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Affiliate Marketing
Frank Sirianni's review...
It's a "Jungle out there" as they say. It's especially true if you are trying to earn money online. If you are a newbie searching ways to earn, you may be one click away from some Internet Guru promising you that you will earn $$$$ today FREE, or you're another click away from a blatant scam.

Gurus will make their offer sound easy and bait you with a free offer, until you are inside the 'Back Office'. That's where their fun and profits start via the UPSELLS upon many more UPSELLS to get YOU that fast $$$$ on their FAST TRACK that they promised you FREE in the first place.

Blatant Scammers will offer you a wonderful 'SHINY EMPTY BOX' for only $XX.XX but you have to go join these 8 programs to market that Empty Box. To accelerate your earnings, you must upgrade in those programs, and then Join these 4 programs (not free to join) but they will sky-rocket your earnings. The Scammers will get their cut from that Empty Box, but they will also be members of the 12 programs that they urge you to join.

Wealthy Affiliate is neither of these types of ways to earn online.

If you are looking for the 'Easy Button' fix to earn online, please excuse me for being blunt-STOP READING THIS REVIEW AND HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY.

Still here? Great! 😃

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that will teach and help you to become an Affiliate Marketer and develop an online business.

There are two streams of courses

- Online Certification Course
- This course focuses on Affiliate Marketing containing 5 levels
- Completion of the first level you will have a Real and Live Website targeted for the niche you want to market
- Affiliate Bootcamp
- This course focuses on becoming an Affiliate Marketer through WA's own lucrative affiliate program
- 7 complete levels
- Completion of the first level you will have a targeted 'Real' and 'Live' website up and running ready to roll with WA's Affiliate Program.

You can work through either course, or complete one and go onto the other. Free Members can have up to 2 Free Websites hosted with WA's under their own hosting platform named SiteRubix. Free Members will have their websites under the '' subdomain.

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is Top Notch.

The training materials are in many formats:

- Live weekly video training classes aka WAbinars
- Courses that are task based (learn by doing)
- Training videos focusing on different areas of Internet Marketing
- Very active classrooms
- Tutorials: Video and Walk-through tutorials that are example driven
- Interactive discussion
- Interactive Classrooms covering topics within the courses, and deeper material to further expand on those topics
- Very active forum--A great place to find answers to problems or share information on every topic at WA

All of these combined result in over 1000 complete training modules and are continually added upon.

The tools and services at WA are also very comprehensive:

- Built in Keyword Research tool
- WordPress hosting, You can build your website in 3 simple steps.
- 2 Free WordPress Websites for free members
- 50 Websites for Premium Member
- SiteRubix Hosting Platform complete with 7 powerful tools
- Create your website
- Create and research your own domain
- Add content
- Get Feedback
- Manage comments
- Manage the health and security of your website
- Get support for any problems

Wealthy Affiliate -- Support

There is help everywhere throughout WA. If you have any questions, simply post your question in the top menu bar, in any of the classrooms, on your profile page, or even within Live Chat. Live chat is a very active place and many questions get answered immediately by other members or even Kyle and Carson. Kyle is very active in the live chat area and is always willing to help.

The rule around WA is that the only Bad Question is the one that isn't asked.

If you have a problem aside from a course specific question, there is support for direct account problems, and site support for any technical problems with your hosted website.

Wealthy Affiliate -- The Positives

Wealthy Affiliate is a 'Safe Haven' for Affiliate Markers whether they be seasoned markers or absolute greenhorns.
Many members have been Premium members of WA since its beginnings in 2003. They wouldn't be there if WA wasn't working for them.

As long as you have the ambition to get your business up and running, and have the mindset that you are creating an online business, there is no reason that you cannot become successful in internet marketing with the help of WA's training.

Wealthy Affiliate -- The Negatives

Wealthy Affiliate is a very large platform. Many new member can easily become overwhelmed when the first start at WA.

My suggestion for this is to take some time to look around the platform. When you are ready to start learning, there is a Green Getting Started Button in the mail menu which will take you to the course outline of the Online Certification Course.

As a free member, you will have full premium access to the platform for 7 days. After which you can remain as a Free Member for life with WA and still have two Websites hosted with the SiteRubix Subdomain.

Wealthy Affiliate: My Final Take

Wealthy Affiliate is a superb platform that can take your internet marketing efforts to a whole new level of success.

The platform is designed for anyone who wants to take a serious effort to create their own online business.

