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Timothy Olson's review...
This review shares useful and helpful information about one of the best paid traffic sources currently available.

What is Traffic For Me? is a Internet traffic agency that helps online business owners and marketers to get high quality leads to their offers from different traffic sources, such as email, social media, mobile and SMS.

The traffic you receive from this company is really clean, the special anti-fraud technology weeds out bots and spam. They provide real visitors to your offer from English speaking countries (United States, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand), people who are truly interested in what you have to offer.

This company hand-picks all their sources and offers support and expert advice to all customers. Buying traffic is quick and easy, all you need to do is supply your link. You do not need to write a sales letter.

If you have a professional looking optin page and a great offer in the make money online, financial, health or personal development niches, you can expect to get traffic that converts into leads and sales.

Many well-known Internet marketers such as Ewen Chia and Jeremy "Shoemoney" Schoemaker purchase traffic from this company. This is why I decided to try it as well.

Different traffic packages available:

- Starter Traffic
- Super Premium Traffic
- Premium Email Traffic
- 100% Top 5 Countries Email Traffic
- USA only Mobile Traffic

You pay according to how many clicks you want, the price range is $0.57 to $0.69 per click. The more clicks you buy, the less you pay per click.

Purchasing high quality traffic that converts into leads and sales is not cheap. This is also the case also with

Their traffic "click packages" starts from $154 all the way up to $6,000. If you are just starting out, you might not have over $150 to invest in your business.

If you are just starting out, I recommend buying traffic from first, it is a lot cheaper. (Read my Udimi review for more information).

When you get sales coming in, then it is a great idea to invest some of your profits in email solo ad traffic from This traffic is very high quality and it really converts into leads and sales.

I have personally purchased traffic two times time so far, but I will definitely order more in the future (see my results below).

Conclusion: is one of the absolute best places to buy traffic that converts into leads and sales. However, the traffic is expensive. You need to have a monthly marketing budget in order to get proper results.

If you are just starting your Internet marketing career and don't have a lot of money to spend, the best option is to buy traffic from a cheaper source like When you start getting sales, then you can invest a portion of your earnings in

If you have no money to spend, then I recommend you promote your landing page on free sources such as traffic exchanges and forums. Free traffic also converts into leads and sales, but it is time consuming and you will not get instant results from it.

My Results From

Purchase 1:
One "starter package" purchase for $154. It generated 53 leads and 5 sales so far. 

Purchase 2:
One "starter package" purchase for $118 (black Friday special). It generated 67 leads and 2 sales so far.


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Till 's review...
Powh stands for "proof of weak hands". It is an Ethereum Token (also known as P3D-Token) and a Decentralised Application (dApp).

Actually it is more some sort of an amazing social experiment, and I am really excited how it will work out. I am pretty sure you do not want to miss out on this adventure.

The specifics of the Token are as following:

- the value of the P3D-Token rises with every Token buy, and falls with every Token sell

- every buy or sell of the Token costs a 10 % transaction fee

- all transaction fees are distributed to all P3D-Token holders in realtion to their Token Holdings

- all involved actions concerning the administration of the Token are handled by a decentralised application, some sort of a robot, that cannot be manipulated

Within the Powh-Cosmos there also exist two games that are designed to support the value of the P3D-Token; more applications might follow in the future.

These games are called Fomo3D Long and Fomo3D Quick, and simulate so called Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). You can play them by buying keys, and while these keys generate revenue for their holders, the last key buyer will win the, during the game, accumulated jackpot.

Make sure you know the details of these games before playing them, as the chances of loosing Ethereum here are at least as big as winning some.

Is Powh worth it?

Powh seems to be well developed and the chance that it will be hacked are small, but they do exist.
As already mentioned, there is no chance of someone manipulating the decentralised application, it is a robot, and as it is decentralised, noone can stop it.

Profiting from it involves some aspects, as always:

- the P3D-Token needs to gain value over time, it needs to be bought

- people need to transfer the Token, or buy it, or sell it, so that P3D holders profit from the transaction Costs

- Ethereum should not loose too much value, as the P3D Token is directly linked to it

- if you are good in promoting you have the potential to also earn some affiliate rewards

- if the FOMO3D games are played intensively, P3D holders will also be rewarded

What I like About Powh?

- I think the whole project is well designed and developed

- I like the style of not taking oneself so serious and just trying out some new ideas concerning the exchange of values

- this project might have the potential to generate some sort of an Universal Basic Income (UBI) for everyone involved, if it works out in a positive way

What I disliked?

So far, actually: Nothing.


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Social Network
Aziz Jangbar's review...
Most of us spend a lot of time on Social Media. Let's face it, it's fun.

There have been several attempts in the past of creating a Social Media Platform that paid its users. As far I know, they have all failed, and I never found them promising and never got involved with any of them.

Until recently, when I found WebTalk.

I have been very impressed with WebTalk with its simplicity, ease of use, and its concept of separating your contacts into professional and personal. I thought separating your contacts into professional and personal was a great idea, it allows me to have different interactions on the same platform! If you want to do that on Facebook, you would have to have 2 accounts. That is what really attracted me first to WebTalk.

On WebTalk, I can post something only for my Personal Contacts, or only for my Professional Contacts, or even customize who sees my posts! That is an awesome feature.

On Facebook, I cannot accept "Friend Request" from family and friends because I use Facebook for marketing and it is sure awkward to have real friends or family on it :)

I find WebTalk to be a more easy-to-use, simpler, more intelligent and less confusing Facebook. On WebTalk, you don't feel overwhelmed and more in control. I love it!

