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I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 4 years now and it has been one of the wisest purchases that I have made on the Internet.

You can start out free with two free web sites to build and not only that , you get to do the first course of the Wealthy Affiliate for free. Which is worth its weight in gold by it self.

After becoming a premium member it gets better.

I have numerous web sites now and with Wealthy Affiliate. I have been able to buy my domains at some of the best prices on the Internet and They also provide up to 50 sites hosting included in the membership.

The value is phenomenal and I haven't even got to the certification part yet.

Along with a very secure Word Press site for all your domains you can participate in two courses to have your own online business.

The first one is a course that will show you how to guild a web site for any product you want to sell. This course is very thorough and you will have a site up in no time.

The second is a course that will train you in becoming an affiliate with your own Blog.

The Blog I write has shaped up very well and I have thousands of hits because of this

And last but not least you get the huge value of the Wealthy Affiliate community.

If you have a question about anything and I do mean anything you can always get an answer.

I have proven the value of wealthy Affiliate for myself and it continues to work very well for me.

I highly recommend that you click the link and find out more .

Thank you

Tom Radcliff
15 Reviews
2017-01-17 13:09:06
Well it just launches, but I am very confident about this, as I tested the support, and wow, they answered almost instantly. For me support is very important. I even created my own blog entry about IRS. Pretty much excited how the costumed script performs live. The skype group is very active and admin and owners are around. Not anonymus as in plenty of other revshares I have joined.
1 Review
2017-01-17 13:07:45
MPA is the only Revshare program that continues without any lie, excuse or 'problem' since it launched. (and when any issues there's immediate & transparent communication with members through FB group and Site) They are always trying to improve their service and admin Uday Nara is really a proven trusted, honest admin. Industry Leading! -- No Ghost admin hiding behind screens with scripted videos here. Simply check out (youtube - My Paying Ads YouTube Live Hangout #33 Monday 9th Jan 2017) the latest and first of the year hangout with the admin board. So refreshing to see such level of transparency, professionalism, dedication/passion and FUN!

Over 2 years and running stronger than ever! Honestly, all I can say is... Wish I started earlier! xD LOL - stop messing around m8!

Takes very little time to benefit so much... Fast & Effective High Quality Traffic.

So far the profit share payouts that's been generated is over 25.9 Million USD! ! A program to display this amount of payout and continuously do it day after day is very very rare in our space. There's a lot of other companies that try to be consistent but unfortunately fall short, and this is one of the reasons why we are so proud of the owner Uday and the rest of the team who look after the company so well.
14 Reviews
2017-01-17 13:05:39
After my long search of over 5 years online, I have found the most professional and best run opportunity with SFI. The team work and SFI support are the best around.
13 Reviews
2017-01-17 13:05:15
My Freedom Grocer is a program that provides you with 10% cash back from shopping you already do in places where you already do it. No shopping habits to change -- you just use their app to share your receipts afterwards (takes just seconds) to get a check sent to you each month with your cash back.

I've been involved with My Freedom Grocer since the summer of 2014 at a time when it only offered cash back from online shopping at the two BIG online retailers. At the time, though, they had no smartphone app, so submitting receipts for cash back was cumbersome. I stuck with it because I know there are people whose budgets are so tight that going through the receipt sharing process could be worthwhile. I wanted to be able to help them out.

Eventually, though, I decided it wasn't worthwhile if I couldn't take advantage of the savings and I almost dropped out. But at that time I spoke with the Founder -- who I've known and trusted for years -- and I learned what was coming.

That year they introduced local shopping to the program -- you can get 10% cash back at any local store that has a full grocery section inside it, even if you're buying other items. And since this includes some major retailers where I do a lot of my daily shopping, as well as membership clubs and health food stores, this appealed to me a lot more. Then they added gasoline and restaurants. And then they added an app so that now it takes just a few minutes a month for me to get back checks usually of $70 to $90, even though I'm not maxing out the cash back.

So in spite of the monthly app cost, I'm profiting every month, which is why I tell people to take a look at it as a low-risk / no-risk opportunity.

Since they came out of their beta period in June 2016 (they were testing the technology for a long time first), I've received all my checks for cash back and commissions, though timing has changed a bit on it. The cash back check can arrive up to 6 weeks after the cash back period. But it's more or less a monthly cash back once you get rolling.

My Freedom Grocer is still a young company, so I feel there's plenty they can continue improving on. But in the meantime, the technology works and has been a consistent source of income for me.
1 Review
2017-01-17 13:02:41
I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone who wants start earning in network. MPCA is intuitive with no payment problems.
6 Reviews
2017-01-17 13:00:31
I have been a member of this site since it stared and I have full trust in the site. The webmaster is honest and reliable. The site offers earning as well as advertising opportunities at reasonable price.
3 Reviews
2017-01-17 12:59:01
I thought this program was over-hyped because it seems to be everywhere. When an online associate asked me to join and try the products I was reluctant. However, I did and 2 things became apparent: The product worked as advertised. It is a skin care product touted to make your skin look youthful and reduce wrinkles. It did that for me.

As well, they promised commissions the same week that I became a Distributor and I received that as well! I am not a raving fan of Network Marketing but this business is rejection-free. Meaning all I have to do is share the Company's 5 minutes video and leave the prospect to make up their own mind whether to become involved or not.

For me it really is a win-win-win. Superior products, awesome pay plan and no hard selling!
5 Reviews
2017-01-15 11:00:18
I'm using it and so far its working fine.

They pay you the promised revenue and you can see your daily share growing in an nice interface.

Their concept is easy : They violate, we profit!

The main purpose of this project is to attract new investors to acquire speed radars and their further use in order to obtain the benefits of paid fines.

Check it out - It is a solid business model and stable.

Btw: They have some good marketing material like banners, landing page etc.
2 Reviews
2017-01-15 09:56:35
Right Rise Incredible Program. They violate the law, and I make money every days. The only company that share with us the speed limits violations earnings, and the project is implemented with the support of the UK Government. I tried with 2 share, only 60 dollars, and after 2 days I withdrawal 2,79 dollars. They pay from 1 dollars, accept a lot of currency, Bitcoin also, and the website is translated in many language. Right Rise is my Financial partner of 2017.
2 Reviews
2017-01-14 23:07:38