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Internet Marketing
Dominic Kristianto's review...
My experience with the program so far

This is a product about how to launch a product. The concept itself is nothing new, but Michael managed to put his own angle on this product.

I enjoy learning new things about this product even though I have no plans in near future to launch my own product.

I can get the perspective of a 7-Figure Marketer and for me, that is more than enough to justify the price I need to pay to buy this product.

I need to warn you though, that THIS IS NOT for a complete beginner.

If you already have some experience doing affiliate marketing and want to explore new ways to make money by launching your own product, I recommend you get this product.

What I Like

Michael's way of teaching things is enjoyable. He also provides the audio MP3 version along with the transcript, and you can also download the video if you prefer.

For a low-ticket product, it has good quality and you can learn a lot from this product. This is way better than similar products that teach the same topic.

What I Dislike

Well, I am not a fan of a hype sales page, and yet, Michael uses that again lol. If I did not buy his previous product, I would think he is just like the other serial product launcher that doesn't deliver on the promise.

Another thing is, I don't like sob stories on the sales page. I found it annoying now. But again, that is just me lol.

Final Verdict

As I said, I will not recommend this to a total beginner. I would advise to focus on getting more sales first before jumping into product launching.

On another note, if you like to learn about how to launch a product and want to know how a 7-figure marketer launches his products (because Michael is doing it himself and he has lots of cool tricks he can share), then this is very recommended.


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Tom Lindstrom's review...
This review (TDL) reveals basically everything you need to know about "The Downliner", a traffic exchange co-op. I hope this review helps you decide if TDL is something for you or not. When writing this review, I have been a member for TDL for almost 2 years and very happy with the results so far.

How The Downliner Works In 3 Simple Steps:

Almost all Internet marketers use traffic exchanges, safelists, mailers, banners and text ads to promote their offers. The Downliner is a huge traffic exchange co-op, you can join for free and automatically promote your offer on 73,670+ different traffic exchanges and high-traffic social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn) without using your personal social media accounts. You can also promote your offer using banners and text ads. Every ad will have statistics, you can see exactly how many views and clicks each ad receives.

You just setup your advertising by following the simple instructions and in a few hours you will begin receiving high quality traffic to your offer automatically.

Step #1:

As I mentioned above, you can join The Downliner absolutely free and you will receive a lot of traffic to your offer automatically without surfing. When you have signed up for your free account, make sure you watch the short tutorial video.

The "how to" - video shows you how everything works and shares useful tips for how you can get the most traffic to your site. Instead of surfing for hours to get traffic, you now have time to focus on other things to further your business thanks to this powerful and free traffic exchange co-op.

Step #2:

To get website traffic from The Downliner you need to have "shop-points" in your account. There are 2 different ways to get "shop-points", you can earn them by promoting your co-operative link or you can purchase the points. 1,000 "shop-points" costs only $3 USD.

When you have signed up for your free account, there is one important thing to do. You need to promote your co-operative link in order to become an active member in order to get your advertising live. Another option is to just purchase 1,000 "shop-points" to bypass this requirement.

Step #3:

When you have "shop-points" in your account, you can setup your automatic advertising campaigns. I personally recommend promoting an optin page instead of an affiliate page. You need to have a unique, interesting and highly targeted offer in order to get results from this kind of advertising. (Many people promote the exact same affiliate offer and the results are not that great).

Earn Commissions From The Downliner:

You can join The Downliner for free and earn a recurring monthly 10% commission when one of your referrals purchase "shop-points" and / or upgrades their account.

Upgrading Your Account For Bigger Commissions:

There are 2 upgrade options available, "Go-Getter" and "Serious Marketer". The "Go-Getter" upgrade is just $9.97 USD per month. This includes 3,000 "shop-points", access to the TDL-Machine, 30% recurring monthly commissions, random referrals, social posting and lots more.

The "Serious Marketer" upgrade costs $19.97 USD per month and includes 6,500 "shop-points" plus everything that is included in the cheaper upgrade option.

By upgrading, you will receive "shop-points" that you can use to advertise your offer, bigger commissions when one of your referrals purchase "shop-points" and random referrals. The Downliner places new random members in your team and you will earn a commission every time they purchase "shop-points" or upgrade their account. A free member earns only a recurring monthly 10% commission, but as an upgraded member you will earn a recurring monthly 30% commission.

-As an upgraded member you will also get access to the TDL-Machine.

