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Traffic Exchange
Christos Apostolides's review...
I have been a Clickvoyager member since its inception way back in 2004! All those years it has never, even once, failed to deliver reliable consistent quality traffic!

As a matter of fact, I am deeply surprised that after so many years, and with over a hundred thousand members, somehow it never reached the same fame and recognition as some of its contemporaneous rivals, even though in certain aspects is really superior. A possible explanation may be that its members are not promoting as aggressively as others simply because ClickVoyager does NOT offer any commissions on referral upgrades or on credit sales. It does offer though a good "old fashion", five-level deep, traffic percentage on your referrals traffic (20% on the first level and 10% on the other four levels! )

Built around a custom script it is a "hardcore" Traffic exchange that offers some interesting features such as a basic splash page creator, an in-house message center, a "Daily sponsor site" auction, plus the usual banner and text ad advertising.

The surf bar is of the simplest type with a one-choice button but the administrator claims that there are background safeguards against cheaters and judging by the really good conversion rates, I don't have any reasons to doubt him. The simplicity of the surf-bar may actually be one of the factors behind the high conversion rates. Fewer distractions means more attention to the advertised sites

Another factor may also be the high number of experienced no-nonsense marketers that are still using ClickVoyager. These people, when they see something they need or like they don't hesitate to take action.

What you should have in mind, if you are a free member, is to try to surf at least 250 sites every Sunday to secure a free upgrade for the whole next week.

Free members are allowed to promote as many sites as they like but I strongly advise you, no matter how many credits you may have in hand, never to add more than one or maximum two sites in active rotation. The script distributes traffic per member, not per site, which simply means, the more sites you add the less traffic they get.

A unique feature of this exchange is the "ClickVoyager Bribes". As far as I know, only three other exchanges (Webmasterquest, Topsurfer and WebCentreSurf) offer the same service and for the two latter this is strictly pro-member privilege. At Clickvoyager even free members can offer a credit "Bribe" to other members for joining their affiliate programs. If you decide to create such a bribe, be pro-active and promote the special splash page that is automatically created by the script, even in other exchanges. Clickvoyagers are everywhere!

For all the time that is reliably and with no fuss serving me, and for the countless leads and signups I got from this "classic" Traffic Exchange, I give a comfortable five-star rating and my personal recommendation!


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Traffic Exchange
Christos Apostolides's review...
I joined HungryForHits a month ago, not really expecting much more than your average, run of the mill, traffic exchange. One month later and I am the biggest fan. The whole site is packed with uniqueness and character!

The traffic flows smoothly, the surf bar is clean and easy to use, the free tools more than adequate for a traffic exchange and the events and competitions interesting and rewarding. There is a chat bar that's always active, offering plenty of opportunities for branding and networking. Klara, the owner, is always at hand at the chat bar, helping and supporting in a warm friendly manner.

The program is relatively new, about a year old, offering plenty of opportunities for promoting.

There are currently about 4100 members, but due to all the above, most of them are active and highly involved!

My only complaint are the mouth watering food icons at the surf bar, that they keep sending me to my refrigerator! :)

UPDATE- 24/04/2017

It's now almost two months that I am using and promoting HungryForHits on a daily basis and I have come to the conclusion, that the single most unique feature of this traffic exchange is the sense of community that offers, through the chat bar, to its members. Having a chat bar at the surfing area is not something new, but having such a busy and cosmopolitan one is another story. People from different countries and background, of all ages, and with various degrees of experience and expertise are chatting, joking, creating relationships and most importantly, sharing their knowledge! To me, that's something beyond value!

A special mention must also go to the big work that went into the creation of an excellent blog that is there for guiding new users.


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Erik T's review...

Recent Updates:

As everyone knows, AdsCrypto is not a Ponzi RevShare (If you find any then let them know, they definitely will try to remove any Ponzi elements). Also all are well aware that Add Funds service is disabled since last 1 month but still they are paying members promptly till date, how? (Im two withdrawals more from recovering my seed money - this is unheard of in typical revshares) This proves that AdsCrypto not depends on member’s fresh funds to run, no funds rotating RevShare at all. They trade daily, generate profits, increase financials reserves and pay members, simple. You have seen AC Mid-June reserves was touched 250%. This is not possible in ponzi programs, If AC is Ponzi then it would die way back when they stopped Add Funds service so kindly understand AC work ethics. So it’s a humble request kindly do not compare AC with any other Ponzi projects.

