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Safelist Mailer
Erik T's review...
I love LAS because it's unique and generates very Responsive Traffic to my offers. Wish I video recorded when I got a sale 5 minutes or less after i sent a solo ad to the over 1.8k members of that time ! :D - So yeah, this system definitely works! Without doubt, one of my favorite advertising platforms... I Highly recommend this. I've also got couple of instant commissions to my paypal and payza. But let alone the money making side of the matrix system, It's incredible to think that no matter how big LAS grows, we get lifetime high-converting solo ads for a crazy-low one-time fee!


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IM Tool
Christos Apostolides's review...

I have only started using the program recently but it has already helped in managing my emails tremendously. You see, I am what you might call an experienced newbie! I was quite involved with internet marketing 13 years ago, at a time when Traffic Exchanges were at their peak. I had managed to build great downlines to a lot of the popular ones of that time and I was making a good supplement to my regular income. At 2006, for personal reasons, I had to abandon my online efforts and concentrate completely offline.

Just recently I decided to have a go again and went through my old blueprint with the Traffic Exchanges, only to discover that they are not as effective as I remembered. So I started signing up for every mailer, safelist, and "viral" new thing I stumbled upon! Needless to say in a very short time both of my email accounts were flooded with all sort of credit emails, recommendations, and special offers! It was taking me more and more time every day trying to sort out the useful ones and delete the rest, and thus preventing me from focusing on promoting.

And then I discovered Viralinbox. Problem solved!

I now have a different email account for every mailer, safelist etc... And managing them all from the same platform. I can even create new accounts, on the fly, without even logging into my email account! Let us say, for example, that I stumble upon the latest "1000BitCoinsByTomorrowGuaranteed. Com" opportunity and for some obscure reason, I want to sign up. I can sign up with a new, on the fly, account in the form of "myuserid. 1000BitCoinsByTomorrowGuaranteed. [email protected] Com" and Viralinbox will take care of the rest! It will automatically create the new email account, in a separate folder on my main account, and put all future emails from the specific sender there! Priceless!

Viralinbox is free to join, does have an affiliate program, plus an in-house mailer and ads section, but that, in my opinion, are just extra added bonus compared to the usefulness of it!


It's been now over a week that I cannot access my account! There is an announcement for a temp technical problem but that's an awful lot of time for any site, more so for an email client!

I am reducing the stars to one till it gets back!

Please refrain from joining at this time.


A copy and paste from the site that speaks for itself:

"... We are working to get the email addresses up and working again, so that you will be able to use them and receive emails once more. This can take up to a couple of weeks and we are on it as you read this. This will not include all the functionality we had before, as that could take 6 months, but it will allow you to use the core functions. After this time a further decision will be taken.

We want to thank you for being a ViralinBox user. All things at some point comes to an end, unfortunately, this time it was not on our terms and not in the manner we would ever wish. Please try to come back to the site in a week to see if we have been successful in restoring basic functionality, so you can get new emails sent to your email inboxes that you have setup.

Once again, we are very sorry for how this has transpired. "

I think is safe to conclude that this is, more or less, the end of Viralinbox

UPDATE 20 November

Just a quick update to report that Viralinbox is back online. I have not started using it yet, but the interface looks more clean and modern. Just for not, the owners, abandoning the project I upvoted it to 2 stars.  In the following weeks, I will try to use it as to have a more clear opinion and a representative vote.


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Internet Marketing
Ronald Lentz's review...
"My name is Ronald Lentz. I am now going into my third year as a Platinum VIP Member at Worldprofit! From my point of view this membership is the sanest choice one can make on the Internet! That's if you are really serious about creating an online business that has a chance of surviving! Past the original illusions (I believe many have)about how easy it is to make a living online. Worldprofit is the reality, the vehicle, the tools, the support, and the education. Lesson Three is definitely the key and fuel to make what ever it is you want to make happen come to life on line. I am just now starting to get a grasp on just how valuable this membership is in so, so many ways.

What a great group, amazing source of education, tools and a platform to run it all! The platform helps so much to keep some sort of order in all the parts and pieces that go together to make a virtual business. Then keep it organized and under control. Then there is the folks who did all the hard work to make this available to others.

These are truly Trustworthy, Good People! If you listen, you will hear a very real desire to help and see that you survive on line. I cannot think of any reason why some one who is really interested in winning online would not become at least a silver member. The value is beyond the small cost to do this. If you compare this to cost of having a business in the material world.