It is not a Shiny Empty Box that you will try to market to no avail and only cost you money in the long run.

You are not falling victim to a Guru whose only target is your bottomless wallet.

It was built and is operated by Kyle and Carson who are both Affiliate Marketing Professionals and have been in the business for over 15 Years. They are not Gurus by any sense of the term. You will never be UPSOLD, or enticed into additional higher levels in order to take you to 'New Heights'.

Free members even have access to Kyle and Carson for live help for their first seven days.

So my advice if you are serious about starting an internet business. Give WA a try for Free for as long as you like.

Take full advantage of the first 7 days of premium status to get the full meal deal. If you decide that WA is for you within that 7 days, your first months premium membership is only $19.00.

You will receive a welcome message from me when you join as a free member. Let me know on my personal profile that you have arrived and click the blue "FOLLOW ME" button beside my profile name and I'll help you with your WA endeavours.


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Home Biz
Kelly Woodcox's review...
I've been a member of this company since June of 2017.

They took me by the hand and explained everything I needed and still need to know about marketing. Plus there are hundreds of videos to learn from on EVERY Internet Marketing subject imaginable.

They provide all the landing pages and ads and so much more. I got an education about how to write my own ads and grow my own list.

I'm no longer freaking out and I can learn one thing at a time about EVERY Online Marketing Technique Available. There are just - Too Many Countless Procedures and Skills I've Learn - to get carried away listing them all...

So... It's best for others to get a grasp on the abundance of tools as well as the easy to follow steps that come with this program. Plus I'm actually earning money.

I’m NOT overwhelmed - AND Making money here is Invigorating! I'm not exaggeration, nor would I because there have been so many programs I've been in that I've always been either exhausted or in complaint mode with the ones that have frustrated me.

I know that if I'm making money then I have the confidence not only in the program, but also I know it's profitable enough to share with others.

If there was anything I didn't like about this program I would tell you. In the beginning there was A LOT to look at and I was a little dumbfounded about where to start. So I almost backed out - BUT I'm so glad I didn't. They told me right away where to start and NOT too look at everything because it covers so much and has so many tools, tutorials, stores, programs etc... that they told me over and over again, to just do one thing at a time and follow their training instead of trying to jump in and try to do everything.

There is still a lot for me to learn. But I've learned so much and have had resources that started making me money the first month. They gave me things to sell immediately.

The only other set-back people might have is that it seems costly. However every cent is worth it and beyond! I've gotten so much more back than what I've paid in. I believe that any Worldprofit member that has followed the training and did exactly what they were taught to do in the program would tell you the same thing.

However, anyone can join absolutely free and STILL make money and they will give you no cost offers to make sales with. A person can stay a free member forever and just utilize the free tools, or they can stay free until they are making enough to upgrade - so it's a win-win.


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Marketing System
Jaye Carden's review...
There are few programs or systems I would give 5 stars too, and the "MLM Recruit On Demand" system is for sure one of the few I would. 

I have used the system for a couple of years now, and to be such a simple, small system, it delivers the results you need.

What I love about having this system are a few certain factors. 

First, the cost to get in ($15) is just a one time purchase. This allows me to sell the system to other networkers, affiliates, etc. Through the system I can build a relationship with the new referral.

Second, I keep the commission, and most of any upgrade. Any system that gives the majority of the sale, or all of the sale to an affiliate, is a system I find attractive.

Third, the system delivers leads for life. Never pay for leads again. Never.

Forth, the leads are genealogy leads. Genealogy leads are the best since you work leads where the people are like minded as you. I have signed up 24 new reps in under 3 weeks using genealogy leads, at a $300 buy in. 

Fifth, their high converting capture pages are priceless. I get super targeted leads of my own using their excellent and attractive offer for network marketers. Advertising the system has been very beneficial and profitable in most places.

Here are the benefits of the system, what it does, and of course the pros and cons. 

1. Low Cost System -
Just $15 one time gets you in the system
2. Leads For Life - If you work your leads, no problem. Get more as much as you want.
3. Big Commissions - You not only get the entire $15 when someone joins the system, but you get $100 every upgrade ($125 one time purchase for upgrade)
4. Genealogy Leads - Genealogy leads are the best type of lead you can get outside of generating your own (my experience)
5. Contact Manager - Name, Company, Email, Phone, Area Code Finder, Notes - all the details you need to know
6. High Converting Landing Pages - I love how well their capture pages generate me leads, very strong message on them
7. Local Search Tool - Find a rep in any company, in any city. Build local with their tools
8. Incentive Program (optional) - Give away incentives for those who look at your opportunity 
9. Receive Incoming Calls (optional) - If you want, upgrade to P3 and have people call you at a rate of 3 to 5 everyday
10. Training Vault/ Scripts - There are training videos and scripts to use for all the members

Who Is "MLM Recruit On Demand" For?

