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How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Today we shall discuss how to drive traffic to your website.

Before that, you need to understand that different traffic strategies are suitable for different online business model.

In our discussion today, we are going to focus on how to drive traffic to your website created using our free and powerful M.Y.O.B List Building Script, since many of you are working on it now.

So, you’ve got your website set up, found an irresistible gift to giveaway and created a too-good-to-miss one time offer. All you have to do now is to drive traffic to your website and the system will take care of itself, helping you to make money, build affiliates and snowball the initial traffic into hundreds and thousands of future traffic automatically.

The key here, my friend, is that you need to put in the effort to drive the initial traffic. Without the initial traffic, nothing is going to happen.

Here’s how to drive the initial traffic to your website:

1) Go for the bulk traffic!

Search engine traffic, article marketing or video marketing …. are great ways to drive free traffic to your website, BUT NOT NOW!

Why? Because you want to see result FAST or you’ll quit! It’s not your fault. Most humans behave that way.

As a start, you want to focus on getting bulk traffic, i.e. a lot of traffic in a short time.

You want to quickly build a few hundred people to your list so that you will not feel like talking to thin air when writing your newsletter or blog.

The only form of free bulk traffic I can think of is Joint Venture. If you can JV with someone with a list, go ahead and do it. If not, move on to the next one……

The next available option is paid advertising. Below are some examples of paid advertising you can use:

1) Paid to read emails programs - These programs typically sell thousands of traffic at low prices. For example, my website sells 1000 guaranteed traffic for $42. Start small and if your one-time-offer converts well, you can order a larger package. Google for “paid to read emails” and you should find a few websites providing such a service. (Note that most websites sell number of emails sent, not guaranteed traffic. So when comparing the prices, take note of the difference.)

2) List building programs - These programs typically let you build a list for free but they also offer premium advertising service where you can post email ads to their members at a fee. For example, with an upgraded account with, you can post 3000 emails to its members every 3 days.

3) Not to forget LeadsLeap! - As a PRO member, you will receive about 400 visitors every month. We post our PRO members ads throughout our online network to bring in quality traffic to them.

4) Participate in giveaway events - Such event is hard to come by but if you happen to see one, grab it. Remember to upgrade your account to get the maximum exposure.

That’s for the initial traffic.

Once you build about 500 people to your list, your next best move is to start ’swapping’ your list with other list builders. This is how to roll your list from 500 to 5000!

Go to internet marketing forums and post a cross promotion offer. Tell them that you have 500 people in your list and are willing to JV with marketers with similar list size.

This is the ideal method for you because your website is set up to give away freebies. It’s very easy for other marketers to promote freebies to their lists and make money at the same time.

In such a deal, since you are the person who initiate the deal, ALWAYS ask the other marketers to do the promotion first, i.e. send the offer to their lists first.

The reason is simple. You want to work with serious partners only. If you offer to do the sending, you may end up spending a lot of time ‘reminding’ them to send the offer to their lists.

If you can do that with a few marketers, you will easily increase your list from 500 to 1000. Next, you will continue to work with people with a list size of 1000 and increase your list to 2000, then to 4000, 8000 and so on. Get the picture?

That’s how you drive traffic to your website and expand your list from zero to thousands. Lastly, remember to take good care of your subscribers because they are also your affiliate and they can drive traffic to your website in the long run.

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    Comment by delords
    2008-11-22 07:43:15

    Great Article Admin
    Thanks a lot hope i can use that on my blog.


    Comment by Long Tail Keyword
    2010-10-04 16:38:03

    I don’t think this will work with blogging, nor is it intended to, unless you’ve got some freebie giveaway going on your blog, in which case I’d like to hear about it as well :)

    Comment by Hyper Cool Stuff
    2014-08-16 04:30:27

    I agree with you

    Comment by Mike Anderson
    2014-01-24 00:01:31

    Very interesting that drive traffic to my website . It is very useful part to anyone.thanks for sharing this valuable information .

    Comment by charles
    2014-02-17 20:16:08

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    230,000+ Sites/Pages: Huge Network - Mass Exposure! Free Website Traffic. Member Features……

    Traffic Exchange: We are a free to use exchange system which will help increase your site traffic and popularity. All websites need traffic, so join today and receive 1200 free visitors to get you started with traffic right away. Your site is being shown to 230,000+ sites/pages from around the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    Comment by Tom Goymour
    2008-11-22 08:47:14

    Very useful advice but just one question about building a list, - are we saying that all the free advertising available is pretty much worthless, - my recent results have got me only a couple of dozen subscribers over 10 days using mainly traffic exchanges and safelists. All the conversion figures i read just don’t seem to hold up for free advertising! - safelists alone I have sent out to an overall total of 187,000 - so pretty low conversion rate, and i’ve tried a couple of different squeeze pages aswell.
    . .so you see I am a bit concerned that getting to 500 is going to be a mammoth task - even if i pay out for being able to post 3000 every 3 days to Virakl URL or any other program etc. etc.

    Comment by Kenneth Koh
    2008-11-23 17:06:05

    I can’t say free advertising is worthless, but because it’s free, you can expect slower progress. That’s why I suggest paid advertising to drive the initial traffic to your website. 500 subscribers is not a mammoth task.

    Comment by kevin
    2009-01-24 19:11:14

    You are right Kenneth.Free advertising is not such worthless.What it means is just that the results you expect will be slower.(but not necessarily if you are testing and tweaking every strategy you use to promote your website.)

    I like to view it as a way of pulling in the initial 500-1000 subscribers which then opens up for other strategies e.g jv partners and google adwords.