They know what they are doing from their 1st project which started last year and closed successfully by giving good dividends to all our members and now 2nd project AC running successfully. They work silently in back-end but effectively so just have patience and keep trust on AC. Hope crypto market favour’s traders and recovers fast so AC 'profit sharing' operations will be back on track.

This is all For Now, Enjoy All Other Advertising Services AC offers.

Send Your Ads to Over 10,000 Highly Targeted Bitcoin Lovers, Traders and Investors !

If you have any biz offer in the crypto niche then you need high quality crypto targeted traffic.

Simply Open Your Free Account and Then Go To 'Add Funds' service to purchase all kinds of advertising products that AdsCrypto offers to its members and advertisers like Banner Ads, Text Ads, Login Ads, PPC, PTC, Solo ads etc. [(Purchasing Position (Advt Pack) service will remain disabled as it is. = Kindly Read Recent Admin Updates in your backoffice)]

AdsCrypto is the only Bitcoin RevShare with a solid & transparent external income.

Financial reports are posted for all members to view so you know exactly where the external income is coming from and how much is being earned. Truly remarkable and a game changer.

Overall +255% net Reserves increased on Capital till date

Website Loading: Smooth & Fast
Withdrawals Process: Almost Instant (Cashout Upto 1 BTC DAILY)
Reserves: Increasing beyond expectation
New Advertising Features added regularly...Stay tuned! !

A Business is Only Successful when you manage its Cashflow... and AdsCrypto is doing it beautifully...

It's a People's Business... Period.

I hope other Revshare Owners are taking Notice of this...

AdsCrypto Vision: A Bitcoin PTC Revshare where Inflows should be greater than Outflows

Inflows: Total Deposits + Advertisement Sales Revenue + Affiliate Marketing cum Shopping Website ( Sales + Crypto Trade Profits

Outflows: Total Withdrawals

External Revenue Sources: Crypto Currency Trading, Affiliate Marketing, Shopping Website ( Sales

The main external revenue source is crypto currency trading where they expertise. AdsCrypto got my full attention when I saw the presence and full support of Uday Nara from MPCA in their official FB Group. In his words: AC future looks very very bright.

Ajit and Zahid are the trusted owners. They have already proven their reliability in Procrypto. Watching their communication in the group chat and people paid regularly from Procrypto makes me confident enough that their intentions are good. They know this market in depth also understand the risk and reward factors. They know market volatility and have strategies accordingly. Experienced traders can predict timings when to enter in market and exit. If market is in bullish phase can earn good profits and keep it in reserves and when market in bearish phase can accumulate more potential coins on lower levels and wait to go market trend up and give profits.

Overall they are not totally dependent on new members capital. They have to generate 25% on pack 1, 20% on pack 2, 15% on pack 3 and 10% on pack 4 that too in 50-60 days so they have ample of time to earn this % from crypto trading, even in good days they can achieve this target within two weeks.

That makes AdsCrypto Non Ponzi with solid external revenue source.

It has capping on daily earnings and on withdrawals as well.

Has very low referral commission structure that too only on cash purchases - for promotional basis so reserves will not dry easily.

It took over two months to design AdsCrypto pay plan where their main aim was cash inflows in system should be higher than cash outflows.

Kindly do not compare AdsCrypto with other businesses. Understand AdsCrypto vision, ethics, plans are sustainable... Go into deep and study, if you are an expert to understand how business works than you will get all answers automatically without taking others opinion. If you are not comfortable with the word 'RevShare' than eliminate that word from your mind as we believe AdsCrypto is a project for everyone where our main focus to make AC business model sustainable for long years and profitable for everyone and also get all your advertising needs fulfilled.

Key Benefits of 'Bitcoin' Revshare:

- Revenue Sharing Rewards in Bitcoin value

- Bitcoin Market Price Hike Rewards

- CryptoCurrency Trading as an External Revenue Source

AdsCrypto Launched in March 11th of this year, 1 Bitcoin price was $1140 on launch date. Today if you see, 1 Bitcoin price is hovering around $3999 so increased it's value by almost 251% in USD and hope it will continue the same in near future as well with even more speed by looking at technical and expert analysis.

