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PLR & MRR Products
Paul 's review...
Very good program helpful admin easy to use. This is a great site if you are looking for some master resale rights products.

What I Like

What l like is you can join for free they pay out 100% commission , so your first paid referral can pay for your own membership. They have loads of different master resale products over 1500 plus each month they update with 10 to 20 new products. I like the products as most have sale pages included, very easy way to make some money.

What I Dislike

Nothing really to dislike.

Final Verdict

Pros are they offer a 100% commission per paid referral which is very rare, products are easy to download and a massive amount over 1500 products


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Affiliate Marketing
Stephanie 's review...
Thank you for reading my honest Wealthy Affiliate Review

My experience with the program so far

As a dedicated member of Wealthy Affiliate, I've made over $5000 in commissions thanks to Wealthy Affiliate and it's affiliate marketing training.

This platform has taught me how to create websites that not only rank on 1st page Google but also earn a monthly income as a result.

I'm able to take what I've learnt from the training and use it to create multiple niche websites.

Currently, I have 3 niche websites, and 2 are currently earning a 3-figure monthly income each, while I continue to build out my newer site.

Plus, I only work on these websites part-time when I'm not at my healthcare job.

All this is possible thanks to the training and tools provided by Wealthy Affiliate, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a way to start an online business and work from home.

What I Like

  • Free to join and no obligation to upgrade, although I recommend it
  • Free keyword research tool
  • The premium membership includes web hosting, keyword research tool, opportunity to request and submit blog comments, request website feedback from other members, interact with like-minded individuals through the community and live chat
  • Affiliate program pays up to $175 per referral
  • Can even earn commissions as a free member
  • Can contact the owners directly - they might not always answer straight away, but when they do it's a nice feeling :)
  • High-quality training modules on various topics within the internet marketing niche
  • Teaches you how to build a profitable niche website, without having to promote Wealthy Affiliate
  • Hundreds of success stories, including me :)
  • Start an online business for less than $2 a day

What I Dislike

  • Training can be overwhelming, especially if you're a complete beginner
  • Sometimes the community conversation topics are off the subject of internet marketing
  • Some training modules are outdated, but the Wealthy Affiliate owners try to update as often as possible

Final Verdict

Overall, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. As someone who started this journey with no knowledge of affiliate marketing, I'm glad to say I've earned $5000 in affiliate commissions because the Wealthy Affiliate training showed me the steps I needed to make it happen.

If you're still on the fence, just check it out for free, what have you got to lose?

Wishing you all the best,


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Muhammad Akbar's review...
The reason I joined Forsage can drive Forsage enthusiasts to continue with their excellent efforts, pushing it ahead. I know the Forsage team in whole has done a tremendous job to pitch the company, creating a brand, harnessing the power of the community and shining in this world of established and emerging cryptocurrencies.

About me

I am someone who works online always, spending more than half the day on the internet. Above this, I am a staunch believer in earning online and a devout supporter of the Gig-economy. For a very long time, I never had a focus of working anywhere else but online.

Forsage was all across the Internet

So why did I join Forsage? The first thing is the great advertising effort of Forsage. There was a time that I would see the Forsage ads popping up on various pages. Twice or thrice per day, I would see Forsage adverts on internet.

My first reaction, and of course for a long time, was that it was a scam. So I developed a hatred of it. However, the more I saw the ads all over, the more I thought it could be a legit company. I put it on the list of potential investment opportunities. However, I could not raise the required amount of ETH to join the ETH program so easily.

A potential that is obvious even to teens

One day my child, a 13 year boy, who was doing his homework research online came running to me and said, 'Dad, I have found you an excellent platform that will pay you a lot of money. ' I froze for a moment before gaining my composure and said, 'What is it. Show me. ' So he showed me. Now, guess what I saw. Of course it was an Ad of Forsage.

I did not take action on that time, so I shelved the idea aside for some time. One day, not so long ago, one of my friends said to me: 'Do you know that TRX shall be the best crypto in the world soon. If you want to make money, buy and hold TRX. ' What he said resonated in my mind.

How I started

The soonest moment, I got some funds; I purchased TRX. I joined the Forsage Telegram group and someone assisted me. Therefore, I made my first deposit in Forsage.

When the xGold Program came, I made another deposit. Now I safely smile because I made the best decision. I know there could be many people who are still skeptical about TRX and Forsage. But the time for such skepticism is over. The best investment currently is in TRON and the best investment destination in terms of not only TRON but ETH is Forsage.

What I Like

Lessons I learned

This seems an ordinary story, but there are several lessons here.

The collective intelligence that the Forsage community shows is pulling people to join. Forsage is a community centered business model, powered by team spirit. Now, since most people know about Forsage, as individuals, it is the best time to promote your Forsage business.

Currently, Forsage has created a glorious name, a great brand which is self-selling and stands out as one of the best online opportunity for crypto enthusiasts. The prime prospects of TRON is luring many people to invest in it. The world is really watching. The various other projects running along the marketing strategy of Forsage will not compete with it. Forsage is the platform to be and an income opportunity, not only for 20202 but also beyond.

The establishment of its own token, FRS shows the focus which Forsage has. Since its community is growing every day, the value of FRS will skyrocket soon.

What I Dislike

Nothing at all. In fact I Love Forsage for giving community a new way of Earning and breaking the silence.

Final Verdict

In light of this discussion, it's clear that the Tron project is a worthwhile income project to pursue. However, to reap the best rewards in a short space of time, Forsage enables you to acquire tons of TRX. Thus, Forsage creates an enabling environment for everyone to succeed.


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Paid To
Jack 's review...
I have earned total USD $397.27 without investments from Ysense, totally free money online. It was legitimate ways to make money online without paying anything.

