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Internet Marketing
Dominic Kristianto's review...
What frustrate most beginners in affiliate marketing is how to start and where to begin. Luckily, those kinds of things are no longer a problem with EWF.

You see, it has a complete setup that you can follow easily and establish your online business in matter of days. You will have a working site and automatic traffic with this program.

Yes it's true! The most amazing thing that I found is that you only set the traffic engine once and it will work for you 24/7 without fail. You just need a couple of minutes everyday to check and adjust if necessary. Best part is: it's only cost you $30/month to do so.

I have never seen anything like this before! Forget paid ads! This is really something revolutionary and best part is that though it's mainly designed for Making Money Online niche, you can use it for any other niche and scale it up.

Some members already make $10K/month and keep crushing it. It gives me confidence that I can do the same thing also. This is not a get rich quick scheme, so you need to do the work by yourself.

The most important thing for me is that the method works! Unlike many other course out there, EWF comes with a lifetime mentoring from the creator himself! James is a really nice and smart guy who always answer my questions within a few hours! Thats crazy fast!

He really cares about our success and he provides extraordinary service in doing so. I don't tell this to brag. In fact, you can contact me and I will show you my conversation with him through email. So you know that my words are true.

What I Like

  • Easy to implement even for noobs and alike
  • Works with any niche, especially MMO/IM niche
  • Done for you setup and contents
  • Amazing support, 24/7 (except when he is sleeping of course... LOL)
  • You can scale your income with this program. Achieving 10K/month is possible if you do the work
  • Automatic traffic, set it once and you are good to go
  • You can get additional bonus about money generator method by doing free method

What I Dislike

  • The course didn't teach you the fundamental things thoroughly (blogging, email marketing, etc., but you can get that from another course for free
  • I found that you need to have a stable internet connection to watch his videos, sometimes it fails to load because of this. But not a biggie I guess, unless you live in a rural area with slow connection

Final Verdict

Are you a newbie or already made some sales but you are struggling with traffic? Paid ads is a big NO if you don't understand how to do it and you will need to spend a lot of money before making it worked for you.

EWF is a perfect course for you if you want to have a Done For You working method to make sales and automatic traffic that you just set up once and only need little maintenance.

This course is a steal with its current price. I heard that James will launch the third version soon. So before the price goes up, I suggest you secure your spot immediately.

Every existing member gets the new version automatically and you only pay it just ONCE for a lifetime mentoring from James. That is crazy cheap! I am a Coach and I charge $75/session to my clients. So I know what I am saying.

If you are tired with Fake Gurus and push-button system that promise you the moon and never deliver any values, you owe it to yourself to check this out.

That's all and I wish you the best of luck in your affiliate journey!

To your success,



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Internet Marketing
Anna Perkins's review...
The Partner With Anthony Program is awesome and one of the greatest mentorship programs on the Internet that I ever come across... It's been around for a few years and it has profited many people on the Internet.

Thankfully, I was introduced to this program and it really helped me for the first time ever, to build a successful online affiliate marketing business and EARN COMMISSION... There are a lot of programs promising to help you create your own online business. The PWA is the program that worked for me.

What I Like

What I really like about this program is simple to follow the step-by-step training with tutorials and videos. Very newbie-friendly. It provides excellent support.

Extremely low entry-barrier cost of $7.

What I Dislike

To be honest there isn't anything I dislike about The Partner With Antony Program.

Final Verdict

Do you also struggle with affiliate marketing as I did? Well, you too can benefit immensely from the PWA program. Other than being one of the most knowledgeable entrepreneurs I know, Anthony is very generous and dedicated to sharing these tips with anyone who is interested


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Borislav 's review...
Quick update, May,13.2020.