One of my biggest complaints about Facebook is that it is just too overwhelming.

Now the best part of WebTalk is that it is designed to pay its users. Yes, as a user, you can become an Affiliate for free and refer people to WebTalk and get paid for it.

WebTalk's Compensation Plan is very simple. It is an Affiliate Program that pays 5 Levels deep. On each level you get paid 10% of the revenue that WebTalk generates from your organization.

Now that may not seem a lot, especially since most people are not going to spend any money within the WebTalk platform. But if you have an organization of thousands and thousands of people, then you could be earning a nice hands-free monthly residual income. Remember, all you're doing with WebTalk is referring people. You do not have to do anything after you refer them.

Can you have thousands of people within your 5 Level organization. I believe you certainly can, if you start promoting early and personally refer as many people as you can. Facebook has over 2 Billion users and just like Facebook, anyone anywhere in the world can join WebTalk for free. So your organization can grow into thousands of users quickly.

At this time, WebTalk already has over 1/2 million users.

The biggest opportunities lie at the inception of a new thing. I believe WebTalk has the ability and potential to become a better more intelligent Facebook. I am using it already!

~Aziz Jangbar


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Howlin Mike Howell's review...
THIS IS HOW I MADE MY FIRST SALES AND COMMISSIONS; and I still make sales with it today.

But the beauty of this is that it gives you REAL and DOABLE secrets that the top marketers use every day.

This is excellent for anyone interested in affiliate and email marketing. It provides the necessary foundational know-how to make it work.

You WILL use this as long as you do online business!

Learn how to get:

- plenty of REAL traffic
- A TIME-SAVING strategy
(Adapt it to your business!)

I had ZERO online marketing experience, but with a reasonable effort - using these strategies you should have success or at least find out if you really have the will-power to make it happen.

If you jump into the fast-flowing river of the internet and expect to win - this is the REAL information to make you STREET WISE.

This is not another Shiney Toy with a magical TWO-BUTTON-SOFTWARE solution.

You're not going to be an instant millionaire with this; but if YOU WORK it, It will have a lasting impact on how you do your business. Its newbie friendly with the blueprint to make a modest $1000 a month, or if you have serious focus a possible six-figure income.


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Vernon Hayes's review...
So, a friend of mine calls me on the phone and asks..."How much are you paying for your cable or satellite T.V.? I told him about $135 a month. He replied, "Good. I wanted to make sure that what I have is better." Then he referred me to NuMedia T.V. I was skeptical at first but after watching the company video I took the 15 Day Free trial then cancelled my cable. Now, I'm receiving over 3,000 HD T.V. channels for just $49.99 a month! Not to mention the income I receive for making SUPER EASY referrals.


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Mobile App
Jonathanvan 's review...
It is a very great app that I use daily. It replaced my other communication tool for many reasons.

This free app is called Wowapp. It has a very interesting concept behind it ..... The power of sharing. The company gives to users 70% of their advertising revenue that we can earn from our own activity and our friends (network - 8 levels deep) using the app.

We can cashout this money for us or give it to our favorite charities.

I've always dreamed to find this kind of application and there are so many cool features in it.

More than just a communication tool

There are 7 ways to earn money while we do what we used to do with other apps like Skype, whatsapp...

They use their own currency called WOWCOINS ( 100 wowcoins = 1 dollar)

Instant earn

We earn WowCoins by performing fun and interesting activities such as watching a video, taking a survey, installing an app and much more.

Shop online

For shopping lovers like me lol. There is a list of shops where we can get cashback and receive it as wowcoins. If someone shop or myself, they receive wowcoins too, everything is shared, this is the concept of the app itself !


There are a lot of fun games for any genre you like. You earn wowcoins thanks to the ads that run before you play the games.


You can easily call mobiles and landlines outside WowApp at some of the lowest rates. Every paid WowApp call earns you WowCoins and does good in the world.

You can use wowcredits that you have converted from your wowcoins or purchase them.

A little bonus, you can get a virtual phone number if you want too !


For mobile phone only, once activated, you earn wowcoins everytime you unlock your phone.

Smart web

For desktop only and installed the extension for your web browser, you earn WowCoins by browsing the internet, reading news and shopping online.

App and Web Use

Earn WowCoins from chatting, making free calls, sharing files and much more.

With WowApp, you receive what’s rightfully yours as a result of your daily activities.

Doing good

WowApp is the app where you do good and make a difference in the world through activities you already do every day.

A percentage of your daily earnings is automatically distributed to your supported charities.

You can choose up to 5 charities close to your heart and support them by using WowApp every day. In addition to the automatically donated amounts, you can donate up to 100% of your own earnings to make an even bigger difference in your world!

The list of charities depends on the country you live

What I like :

The quality of free calls between wowapp users are as excelent as Skype and even better whatever the internet speed connection you have.

The fact that we can earn money as a bonus.

Don't expect to get rich quickly with no one in your network. You need to build a quality and big network to have an interesting way to earn money passively.

What I dislike :

I didn't find anything I dislike, as usual, it's based on my personal review. As mentioned above, if you wish to earn lots of money, it's not the right place for you. If you wish to communicate with your friends, business partners... And earn a bit of money all together, then it could be the perfect app for you. Why not using it instead of the other communication tools that don't reward you for the activity you do with it.

Conclusion :

I highly recommend this app for everyone.


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