, I've already earned commissions ready to be paid out. I never had commissions in mind when I joined Leadsleap, I joined to promote my primary affiliate business. Yet, when people get a good look at what Leadsleap can do, they join, and I'm earning. At the time of this review, I have 7 people on my first level, and 17 on levels 2 through 5.

(Update - As of 11/2016, I now have 9 referrals on level 1, and 259 on levels 2-8 - this is amazing!)

If you are serious about getting traffic and sign-ups for your business(s), Leadsleap is an awesome, free to join, system. And when you can earn additional money by just using it, it's a no brainer!

(Update - As of 12/2016, I have 10 referrals on level 1, and there are 360 referrals on my levels 2-9. Plus 214 in my spillover!)

Update - As of 08/2017, 19 referrals on level one, 650 on levels two thru nine, and 361 in spillover! AND, my pro membership is paid for!!


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Jason Descheneaux's review...
I just purchased this sweet backpage posting software yesterday and I'm already seeing traffic to my business. Let's see how it goes. It's a one time fee thing, so check it out.


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Traffic Exchange
Shouvik Mazumder's review...
Simply Surfing is a great traffic exchange that can help MAXIMIZE your traffic and income.

I have been with this site since its launch and it has been a great experience for me. The member base is growing rapidly, and you can be assured that your sites and banner ads will get lots of exposure.

The downline builder is quite useful. You can add or hide programs according to your own preference. There are various contests running each week (team surfing, weekly referral contest, weekly surfing contest etc). The upgrade offers at OTO are very attractive.

You can also earn cash during surfing (for upgraded members). Minimum payout is only $5. Upgraded get paid within 24 hours (free get paid within 7 days).

(UPDATE:- due to the paypal issue with TEs, the minimum payout is $10 now and is paid through payza).

This LFM TE is really worth joining - it is run by experienced and super friendly admin - Jules Wimbleton.

UPDATE June 9th,2017: There are no surfing competition going on, for past few weeks.


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Traffic Exchange
Till 's review...
EasyHits4u is a Traffic Exchange with some social features and some handy tools for internet marketers.

I really liked the simple to understand backoffice and the smart design, as well as the smooth functioning of all features and the really cool people involved in EasyHits4u.

As far as I am informed EasyHits4u is setting benchmarks for all other traffic exchanges, concerning stability, ease of use, advertising results and member base, so if you ever thought about joining a traffic exchange network, you should seriously consider EasyHits4u.

If you are interested in getting some traffic to your opportunities and websites, EasyHits4u is the perfect choice, if you are more in getting cash for your surfing, I think another traffic exchange would serve you better, because at EasyHits4u it is really more about advertising and traffic generation, although you do get some small financial rewards for your invested surfing time.

Being aware that this is traffic exchange traffic, the advertising results I am getting with EasyHits4u are really good.

EasyHits4u offers a free basic membership with a 1:1 surf ratio, but also offers a premium und ultimate membership, with even better surf ratios, free traffic and some nice add-ons and improvements. If you have some bucks in your advertising budget, these memberships are really worthwhile.

In conclusion, I must say, concerning traffic exchanges, EasyHits4u is a clear recommendation.


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Traffic Exchange
Christos Apostolides's review...
I have been a Clickvoyager member since its inception way back in 2004! All those years it has never, even once, failed to deliver reliable consistent quality traffic!

As a matter of fact, I am deeply surprised that after so many years, and with over a hundred thousand members, somehow it never reached the same fame and recognition as some of its contemporaneous rivals, even though in certain aspects is really superior. A possible explanation may be that its members are not promoting as aggressively as others simply because ClickVoyager does NOT offer any commissions on referral upgrades or on credit sales. It does offer though a good "old fashion", five-level deep, traffic percentage on your referrals traffic (20% on the first level and 10% on the other four levels! )

Built around a custom script it is a "hardcore" Traffic exchange that offers some interesting features such as a basic splash page creator, an in-house message center, a "Daily sponsor site" auction, plus the usual banner and text ad advertising.

The surf bar is of the simplest type with a one-choice button but the administrator claims that there are background safeguards against cheaters and judging by the really good conversion rates, I don't have any reasons to doubt him. The simplicity of the surf-bar may actually be one of the factors behind the high conversion rates. Fewer distractions means more attention to the advertised sites

Another factor may also be the high number of experienced no-nonsense marketers that are still using ClickVoyager. These people, when they see something they need or like they don't hesitate to take action.

What you should have in mind, if you are a free member, is to try to surf at least 250 sites every Sunday to secure a free upgrade for the whole next week.

Free members are allowed to promote as many sites as they like but I strongly advise you, no matter how many credits you may have in hand, never to add more than one or maximum two sites in active rotation. The script distributes traffic per member, not per site, which simply means, the more sites you add the less traffic they get.

A unique feature of this exchange is the "ClickVoyager Bribes". As far as I know, only three other exchanges (Webmasterquest, Topsurfer and WebCentreSurf) offer the same service and for the two latter this is strictly pro-member privilege. At Clickvoyager even free members can offer a credit "Bribe" to other members for joining their affiliate programs. If you decide to create such a bribe, be pro-active and promote the special splash page that is automatically created by the script, even in other exchanges. Clickvoyagers are everywhere!

For all the time that is reliably and with no fuss serving me, and for the countless leads and signups I got from this "classic" Traffic Exchange, I give a comfortable five-star rating and my personal recommendation!


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Safelist Mailer
John 's review...
Pangea is a safelist with 119,000+ members.

Here are my results in Pangea provided by The Real Tracker in the last 30 days:

Total: 846
Unique: 769
Real:  477
Response: 48

I am not a fan of safelists but since it has a lot of members is a good option to get subscribers if you are in a limited budget.


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