There could be no other choice, it is a win win on a grand scale with so much value for so little.

It takes a little bit of time for the value of Worldprofit membership to become clear! Once you see it though, you will know there is no other resource like this that I know of online! I have been online since the Internet's creation, and I have never been happier with an online service in this life time. I know in my soul I am going to become a success online and this Worldprofit group is the right tool to make that so. "Thank you Ronald Lentz "

- Ronald Lentz Winston-Salem, NC


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John 's review...
I have been marketing the Now LifeStyle program since around May. I have learned a lot since then. The company has not come online fully yet. I think that is suppose to happen in January 2018. So far marketing the program has been slow going. Lots of tire kickers but not a lot of buyers.

I like the exercise programs and supplements the program has to offer. The supplements are cheaper and of higher quality than I have purchased at other places online. You get a lot encouragement from the management via the Facebook page they run. If I can get the subscribers the compensation plan will be awesome.

The negative is like most new companies i.e. things move slower than I like. The training has not been quite been put in place where the newer members can take advantage of it. I think the whole internet marketing part can be pretty overwhelming for people new to it.


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Erik T's review...
Bitcoin Mining pre-sale now live!

Please note that Bitcoin contract prices have increased by approximately 16% as the mining rig prices have increased from suppliers due to the unprecedented global demand.

The great news is that the maintenance fee offered is still the lowest at $.0.00028 per GH/s per day beating any competitor in the market place.

NOTE: This LIMITED Bitcoin mining presale order Contracts will Start mining 28th of February, 2018

Contract timeframe: Open-Ended

No refunds – Once you purchase your pre-order there will be no refunds! Members having funds in their eWallets can request a refund and subject to bank fees, however once they commit these funds to this Bitcoin hashpower pre-sale there will be NO refund.


"Continue paying every member regardless of hot wallet hack.

Most of the businesses would have disappeared in a hole after such incident."

Genesis Mining is the easy and safe way to purchase hashpower without having to deal with complex hardware and software setup. A team of mining experts with extensive knowledge of the digital currency sector. Genesis Mining specializes in building the most efficient and reliable mining rigs that also offer for rent to clients. Genesis-Mining is the leading crypto cloud mining provider worldwide powering companies like Swiss Gold Global, BitClub Network and many more.

What is Mining?

When you mine bitcoin, you rent a share of a computer.
That computer dedicate it's power to bitcoin transaction and the bitcoin system award you with an income.

My income is made from mining, which mean I earn daily a certain bitcoin amount.

U$ 'locked' in here will surely be much better than U$ stuck in any bank.

I know you have your hesitation as i did too, but with the ability to begin with only $30.00, why would you miss such a nice promising experience ?

When any asset class jumps $10 Billion in market cap, thats $10 Billion of fresh funds in circulation

Cryptocurrencies went from U$ 30 Bn to U$ 60 BN in just 3 months

If you are still not mining this phenomenon, someone else will.

If you are still skeptical about it, the rest of the world is not going to wait

If you think its a bubble, you probably know little about the bond market and even less about sovereign debt

If you prefer physical assets, the crypto returns can be easily converted to physical assets

If you think its too risky, you are already being robbed through inflation and fiat based taxes.

Update 23 May:

Genesis running out of Bitcoin contracts proves that people took action and didn't wait around. Good news is that Genesis have the balance sheet and cash in hand to add more facilities. It's only a matter of time

If there is a company in the world that can add more power, it's Genesis. So when BTC goes from $1800 to $2200 why don't people just buy BTC? Because mining became more profitable (from 70% pa to 134% pa) and mining offers a stable daily return compared to playing with price volatility of the end product.

Joining now as G-M affiliate puts everyone in a better position than just typing "info" and, in my experience those that waited around for the last 6 months wondering what to do are in a weaker position than those who acted quickly and are already earning from their lifetime & 2 year contracts.

Get your people lined up ahead of the next batch of contracts.

Smart money will take position now to act quickly because of 2 reasons

1. Undeniably greater acceptance from some governments, large companies and institutions makes ETH & BTC much more attractive to previous fence sitters. They will rush in for more contracts whether your people do or don't

2. If

1 BTC = $ 2200 that means

$1 = 0.00044000 BTC

Does that seem like a long long way to go eventually? After all crashes and dips and scares, BTC still is nothing compared to where it can be purely mathematically.

