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Steve 's review...
Update from: 11/4/2018

If you look below you'll see that I felt that the PennyPays business model was strong and that recruiting was easy (because it's free to join). However, after all this time in the business, I've found that people never upgraded to pro accounts and I never earned in spite of how many people joined my team. I always felt that the big need for success was businesses to come in and purchase posts that they wanted people to share ... The type of posts that businesses usually want to go viral -- things that are interesting and add value. Instead, I've only seen affiliates and network marketers promote their programs. This isn't a model for success.

On top of that, the site has been down for several months with continued promises of launching a new and better program any day. I'm leaving this review as a neutral 3 stars because they may still come out with something good, and I still believe the underlying model is a good one. It's a matter of execution, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they eventually roll out ... Assuming they do.

Update from: 9/12/2017

PennyPays is a program that came out of beta in January 2017. The basic concept is that you can join for free and get paid for sharing posts on Facebook (because businesses will pay to have their posts shared, which is a good value for them in terms of Facebook advertising). Upgraded members get paid more for sharing posts, can refer other members, get paid from a 2x14 matrix, get paid when their referrals earn money, and more.

At this point what I can say is that the business model is very strong. I look for value before compensation plans, and because of the way their system verifies Facebook accounts and pays based on numbers of friends and prevents fraud (making sure shares are made publicly rather than privately), they've created a very good value for businesses (or individuals) who want to get their messages shared on Facebook.

I can also say that recruiting so far has been easy. And why not -- it's free for people to join, and they'll be able to earn just for sharing posts on Facebook. As an upgraded member myself, I'm able to earn every time they do this. So I am happy to build a team without pushing them to upgrade if they don't want to.

I can also say that the platform is pretty well done, although I think they need to better organize and expand on people's interests so that businesses can best match their messages with people who would naturally want to share that message. It's still a work in progress, but I think it's a good work in progress.

In September 2017, they also released their "Area Network" sharing option, so rather than choosing individuals to share one's message, an advertiser can simply choose an area and/or interests to focus the release of their message.

At this point, as far as I can tell they are making payments on time although I haven't made money in spite of having referred a lot of people. This is because people tend to sign up then NOT activate their Facebook account and NOT do the sharing that the system is built around. I believe the company needs to do a better job of reaching out to members via email to make sure they're active in order to grow this. Because the system is in place, if this is done there should be money to make!

(Again, you can also earn from the matrix when members upgrade, but I haven't found many people upgrading. This has appeal all over the world, but that also means people from poor countries are often signing up and may not have the means to upgrade. )

I encourage you to join because the more members -- free or upgraded -- the more value there is for businesses and the more this can become a thriving business that rewards all involved.


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Till 's review...
After stumbling over LeadsLeap more than once, I finally decided to join, and I must confess, ever since I have not regret it. I even go so far assuming that you do not find a more fine-tuned advertising system anywhere in the world. Do not take my word for it, just give it a try. It is free.

When you log-in to your backoffice the first time it may be a bit overwhelming, but after a couple of days, this feeling will be gone. By now I especially like the clear structure of the backoffice, and how nice everything is explained. You really cannot get lost with LeadsLeap, if you can read.

The results through the text ads that I have been receiving so far are really good compared to industry standards, and the clicking of ads is a smooth and profitable experience.

I appreciate that you can surf a website for up to 5 minutes and you will get credited for that. This is a huge game changer compared to many other surfing sites.

Did I already mention the free tools you get just by joining LeadsLeap? There is an amazing Link-Tracker, a List-Building-Script, and a state of the art Pop-Up-Creator. These tools can NOT be compared to so many other free tools you get everywhere on the internet. They really function as promised and offer tremendous value to anyone interested in taking his internet marketing career to another level.

And of course you can make some money on LeadsLeap, as LeadsLeap will share parts of its revenues with all of its members based upon there clicking efforts and the clicks generated through members websites if a member has placed the LeadsLeap-Widget on his site.

