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Elizabeth Brown's review...
My site traffic was low. ALEXA ignored website NULL RANK. GOOGLE SEARCH was not indexing me properly nor pulling me as a TOP option or front page.

Well FOLLOWLIKE helped me fix that; ability to get backlinks from FEDEX among other TOP sites with high domain AUTHORITY.

Things I do not like, well having to log back in PLUS not as much clicks as LeadsLeap, does provide a lot of impressions, though, adsense JUMP.

Hey when your autosurf is going, so are your coins for trade.

Any site (project) I add to followlike whether for social bookmarking, retweeting, or exchange. It gets done.

Best part is when I have clients requiring targeting; the option to narrow to country is suitable for GOOGLE ORGANIC TRAFFIC. Using relevant keywords, per backlink, trading for coins, GO FIGURE!

Wake up with almost 10,000 coins.

Better your domain authority (Tip! with Leadsleap OTO Product) , the higher your can charge to promote OTHERS!

I think 5 stars is expected for a site that gets the job done for FREE or CHEAP.

Best way to utilize site?

1. Create a cool OTO Product page with leadsleap

2. Create a cool Popups (see leadsleap) create popup

3. Check out the cookies generator

4. Google search console , adsense, and google tag to track

5. Prepare your leads affiliate setup, email list, auto banners , and Ads

5. Go to followlike submit your leadsleap landing page for SEO links (fast coins) views, traffic, bookmarking, and shares

6. Watch your email, paypal, and google!

7. Leave a review for even more tips

Best Regards,

Elizabeth B




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IM Tool
Aziz Jangbar's review...
ClickMagick is a professional grade tracker, URL rotator and optimizer all in one. But simple enough for anyone to benefit from using it.

It's fairly easy to use. If you are a beginning online marketer, this is a great tool to start your online marketing with.

You can separate your tracking links by dividing them into groups. It also has many advanced features that can be very valuable in tracking your results and profitability as you grow your online business.

Their URL rotator also works very well and is easy to use. You can use this feature for rotating your different sites while promoting one link, etc. Also, a great tool to have if you do co-op advertising for your downline.

ClickMagick even has a feature where you can track organic clicks to your website by simply inserting a code in any page of your website code and ClickMagick will give separate stats on all the organic traffic you get to that page. Organic clicks are the clicks that you are getting by not actively driving traffic to your site. For instance, someone just typing your website link in the browser.

One thing you don't want to do with ClickMagick is to use their generated links in any kind of email marketing, you can have your account suspended if you do. The way I do it is I get a Domain Name from GoDaddy and then forward that Domain Name to the ClickMagick tracker, which then forwards to link I want my prospects to go to. That way I get my tracking done and my link also looks professional, and it keeps me out of trouble.

A tool like ClickMagick is essential for anyone serious about marketing online, especially if you do paid advertising.


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Web Hosting
Jon Fox's review...
If you don’t use any advice or other tools found here, make sure and use Bluehost for your website hosting!

Yes they reward those who put the word out about their services, but that is not exactly why I am telling you to use them. I have used around 4 other hosting companies but settled on “Bluehost” when I saw the value they were willing to offer in comparison to the others. I actually quit the others at different time periods based on some frustrations and the way I was treated. They wouldn’t help me with “code” or “html” work for my sites, one told me that I needed to hire a programmer because it wasn’t their job to help me with that.

Helping with code really isn’t the job of the hosting company but Bluehost got a guy on the phone and he totally talked to me up close, and helped me with my technical code and other concerns cheerfully. I was so happy, after all I didn’t have to go find someone else to help. They always answer the phone, seriously, any time of day and night that I have ever called, (and I have called many many times). Save the hassle and go with an inexpensive hosting company Bluehost and work with their great service. They inspired me to offer my help to you as well so when you get your site hosted with them, let me know how it goes!

Typically when someone is stuck they would email support, get an immediate autoresponse email saying “We’ll get with you in 24 to 48 hours, you know something to that effect, and then you wait to hear from them. Okay, so Bluehost is not typical! You get stuck? Grab that smart phone and call them…no waiting. I hope this hosting tip helps. J. F.


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IM Tool
Aziz Jangbar's review...
SplashWizard is a really cool tool for creating attractive Splash Pages and Opt-in Pages really quick.

