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Ed Hopkins Jr.'s review...
I jumped on board not knowing what to expect. I have used several other programs Mary Ann Myers had created and wow this on is the best so far.

I am an upgraded member of course, everyone knows that's where the money is.

My emails always get over 1000 clicks each.

I have 82 Direct sign ups with 6 upgraded and 4 2nd level upgrades and 1 of them is upgraded.

I am going to stick with this for a while. I also have $122.40 owe me.

Spectacular things are happening as systems are being put into place.

So check back here frequently and I'll let you know what's going on.

I am Ed Hopkins Jr, your ProfitsLion sponsor.
call 785-577-8332 email me or friend me on Facebook.

Tell me about what you are promoting, don't spam me! Just a simple email telling me about yourself.

I have been with ProfitsLion since May 7 2019, there were only about 1400 Members at that time and I had none. LOL

But this is what I have achieved:

Direct Level sign ups = 83 (as of October 14, 2019 now have 87)
Second Level sign ups = 3  (as of October 14, 2019 now have 6)

I started out paying monthly, $17. a month, 1 payment came out of my pocket and then my commissions paid 1 month and just last week my commissions were enough to buy the Lifetime Membership at $147.

I will never have to pay again for ProfitsLion membership. All paid by commission's and I still have a balance of $17.90 as of this writing.

So is ProfitLions worth the money? You betcha it is!!

This is where you can see up to 2 levels of your earnings for referring sales to ProfitsLion. With your membership, you earn 50% of direct sales referred and 20% of 2nd level monthly sales. (2nd level sales apply on those after you upgrade).

Ed Hopkins Jr


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Affiliate Marketing
Donna Stancil's review...
I have been a member of WA for over a year now. I am surprised at how much I have learned over the past year. There is so much information to get on this site that I just can't seem to find the time to cover it all. The weekly webinars with Jay have been so helpful.

I wish I had found this site years ago. I now have 6 sites up on the web. I realized that I was paying for hosting on other sites and SSL other things that were costing me more than I was paying for a Premium member here. This site was way better and faster. Combined with the training, it made more sense to move all my sites to one place.

It was so easy to get a WordPress site up and running that I couldn't believe it. With all the training I'm getting to help my sites get ranked, it doesn't even compare with the other sites that I had.

So if you are looking for someplace to get started building your business online, this is the best place to start. The support is wonderful too. I haven't asked any question that hasn't been answered right away.

What I Dislike

One of the things I disliked about the program was the price to be a premium member but I figured out how much I would be saving by having all my sites together so I decided to upgrade.

After being a free member for a while, I was offered a special price that made upgrading a no brainer.

My Final Verdict

If you are just starting out with a new business and need a place to host your newly built site and also how to make money with these sites, this is a great place to start. It will be the easiest way to get started that I know of.


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IM Tool
Brent Milne's review...
I was introduced to Convertri about a year ago by a marketer I have huge respect for.
It's a page builder/funnel builder that is very fast, real drag and drop layouts, integrations with payment processors, email providers, and pretty much anything that have a web hook (if you understand those things).

I have built funnels from scratch, cloned other people's funnels (with their permission) and imported web pages of my own and for some affiliate products I'm promoting.

You can add and sell your own products, while building a list with or without an initial signup form type landing page.

This is a very flexible page creator, much easier than html hand coding and much cheaper than ClickFunnels.

What I Like...

The ease of use, the flexibility, the speed of the created pages and the extensive integration possibilities.

What I Dislike...

Every product has some negatives and this is no exception.  I don't particularly like the tracking that's built in, that's why I signed up here.  It isn't fine grained enough for me and it only tracks what happens inside Convertri, like most built in tracking systems.

Final Verdict...

I doubt you can find a better product for the money, I've looked at ClickFunnels, Builderall, Xfunnels and others but this one suits me the best.


