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Len Palmer's review...
After 19 years online FULL-TIME, I found one of the "BEST" money making systems online.

As you know, all online marketers need advertising. Most newbie affiliates are looking for free advertising.

With this system, you give away FREE advertising to marketers and when they upgrade their ads you get to keep 100% of the profits.

Another great feature is you get to add your own banners and links absolutely free to promote your programs.

The feature I like the most is each time someone places an ad, they are added to your built-in email list. You can then email your list at anytime. No limit on the amount of subscribers. Almost no one unsubscribes from the list because they want to continue advertising with you.

This system is so easy to use because there are how-to videos that help you along the way. Plus, you'll find a list of places where you can advertise. You also get a built-in referral program with links and banners for your referrals to get you even more traffic.

Everything you need is inside the admin area.

You can get all this for only $14 per month with NO LONG TERM contracts. You can stop using the service at any time.

I've been using this program for almost a year and I love it. It has all the features a marketer would want.

Click the link and get started in only 10 minutes.

Best Regards,
Len Palmer


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Make Money
Wim De Jonge's review...
My Cash Freebies Reviews – Are You being Scammed?

On anyone has the ability to earn payments through Pay Pal and win free prizes.

The only thing you're required to do is completing offers from partnering companies.

The mother company of My Cash Freebies also owns Free Treasure Chest and Paradise Freebies.

The 2009 based company claims to be a trusted and valued entity in the freebie industry.

My Cash Freebies will never charge a dime for using their sites.

You even don't have to buy or install anything.

When I first started I was skeptical too.

Excuses constantly boggled my mind why it can’t work, why it wont work and why it wont work for me.

I remember clearly on a sunday morning when I woke up, I ordered myself that I was going to make it work for me.


Since October 2009 My Cash Freebies had paid out MILLIONS.

I am living proof of that, although not millions.... .YET.

There are many other reviews available online to proof what MCF claims.

I now ask you why so many people think it's a scam?

Maybe because people have to enter their credit card number when taking trials from safe and secure Fortune 500 companies, many think it's a SCAM. If your purpose is trying products or services for free, read the directions of the offer carefully to see when you will be charged.

How My Cash Freebies works :

They work by invitation only to protect / support their members.

So click the button below this review and :

1 - sign up for an account which is FREE

2 - complete offers on their site to earn credit points

3 - claim your money or prize.

My Cash Freebies offers over 70 different partner sites that you can complete across several networks(versions). Every offer has it's value, starting at . 05 and up. You have to complete at least one full credit point to be able to claim your prize and qualify as full member. As full member you're eligible to earn money with this system.

For the Fortune 500 companies it's a numbers game, the more will try - the more will buy! has a variety of different versions Like;

-Double My Cash Freebies : paying $30 per referral

-Fineprint My Cash Freebies : paying $40 per referral

-Video My Cash Freebies : paying $60 per referral

-Banknote My Cash Freebies : paying $80 per referral

Is It Legit?

Though the business model of completing offers in exchange for prizes or money is legit, many people feel that this method of making money looks like a scam. By having a “Proof Gallery” on their site, My Cash Freebies shows that their members do collect prizes.

The issue some people have with this business model is not if members are actually receiving prizes. It has more to do with the fact that you have to complete offers before receiving your prize. Completing offers requires your credit card number as well as your personal information.

If you are not careful about how you handle these offers, you will end up with credit card charges. Email contact from marketers and salespeople is an other sometimes unpleasant aspect.


If due to the high paying rates, you still are interested in participating, this opportunity is a no-brainer.

Click the button below and make your first step into your own future while you're thinking about it.

Be sure to accrue that 1 credit (there are offers that reward you 1 credit at once) and start referring new members on social media, probably the same way you found me.

An easier task doesn't exist, the Sky is the Limit!

PS - my experience sofar is that 6% of all people (that is 6 of every 100) that sign up to M. C.F. Will meet the requirements and you get paid.

PPS -This conversion rate is 2-4 times bigger than you would score with an average internet marketing program, so your efforts will pay off much much sooner.

- when you decide to be part of My Cash Freebies, I'll get notified and for your confinience I'll send you a list of all sites within M. C.F. That you can be part of to get the most out of this high paying once in a lifetime opportunity.

Thanks Wim


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Affiliate Marketing
Richard 's review...
The Super Affiliate System by John Crestani is a new, up-to-date, self-study, step-by-step course where you learn how to succeed at Affiliate Marketing. It is packed full of great information, and it’s currently a best-seller.

One thing I liked about this 6 module program is that the first week’s content focuses on helping you start making some cash right away by learning the basics.

Further modules will show you how to choose the niche and offer. Also you'll learn how to pick the right ad network.

What I liked the most was John Crestani himself. He has a very different teaching style that I like very much. He's straight forward and to the point. I have learned so much more on affiliate marketing from him.

I definitely recommend this course. You'll be surprised at what you will learn.


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Make Money
Jonathanvan 's review...
I've discovered this new platform thanks to another program that i use daily to promote my business. 

When we start online from scratch, we don't know what to do or where to go. 

Cashjuice is a social platform with the ability to advertise our business, make money, build an audience and more.

You can setup your advertising funnel and you will get visitor to your websites. I like the post rotator, it's an unique feature where you can promote a specific post you wrote to promote your business or other things and show it to the other members of the community. You can interact with the other members with the chat system, like, comment posts like other social media. You can also earn money from your referrals activity and more...