I have used several other Lead Capture Page makers and they are usually time consuming when it comes to creating pages, and they are somewhat difficult to use for people who are not that savvy online.

SplashWizard is extremely user-friendly and I think very few people would have difficulty using it.

You can create fully functional Lead Capture Pages with SplashWizard. You can add videos from YouTube, integrate your autoresponder, link to a destination page, etc.

The Pro Upgrade is just $9.95/month which is a great deal for a service like this.

One thing I really like about the pages it creates is that it allows me to put up to 3 bullet points below the heading where I can put the top 3 reasons why the prospects should look into what I am offering.

They have many background images you can use. The only thing I don't like about the images is that they look very digital and are not very fluid looking. Maybe that will be improved sometime in the future.

The customer service is awesome. I had a question a couple of times and I submitted a ticket and got a great response within 24 hours.

Online Marketers need to have a tool like this so they can send prospects first to a Splash Page or Lead Capture Page instead of sending them directly to a Company site.


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Mobile App
Jonathanvan 's review...
It is a very great app that I use daily. It replaced my other communication tool for many reasons.

This free app is called Wowapp. It has a very interesting concept behind it ..... The power of sharing. The company gives to users 70% of their advertising revenue that we can earn from our own activity and our friends (network - 8 levels deep) using the app.

We can cashout this money for us or give it to our favorite charities.

I've always dreamed to find this kind of application and there are so many cool features in it.

More than just a communication tool

There are 7 ways to earn money while we do what we used to do with other apps like Skype, whatsapp...

They use their own currency called WOWCOINS ( 100 wowcoins = 1 dollar)

Instant earn

We earn WowCoins by performing fun and interesting activities such as watching a video, taking a survey, installing an app and much more.

Shop online

For shopping lovers like me lol. There is a list of shops where we can get cashback and receive it as wowcoins. If someone shop or myself, they receive wowcoins too, everything is shared, this is the concept of the app itself !


There are a lot of fun games for any genre you like. You earn wowcoins thanks to the ads that run before you play the games.


You can easily call mobiles and landlines outside WowApp at some of the lowest rates. Every paid WowApp call earns you WowCoins and does good in the world.

You can use wowcredits that you have converted from your wowcoins or purchase them.

A little bonus, you can get a virtual phone number if you want too !


For mobile phone only, once activated, you earn wowcoins everytime you unlock your phone.

Smart web

For desktop only and installed the extension for your web browser, you earn WowCoins by browsing the internet, reading news and shopping online.

App and Web Use

Earn WowCoins from chatting, making free calls, sharing files and much more.

With WowApp, you receive what’s rightfully yours as a result of your daily activities.

Doing good

WowApp is the app where you do good and make a difference in the world through activities you already do every day.

A percentage of your daily earnings is automatically distributed to your supported charities.

You can choose up to 5 charities close to your heart and support them by using WowApp every day. In addition to the automatically donated amounts, you can donate up to 100% of your own earnings to make an even bigger difference in your world!

The list of charities depends on the country you live

What I like :

The quality of free calls between wowapp users are as excelent as Skype and even better whatever the internet speed connection you have.

The fact that we can earn money as a bonus.

Don't expect to get rich quickly with no one in your network. You need to build a quality and big network to have an interesting way to earn money passively.

What I dislike :

I didn't find anything I dislike, as usual, it's based on my personal review. As mentioned above, if you wish to earn lots of money, it's not the right place for you. If you wish to communicate with your friends, business partners... And earn a bit of money all together, then it could be the perfect app for you. Why not using it instead of the other communication tools that don't reward you for the activity you do with it.

Conclusion :

I highly recommend this app for everyone.


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Brittany 's review...
I found LeadsLeap years ago when I first started marketing online, can't remember exactly where. Might have been a Traffic Exchange site most likely...

Once I joined this unique platform I have never looked back! I was and still am amazed at all of the tools you are able to use as a free member! This platform has just gotten better and better with time!

What I love most about LeadsLeap is its accuracy when it comes to how many real views you are getting using "The Real Tracker". Also the ability to build your own business if you are a more experienced online marketer such as the "Run Your Own Biz" and "Pop Ups" tools it provides!

This platform beats any and everything and I highly recommend joining it for the highest quality traffic and results for your business!



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