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John 's review...
Worst traffic ever.... 

Bots, bots and more bots...

Do not waste money in this site.

I dont even bother to put my affiliate link in this review....


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Safelist Mailer
Merry Makowski's review...
I knew that RedRocket was super special even before it officially launched sometime in early April last year. During its prelaunch, my solo mailing for it was titled: “RedRocket MISSILE Is Approaching The Viral Mailer World” :-)

And I was right, there is nothing like RedRocket!

Sure, we have ReferralFrenzy and various other auto submitters, but we need credits in all those sites we want to mail to.

In the RedRocket, we send to all network sites only with the credits we have in our RedRocket account.

So if we mail with 1500 credits in the RedRocket, we are automatically mailing with 1500 credits to all the other network mailers.

The only thing that we need is to be a free registered member at all those network sites, and as long as we have credits in our RedRocket account, our message will reach all network mailers with a single click.

RedRocket is the only mailer in my main gmail that I have not filtered and put into a folder, all RR mailings always come to my main inbox, for they are that valuable for me!

Like in other modern mailers, we can read RR mails on the site, but I prefer to read them as they come, to make sure that I collect all the possible credits on time.

With my single RR mailing, I now reach 42,610 members in 23 partner mailers, and all of that is costing me only 1500 credits!

(In spite of its superiority, RedRocket mailer still has only 1500 members, this is why I can’t mail for more than 1500 credits)

As to the partnering 23 mailers, those are all different, all from different owners, so I reach a widely diversified membership from all of those unrelated to each mailers. .

Some of those mailers have way more than 1500 members, but unfortunately, the script is built in such a way, that we can’t mail to more members than we are mailing to in RedRocket; So if a site has 3500 members, only 1500 of them will get our mailing.

I guess this sounds like a minus, but considering that I do not need a single credit in that 3500 members mailer to mail to the 1500, I am still giving RedRocket 5-star rating and my highest recommendations.

Hope that after reading my review, you might decide to join RR and then I will be able to mail to 1501 ;-)


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Jim 's review...
I tried this traffic about a year ago and used a high-end tracker (ClickMagick) to check out what I was getting. Tons of bots! No opt-ins.

I wrote several times in an attempt to bring this to attention of the Rebrandable Traffic management and provide statistics from ClickMagick, but never got a single reply. My original intention was to resell their traffic on my web site.

My advice, based on the poor performance of the traffic and lack of concern by their management: Stay away from this service.


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Safelist Mailer
Erik T's review...
I love LAS because it's unique and generates very Responsive Traffic to my offers. Wish I video recorded when I got a sale 5 minutes or less after i sent a solo ad to the over 1.8k members of that time ! :D - So yeah, this system definitely works! Without doubt, one of my favorite advertising platforms... I Highly recommend this. I've also got couple of instant commissions to my paypal and payza. But let alone the money making side of the matrix system, It's incredible to think that no matter how big LAS grows, we get lifetime high-converting solo ads for a crazy-low one-time fee!


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Paid To
Till 's review...
Ever heard of ClickSense? If not, just keep reading to learn more, and if you stumbled upon it already a while back, you still might be interested to broaden your horizon.

ClickSense is free to join and offers a broad range of options to make some money online from the comfort of your home.

ClickSense offers paid-to-click ads, surveys, simple tasks, free games and offers for which you get rewarded if you take them.

I would say there is something for everyone.

I liked the fact, that it is easy to find your way within the backoffice and ClickSense is always paying in time and fast, and that you have the option to refer others and get rewarded for that as well.

There is also an optional premium membership, which costs below $20 per year, and comes with some nice extra features. Especially interesting for those who are interested in recommending ClickSense to others.

You will find all the details and advancements of the premium membership in the backoffice. Check it out there.

Depending on the time you are willing to invest and the offers you are getting, you may be making up to $10 through surveys and tasks, without the need to refer anyone.

There is no promise here, because what you may be able to make depends on quite some factors, but I honestly think it is possible.

If you are good in promoting, you can make quite some money with ClickSense, and the cool part is, that there are no loosers; everyone is winning with ClickSense.

So, ClickSense is a good and serious program, but no get rich quick scheme. But for people just looking for some extra dollars and have fun in doing some simple tasks, surveys or clicks, it might be worth a try.


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Chinmee Leong's review...
Not many traffic system can arouse my interest these days.

But this one did.

From FREE to Paid, I'm a PRO Member now.

I would like to congratulate myself for making the decision to join leadsleap.

After using it for few months as a Free member, I realized that it can help me to improve my knowledge and skills and more importantly, it is an advertising site which also supplies constant traffic flow, this gives my advertisement enough exposure.

It is very difficult to meet such a reliable company nowadays on the internet place. I had joined some paid traffic platform before but they all end up no result. Some not even sustainable.

Leadsleap is reliable and getting stronger and stronger with improvement to itself and to the users.

Get Your FREE Access to this Powerful Traffic System Now. It worth your time to explore and experience before you decide to go with Pro.


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