It is for anyone who is a network marketer, affiliate marketer, internet marketer, or someone who needs referrals for entrepreneur type work and opportunities.
Anyone who wishes to become better at prospecting over the telephone or in any way.
Anyone who has a team in MLM or other type opportunities.
Anyone who needs leads of people that are entrepreneur type minded.

Who Is "MLM Recruit On Demand" NOT for?

It is not for anyone who is either afraid to make calls, or contact people in any format. Someone who is not in need of referrals will also find no to little benefit in the system. 
Anyone who expects that every lead will be good, or even valid. If you don't understand how leads work, you may find this system frustrating until you've worked a 100 leads or more.


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IM Tool
Frank Sirianni's review...
Streak: A CRM in your Gmail inbox

CRM is an acronym for customer relationship manager. Steak works as an add-on right inside of Gmail.

I started using Streak over 2 years ago at work to manage my Gmail account for my banquet business. What a difference Streak made, for it completely changed the way I work with Gmail. Streak integrates with Google Drive or G-Suite so any correspondence, such as google docs or a spreadsheet can be linked right into Streak. It will even search through an email thread and itemise attachments.

There are many ways you can use Streak but it will also come in very handy if you are an affiliate marketer. Even if you use an autoresponder or a list builder, Streak can fill in the gaps that these tools might miss, and even money you have may have missed because of these gaps.

Do you own a website? And do you have a contact page with your email address on it?

Anyone that emails you directly will be bypassing your offer, your opt-in, or even your newsletter, because they have decided to contact you directly. This is where straight can come to the rescue. Creating a pipeline for your website using streak will capture all those people that I've decided to contact you directly. You now have the ability to turn that person into a direct lead and eventually a customer.

Are you involved in an MLM program? if so, do you do a lot of word of mouth advertising to gain referrals? Anyone you have talked to about your business can now be managed systematically right inside of Streak to turn those potentials into referrals.

These are just two examples of how Streak can help grow your business.

Streak is not only a CRM in your Gmail inbox, it is really a gold mine in your inbox.

Like I said above, I've used Streak at my workplace for over 2 years, and has since become one of my highest rated programs to work with.


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Marketing System
Jaye Carden's review...
Okay, 5 stars. Why?

I've been a member of "My Lead System Pro" for years, at their highest membership "Mastery" since the day the membership was released. I've never even consider quitting, and when you read below you will know why.

MLSP is a lead generating system, and an educational system (for online and offline marketing). It also continues to add more tools and resources to their memberships.

After using MLSP for 3 months, I seen a huge increase in my income. I actually learned what to do to generate leads, and how to prospect for my MLM business. I owe that all to MLSP.

The value you get from the system is incredible, the commissions are the best, and the reach across the internet it gives you will brand you an expert.


1. EDUCATION - MLSP has more training on every single internet marketing strategy around. They will teach you how to master social media, prospect, run advertising, rank your content top page of search engines, and every "secret" the gurus know. This allows you to take any business online, and turn it into a profit machine.

2. TOOLS - MLSP "Mastery" membership offers a lot for it's members. First the latest MLSP "Sites" gives you a WordPress blog that comes SEO setup by the master of SEO Rob Fore. Saving you tons of money on buying Wordpress, you get it with your membership. You only buy the domain name. Comes with plug ins that are incredible, and training to get your blog to a top earner type blog.

Second, the Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) is the kind big corporations spend thousands a month on. It keeps track of every aspect of your leads, so you never forget anything you spoke to your lead about last year. You can now ask how the kids are doing, and make your prospect see you care. Heck, even some of the leads who opt-in to your landing pages of MLSP come with a picture so you know what they look like before even meeting them.

Third, is Funnelizer. Being able to customize and build your own funnel is huge for branding. Your funnel look the best too. You can place your own video to them, your own picture, and do so much with these funnels.

Fourth is the default landing pages. For the new marketer or advanced, you can use any of their default landing pages. Fifth, you get tons of offers to giveaway on your websites to generate leads. You now have access to the best and highest value training videos to generate leads, and get signups.

