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List Building
Robin Robinson's review...
TrafficWave Affiliate program is for anyone who is looking for a solid income opportunity and don't have a business of their own. TrafficWave is essential to business and people will sign up and pay a monthly subscription.

But you have to be a paid TrafficWave member to take advantage of the opportunity.

With my paid subscription in TrafficWave I get access to a powerful autoresponder service and it only cost me $17.95 a month, that's it. There are no levels or Upgrades. And I can have unlimited list and unlimited campaigns. The price is affordable for any business or budget.

Get Paid 4 Ways As A TrafficWave Affiliate

There are four ways to get paid as a TrafficWave affiliate.

The Fast Track Bonus - Each time I refer a New Active Customer I will make 100% commission off the first sale. Money is a great incentive to get people stay in the opportunity.

Plus to make it even better once you get three yours is free. It takes time but many people are making a full time living as TrafficWave Affiliates.

Monthly Residual Income To track monthly recurring sales in your organization. TrafficWave uses a 3x10 Matrix Structure - meaning you can have 3 sales on your first level, 9 sales on your second level 27 on your third level and so on through 10 levels.

Leadership Bonus - When you're ready to get Serious TrafficWave will reward us with a Leadership Bonuses.

Leadership Bonuses are for Leaders who've reached the Level of TidalWave or Tsumani. You can qualify for Leadership Bonuses each month.

Guaranteed Traffic Commissions - TrafficWave Affiliates are paid a 10% commission on each sale of Guaranteed Visitors. These sales are paid each month with the regular monthly commissions - There are no limits to the amount of commissions us as affiliates can make.

I hope this review was helpful.

"Good things come to people who wait, but better things come to those who go out and get them." --Anonymous

Thank you for reading,
Robin Robinson


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Web Design
James 's review...
Design Wizards is similar to Canva, but kicked up a few notches. It basically allows you to create whatever Ads, Social Media Graphics, business cards, flyers, email graphics etc. you could need for your business quickly and easily.

They have a lot of very professional looking templates and one of the best things about Design Wizard is that you can take a design and easily change it to different dimensions and it will automatically try to fit the design to the new size. While it isn't perfect you can usually make it look good with just a couple minor tweaks. With their free account you can add your own images (though limited storage) and use their free images and it won't cost you anything which is great plus you could even look at their professional designs for ideas you can recreate yourself.

Their paid plans come with a lot more storage for your own uploaded images and premium images which typically cost $1 to add, but if you have a paid plan you get credits each month to cover the premium designs and images. Your designs are saved on there so you can always easily access them and make any changes you can also duplicate them to make changes for easy split testing. They also integrate with Buffer, Hubspot and more for scheduling and you can one-click share anything you make to the major social networks.

I've used it for several months now and it has been a great tool that saved me a lot of time and I can make designs that don't look like there were slapped together 5 minutes (even if they were). This is a great tool for any business, but if you own or work with multiple businesses/ websites this will quickly become a go-to for all your marketing needs. They also recently added videos to their offering, but I haven't done anything with those yet so I can't comment on how good those are, but they are there if you need them.


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Affiliate Marketing
Dave Hayes's review...
Wealthy Affiliate is a well established Affiliate Marketing venture, where you are shown how to build your own WordPress blog business on a domain you own, but which is not hosted on WordPress, but a more powerful server, which means your blog gets zero downtime.

For an affordable monthly payment, or a heavily discounted yearly payment, you are given access to an excellent online entrepreneurs course which teaches you step by step, everything you need to know to secure and protect yourself both online and in the affiliate marketing world. There are no upsells.

As a member You are given access to premium training on how to use social media effectively and to use Google Adwords.

The affiliate Marketing bootcamp, also steers you in the direction of well established and proven affiliate marketing ventures, which by their nature are not going to crumble & are evergreen, meaning they have been around for years and proven to pay.

Having been a member for almost a year and joining because I wanted premium WordPress hosting, but got so much more than that, I took advantage of a Black Friday deal to secure my future for more than 12 months.

It has my highest recommendation


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Paid To
James 's review...
I've been part of Swagbucks for years. It was actually featured on my local news station. As with all survey sites you earn money by taking surveys, but they also offer a variety of other ways to get points such as watching videos, using their search engine, daily polls, bonus points for meeting goals, shopping, referring others, and playing games. The variety is nice because sitting as a computer for hours filling out surveys is boing it's nice to be able to switch it up without having to change sites which would have their own payouts so you can actually earn enough for a payout faster than if you would be using multiple sites. I've made ~$100 over the last 6 months just putting spare time in and doing the daily goals. It's not life-changing, but these things aren't until you build up your referrals. For each referral, you earn $3 upfront and 10% of everything they earn. If you can get a decent team of people earning points for themselves, say 10-20 each earning 1k points/ month for themselves that is $100-$200/month for you without doing any additional work. Some of the surveys pay over 100 points so it isn't unreasonable. The nice thing about the videos is they are in a playlist so you can set them playing and it will automatically go to the next one and play that without you being there.

