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Marketing System
Harris Manning's review...
I decided to test out the lead quality and here's my results:

You get 100 leads per day; I'm 26 days into the service so I let them build up to 2600 leads before doing anything with them. The results of this test determined whether or not I should stay on for another month. The leads are exclusive so I have no problem holding off on mailing them as they build up.

I download the csv file with 2600 leads and used Excel to check for duplicates.

0 duplicates.. good sign.

High amount of gmail, yahoo and hotmail addresses which is good as they have the lowest bounce rates.

My next course of action was to check the emails for bounces. I have a dedicated server with mailing software so I composed a test email and sent it out. 24 hours later I came back and found a 3% bounce rate.

Impressive! a VERY good sign these are fresh leads.

So the next day I decided to send out a high converting email ad that has worked very well on safelists and solos. Targeted to the beginner biz opper.

2600 leads - 52 bounces = 2548 good leads.. I sent out this good email ad to the 2548 leads and gave them 72 full hours to open and click.

72 hours later I logged a 14% open rate (356 opens) and 110 clicks

Out of those 110 clicks, 98 were from US ip addresses, and 7 were Canada and 5 were UK. (another good sign!)

So out of the 110 clicks, I got 26 optins (22% optin rate) very impressive!

And finally out of those 26 optins I got 5 sales at my $40 price..

so $200 profit from 1 mailing to 2548 leads.

Considering the results from just my first mailing, my conclusion is these leads are well worth the money.

I'll let you know as I continue to test but I've already made enough to pay for 5 months of the service.


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Borislav 's review...
This program recommended me my sponsor in few very good programs.

In start I was worried is it some short term program? But when I have seen complete compensation plan (which you can download from main section on website) I was shocked. I have never seen something like this.

Here everyone can make money: surfers and advertisers.

Surfers can earn extra income just by viewing ads, but I don't talk about few cents, usually it is from $0.5-1. Some days I had over $1 just for surfing. And surfing is very fast without complicated captcha. (You just need to click on same simple image). Earned amount is not fixed and depends on sells on site.

Advertisers can make good income by buying contracts. Earning and cashback are not fixed, they are real, calculated every day separately. Also earning for surfers depends about sells from day to day.

What I like the most are advertising solutions and you can use any of them for credits you earn or buy.

Credits you can use for:

- My AdFeedz cards NEW!

- Alexa Booster NEW!

- banners (Pay Per Click)

- text offers

- websites in frame

- websites in new tab

- full page login ads

Free marketing tools recently added: (NEW)

Url rotator

Page builder

Sticky note

My Portfolio

What I like the most: banner ads pay per click - you will have unlimited impressions and credits will be spent only when visitor click on banner. Also very interesting is full page login ads because on most sites you can not use credits for that and you need to wait for weeks to get space for your login ad. Here you will have login ad available from today.

You can also make post about site and receive $6 plus 6000 advertising credits if you have your own blog/website domain or $3 plus 3000 advertising credits if you have free blog/website.

I have bought 2 contracts via coinpayments payment processor but you can also use Payeer, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay or account balance.

Minimal cashout is $10 dollars and I made it in just few days. I have received several cashouts in 24 hours from request.

Dont forget that here members receive 1000 free advertising credits plus $2.5 on cash balance ( $1 is received when member have purchased contract ).

Traffic is very good and I received 4 signups in first week.


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Paid To
James 's review...
The idea sounds great. You just send traffic to your link and you get paid, but it is a Scam Company that doesn't pay out. Requesting payout takes you to a "human verification" page that requires you to do a survey which in turn requires you to do a gold and silver offer to signup on other sites and/or buy something or do another survey with more offers and even if you do it won't recognize the action as completed so you can never actually get approval so the "human verification" never gets completed and you can't apply for a check without it. The support email on their site doesn't actually exist so emails bounce back. Fortunately, I only sent free traffic, but I found it from someone who used paid ads. If something looks too good to be true it probably is as is the case here. Stay away from this site.


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IM Tool
James 's review...
TPM Rotator is a great tool for marketers.

First, joining for free lets you create unlimited rotators with unlimited websites. That in itself is good to have, but Leads Leap already has a Rotator. The biggest benefit is actually the Downline Builder. They have over 500 programs in it. All you have to do is find the programs you are already part of and add in your id from your link and it will be put in the rotator with anyone else who added it for anyone who clicks on it on the site. So you can go through and join all +500 programs and update your links and be getting referrals to every program passively. Obviously, most people won't do that, but it's good to add anything you are already part of for extra traffic and referrals passively. You can also get 25% commission on direct referrals.