The TDL Machine:

The TDL-Machine is only for upgraded members of The Downliner. Every person who wants to make money online needs an autoresponder. You must build a list of contacts in order to earn a significant income. This is where the TDL-Machine comes in - you will get a professional autoresponder All-In-One Profits (AIOP) account and 6 paid signups automatically. You don´t need to promote at all, the TDL-Machine will place 6 paid signups in your team automatically.

You can get more information about how the TDL-Machine works inside your free account at The Downliner.

My Results So Far:

As I mentioned above, I have been a member of The Downliner for almost 24 months when writing this review. I upgraded to "Go-Getter" 16 months ago. So far I am very happy with the results I am getting from this advertising source.

I get lots of targeted traffic to my offer, a few signups per day and also some sales now and then. I also earn regular commissions when my referrals upgrade to "go-getter" or "serious marketer" accounts and purchase more "shop-points". My monthly fee is covered by the commissions I earn and I also make a small profit per month.

If you are looking for a way to effectively advertise your Internet marketing offer, then you could benefit a great deal from this free advertising source because:

What I Like:

- If you are already using traffic exchanges, you can really boost your traffic by joining The Downliner. You would be getting traffic from over 27,000+ traffic exchanges automatically plus lots of traffic from social sites, banners and text links.

- You can earn recurring monthly commissions quite easily because many people who join for free will upgrade at some point when they realize how much value they get by upgrading. The commissions are paid out when you have at least $20 in your account. The payment arrives really quickly, often within 24 hours of requesting it.

- It is very easy to setup your adverting campaigns once you have "shop-points" available in your account. The option to advertise on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn without using your own social accounts is great. All advertising campaigns are approved manually.

What I Dislike:

- The traffic you receive from The Downliner is not very targeted, This traffic source is not as effective as for instance email solo ads. You need lots of traffic to see results and this will take a long time.

Good To Remember:

This advertising method does work very well if you do it the right way (This is a traffic exchange co-op, it is not as effective as for instance email solo ads). You need to have an interesting offer and being unique. You will receive results but it will take quite some time to see results and you will need a lot of traffic.

I highly recommend you learn how to setup an email optin page (= building your email list using traffic exchanges) and create a great offer to promote. This is one of the best strategies for getting signups and sales from traffic exchange co-ops.


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Shanita Smith's review...
My experience with the program so far

It's about damn time I write a review. I've been with this company for years & Never wrote one... Well here it is. The Owner of this program has been so awesome & patient with me through all the years and I can honestly say I'd stay with them forever.

This All-in-one platform has received a few upgrades I feel are worth every single penny! Here's why!

What I Like

As a Free member you can Earn credits for advertising by clicking the ads & thank god they got rid of the rating system it was unnecessary for me but you can now just click and wait a few seconds for your credits Just sign up and get started right away.

They are organized. They have a tutorial system. The Dashboard, the Menu on the right are so easy to read and click where you're going to go.

You can get SEO traffic to the programs that you write about, I've received signs ups so far with different ones.

You can Build your email list for free. Unlimited

Free Landing page

Free link tracking

You can Earn commissions as a free member with 25% commissions.

As a free member, you can have up to 3 Ads!

Pro Membership you get so much more. Like Share codes to share your landing page, 5000* traffic a month to your offers including Traffic Co-op which you can share to other traffic exchanges. PPC Earning, Daily Active bonus (Free or paid).

Pro members can also get up to 10 Ads.

Extensive Tracking on your links & Landing pages!

The Upgrade price is $27 a month.

You can build your downline to 10 levels. The first level is where you earn your commissions and the others are credited! Build your downline so you can cover your expense for the month!

You can also do Email series, broadcasts, Youtube broadcasts, Blog broadcasts & too many to name please check the tutorial.

So far I have 21 referrals under me & total of 215 in my 10 downlines & made over $200 bucks so far! But made a lot more from the traffic they send to my offers.

What I Dislike

Nothing loves every bit of it.

Final Verdict

Get in & upgrade way better than free and worth every penny! Don't you delay here!


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List Building
Dominic Kristianto's review...
My experience with the program so far

Business in a box for just $7 with INSTANT PAYOUT is unheard of. Yet that is what you get with List Lions. This 5 Days Challenge will enable you to have a product to promote, how to promote, and even the leads are provided for you.

Another mind-blowing thing about this program is that you will get your commission as soon as the sale is made (hence the name, instant payout).

I like the videos and how Randy is delivering value through those videos. Email marketing is something I have also done for a long time and I do know how tough it is to get people into your list.

List Lion really helps me in terms of getting leads and I am happy it also helps me create some nice passive income every month.

