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Home Biz
Ryan Lee's review...
I have been doing online marketing since 2005 and I have never seen a home-based business as promising as kulaBrands! It's not a get-rich-quick scheme but it sure will be paying for generations to come.

kulaBrands is a community of like-minded individuals who collaborate to help start-ups and inventors take their product out into the marketplace. In return, these start-ups/inventors pay us royalties on every sale that they make, no matter where it's sold, no matter who sells it.

We help in the crowdfunding stage, in the sales stage and in branding & marketing. Our contributions need not always be financial... By posting the products on social media or doing live videos promoting the products, we also get paid royalties for doing so. These are one-time actions that pay us royalties for the life of the product.

In this business model, there is no need to bring in referrals to get paid royalties. There is no monthly subscription and no autoships. Simply support the products you like and you're on your way to receiving royalty checks for the life of those products.

One of the projects we are supporting right now is a Reality TV Show. We are working with NBTV Studios and e360TV in making this project come to life. Imagine getting paid royalties from a TV Show!

On Thursday nights we get product updates from our inventors and man, you will clearly see how products are rolled out and the endless possibilities! If you have been burned by MLM and many other home-based businesses, you will find comfort and refuge in kulaBrands....


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Passive Tools's review...
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does not load properly anymore. 

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Affiliate Marketing
Cabot Smith's review...
What Is Super Sales Machine?

An interesting making money product for people who want to avoid all the technical parts of building a website or a sales page.

More specific, if you buy Super Sales Machine, you get many fully set up websites and you will earn money by sending traffic to them.

As a business model, it is a legit and popular one these days. Many people want to become Clickbank’s vendors and some of them make money with this system.

What I Dislike!

However, with this program, you do not learn any marketing skills which is the most important aspect of an online business. The technical issues of a website are not so hard to learn them.

The next problem is that the websites are not unique. Every person who buys Super Sales Machine has access to the same resources as you are.

So, I do not see how you will be able to sell products on marketplaces like Clickbank and JVzoo that another vendors already sell them.

What I Like!

About the websites, they have great design and they look like the majority of Clickbank’s websites. You can make sales with them and they include upsells, downsells, free gifts etc.

But after checking some of the products, they are not so great. Simple guides that cost a few dollars. If you make a research, you can find many of the information for free on the internet.

Overall, Super Sales Machine sells what they promise but you will not learn everything you need to run a successful online business. Yes, you will avoid all the technical parts but you must find a way to get traffic.

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Traffic Exchange
Christos Apostolides's review...
I joined HungryForHits a month ago, not really expecting much more than your average, run of the mill, traffic exchange. One month later and I am the biggest fan. The whole site is packed with uniqueness and character!

The traffic flows smoothly, the surf bar is clean and easy to use, the free tools more than adequate for a traffic exchange and the events and competitions interesting and rewarding. There is a chat bar that's always active, offering plenty of opportunities for branding and networking. Klara, the owner, is always at hand at the chat bar, helping and supporting in a warm friendly manner.

The program is relatively new, about a year old, offering plenty of opportunities for promoting.

There are currently about 4100 members, but due to all the above, most of them are active and highly involved!

My only complaint are the mouth watering food icons at the surf bar, that they keep sending me to my refrigerator! :)

UPDATE- 24/04/2017

It's now almost two months that I am using and promoting HungryForHits on a daily basis and I have come to the conclusion, that the single most unique feature of this traffic exchange is the sense of community that offers, through the chat bar, to its members. Having a chat bar at the surfing area is not something new, but having such a busy and cosmopolitan one is another story. People from different countries and background, of all ages, and with various degrees of experience and expertise are chatting, joking, creating relationships and most importantly, sharing their knowledge! To me, that's something beyond value!

A special mention must also go to the big work that went into the creation of an excellent blog that is there for guiding new users.


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Jack 's review...
I get 20-50 referrals to website in 1 days using Paidverts advertising only costs $4 a days.

When I join a website, I realize that without leads the sales won't grow up, so I am try to search around the google search engine, I try many of website which provide advertising for get referrals or leads, but the result not so good as expected.

Finally I found Paidverts, I purchase the fixed ads auctions for 1 days, the result was amazing, approximately 2 sign ups an hour, total 48 sign up a day.

This website is really good for who are looking for low cost advertising with great result, Paidverts is best choice, only cost you a little money, in return you get sign up and sales.

Good quality advertising with good result.


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Traffic Exchange
Jack 's review...
Referral are important for success a business. I keep finding the method of getting referrals from free website, but all the result not so good.

Finally I found a best traffic exchange website. It is Traffic ad bar. This website is great, just keep surf ads daily, I have get at least 2 sign up per days!

This website really great for promote any of your website, and many of member are come from top tier traffic such as USA, UK, Europe and etc.

For any who want to get free referrals daily, this website is suitable for you, just surf the ads and you will get referrals soon.

It is one of the best traffic website so far I found. Great and nice!


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