Ysense have online since 2007 until now, paying its member over 13 years, Total member already reach 7 millions member until now.

How to make money online for free?

Here are real ways to make money from home:

  • Get paid to complete paid surveys
  • Get paid to complete paid offers
  • Get paid to complete paid task
  • Get paid by referring others
  • Get paid by install Clixaddon

1. Get paid to complete paid surveys

You can get online earning from daily surveys. A single surveys pay you $0.5 - $5, there are plenty of daily surveys for you to earn money online, if you can complete most of them, you already can get money for $10 daily.

2 Get paid to complete offers

You are able to get paid for trying new products and services, downloading apps, signing up for websites, watching videos and more.

3 Get paid to complete paid task

You can work from home everyday by access to Ysense task, they pay you for online task such as match company address with company name online. If you do well, you can earn $5-$30 daily by doing task alone without any referral.

4. Get paid by referring others

This is another option to make money online, you can get unlimited referrals to your business, the more referrals you have, the more you can earn big money.

5. Get paid by install ClixAddon

You can earn extra income up to 16% daily if you complete daily bonus check list. How to get bonus? Complete 2 surveys or 10 task on that day, then you will get another 16% money.
But the bonus check list will reset daily, you need to keep complete 2 surveys daily to get bonus daily!

Cash out your earning

Once your account balance reach $5, you can request cashout to payment wallet such as paypal, Skrill, Amazon, Payoneer and reward link. I have received more than $300 usd dollar from Ysense since 2013 for free, if you login daily and spend some time there, you would be able to earn more than me did!

Lastly, join Ysense now before too late, you will be the money maker, create the home business online. With your good passions, I wish you can earn $100 passive income monthly with zero investment!


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Referral Funding
Garry P's review...
This site is more transparent than any site I have ever seen since 1992. I have not seen a more honest, upfront online business ever and I have been in businesses since 1992, online and offline.

It is still in Pre-launch.

There are thousands and thousands of Comments and Testimonials about this program.

It has Not Launched yet but in essence has over 100,000 Testimonials. No one has ever seen such as system before and people can hardly believe they have this kind of opportunity before them when they do see it. When people first see it they cannot quite believe it as it seems to good to be true.

Below is what I like about this program.

It Solves ALL Online Marketers, Network Marketers and Affiliate Marketers problems. It Has A 100% Success Platform with No Recruiting required for anyone unless, of course, you wish to. It has a 100% Fully Automated Targeted Traffic Generator; they have exclusive contracts with, at least, 3 of the largest Media buyers in the world.

There is a Lifetime Refund for anyone not happy with it. The system recruits and sells for you; you never need to recruit anyone to receive income. It Recruits for you within your present opportunity as well, if you have one that is. There are No hoops to jump through, no CV or any requirements for you to earn. They Will Be Licensing Network Marketing companies and other MLM and Affiliate companies to use their "Never-Before-Seen-Marketing-Tools" as well. Then these companies downlines will come in under you and your team. THIS IS MASSIVE.

They have Proprietary Marketing Tools built in-house for you and hired their own programmers for this; presently there are 2 staffed offices and getting closer to 100 employees. Not a fly-by-night operation. This system promotes and works for ANY and ALL online businesses you may be presently operating or any you may start in the future. The company is debt free and in compliance with ALL laws through their law department.

If you Do Not have a business then this System will be your business - with no work on your part. It Works for those who do not have a business, at present, and it builds one or more you may have now automatically. It has Four Tiered "Self Perpetuating" Forced Matrices to Infinity UNDER the Founders Matrix. The income system is Unlimited and is Fully Automated; hands-free income for life.

Each Founder receives automatic placements below them and when they Launch ALL affiliates Matrices will be positioned under ALL Founders in One Giant Forced Matrix to Infinity.

Founders also have Priority Positioning on all New Income Streams and New Programs licensed ahead of the public. We have multiple Network Marketing companies who are very interested in our Business Tools and some are waiting to join with us. This could mean 1 to 3 million affiliates coming into our program in Year One. ALL these affiliates will be put under the Founders.

The company will be using Top Providers of Traffic in the world who have access up to 100 million people looking to do business online. Nothing works without traffic.

We provide every "Done-For-You" Tool you will ever need - sales funnels, video marketing systems, auto-responders, landing pages, banners, etc.era plus "Done-For-You-No-Recruiting-Traffic" all rolled into one. Automated Recruiting, Automated SignUps, Automatic Targeted Traffic, No Products to order or fill your garage with.

What do I dislike about this program?

Some of the older Invite Links inside the site have not been updated.

Final Verdict

This is Better in every way than ANY other program I have seen since 1992. Within the last 10 years I have worked about 200 programs and this program is so far above everything else that I have ever seen or operated that it is unbelievable.

One caveat here: This company has NOT Launched yet; usually in a Launch there are some issues or problems. What remains to be seen is will this company be able to keep their High Quality products at an affordable price over the long term.


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Marketing System
Salley 's review...
Buildabizonline has been online for over 13 years. It has survived the test of time. It is a great program for those who are wanting an online business but find the cost prohibitive.

You only need this one program to get all the tools for success. It is a low $10 per month. Not bad for an autoresponder, capture page builder, splash builder and programs page just to mention a few of the tools.

The back office has recently been revamped and there are no free members after the 7 day trial period. Either you see the value and upgrade or you are automatically deleted.

The only downside for me is that the autoresponder is very basic. It works great but does not have the bells and whistles of others that I have used but thats not an issue.

The program owner is very responsive and helpful. A real asset if you need help getting something set up.

Oh, did I mention that you get a blog with your ten buck membership?


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