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Traffic Exchange
Andre Reutens's review...
This is why I enjoy using this website...

When I signed up I received a massive amount of credits to use - somewhere around 50,0000 credits (more after you enter the promo code). Use credits wisely and strategize properly, that's my advice to you when you sign up for free. 

The platform has delivered daily clicks to my affiliate offers without fail. There are solo ads, text and banner ads fr you to go 'wild' with. The administrator updates the site regularly and posts updates frequently. This has become one of my affiliate advertising 'homes'.

This is what they offer:

> FREE lifetime access to what will become your List Building Factory

> You will receive a monthly advertising injection. Very Rare!

> Your referrals will see your personalized profile box with your favorite links published on many of your referrals pages

> Earn Your Pro Upgrade For Free - QUICKLY

> Extremely generous rewards for clicking links of many types

> Free advertising ultilities linked in your personal work station to help with your promotions

> FREE bonus advertising.. just for joining

> Promo Codes: welcome2.0 and uam_50000 and 4_bagger

> Total advertising benefit of these codes: 6 solos, 50,000 credits, 5 banners and 5 text ads totaling 50,000 views.

> Plus many more features waiting for you on the inside.

Thanks for your time.

Andre Reutens


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IM Tool
Daniel Rodgers's review...
"BuilderAll" is a good business decision. It has all the tools you need to run a successful business, plus more for under $30! For real under $30. The fee is worth it just for the amount tools included as well as access to the people in the group and Alex and Erick's mentoring. They listens to what we say and then takes action and creates it or fixes it if there is a bug. The Facebook Leads Capture is my latest favorite tool! Wow... I can have fun, make money, help others and have approachable and ethical leaders that care!"

It is a platform with over 25 different Online Marketing tools, ranging from Website Building, SEO tools, e-mail marketing software, Facebook chatbots and more that all could be bought separately.

Builderall can be used for:
Anyone with a Business: Online or local, MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Sales, E-commerce, Digital Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Entrepreneurs, and especially Web Designers
Anyone who wants to make a website or build their online presence

Because of the amazing tools Builderall offers, they can be used to help market and grow ANY business!

Builderall has it's own built in Facebook Messenger Chat Bot which you can connect to your Facebook Page, and send automated messages, add buttons, customize responses depending on your lead's needs and answers.
As a business it is really nice also - The opportunity is there -
It works if you work it - It also works if you do not work it just won't be working for you.

Some cons -
Yes, there are a few -
But they are not bad ones. If you have been online for more than two minutses you know or at least you should know by now that all those "Done For You" "Don't For You" - Every automated tool on the market I don't care what you pay - what they do

If there was you would be on a beach somewhere making trillions of dollars and the beach would be "CROWDED because "EVERYONE" else would be doing the same thing. Every automated tool states that they have thousands upon thousands using them. What they don't tell you is that only a few are benefiting from them because the learning curve is sometimes so hard that they give up.

Because you are here now - reading this - I know you are not the type to give up - might have taken a little longer than you planned - but if you are anything like me the goal going forward is worth every day I spent trying to get it right. Every penny I spent trying to get it right. Every seminar I went to trying to get it right.

Sorry for that spiel - but the "CONS" really come from the people who do not want to put in the work. So, if you learn this system and you find something that will work better - let support know and they may create it, if possible.

One of the biggest reasons I like this company is because I live in Florida and I was struggling with the business at first - so, I went to the office and they spoke with me. I had an idea on how I could make this work and they worked with me. And Mr. Salgado was there and came out and we sat down and talked. Who else have talked to the owner and felt good about where you could go with the company.


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Mike Powers's review...
My Daily Choice/HempWorx

When I first found My Daily Choice I must admit I was a bit uneasy about joining a network marketing company.  But after I took the tour of the companies website, did the research on what CBD oil and the nutritional sprays we offer, I knew I had found a true honest winner!

I have found through my own use and my clients use of the products, that the CBD products are extremely well made and are so helpful in relieving problems like joint pain, muscle aches, anxiety, headaches and more. 

The nutritional sprays are remarkable and can help with energy, your immune system, weight loss and more. 

By now, if you have read through any of my splash pages at all, you have discovered that I only work with ethical, trustworthy companies and My Daily Choice is my one and only choice I will ever need to make.

​Besides the products and the company's high standards, you do have a choice of becoming a preferred customer or an affiliate.  I have chosen to be an affiliate because the compensation plan is the very best, well thought out plan I have ever seen in any network marketing company.

Thank you,

Mike Powers


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Adam Lassak's review...
My experience with 7k Metals so far has been positive.  As far as the site goes, it was easy to access the information I wanted before making a decision to sign up as a member.  Also registering to join the opportunity was a breeze.  I simply picked the monthly membership option I wanted then had my "coin of the month" shipped to me and that's what my qualifying commission entails.  Very Simple.  The compensation plan is probably the simplest I've ever seen in network marketing too!  The company pays weekly, as long as you qualify.  The site has all of the information available up front before you make any commitment so you know what you're getting into.  Total Transparency!

I like how I can order a product every month that retains real-world value. So if I never sign anyone up to my opportunity I still come out with a collection of valuable silver and gold!  But why not make an income too by introducing an opportunity to people on how to save a currency that never loses value.  I feel comfortable selling this opportunity because everyone who takes action doesn't lose their money on a monthly auto-ship product that they might not like.  If you don't like your gold or silver simply cash it in and go buy what you want. :)

What I dislike so far is the amount of marketing materials that are readily available.  There still isn't quite much to use to easily market the business online straight from the website however the company gives you access to the 7K Wealth System app that has the marketing links and an autoresponder campaign ready to share with your leads.  They do have plenty of videos and information available for new prospects plus the site is mobile friendly.