And for those interested in building a team and inviting new members, there is a pro membership involved, which pays generous commissions over some levels and as an extra advertising feature your newly joined team members will be rewarded for reading your specific Downline-Text-Message.

This Downline-Text-Message feature is a really intelligent way to stay in touch with your people without annoying them, and yes, this feature goes 10-Levels deep. So you will not only be able to reach your personally referred people, but all they refer, and all they refer, and all they refer, and so on until the 10th level.

I could go on for quite a while explaining all the details, as it makes fun, and I am really excited about this program, but I think I have covered the most important features, and as it is free to join, I highly recommend, that you go and check it out for yourself. Nothing to loose, lots to gain, what are you waiting for?


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Social Network
Glen Palo's review...
I find Webtalk, the newest social media network, to be very promising for people to socialize both personally and professionally. Being a ground floor opportunity, it should be leaving beta testing shortly.

There are several things I like about Webtalk.

1. The first 1,000,000 users* who help grow our community will receive up to 50% revenue share for life. (*terms apply) They are doing this to grow rapidly by incentivizing the "early adopters" and entrepreneurs.

2. Members have the ability to use tags and notes to add value to their contact lists. By identifying contacts by relationship, you can create searchable lists. It is a great way to keep personal and business contacts separate.

3. Members have the ability to control or limit what they see on their feed or timeline. Members can also control what content they share by limiting sharing to family or relationship. 

There is not much to not like about Webtalk.

1. The affiliate marketing material is not ready yet. I expect it will be ready when beta testing is completed.

2. People only have a limited time to sign up as affiliates to earn 50% commissions. Once beta ends, commissions will be reduced.

3. There are commission qualifiers meaning that an affiliate must make paid subscription sales. It is definitely not a slam-dunk.
Bottom line: Affiliates have the opportunity to make substantial income by driving traffic whether by invitation, sharing content, or using the affiliate tools. Earn commissions on purchases by everyone who joins because of you.


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Paid To
James 's review...
I've been part of Swagbucks for years. It was actually featured on my local news station. As with all survey sites you earn money by taking surveys, but they also offer a variety of other ways to get points such as watching videos, using their search engine, daily polls, bonus points for meeting goals, shopping, referring others, and playing games. The variety is nice because sitting as a computer for hours filling out surveys is boing it's nice to be able to switch it up without having to change sites which would have their own payouts so you can actually earn enough for a payout faster than if you would be using multiple sites. I've made ~$100 over the last 6 months just putting spare time in and doing the daily goals. It's not life-changing, but these things aren't until you build up your referrals. For each referral, you earn $3 upfront and 10% of everything they earn. If you can get a decent team of people earning points for themselves, say 10-20 each earning 1k points/ month for themselves that is $100-$200/month for you without doing any additional work. Some of the surveys pay over 100 points so it isn't unreasonable. The nice thing about the videos is they are in a playlist so you can set them playing and it will automatically go to the next one and play that without you being there.

I've redeemed several gift cards now for Amazon and they have all been delivered within a few days and the codes worked without issue. A nice thing is that the first $25 gift card you get for Amazon each month is discounted to 2,200 points so you save more there than buying standard priced gift cards. One thing I didn't like was that you can only get a Paypal payout to the same email you used for making your account which I didn't know when I made the account.

My only issue with Swagbucks is that sometimes I can spend several minutes answering questions on a survey before it says I'm not qualified for it. At that point, they give you 1 point which is just a penny for several minutes.

Overall, it is a legitimate site with multiple ways to earn. If you are doing surveys yourself it is likely going to make you about the same as any other site, but if you can get people to join under you, you can start building up a decent side income passively.


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Safelist Mailer
Merry Makowski's review...
I am a member of most of Maryanne sites, and in my opinion #1ProfitRing will prove to be her very best site yet!

