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Internet Marketing
Jon Teal's review...
I first knew of Eric Holmlund in February 2011, and have just joined his membership program, Inner Profit Circle.

There is a private FB Group, which provides monthly live coaching sessions.

If you are able to attend the live session, you can ask all of your questions during the session.

If you’re unable to attend the session, you may go to Ask A Question and submit your questions ahead of time, so they can answer them and you can then watch the recording.

They are there to help and want to answer your specific questions and take care of your specific needs whether you are brand new or a seasoned veteran.

There is also a "Weekly Plan", a course where you will find a series of 50 weekly assignments designed to take you through the process of building an information marketing business with multiple streams of revenue in just one year.

Also there are several in-depth training courses to give you step-by-step instructions for building various parts of your business. They periodically update this area with new videos and courses.

On top of that you have access to download all of the products added to this member area.

They add a new download every day. Additionally, once a month they add a brand new ORIGINAL PLR package that has never been seen before.

You can even have a website built for you!

Highly recommended as you are learning from someone who has been online since 1999 and shows no signs of slowing down!


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Traffic Exchange
Jonny Tyson's review...
Ok, so unlike other Traffic Exchanges this one has seriously been developed with results in mind!

From using traffic exchanges regularly over the last 10+ years, I have noticed one common ground with most of them; the number of views always seemed more important than actual visitor attention. After using this TE for about a week now I can honestly say that there is a strong sense of quality over quantity here. I have been getting numerous signups to my offers, but as well as that, I have found some great free opportunities from other members that I have not seen on any other TE's.

With a minimum of 0.5 views per click and real downloadable prizes, this exchange gives you more rewards for your time surfing. They also have surfing limits per day to ensure that you get good quality traffic to your sites.

Most other exchanges seem to encourage members to surf thousands of pages per day and some even bribe them to surf with cash. You won't find that at Just Good Traffic, just real advertisers exchanging traffic, just like TE's used to be.

P. S.
If you choose to introduce others, you get a generous percentage of the traffic they generate too!


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Rich Moyer's review...
BigDogs Not For Poodles.

I have been looking at Secrets of the Big Dogs for quite awhile and finally threw my hat in the ring - All In!

I've been preaching about Multiple Streams of Income FOREVER, and have participated in many programs, both those designed by others, and ones I designed myself. The failure rates on these programs are high, not due to faulty design or resources, but because the participants do not invest in traffic site upgrades, dot not persist, or do not do the work.

Big Stan has done a tremendous job putting together his Big Dogs system. If you follow the plan and do the upgrades that will allow you to earn the highest commissions, the plan works!

Step-by-step, newbie friendly, detailed instructions, and a daily work schedule (5-day work week) that tells you WHAT to promote WHERE and WHEN. Don't worry. Get it done in 30 to 60 minutes per day.

The biggest failure of any of these programs is that subscribers cannot (or in most cases, simply will not) join and upgrade on the traffic sites. This is a BUSINESS. You cannot possibly be positioned to earn unless you purchase the upgrades necessary to drive the highest commissions.

I went all in, but Stan outlines several different scenarios to scale up.

I get it. People are worried about dumping a bunch of money for a long time or feeding the beast month after month with no results. Stan has designed this with known and long-standing dependable traffic sources that allow you to reach the most active subscribers to generate the most signups and commissions.

If you need to scale back, no problem. Most traffic sites can accommodate monthly upgrades so you can downgrade if a site is not performing (yes, you are tracking your traffic) or are in a money crunch.

Oh, Stan answers his phone so if you need help, he is there.

Does this cost money? YES. What you can afford.

Does it require commitment ? YES. Minimally 30-60 minutes per day 5 days per week

Will top results happen immediately? NO. It WILL take time and PATIENCE

This is not the easy button. It is a business. It WORKS!

Take a look. This is the best $7 you will spend to learn about a great program that works.

Rich Moyer


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IM Tool
Xavier Rivera's review...
As an affiliate of All In One Profits for almost since March 2014, I can say its been the most consistent business that I've been affiliated with in my entire time online. The tools and services offered more than meets the beginner to more experienced marketers needs.

I personally opted to join in March of 2014 when I was conducting a Teambuild for another company and required a reliable link rotator which I was able to get 2 as a pro member which costs the same as it did then ($21.76/month).

The pro and AIOP's Basic membership both have web hosting which for many bloggers comes in handy given you're given a cpanel, plugins, how to videos and tutorials in pdf format, and one of my favs a double opt-in auto responder which replaced my Aweber account which fluctuates in price dependent on size of one's list, but even at its entry level package at the time was the same price as a pro membership, perhaps even more now.

So given my need for 2 link Rotators for teambuilding, and replacing my Aweber service, I was saving money, but then I began using their global trackers and was able to pinpoint where I was getting most of my traffic from as they say here, real traffic.