As promised update when I will receive first cashout after reopening is here. I requested cashout on May,9. And received on May, 10. News: there is a new adshares type with name FX365. That means duration is 365 days or when ROI reach 150 % (what comes first). Earning (cashback) depends about market status at the moment but you can expect return for new type adshares (FX365) about 1.5 % daily and for old adshares about 1% daily (I have both types adshares and this numbers are from my own experience). That means about 3 months will last to reach expected ROI. Notice: old adshares you cant buy anymore but still have earning until reach expected old ROI (127.5 %). Price is the same: $5 per adshare with 250 advertising credits. ROI is increased from 127.5 to 150 %. If will be some significant changes I will make a new update. 4 stars will go to 5 stars now because this cashback advertising network pays members since 2018.

Important update, April,18.2020.

CryptoSurf has been reopened. Mark Dosier has come back and everything will be as usual with CryptoSurf advertising cashback network. There are some changes regarding purchases because of stability. New update will be when I will receive first cashout after reopening. For now I will give 4 stars but probably with new update about cashout change to 5 stars.

From March, 18. 2020. Earning has been stopped. Admin reason is world corona crisis and bitcoin big drop to $3700. Now Bitcoin has back to $6000+ but there is no any changes and any news from admin. Maybe this world crisis is just excuse to scam people. Good thing that I received cashout on March, 18. (cryptosurf site). He could just disappear. Also admin stopped with purchase option. Still believe that Mark Dosier will come back. Until any fresh news dont recommend this site and any other from his big network. I will update this review when I will know any news.

My Previous Review:

I joined in this program in December, 2018. In beginning I was a little sceptical because not so good experience with revenue share (cashback advertising) programs, such as trafficmosoon and some others.

But because I was already in some other programs from Mark Dosier such as WePayCommissions, WeeklyICO I decide to try it.

First I bought few ad packs to see how it works. Everyone can afford to try it because ad packs are $5 and cashback is 127. 5 % plus 250 credits - 250 visits to your sites.

Hits delivery is petty fast and good quality (I promote my blog and I see avg duration is much better in compare with similar traffic sources)

Great thing is that you can start for FREE and collect every day FREE CST tokens for viewing ads, then later you can use tokens for ad packs or advertising.

But real game will start if you decide to be serious and make yearly exclusive upgrade:

For $67 you will get auto promotion from admin through his very popular ViralTECoop site in next 365 days: special splash page with your CryptoSurf referral link in rotation with additional 2 banners - you can advertise inside your 2 popular programs. In this upgrade you will also receive additional 3 solo ads (on-site), 2 solo ads monthly - 27 solo ads in 1 year total.

You will also receive:

- 1500 credits (page visits) monthly

- 7500 banner credits (impressions) monthly

- 1:1 earning credits ratio (instead 3:1)

- 6 seconds surf timer (instead 10)

- 50 url slots (instead 3)

- higher CS tokens rewards

- 40 % affiliate commissions from advertising/upgrade (instead 10%)

- for adshare earning boost is required to surf 3 sites only (instead 20)

I received many referrals from this promotion: in cryptosurf and other 2 programs.

What I Like

Admin is very trusted and proven in several programs. Daily surf is not required for daily earning. If you want faster earning you can get it surfing 20 ad daily as free member or only 3 sites if you are Exclusive member. (earning booster)

Also from time to time you will get extra earning if market is bullish. Usually extra 1% per ad share. Account is very secured - every withdrawal an/or payment processor change needs to be confirmed via email. Several payment option are supported, in my experience the best option is LiteCoin because of small fees. Also hits to your sites have fast delivery in compare with similar sites and traffic is good. Even as free member you can earn and advertise converting CS tokens.

What I Dislike

Traffic quality is good in compare with other similar sites (sources) but you can't expect some big results from advertising. There is typo in offer: it says 1 solo ad monthly but you will receive 2 solo ads monthly in yearly exclusive membership.

Final Verdict

This is a long term program. Trusted admin, good traffic, stable passive income. Cashback advertising is good solution if traffic is good like on CryptoSurf. Even as free member you can earn and advertise here.


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IM Tool
Henrik Wanner-Olsen's review...
What is Diddly Pay?

Diddly Pay is a social-viral 'payment button' that generates free traffic, email leads and income!

This powerful button can be used on front-end offers, upsells and back-end offers, trial offers, membership sites and more. The Diddly Pay button sends you free traffic, builds your email list and converts your traffic and leads into sales.