You can't beat the 97% commission! ! Well, maybe you could with the 100% one, but PayPal does not like such, and we all want to keep our PayPal accounts safe and happy ;-)

Look, the site has just opened, and well over $3000 was paid to members already; and, till October 12th, 26557595 ads have been shown in the advertising webring! Not any ads, but truly great, organic ads; ads which bring good clicks and conversions!

Such stats should tell you loud and clear that this IS a MUST TO JOIN program. . .

Plus, the site offers dependable, passive income for showing the Advertising Webring on our own websites and/or for rotating our #1 ProfitWebring referral urls (the webring is shown on our replicated sites and splashes).

There is the optional banner and safelist advertising and above all, there are the advertising seed packages, through which Maryanne promotes members referral pages with massive, really MASSIVE** amount of advertising credits and paid campaigns on exactly 1172 different websites. Very soon you will see #1ProfitRing pop art girl logo EVERYWHERE. . .

((You can view the full list of those sites and access the precise statistics of LIVE visits being sent to members ))

Altogether, big, really BIG congrats to Maryanne for building this program and. . . Big cheers to you for reading my review ;-)

UPDATE on May 2nd, 2017

Well, it looks like my predictions came true. The site has now over 6 thousand 400 members and the pop girl logo is seen everywhere.

I wanted to share here with you, my stats from 1ProfitRing dashboard:

- Email ad credits: 9946.61 (I wait until there are 10000 credits to exchange them for 7 days Spotlight Ad)

- Banner ad credits: 7633 (will go there after to add few more banners, ((I have already more than plenty there)) and use those credits)

-Your webring counter: 771118 (this is how many times the webring was shown on my various splashes, websites, etc. I rotate my webring on many pages and this is why I always have advertisers for it)

- You're Owed: $10.36 (The minimum amount needed to payout is $5, but I usually wait until there is at least $20. I am not in a hurry; I know that I'll surely get paid)

- Been Paid: $427.29 (this is how much I have been paid already and this is on top of the great advertising that I have there. You know, the solo ads, the banners, the spotlight ads... And this is all from a one-time, $13 payment. (($10 for premium upgrade and $3 the seed advertising))

Cash bonus earned: $10 (we earn this extra bonus for sponsoring to 1PR new members)

UPDATE from November 19, 2017

The webring box was reprogrammed and redesigned. It's much smaller now, it loads faster and it behaves differently.

It is showing one ad at a time (if we have advertisers active) and if no advertisers, it takes turns showing one of our own banners. Its advertising is becoming more and more popular and the ring is visible on more and more sites.

UPDATE from December 17, 2018

Look please, so much time has passed and the Profit Ring is still there, and not only that but it is better and stronger than a year ago.

The website features have been recently updated and the ring is showing on more and more sites :-)


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Elizabeth Brown's review...
When I have a quick web task to complete on a budget, SEOCLERKS is definitely a great choice.

As a Project Manager, there are tasks I'd rather outsource for a reasonable rate.

SEOClerks made it possible. Members there are AWESOME and make it possible!

Whether its an article, app, social bookmarking, 200 YouTube comments, or UI (User interface) this is a heaven for my field. MLM is just a extra bonus. My business content is richer, my clients fuller, and work appetite satisfied.

I needed websites, apps, UI, and many projects completed. The Rates from local consultants were sometimes 5 times higher the rate and 1/2 the quality of members on SEOClerk.

While it curbs my backlinks and social exchange thirst, SEOClerk feeds my creative desires.

Finding and negotiating with tons of skilled designers is a treat. Best thing is I can head over to LeadsLeap to promote the products acquired at SEOCLerk.

Like a clubhouse to Resell ebooks, software, and templates.

I am able to Gain a reputation and levels for my passion.

Promote my business plus earn income.

Why stop there!

I might grab a couple thousand YOUTUBE video views, trade a skill, and comment on the blogs.

Try my best to never ignore the opportunities available so I check on the alerts!

Excited at the time I can save, plus I can bring my leadsleap products over there to gain audience and vice versa. COOL, isn't it?

Best wishes,

Elizabeth B




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