How this gets benefited to AdsCrypto Members, well those members e.g. who have added 1 bitcoin funds to purchase adpacks in March and have active earnings till date will get 251% additional value in USD while withdrawing in BTC + Revenue sharing rewards in today's BTC value so it's dual benefits.

Also CryptoCurrency Trading boosts AdsCrypto reserves as an external revenue source as well, so it's win win situation for AC Members.

So Kindly take an advantage of 'Bitcoin' Revshare and wish you have a happy earnings with AC...

AdsCrypto now offers Partial / Full Refunds of your Active Seed on below Terms

- Medical Emergencies

- Deaths in Blood Relation

- Student Fees

- Financials Loans, Debts etc.

AC will demand and scrutinize all valid documents thoroughly (if required) before approving partial and/or full refunds of your active seed and make adjustment/deduction of refunded amount in your account balances

AdsCrypto keeps all Rights Reserved...

We Believe in you as we all are a part of AdsCrypto Family

I am grateful to finally find a real trusted Revshare I can use to advertise and safely grow my btc.

Join AdsCrypto on merit and not on hype.


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Jason Descheneaux's review...
Been a long time member of this one. It's simple and it's 100% free with no upgrade option. The more you refer people the more ads you will be able to post. At some point you will be able to post 30 times per day. I think it's a great program to get free traffic.


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List Building
Steve 's review...
I've been using RocketResponder since it launched several years ago. I've used many other email marketing / newsletter / autoresponder systems, but continue liking this because it's SO easy to use, so intuitive, and has such a clean and fun user interface.

Send text emails or beautiful HTML emails with simple drag and drop. Send them as one-time emails, autoresponders, or automated emails showcasing your latest blog. (Easy to set up, it automatically sends to your list with the first paragraph or so of your blog, then a link to the blog to finish reading, getting the traffic on your site.)

While other, better known systems, start around the same price, RocketResponder lets you build unlimited lists with unlimited contacts for $20/month. It also comes with unlimited lead pages, all built with drag-and-drop simplicity, so you can build lists even if you don't have your own website.

For those who advertise on Facebook, it also directly integrates with Facebook lead ads and with Zapier, which lets you connect it to many other systems.

For really advanced users, it doesn't have all the features of some other systems. For instance, you can't segment lists in the same way; it doesn't have built-in surveys; it doesn't directly integrate with every new marketing software that shows up. (More of these are growing flexible though and allowing you to enter the HTML from any email list software.) And if you insist on single-opt-in mailing lists, it doesn't let you use these. (A few systems still allow these.)

But overall if you want a simple, clean interface with the power of unlimited lists, subscribers, and lead pages along with simple drag-and-drop HTML builders, RocketResponder offers an awesome value and is my choice for keeping email lists on budget.


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Home Biz
Ladislav Smrtnik's review...
Do you know Carl Bailey? Maybe you know some of his websites. I came across one of Carl's websites (Banners And Bucks) looong time (years) ago, in the time I was just figuring out how to make money online and as businesses come and go, his website(s) is/are there till today. If there is anybody on the online market, who I can trust, Carl Bailey is definitely one of them.

This is also the reason, why Carl's health condition is so heart breaking for me. Carl experienced this year (2016) 3 strokes and on his doctor's recommendation to 'retire and de-stress' he decided to pass his entire online business (8 successfully running online marketing websites) to a new owner. That grabbed my attention!

This is how 'Take Over My Online Business' was born. You may know how beginnings are difficult. It can take years and enormous amount of money to build a successful online business. Carl's online empire has been running for over 6 years now, generating $1100 in weekly profit and it can also be yours for only a one-time fee of $200 as each application counts.

"My online business has generated six-figure revenue over six years." ~ Carl Bailey

I'm deeply sorry for Carl's health issue, but I also see the big opportunity, he is bringing on the table. So this is what you can get with 'Take Over My Online Business':

1. You can become owner of Carl's 8 websites, generating $1100 profit a week.
2. You can take $25.000-$50.000 instead, if you will decide so.
3. You can earn up to $50.000 in commissions, if you don't want to apply for the ownership.

For more details, click the link above (or green button below) and register for free.
Don't miss your chance... I'm definitely not missing on mine.

To your great success, Ladislav Smrtnik.
My TOMOB referral ID: lsmrtnik


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