Fifth thing is you can offer your own personal training to your referrals, helping brand yourself. Add your primary business presentation that prospects see every time they opt-in to get a free training. Very powerful stuff.

Seriously, there is a lot more I can go on about, but this is getting long and I'm just now touching the surface.

3. COMMISSIONS - As a Mastery member with MLSP, the income you make as an affiliate is simply sweet. The only $1000+ commission I've made online came from MLSP. But, here is what you get for commissions -

a) $15 - $100 monthly for subscriptions of referrals b) $7 - $497 of the 100% pure profit offers you have the rights to sell (made by industry leaders) c) $1000 commissions for annual purchases d) Any amount you wish if you build your own funnel and campaign, and set it to your paypal or merchant account e) 33% of all products that sell live or in the store by referrals. You can also sell these products anytime on your own as they come out. Average commission on these type products are anywhere from $6 to $150. Some are monthly commissions


Anyone who wants to build a serious career with internet marketing, MLM, or even brick and mortar business online. You get the best tools to give you a huge advantage over most marketers, and get the best training from the top experts who actually make 6 figures or more with each single strategy they teach. So this way you get information only that one person knows. If you want more leads, or to brand yourself, you need MLSP. Lead generation is the highest quality lead you can get. A lead who wants "YOU".


Anyone who likes free stuff only. Or anyone who is not interested in branding, or generating their own leads. Commissions at MLSP are great, but you need to use it only for the reason above. Commissions can be generated anywhere, so it's best to never use a program ONLY for commissions. Use any program for the purpose it is intended.

P. S MLSP is to me my home. My MLM companies will come and go perhaps, but I will never go a day without this system. I can build several things with it at once. I've made a lot of money online, and I owe it all to MLSP. I do not believe I could be at the point I am without learning from them, and following the steps of those who make millions. If you want to really succeed, do what the successful are doing and it will come.


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Paula Frye's review...
I kept hearing about new Hemp products, and I decided to try some for myself.

I tried HempWorx's Pain Relief cream and couldn't believe how good it worked. I battle neck paid from an injury from 15 years ago. This is the first cream that has taken the pain away instantly. I've always known that natural remedies are the best, but this is the first time I witnessed just how good they are so quickly.

HempWorx makes high-quality health products using pure CBD Hemp oil -- the purest form you can get.

Some of the products are:

Pure Hemp Herbal Oil drope
Renew Anti-aging CBD Cream with apple stem cells
Revive Cream with collagen and retinol (CBD infused)
Relief Instant Pain Relief
HempWorx products for pets

Each product is exceptional with only the best natural ingredients.


When I first joined HempWorx it was for several reasons. As an online business person, I was always looking for a truly exceptional business. Let's face it. Building a business that pays you every single month is a lot better than trying to live off of sales.

I took a tour of HempWorx and couldn't believe how nice the business system was. As I took the tour, I was totally sold on the business. I was so excited to try the products and get started.

The business model is one of the best I've ever seen. HempWorx actually helped me to get signups. They do not promise empty instant riches. Instead, they place some of their new tour takers under you so that you benefit from the company's work. This is actually something that members benefit from every single month -- not just one time.


HempWorx pays weekly and monthly. I have never had any problem being paid. They are on time every single week. If payment is due, payouts are fast straight to where you want to be paid. It's very convenient.

If you are interested in natural products then this opportunity is perfect for you.

Some ways you earn money with HempWorx:

Fast Start Bonuses that grow - These are added to weekly payouts.

Binary Commissions - Earn commissions on work you do and also what others do.

Cash Matching Payouts - You will earn a portion of income others make that are under you. Just one person could potentially pay you thousands extra for life.

Companywide Global Bonus Pool - Share each month in company profits (percentage grows as your business grows)

Company paid VIP automobile for many.

VIP Elite Income as you rise up in rank. This can amount to thousands every single month.

More Bonuses - From an iPad to $100,000 and a diamond watch.

These are all terrific reasons to join with HempWorx.


Simply sharing your HempWorx page with others can get you signups. Also, you get many high-quality pages that totally sell the business for you.

To share your HempWorx websites, just use things you already do -- like social media, forums, etc. You can even get a blog if you want.

Anyone can join and grow a nice income with HempWorx. And the best part is that members only need to get one product monthly.

If you love organic and want to be in optimal health, then HempWorx could very well be the perfect business for you.

I highly recommend it.


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