I've redeemed several gift cards now for Amazon and they have all been delivered within a few days and the codes worked without issue. A nice thing is that the first $25 gift card you get for Amazon each month is discounted to 2,200 points so you save more there than buying standard priced gift cards. One thing I didn't like was that you can only get a Paypal payout to the same email you used for making your account which I didn't know when I made the account.

My only issue with Swagbucks is that sometimes I can spend several minutes answering questions on a survey before it says I'm not qualified for it. At that point, they give you 1 point which is just a penny for several minutes.

Overall, it is a legitimate site with multiple ways to earn. If you are doing surveys yourself it is likely going to make you about the same as any other site, but if you can get people to join under you, you can start building up a decent side income passively.


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Internet Marketing
James 's review...
Supremacy.Digital is access to all the training that Todd Spears and Herc Magnus have done covering mainly SEO in general, Local SEO, and Schema, but they also have had guest speakers on who cover things like Chat Bots, Facebook, YouTube, and more. You can join for free and get access to all of the training 100% free. Which in my mind makes it well worth joining by itself, but there is more. You can also make money with

How do you make money with Simple you refer others to join you. During the training occasionally products will be mentioned and on your account page, you can add your affiliate link so you get paid when anyone under you signs up. Some of these are even recurring offers, so you can build recurring revenue, just by giving people free training. It's easy to just join facebook groups see people asking questions about seo or another topic, and just send them a link so they can learn more. You are being legitimately helpful and could profit if they join. 

There is a paid pro membership for 47/month. This allows you to get recurring commissions when someone under you upgrades and if the people you invite don't update their affiliate links it allows your affiliate link to be shown to everyone that they invite for any links they don't change. So if you get someone who only updates half of their links but adds 20 people under them you can get commissions from any upgrades and offers those 20 people buy from the links that weren't updated. This can allow you to massively snowball your commissions. 

I've been following Todd and Herc for years and they don't promote bad products, they don't overly hype anything, and they put out quality products that fill a need in the marketplace and they support and update them regularly. It is quality training and products I'm proud to recommend, though honestly, I've kept their tools to myself for years because I liked always having something better than what everyone else is using.


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James 's review... allows you to buy a gift certificate to restaurants that have enrolled in their program at a massive discount. You can usually get deals like $2 for a $10 certificate or $30 for $150 worth of certificates. These certificates aren't exactly the same as a gift card as they will have a couple of restrictions like only 1 per visit, can't be used with specials, no takeout, and a minimum check order etc. It still provides great value and lets you try new restaurants you either wouldn't try normally or didn't know about. 

I have a couple issues with it though that keep it from getting to 5 stars. First when you get a larger certificate like a $25 one and use that to buy say 2 $10 certificates and a $5 certificate, if you decide to refund those certificates you get 2 $10 certificates and a $5 certificate, but there is no way to combine them for a larger certificate. This becomes an issue when you get to smaller numbers and want to get a larger certificate (You can't use 2 $10 certificates and a $5 certificate to buy a $25 certificate). It's annoying but not a huge issue. My main issue is finding restaurants near me that are part of the program there are only about 4 in a 20-minute drive from me and I don't like any of them so I can't use my certificates up unless more places open or I travel.

Now there are also 3 ways to earn money with First,  there is a referral program. This lets you get a $10 certificate when someone you signup makes their first purchase. $10 is nice, but it is only a certificate you aren't going to be cashing out anything. The second method is their affiliate program which pays out 15% of a sale. While this is paying cash which is nice the average sale value won't be that great (15% of a $30 sale which is $150 in certificates is under a $5 payout and it will take a while for them to go through $150 so don't expect regular reorders). The third way is for you to become an ambassador and recruit restaurants to join the program. This can be great if you notice a lot of restaurants around you aren't using them, because if you are the one that brings them on you get a portion of every certificate sold for that restaurant. So if you live in or near a big city/town and can recruit a lot of restaurants you could start building up a sizable passive income from all the sales. 

Overall it is a good program to use to get great deals eating out, but some areas don't have many restaurants to choose from. I think the best way to earn with the program is by recruiting restaurants to join to build up a passive income.


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