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Osmaan Mooraby's review...
Laser Online has launched since July its roughly 100 days now, and the owner of the program CEO Antonio Garley has a team of expert that trades in the stock market and offer a return of investment.

Laser online offers a return of investment of 12% daily in just 12 working days.

I was a bit skeptical at first to join this program but I thought I'll give it a try and I am proud to say that I'm glad I invested as I have received my return of investment in 12 working days.

Laser online offers payment by BTC - Payza and other payment processor

They also have an affiliate program that pays up to 7% per referral all down to 3 levels which is awesome.

Their customer service is fast and they also offer telegram to communicate with other members.

They have over 40,000 registered members and growing daily.

All I can say is this program is awesome and I love it.


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Safelist Mailer
Joey George's review...
1GoldMine is yet to launch officially on Nov 1st. But I just wanted to review the innovative idea behind this TE/mailer aggregator. 

Technically, 1goldmine is not just a simple traffic exchange site, its a jumbo advertising website, which combines the power of TE, safelist, classifieds with search engine and social traffic. Plus its also has a lucrative 2-tier affiliate program.

As per the promotional page, a paid member gets to advertise his offers to 3.5 million visitors, for a single payment. Ads slots are provided using gold and silver bars. In addition, a free text ad with your favorite banners, are promoted for lifetime on the 1goldmine site.

GOLD BARS: This slot (aka Colossal Blaster) reaches 338k members on 12 sites that are Safelists, TEs and 1 massive ad exchange site, that is on over 1400+ other websites.

SILVER BARS: This slot (aka Poppin Blaster) shows your ads to an audience of 3.5 million, using classifieds and search engines. 

In this initial launch offer, each package provides a fixed number of these gold and silver slots, the smallest package being of $37 onetime payment, which provides 40 gold and silver bars. This is a great opportunity to stack up as many bars you need, before the launch date. Afterwards the price will be much higher.

Once you purchase a package, you must enter
1. Your free text ad
2. Your profile info with 4 favorite programs
3. Usernames to all 12 sister websites in Colossal blaster
4. Your safelist emails and TE website ads, for both Colossal and Poppin ads

If you are not a member of the 12 sister websites, you can easily signup from the Blaster Hub. and setup your 1goldmine account with all the usernames. This is a onetime hassle, after which you will be able to blast your email and text ads, to these websites in one click! Each blast uses up one of the gold bars, you purchased earlier.

If you finish up your bars, you can purchase more, but if you are active on the site, then you also earn gold bar points, which accumulate enough over time, and can be redeemed for a gold bar slot viz. 1500 points for one gold bar.

Well, no program goes un-reviewed, without its referral commissions. And here is where 1golmine is a real GOLD MINE. There are four packages available for purchase. Any direct sale fetches 25% of the package price to the referrer. In addition you earn 25% of each 2nd tier sale too.

So a good way to maximize your earnings is to be in contact with your direct referrals, and help them promote their link. This can easily be achieved with the Message Signups feature within the members area.

With an effective strategy, this program has a huge potential to make money.

For the sheer innovation of this website, I would rate this program 5/5. And considering the low cost of advertising slots, joining this site is a no-brainer. Yet another Maryanne genius in the making, and has the potential to go huge after the launch.

I will update this review again after the launch on 1st Nov. with my results.


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Traffic Exchange
Christos Apostolides's review...
I joined HungryForHits a month ago, not really expecting much more than your average, run of the mill, traffic exchange. One month later and I am the biggest fan. The whole site is packed with uniqueness and character!

The traffic flows smoothly, the surf bar is clean and easy to use, the free tools more than adequate for a traffic exchange and the events and competitions interesting and rewarding. There is a chat bar that's always active, offering plenty of opportunities for branding and networking. Klara, the owner, is always at hand at the chat bar, helping and supporting in a warm friendly manner.

The program is relatively new, about a year old, offering plenty of opportunities for promoting.

There are currently about 4100 members, but due to all the above, most of them are active and highly involved!

My only complaint are the mouth watering food icons at the surf bar, that they keep sending me to my refrigerator! :)

UPDATE- 24/04/2017

It's now almost two months that I am using and promoting HungryForHits on a daily basis and I have come to the conclusion, that the single most unique feature of this traffic exchange is the sense of community that offers, through the chat bar, to its members. Having a chat bar at the surfing area is not something new, but having such a busy and cosmopolitan one is another story. People from different countries and background, of all ages, and with various degrees of experience and expertise are chatting, joking, creating relationships and most importantly, sharing their knowledge! To me, that's something beyond value!

A special mention must also go to the big work that went into the creation of an excellent blog that is there for guiding new users.


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Gi Leong's review...
Not many traffic system can arouse my interest these days.

But this one did.

From FREE to Paid, I'm a PRO Member now.

I would like to congratulate myself for making the decision to join leadsleap.