Don't waste time with silly arguments that say "only 3,5 million" BTC remain to be mined. That argument is meaningless. Your contracts have a good chance of returning high double digit returns till the next split in June 2020. You have 3 years to reap the benefits, mathematically.

If anything proves we are in the BEST business, it's the running out of our hot product.

Remember this is a multi billion dollar industry not some jumpstart pretenders.

Why Mine Bitcoin over simply Buying Bitcoin ?

Let's compare example below:

5th May Bitcoin $ 2800
1 TH/s earned daily $ 0.59 26th May Bitcoin $ 2200
1 TH/s earned daily $ 0.46

Buyers @ U$ 2800 in loss U$ 600 within 24 hours
Buyers will have to wait to break even
Buyers can not compound, only buy more at dip
High adrenaline, roller coaster ride

Miners paid $150 per 1 TH/s, in daily reduction $ 0.13
Miners return reduced from 143% to 119% annualized
Miners continue to compound organically
Affiliates continue to be compounded upto 5% bonus
High comfort, Maglev ride

When traders & speculators go silent, the critics become more vocal with "see, i told you its a bubble". Besides, traders with exhausted BTC now need to wait to sell alt coins to continue trading. Most a left with a bag of loss making BTC or previous profit seed coins that they don't want to sell short term. This is when trading activity really slows down.

Miners, on the other hand, are unaffected except they have a little less icing on the daily mining cake! But they still have cake!

And unless you are developing a business as distributor, a miner doesn't even need to login to earn!

Note: no "robot" or "autobot" can predict these moves, so it cannot take a decision based on signals alone. Machine traded programs do not exist.

Brief details on Genesis-Mining benefits:

- There is no need to log in after you buy a mining contract which has no expiry date…
- Paid directly to your BTC wallet daily, no need to request for withdrawal…

Make sure to go over the RISK factor of this business and completely understand the risk involved on your investment.

Just a suggestion: It’s cheaper to buy 15 TH power and you can save yourself $300

Lets do the Math:

15 TH purchase in one transaction will costs $1950 (Savings of $300) (+ 3% discount if purchased with my promo code found below)

Now if you buy it individually:

0.2 TH purchase will cost you $30
0.2 TH x 75 contracts will give you 15 TH
$30 x 75 equals $2250

Lets understand Return on Investment:

Daily pay outs will fluctuate, with the example above, 253 days (36 weeks) to break even, every pay out after this is 100% profit if you do not compound, contracts are open ended and will be notified if it becomes unprofitable but as long as bitcoin stays above $600 we are in profit.

Example to understand Return on investment:

15 TH costs $1950

Gross daily income $12.27

Maintenance fee: $0.30 per TH
Maintenance fee $0.30 x 15 = $4.5

Net pay $7.7 daily straight to your wallet
( varies higher or lower according to btc price)

On basis of recent pay outs we will earn more but lets stick to the above formula.

In summary, we are with:

The Biggest Balance sheet
The most Reputable
The most Profitable
The most Stable
The most Fair
And the most Enviable of ALL mining companies

No contest.

Remember this investment really is a one time investment, and they pay you daily straight to your wallet!

What I Love:

Daily payouts straight to my wallet and the power of compounding earnings in multiple crypto-currencies to increase daily payouts.

They accept visa/mastercard but its a bit of tedious process. Only wish they accepted paypal or payza. Of course we can also buy contracts faster and easier with bitcoin, dash, litecoin and dogecoin.

If you love bitcoin, money & cryptocurrencies you must be mining with genesis. =)

Use promo code: zVXem8 for 3% Discount on all purchases.

It will improve your first year profits by 3% =)

If you use my promo code, contact me and give me your code and I'll use it on my next upgrade. ( I compound my earnings regularly)


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Traffic Exchange
Ian Bates's review...
I have been a member of this Traffic Exchange for some years now, They are constantly up grading the system to keep in tune with the benefits of using it, The team also add special offers to members, Both new and older members, Apart from the option to up grade to get even more from the system there is now a special offer on joining! .

I can honestly say that over the years It's been a pleasure to use. Highly recommended and I try to use it at least once a week for my best results. You can too!

Go there and see for yourself! .



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