Now moving on to the paid membership: For a low monthly fee of $5 or even a reasonable lifetime offer ($37 on your first day or $77 after) you get everything in the free version plus Unlimited banner ads (shown on the site) Unlimited Text ads (shown on the site), the ability to add your programs to the downline builder, Any program you add to the builder prioritizes your link in the rotator, and to top it off you can get random spillover referrals for more commissions.

I had an issue getting a page to display when I first joined and support got back to me very quickly fixing the issue, they also approved several of the programs I added very quickly.

The downsides I see with it are: It doesn't have the network of sites displaying ads like Leads Leap does. The site doesn't look very good, it's just very basic/boring. The things placed in the downline builders don't have a lot of quality control, some things are listed multiple times with slite name variations likely intentionally done so the person can get the majority of clicks, and the descriptions of the programs are often minimal. Or filled with all caps because people are trying to hype up their program. I'd like it if there was some incentive/reason for people to click links. Because Paid members don't see ads your ads are only shown to free members.

Overall, it is a great tool for free to add your links into for 100% free passive referral traffic. If you have multiple programs that are not on the downline builder it's worth joining the Paid membership at least for a month to get them added. I personally think going for the pro membership is a no brainer because of the unlimited Banner and text ads and spillover commissions.


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Affiliate Marketing
Borislav 's review...
How I find Wealthy Affiliate?

I was researching on domestic forum how to build wordpress website/blog and one member recommended me WA. I have joined and on easy way have made my first blog and post on wordpress platform (in first day), and the best thing - all for free. Many tutorials and tools are included in starter free membership.

Later I wanted to look deep in platform and unlock some features and made upgrade to premium and guess what - I am still premium after so many time.

The most important tool is keyword research tool Jaaxy - it helps a lot to avoid big competition.

There is big community of successful marketers and anytime you can ask for help.

You will spare a lot of time and get right info on time. 

I have learned a lot about blogging and SEO and that cost me small money in compare how much I would spend for courses.

What I like?

The best thing is support. If you have any problem there is always someone who will help you. You dont need to search on google or youtube and waste your time.

Also I like that is opportunity to learn a lot of things for free and to try some great tools.

What I dislike?

There is a lot information and for beginners my advice is to go step by step.

Wealthy affiliate is great program and community and if you follow all steps you can not fail.

It is a real online business, working since 2005. 

From many tutorials you will learn how to get organic traffic from Google to your blog or website and how to build nice looking website/blog.


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Traffic Exchange
Christos Apostolides's review...
I have been a Clickvoyager member since its inception way back in 2004! All those years it has never, even once, failed to deliver reliable consistent quality traffic!

As a matter of fact, I am deeply surprised that after so many years, and with over a hundred thousand members, somehow it never reached the same fame and recognition as some of its contemporaneous rivals, even though in certain aspects is really superior. A possible explanation may be that its members are not promoting as aggressively as others simply because ClickVoyager does NOT offer any commissions on referral upgrades or on credit sales. It does offer though a good "old fashion", five-level deep, traffic percentage on your referrals traffic (20% on the first level and 10% on the other four levels! )

Built around a custom script it is a "hardcore" Traffic exchange that offers some interesting features such as a basic splash page creator, an in-house message center, a "Daily sponsor site" auction, plus the usual banner and text ad advertising.

The surf bar is of the simplest type with a one-choice button but the administrator claims that there are background safeguards against cheaters and judging by the really good conversion rates, I don't have any reasons to doubt him. The simplicity of the surf-bar may actually be one of the factors behind the high conversion rates. Fewer distractions means more attention to the advertised sites

Another factor may also be the high number of experienced no-nonsense marketers that are still using ClickVoyager. These people, when they see something they need or like they don't hesitate to take action.

What you should have in mind, if you are a free member, is to try to surf at least 250 sites every Sunday to secure a free upgrade for the whole next week.

Free members are allowed to promote as many sites as they like but I strongly advise you, no matter how many credits you may have in hand, never to add more than one or maximum two sites in active rotation. The script distributes traffic per member, not per site, which simply means, the more sites you add the less traffic they get.

A unique feature of this exchange is the "ClickVoyager Bribes". As far as I know, only three other exchanges (Webmasterquest, Topsurfer and WebCentreSurf) offer the same service and for the two latter this is strictly pro-member privilege. At Clickvoyager even free members can offer a credit "Bribe" to other members for joining their affiliate programs. If you decide to create such a bribe, be pro-active and promote the special splash page that is automatically created by the script, even in other exchanges. Clickvoyagers are everywhere!

For all the time that is reliably and with no fuss serving me, and for the countless leads and signups I got from this "classic" Traffic Exchange, I give a comfortable five-star rating and my personal recommendation!


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