I'll update as I learn more based on my experiences.

Update:  I forgot to mention that when you initially sign up and with every coin of the month you also receive a travel savings voucher you can use on their travel booking site for hotels, resorts, rental cars, etc.  So for example if I sign up at the $500 yearly membership level I get $500 in travel vouchers along with my MS70 coin and 3 additional specialty pure silver coins and then every month after I receive another MS70 coin with a $125 travel voucher which can be used whenever I like or I can build them up and use them at once.  The company gives me more value than what I spend!


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Make Money
Wim De Jonge's review...
My Cash Freebies Reviews – Are You being Scammed?

On anyone has the ability to earn payments through Pay Pal and win free prizes.

The only thing you're required to do is completing offers from partnering companies.

The mother company of My Cash Freebies also owns Free Treasure Chest and Paradise Freebies.

The 2009 based company claims to be a trusted and valued entity in the freebie industry.

My Cash Freebies will never charge a dime for using their sites.

You even don't have to buy or install anything.

When I first started I was skeptical too.

Excuses constantly boggled my mind why it can’t work, why it wont work and why it wont work for me.

I remember clearly on a sunday morning when I woke up, I ordered myself that I was going to make it work for me.


Since October 2009 My Cash Freebies had paid out MILLIONS.

I am living proof of that, although not millions.... .YET.

There are many other reviews available online to proof what MCF claims.

I now ask you why so many people think it's a scam?

Maybe because people have to enter their credit card number when taking trials from safe and secure Fortune 500 companies, many think it's a SCAM. If your purpose is trying products or services for free, read the directions of the offer carefully to see when you will be charged.

How My Cash Freebies works :

They work by invitation only to protect / support their members.

So click the button below this review and :

1 - sign up for an account which is FREE

2 - complete offers on their site to earn credit points

3 - claim your money or prize.

My Cash Freebies offers over 70 different partner sites that you can complete across several networks(versions). Every offer has it's value, starting at . 05 and up. You have to complete at least one full credit point to be able to claim your prize and qualify as full member. As full member you're eligible to earn money with this system.

For the Fortune 500 companies it's a numbers game, the more will try - the more will buy! has a variety of different versions Like;

-Double My Cash Freebies : paying $30 per referral

-Fineprint My Cash Freebies : paying $40 per referral

-Video My Cash Freebies : paying $60 per referral

-Banknote My Cash Freebies : paying $80 per referral

Is It Legit?

Though the business model of completing offers in exchange for prizes or money is legit, many people feel that this method of making money looks like a scam. By having a “Proof Gallery” on their site, My Cash Freebies shows that their members do collect prizes.

The issue some people have with this business model is not if members are actually receiving prizes. It has more to do with the fact that you have to complete offers before receiving your prize. Completing offers requires your credit card number as well as your personal information.

If you are not careful about how you handle these offers, you will end up with credit card charges. Email contact from marketers and salespeople is an other sometimes unpleasant aspect.


If due to the high paying rates, you still are interested in participating, this opportunity is a no-brainer.

Click the button below and make your first step into your own future while you're thinking about it.

Be sure to accrue that 1 credit (there are offers that reward you 1 credit at once) and start referring new members on social media, probably the same way you found me.

An easier task doesn't exist, the Sky is the Limit!

PS - my experience sofar is that 6% of all people (that is 6 of every 100) that sign up to M. C.F. Will meet the requirements and you get paid.

PPS -This conversion rate is 2-4 times bigger than you would score with an average internet marketing program, so your efforts will pay off much much sooner.

- when you decide to be part of My Cash Freebies, I'll get notified and for your confinience I'll send you a list of all sites within M. C.F. That you can be part of to get the most out of this high paying once in a lifetime opportunity.

Thanks Wim


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IM Tool
Zoey-Red LeFey's review...
All the buzz going around about Killer Content is there for a reason and the program is definitely living up to all the hype.

Killer Content is getting ready to go viral in a big way, believe me.

To say this is a full-featured program for creating an online presence that will dominate any niche you are is an understatement and does a disservice to the program.

For the first time, someone (Socrates Socratous the creator) has compiled an unimaginable amount of extremely high-quality content and married it to a “thing” that is hard to describe. It is a data management program, but that sounds too complicated and if I call it a word processor that sounds too simple.

Whatever title you want to give this program is up to you, but it is the most powerful tool to search and manipulate data a marketer will ever need while at the same time it is as simple as editing a document.

Let me walk you this to give you an idea of what I am talking about.

You create a project; this is as simple as clicking on the word “new project” and typing in the name of your new project.

Then you search the list of only God knows how many super high-quality articles. You don’t just search this list randomly, although you can if you want. You search this list by Keyword. Yes, you type in the exact keyword or phrase you want and the filter will generate a database of thousands of articles with your specific keyword.

When you open an article you can edit and change the article any way you want, right there like you were on your favorite word processor. With a click of a button, you can even “spin” the article right from the same screen with a very powerful spinning program. When you get the article the way you want it then you just save it to your project.

Then you just repeat the process over and over until you have as much content as you want in the project you created.

Now you go to your project to complete the process. You can auto-post your content directly to your blog. The auto-post program lets you control every aspect of how the content will hit your blog. You can set times and dates for each article to hit or you can just send them out all at once the choice is yours, but to just have a choice at all is something amazing.

Just because you are posting your content doesn’t mean the fun will stop there, you can generate an ebook in pdf format directly from your project window with a single click of a button.

Click, BOOM! An instant ebook with chapters arranged in the order of the article numbers in your project. Once again, you have full control over the look, feel and layout of the book and it is less complicated than a word processor.

As I said, I don’t know what kind of a title you would give a program like Killer Content, but if I ever meet Socrates I want to shake his hand. I highly recommend this system.


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