What I Like

List Lion simplifies what others see as a complicated process. Affiliate Marketing is simple, but it is not easy to do. What List Lion offer is something I believe will help many people, especially beginners, to make money online just like it did to so many people inside List Lion.

With List Lion, you get initially 100 leads and a legit autoresponder. In the beginning, you don't need too much stuff to start your business. What you need is a good product that is proven to convert, a way to get the product in front of your prospects, and then create an offer to sell that product.

List Lion also has a warm community with weekly free training from a 6-Figure Affiliate Marketer, Randy himself. What else to expect from this point? Plenty! It will get better and better over time.

What do I really like? it's the fact that Randy has a certain period to give 100% Commissions to anyone who made a sale!

Imagine making $997 in one sale and getting $49 every month passively. Nothing beats that feeling of seeing those commissions get into your pocket!

What I Dislike

Actually, there is something missing from List Lion, and I realize that after one of my clients asked me about the email swipes to promote List lion itself.

Randy does provide the swipes but it still needs more personalization, plus if you use it as is, your email will probably go to SPAM directly. Hence, I create some swipes myself (thank God I learn copywriting lol).

Other than that, I am quite happy with List Lion. It's not perfect, but it works. That is what matters to me.

Final Verdict

The money is in the list? You bet! And List Lion provides that list for you at a very affordable price that is very hard to beat. Don't take my word on it, but just try searching out yourself.

There is no other low-ticket product that provides this much value besides List Lion. If there is, please let me know.

Either you just starting your online business or you want to make some nice passive income with High Ticket commissions in between, List Lion is the one you seek!


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Matt Pugh's review...
I've been a member of OLSP which is a system by the top well-known marketer Wayne Crowe for quite some time now and I must say that the setup is very unique and works. You basically join a FREE Facebook group which at the time of writing this has nearly 77,000 members which is huge.

Once your referrals join the FREE Facebook group they are then instructed to set up an account at the OLSP website which is basically a membership site where you can learn about affiliate marketing and get started with earning commissions even if you haven't earned online before by allowing Wayne to do all the selling for you in the live calls that he regularly does and via the built-in programs that are promoted in the members area.

When you join OLSP, you setup your account as shown in the training, and then you have what they call a 'Mega Link' which is what you will promote to get other people to join the program under you and when they click on your link and join, they get cookied to you so anything that they buy in the future even if it's from one of the live calls then you get credited with the sale which then means that you've earned a commission.

Anytime Wayne does a live call for training where he will be promoting a product, you will get provided with all the promotional material that you will need including Facebook posts for you to use which helps you massively to get other members to join you in the system.

What I Like

A massive Facebook group of nearly 77,000 members

Free training for everyone

Wayne does all the selling for you, you just promote your mega link and get people to join the Facebook group for free

Free promotional material provided for you

What I Dislike

Some of the programs which can help you along within OLSP are quite pricey and are not suitable for newbies who can't afford it but that doesn't stop you from earning with the system and building up to a point where you can afford them so it's not that big a problem

Final Verdict

With nearly 77,000 members in the Facebook group, Wayne must be doing something right, and the fact that you only have to get people to join the Free Facebook group for you to be entitled to earn commissions from then is a great benefit.

I highly recommend this program to all levels of experience from newbies to intermediate and if you do decide to join then I wish you all the best going forward with it.


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Home Biz
Nicole Morrison's review...
My experience with the program so far

As a member for the last couple of years, I can say that I've been very impressed with The Home Business Academy as a whole.

I have the funnel builder, the Premium subscription and the Financial Literacy Academy.

The Home Business Academy, also known as HBA, program has exceeded my expectations.

What I Like

I like the layout of the website, which they used their own funnel/page builder to create.

The website is extremely organized and everything is available at your fingertips.

I like that the training is very detailed and that they have a video tutorial for just about everything.

In addition to the extensive training, there is also help and support available via a private Facebook group and Telegram.

I like that the owners of The Home Business Academy are very involved in HBA and its members on a daily basis.

The Support is excellent if you need to contact them for anything.

I like that there is a very supportive atmosphere that is very welcoming.

I like that they are constantly adding or improving upon their features and training and are always open to suggestions from the members.

I like that there are multiple calls per week to help Premium members and offer so much value and these calls are all recorded and can be accessed 24 hours per day.

What I Dislike

There is not anything in particular that I dislike.

The sheer amount of information, resources and training might be overwhelming at first, but the overwhelm can be resolved by simply getting to know the backoffice and really digging into the training.

Final Verdict

I get so much value from my membership at The Home Business Academy and have no plans to ever leave.


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