After using it for few months as a Free member, I realized that it can help me to improve my knowledge and skills and more importantly, it is an advertising site which also supplies constant traffic flow, this gives my advertisement enough exposure.

It is very difficult to meet such a reliable company nowadays on the internet place. I had joined some paid traffic platform before but they all end up no result. Some not even sustainable.

Leadsleap is reliable and getting stronger and stronger with improvement to itself and to the users.

Get Your FREE Access to this Powerful Traffic System Now. It worth your time to explore and experience before you decide to go with Pro.


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Home Biz
Keith Dyer's review...
What was I thinking? I initially joined Strong Future International (SFI) in 1999. At that time the acronym stood for Six Figure Income and they had one product for sale, a magazine subscription. Although I tried it for about a year, I was unsuccessful and finally quit. Today, SFI a a totally new and dynamic business opportunity with 1000's of product offerings and multiple ways to earn!

October 26th will be my 2nd year anniversary in SFI and I am currently a Silver Team Leader. I can only imagine the level of income I would enjoy today had I stuck with SFI through all the changes. But, that's water over the bridge, as they say. I'm glad to be an SFI Affiliate today and happy to say that I get paid every month through sales at SFI's global store (TripleClicks), through the efforts of my sales associates, and through sales of my own products as an E-Commerce Associate. This is both residual and leveraged income!

If there is anything of a negative nature to express about SFI, it is only that it can be a little difficult to comprehend at first, especially for the newbie to internet marketing. This is only because there are many facets to the business and a huge informative website. The key however, is to just take a day at a time to prevent information overload.

If you're looking for a real legitimate opportunity to earn multiple streams of income, give SFI a try. It has always been, and remains, free to join. There are no maintenance fees or upgrade fees, and if you join my team, I will personally help you get started and earning money!


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IM Tool
Xavier Rivera's review...
As an affiliate of All In One Profits for 3 1/2 years I can say its been the most consistent business that I've been affiliated with in my entire time online. The tools and services offered more than meets the beginner to more experienced marketers needs. 

I personally opted to join in March of 2014 right around the time that I was conducting a Teambuild for another company and required a reliable link rotator which I was able to get 2 as a pro member which costs the same as it did then ($21.76/month).
The pro and AIOP's Basic membership both have web hosting which for many bloggers comes in handy given you're given a cpanel, plugins, how to videos and tutorials in pdf format, and one of my favs a double opt-in auto responder which replaced my Aweber account which fluctuates in price dependent on size of one's list, but even at its entry level package at the time was the same price as a pro membership, perhaps even more now.

So given my need for 2 link Rotators for teambuilding, and replacing my Aweber service, I was saving money, but then I began using their global trackers and was able to pinpoint where I was getting most of my traffic from as they say here, real traffic.

Now for anyone looking to brand themselves online, AIOP includes a splash page creator so you're not bound to solely using company provided sites to promote which often lands most opportunity domains in the banned zone, especially on Facebook where a majority of Network Marketers do 85% of their marketing on. There's no limit to how many splash / squeeze pages members can create, and it all includes the necessary SSL (https) to keep people from seeing warning pages as they attempt to view from Social sites. The 10 link trackers (included in basic)and the 20 (included in pro) also have the https, cloaked, and one with a branded AIOP ad banner with your photo to help always cross promote.

Now for those new, there is a learning curve to using the AIOP tools and services, but the same was to be said of Aweber when I we as new to online marketing. Overall for the low price of $11.50, and the fact that with just 1 referral they pay $10 makes it even that more appealing for many affiliates whom love their proprietary Even Up system which is an innovation on the reversed 2 up system. Because the compensation plan is so powerful it attracts Teambuilds given that you get paid on every odd # referral and all even # referrals are passed up to your sponsor as are those of your downline creating a never-ending stream of cash per month to your Payza or SolidTrust Pay accounts, and a few other merchants and Cryptocurrency. (Sorry no PayPal as is with many companies whom have steared clear of having any holdings with them.)
The Bad:

No PayPal resulting in longer pay out times (typically within 7 days, assuming you don't continue requesting each time a commission pops up, as I found out, it resets the original request placing you in the back of the queue), and the obvious grammatical errors, misspellings, unnecessary spaces between words, cluttered pages, awkward navigation (it was worst) and lack of anything new and fresh has certainly driven some to look past All In One Profits powerful compensation plan, and wide array web services, and tools towards other more expensive alternatives, however despite the bad, I believe in my overall experience with AIOP, its still my best option.

On The Plus Side:

The Owners Isabella and Johan are usually readily available to help new and experienced marketers alike making the site more like a tight knit community or dare I say family rather than just some company. This is why I remain a customer / affiliate this long and likely for the remainder of my online career.

Thanks for hanging in there with me and I sure hope that this AIOP Review served its purpose.

See you up top,
Xavier Rivera


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