I am an upgraded member and really happy to be part of it and there are plenty of other features coming soon. 

It's an excellent platform that I highly recommend you to start and use to build your success online. 


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Mike Powers's review...
My Daily Choice/HempWorx

When I first found My Daily Choice I must admit I was a bit uneasy about joining a network marketing company.  But after I took the tour of the companies website, did the research on what CBD oil and the nutritional sprays we offer, I knew I had found a true honest winner!

I have found through my own use and my clients use of the products, that the CBD products are extremely well made and are so helpful in relieving problems like joint pain, muscle aches, anxiety, headaches and more. 

The nutritional sprays are remarkable and can help with energy, your immune system, weight loss and more. 

By now, if you have read through any of my splash pages at all, you have discovered that I only work with ethical, trustworthy companies and My Daily Choice is my one and only choice I will ever need to make.

​Besides the products and the company's high standards, you do have a choice of becoming a preferred customer or an affiliate.  I have chosen to be an affiliate because the compensation plan is the very best, well thought out plan I have ever seen in any network marketing company.

Thank you,

Mike Powers


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Internet Marketing
Fritz Elad's review...
The Creator

This program was created by Chris Luck, who is an online entrepreneur. He has been dealing with different online businesses since 1999 and as a result he has a lot of experience.

During the period he has been working online he has been able to create more than thirteen online businesses of his own.

He has been working on Membership Method since 2007 and during that time he has been able to establish the tactics that can make a membership website grow and become profitable.

How it Works

While I was starting on this program I was a bit skeptical because of the many scams that are usually available online. I took time to read reviews and testimonials from other people who had already joined.

** Skip to Conclusion?

If you are interested you will need to pay a one-time fee of $1, 497. After paying this fee you will get a detailed course on how you can start, grow and maintain a membership website effectively.

The course comes inform of a video where Chris Luck is the one narrating and explaining everything. In the course you will get details on the right tactics you need to apply to make your membership website successful.

The five weeks training you get will guide you from the first step until you start making money from your membership website. You will even get materials to create your website depending on what you want. There is the freedom to choose the topic or niche you want depending on what you want to deal with. This is helpful because nothing is forced on you.

When you create a website you will be guided on how to attract and maintain members effectively. Most people who have written reviews on this program confirm that they were able to get more than a hundred subscribers within the first thirty days. But you will need to apply the outlined tactics and at the same time be dedicated.

Membership Method’s potential

You can make a good living online if you apply the tactics outlined in this program. This mainly depends on the niche you choose and the ability to attract subscriber. The more subscribers you will get the more income you will be able to produce.

Here’s a list of a bunch of crazy successful membership sites… these people have thousands, even tens of thousands of people paying them EVERY MONTH.

The money can keep on increasing provided the number of members also keeps on increasing. You can either take this as a full time job or as a way of making passive income. As I write this Membership Method review I have another job but I am still able to maintain my sites.

The reasons why it works

The main reason why this program works is that you will get detailed and easy to understand training materials. The video you get has all the details you need to make a membership website successful. The fact that this video is narrated and explained by the creator of this program makes it more suitable.

There are also regular updates which are meant to help you navigate in the ever changing market. These updates help you know the latest tactics that can help your website grow. Furthermore, this program works because you do not have to be a tech guru to start a membership website.

Even if you do not have any experience you will be able to follow the outlined details and start your own membership website.

There is no guarantee you’ll experience the same level of success as Chris Luck, but there’s also no guarantee you won’t get past him.

Why it is different

The main aspect that I find different with Membership Method is that it is a training course withsimplified details. Most of the training programs found online require certain skills to understand what they mean.

The fact that this particular program is comprehensive also makes it different since it contains all the details that you will need. I also found it very easy to download and get updates. This is despite the fact that I downloaded it on my old computer.

Here’s a really good article on starting a membership site and its downsides, which helps appreciate the fact that M. M. Is relatively done-for-you.

You will also agree that the fact that the creator of the program is the one giving you advice makes the program unique. You can even contact him directly and other expert mentors in case you have any question. I have contacted him several times and all the times he was very helpful.


The number of alternatives for this program is not that big. This is mainly because you cannot find many experts who can teach you how to build and maintain a membership website. Some of the alternatives include Parallel Profits, Wealthy Affiliate and Think and Grow Rich, which is similar to this particular program.


An easy to understand program that has proven results

Lessons provided directly by the creator

There are regular updates which let you be able to understand the latest tactics

The founder has a lot of experience in online businesses

You have the freedom to choose your own topic or niche

Ability to get recurring passive income as long as you have subscribers


The program is expensive especially for people who are starting and do not have enough starting money

You will have to work hard to keep your subscribers because they can unsubscribe at any time

There is an extra cost in purchasing things such as a domain name for your website

Conclusion: Is it legit?

There are a lot of people who have different experiences using this program. Most people like me have positive results where I now make money by just maintaining the number of subscribers on my website.

There are a lot of testimonials and reviews with people explaining how they have benefited from Chris Luck’s program. But most people who are starting find it hard to raise the $1,497 since most of them do not have that kind of money.

With all the features of Membership Method, it is evident that it is a legitimate opportunity to make money online provided you follow the guidelines and ensure that you are dedicated to increasing the number of subscribers on your membership website.


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