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Pete Ade's review...
So far, my experience with the To Dog Rotator has been great. Since I set it up, I have only gone back there to add more links to my rotator as well as add more Micro Ads

What I Like about the Top Dog Rotator:

- The Top Dog Rotator is the best set and forget traffic Rotator I have ever been in.

- I do not have to promote it, but if I choose to, I get even more value back.

- Paid as well as free to use

- Can add unlimited links

- Can add max 20 Micro Ads that get free traffic from everywhere.

- For paid version, which is one time, one can get HUGE Traffic packages from 200,000 hits to 1,000,000 hits, instantly delivered as soon as possible, then additional 2,000 hits to 4,000 hits delivered Monthly for Life.

- Only YOUR Micro Ads show on your rotator.

- Has a 2 tier affiliate compensation plan that earns you too free traffic credits.

What I Dislike about the Top Dog Rotator:

- Users have no control on how fast or slow the traffic can be delivered

- Given the viral growth, may experience some delays in fulfillment of traffic requests.

Final Verdict about the Top Dog Rotator:

- If you are struggling to get traffic or not sure where to get traffic, acquiring one of the traffic packages in the Top Dog Rotator may serve your traffic needs for the life of the program.

- The owner of Top Dog Rotator has over 21 year experience owning traffic sites and delivering traffic, and certainly know what she is doing, so aligning yourself with her would certainly not hurt.

- The owner pays and attends to user queries.


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IM Tool
Brent Milne's review...
This is another tool designed to help you repurpose your content so that you can spread it around in multiple places and generate traffic back to your main site.

It's really easy to use and gives you so much flexibility that creating really professional looking content is a breeze.

You can import from blogs and websites, social content from Facebook pages, audio, video and YouTube files (these get transcribed automatically in minutes), PDF ebooks and white-papers to re-vamp or turn into a flipbook.

You can easily review the output, edit it, add images or screenshots, make a 3D cover and when you're happy you can publish to any website, Kindle, ePub, PDF or Flipbook.

Or you can download it to your computer and use it for any purpose you can think of.

What I Like...

I like that I can import my website or just a post or page and create a PDF fast and include any image I like.

I like that I can import a video or audio file and it'll transcribe it for me with good accuracy.

What I Dislike...

While it appears that you can embed a video it isn't really true yet.  What you get is a screenshot of the video and a link to play it outside the PDF you create.

I understand that this in the pipeline to change but it hasn't happened yet.

Final Verdict...

All in all this is an excellent tool for those who like to make each bit of content they create do double duty or more.

When you combine this tool with some of the others I have reviewed you can become a content ninja and have way more useful links out on the Interwebs doing their job for you.

He with the most links and the most buy buttons wins.


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Borislav 's review...
I have joined in December (2018) and still I am an active member. These days Hashing Ad Space has reached 200k members what is really amazing. Today when every single day you can see some "new opportunity" it is very hard to reach so many members. 200k is a very large number. You can advertise to 200k members but you can also earn without any investment through V2E (View 2 Earn). Just by viewing ads you can earn about 6 Asimi daily. With just 10 Asimi you can start to advertise (you can spend earned amount without needs to pay anything).

I have been paid 2 times. In start Asimi price was much higher but in future I expect that price will get back. Now is right time to earn significant amount in Asimi. Great new features are: Login Ad advertising and Login Ad minting.

What I Like

I like idea to create a new crypto just for viewing ads. It is a unique system. Some other admins tried to copy this but without any success. Hashing Ad Space is unique and long term system. 200k membeVIPoof that this system has no alternative. Also admin is very active and very often publish new YT videos and send emails to members. System also very often gets new features.

What I Dislike

It is about Asimi price: price has dropped too much but good thing is that we have opportunity to earn more Asimi now and accumulate it. You can also spend it for advertising. (You can start advertise with just 10 Asimi)

Final Verdict

Great system with over 200k members in first year. Through View 2 Earn system (V2E) every member have opportunity to earn significant amount in Asimi for FREE. That you can use for advertising and accumulate and sell when price will go up.


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