Now for anyone looking to brand themselves online, AIOP includes a splash page creator so you're not bound to solely using company provided sites to promote which often lands most opportunity domains in the banned zone, especially on Facebook where a majority of Network Marketers do 85% of their marketing on. There's no limit to how many splash / squeeze pages members can create, and it all includes the necessary SSL (https) to keep people from seeing warning pages as they attempt to view from Social sites. The 10 link trackers (included in basic)and the 20 (included in pro) also have the https, cloaked, and one with a branded AIOP ad banner with your photo to help always cross promote.

Now for those new, there is a learning curve to using the AIOP tools and services, but the same was to be said of Aweber when I we as new to online marketing. Overall for the low price of $11.50, and the fact that with just 1 referral they pay $10 makes it even that more appealing for many affiliates whom love their proprietary Even Up system which is an innovation on the reversed 2 up system. Because the compensation plan is so powerful it attracts Teambuilds given that you get paid on every odd # referral and all even # referrals are passed up to your sponsor as are those of your downline creating a never-ending stream of cash per month to your Payza or SolidTrust Pay accounts, and a few other merchants and Cryptocurrency. (Sorry no PayPal as is with many companies whom have steared clear of having any holdings with them. )

The Bad:

No PayPal resulting in longer pay out times (typically within 7 days, assuming you don't continue requesting each time a commission pops up, as I found out, it resets the original request placing you in the back of the queue), and the obvious grammatical errors, misspellings, unnecessary spaces between words, cluttered pages, awkward navigation (it was worst) and lack of anything new and fresh has certainly driven some to look past All In One Profits powerful compensation plan, and wide array web services, and tools towards other more expensive alternatives, however despite the bad, I believe in my overall experience with AIOP, its still my best option.

On The Plus Side:

The Owners Isabella and Johan are usually readily available to help new and experienced marketers alike making the site more like a tight knit community or dare I say family rather than just some company. This is why I remain a customer / affiliate this long and likely for the remainder of my online career.

Thanks for hanging in there with me and I sure hope that this AIOP Review served its purpose.

See you up top,
Xavier Rivera


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Jeremy Lagatule's review...
Great place to get Traffic!

Need real visitors to your website in a flash? Udimi is a great place to get loads of real human eyeballs on your offers for a reasonable price.

I've personally bought loads of clicks from a variety of different click vendors at Udimi, some are better than others so it pays to search for a good solo provider.

Sometimes you will buy clicks that aren't a good fit for your offer but that's all part of the process, once you find a good solo provider who can deliver good results then you're set.

All in all, the Udimi platform is a good place to find fast clicks to test your offers and build your list.


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Affiliate Marketing
Peter Squire's review...
Devon Brown, the owner of 12MA states that it's as easy as 123 or as easy as ordering a pizza to be able to get traffic to your landing page that's provided to you and make sales. Yes, it's easy if of course you have the budget to allow you purchase solo ads but for a lot of us, this paid traffic method is expensive and sadly out of reach for, dare I say, a lot of people.

There is though a "other traffic methods" section available which is a really in depth traffic guide PDF which has 19 chapters, I haven't been through it all as yet but what from what I have read, it's certainly comprehensive if not somewhat old school but will probably still work.

It runs through methods such as, content marketing, ezine marketing, forums, the list goes on. In my opinion, if you read through the entire guide you'll end up with a severe case of information overload so if you're gonna follow the PDF make sure you only stick to two or three methods at most.

Personally, I'm going to stick with doing Facebook lives, posts and Youtube so I myself don't get bogged down with trying every traffic method under the sun.

What I do think to be a nice touch is that you're given some pretty sweet landing pages to play around with and use, they are simple, clean and very good at converting your visitors in to sign ups. Not only this but depending on what package you buy you either get 80 or 200+ email follow up sequences that are written by pros, this saves us months of work.

We can just upload the sequences into our Autoresponders, 12MA uses Aweber but I'm pretty sure you can use whichever service you use yourself.

There's tons of other features but like I always say, this is a review and not a list of features that a program has.

I've only been using 12MA for a week now so I plan to purchase some test traffic very soon and see how it works out, I'll update you with the results.

All in all the program looks promising and Devon Brown himself is one of the good guys in the make money online space and he and his team have tried there utmost it seems to make things as simple for us to catch our breakthroughs as possible.

What I Like

  • 12MA really is as simple as 123.
  • You can trial the program for $10
  • The platform is easy to navigate
  • Good support
  • Lots of quality materials to work with

What I Dislike

  • The free traffic methods (not all) in the guide are old
  • The quickest way to use the system is to use solo ads but they will be expensive for a lot of people.

Final Verdict

If you don't have a budget to speak of to pay for solo ads then getting results with 12MA will be a heck of a lot slower but then in saying that if you have a decent amount of engaged following on social media already for instance, then referring them to the system should be relatively straight forward.

If not then start marketing now but don't overwhelm yourself with trying to practise tons of traffic methods, just stick with two or three at most.

When all is said and done, as long as the traffic method you're using is sound and keen to know more then 12MA should work out to be a very lucrative venture for you. But of course, if you can afford to buy solo ads from within your account then I'd say do it as you'll obviously get much faster results be them good or bad.


Thanks for reading,
Pete :)


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