How Does Diddly Pay Work?

Diddly Pay is a social-viral payment button. People pay for your product with leads instead of money. Your customers become affiliates who are promoting your product. But you do not even need to pay affiliate commissions because their goal is to get access to your product.

My experience with the program so far

I have used didlypay for many years. Didlypay has generated me money and leads like magic.

Just like you would expect it to do.

What I Like

– A unique and new strategy to generate free traffic on autopilot.

– Its ability to build you an email list which can be your personal, private email subscribers.

– It is a cloud-based software which you can access on any device.

What I Dislike

– Chances of getting fake emails just to get the free product.

Final Verdict

Everybody is aiming to save time and have financial freedom. An internet business can help you achieve that goal. Diddly Pay is a tool that makes it easier for you to build your own business. This magic button changes everything!


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Internet Marketing
Jonny Tyson's review...
Before I begin with this review, I must state that unlike most ‘collections', this is not just a bunch of digital products thrown together and sold at a discount. They have actually worked out all areas of their success and what is required to become successful online and the result is amazing.

They have everything covered in areas such as:

- Website Traffic
- Video Marketing
- Affiliate Marketing
- List Building
- Social Media
- Essential Internet Marketing
- And a lot more

The Niche Marketing Kit is an all-in-one marketing toolkit by Dave Nicholson and John Thornhill. It is a collection of products that have been consolidated into one package to allow bloggers and/or affiliate marketers to gain access to all necessary training to monetize websites.

It is created with the intention to help affiliate marketers to generate a significant amount of sales through the proven tools and strategies that both Dave and John put together.


The Niche Marketing Kit is a great introduction of how to be a successful affiliate marketer. It's also a great platform to learn the necessary software, resources and information that most affiliates use today. Their products do cover every important internet marketing components in their all-in-one package. Furthermore, there was no mention of scammy, or spammy behavior.

Dave Nicholson and John Thornhill both are reputable and experienced affiliate marketers. You can find their backgrounds and blogs on the Internet.

And for these reasons I believe The Niche Marketing Kit is completely LEGIT and is not a scam in anyway.


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Erik's review...
With all the recent craze about Smart Contracts resurfacing in the market thanks to the great success of Forsage, there's really only a few smart contract programs out there that are really worth taking a closer look at. (in my opinion)

This is definitely one of them. It's still in Pre-Launch and People love it already and I want to share why.

The owner is Jim Watts, a very active, well known and trusted admin of several other crypto/ads projects...

What I Like

  • It's very easy to start (only 0.011 ETH - currently around $2.38)
  • User Friendly Platform with How To Get Started Videos Section and more
  • Straightforward Rewards Plan
  • Achievable results for action takers
  • You're in complete control
  • It's got what people want and need (smart contract p2p reliability, ads with bonuses and more)
  • All payments are managed on a SMART CONTRACT (admin never touches members crypto! )
  • All members get paid Instantly
  • Jim is always there to answer any questions and listen to your feedback.
  • Ads are rotated on Jim's network of highly targeted crypto sites.
  • Company and Team Forced Matrix ! you can earn here even without referring.
  • There's more exciting updates coming soon. Jim is always updating with the launch progress.

What I Kinda Dislike

  • Very Low Advertising credits !
  • Ad credits burn out too fast!

I did mentioned this to Jim and this was his reply :)

"yip it's something we have already started talking about we did not want to give too many to start as we wanted to see the speed the credits get used as the text ads are going on our network of sites they go fast and a rise is on the way :-)

This a good thing about pre-launch we can figure out things like this... "

Final Verdict

From all the smart contract projects out there, this is quickly becoming my favorite!

So easy to start, company forced matrix as well as team, (I already earned from the company forced matrix! )

Trusted owner showing his face with video updates on the launch news and progress... I mean. I feel this is simply a winner however you look at it. And it's such an early start. Just crossed over 1000 members...

I'm more than happy to give this 5 thumbs up !

I will continue to update this review as we enter full launch mode in next few weeks.


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