    Kevin Njoroge

    2014-06-14 14:33:59

    I must admit that this is one great insight. It surely gives a company the opportunity to get in on the ground floor and really take part in creating something special and tailored to their needs

    Comment by Renate Schedl
    2009-11-15 05:52:40

    Talking from own experience: To start bulding a list use giveaway events. This is the quickest way to get the first 100 subscribers, then participate another giveaway which targets another audience to get the next 100 to 200 subscribers to your list.

    Or, even better: If you find a patner, already experienced with creating own giveaway events, create your own event together with this partner. This is the best way to not only get freebie seekers but also get those people who contribute these events with their own products. So your list is gaining a big value.My first own giveaway event brought me 700 to 1000 new subscribers.

    Good luck.

    Comment by Renate Schedl
    2010-02-15 05:17:27

    Just another example how giveaway work to increase your list.

    Participated as a contributor and provided 1 gift 4 days ago with a giveaway event and gained 440 new subscribers within those 4 days. That’s 110/day. Must confess it is the first time it worked so well. Probably this time I have chosen a gift which was of big interest for the visitors. Never have been that successful before. Only when I had my own giveaway event I gained more subscribers (1500). Importent to promote the giveaway as much as possible as long as it lasts.
    Now it is my turn to change these freeby seekers to buyers.
    All depends on the followup and building trust now.

    Go and try it.

    2008-11-22 08:49:54

    Thanks for the tip I am always trying to find new ways to get traffic to my sites.

    Comment by coolingstar9
    2008-11-22 09:11:12

    Kenneth koh,
    This is ready a great tips to increase traffic. As what you mention here, we need to put some efforts into action.
    If we know there is such good ways but we never get it done, then how to expect incoming traffic.
    I have joined some of the programme that you have mentioned, it is ready great, I have learned a lot, thanks.
    Wish you more success, see you at the top.

    2008-11-22 10:18:17

    I have been thinking about trying viral url but wasn’t sure on how it would work or if it would be worth my time. Thanks for the tip.

    Comment by Niranjan Ranade
    2008-11-22 10:24:58

    Great post! I wish I had the power of LeadsLeap with me when I started alone 10 years back! I would have saved lot of time & money on the learning curve. LeadsLeap is a great place for newbies (and experts) to learn about online business. Kenneth is here to help us. He spends his valuable time to see that members get excellent value. Now it’s our duty as members to follow what our mentor teaches us. The little guy can succeed! I have referred over 150 to LeadsLeap so far. Please promote this valuable program because it over-delivers :)

    Comment by Felix Makmur
    2008-11-22 10:43:52

    Really great tips here on how to attract traffic to a website. I can certainly implement some of your advices here so thanks for sharing

    Comment by David Hurley
    2008-11-22 13:55:58

    Great advice about how to boost your subscribers list by initiating JV offers. Excellent!

    David Hurley

    2008-11-22 19:01:45

    Thanks for all the ideas I keep trying new ways of getting visitors to my site. No matter what I try I never seem to get enough traffic.

    Comment by Jaana
    2008-11-22 20:04:02

    The problem for us beginners in building such list is the start of it. Is there any easy way to do it? Something with free fallow ups if just possible?

    Comment by Tom Goymour
    2008-11-22 20:09:40

    If we could only get past that first stage!!, nearly everything we read about statistics seems to be wrong in this area. I think you just have to be sitting at your computer all day long churning out adds to get things off the ground OR you pay big bucks. No one has suggested anything different yet that ACTUALLY works!

    Comment by Tryit
    2010-10-06 01:42:54

    Most everyone is told, you can start an online business for free, and they are right but most of us misunderstand. You can start a business for free but it takes money to get the business to profit.

    If you expect to make money with an online business without investing money for product, hosting services, websites, and traffic you are expecting something that is not going to happen.

    You can spend your time trying all the free programs and stay broke or you can make up your mind to invest some money and get your business off the ground and up into profit.

    Comment by Rolv Heggenhougen
    2008-11-22 20:50:29

    Companies seem to ignore the single largest online advertising venue available: their own regular external emails. Why not use these emails to market the senders company?

    You have a website.
    You send emails.

    Why not multiply your sales-staff by “wrapping” the regular email in an interactive letterhead?

    No other marketing or advertising medium is as targeted as an email between people that know each other (as opposed to mass emails). These emails are always read and typically kept.

    Comment by Slavica Todorovic
    2008-11-22 23:02:21

    I think my personal experience would be useful to all of you as much as i am glad for achieving a list of nearly 100 subscribers.How?
    I made my e-book,written of my own,named:Long Live Witches and participated in a couple Giveaways/Kenneth.McArthur,Self-Improvement by Stephanie Mulac../
    Until now i have been active member of List Joe,Your Lucky list,the list Machine and others.Nothing.I almost didn’t referred no one.

    Can you imagine my pleasure that i got it creating my own E-book?It is great.And since i have no PayPall and Click Bank account/no approach for my country/i won’t make money,but i am going to send them every offers i think are worth to them to be involved in./and Gifts as well/

    If you currently don’t have own ebook,try to participate with someone’s PLR Product.

    Visit my blog post to see my e-book

    Comment by Jesus Moreno
    2008-11-23 14:55:25

    Traffic is always a controversial subject because of its many aspects involved. Yet, obviously, it is trascendental for everyone who makes practice of internet marketing in general.
    But today, specially, I would like to read your answer to “Tom Goymour”, if any. I found very interesting his comment.
    Jesus Moreno

    Comment by Kenneth Koh
    2008-11-24 14:14:30

    The REAL secret is, if you can get ONE traffic via ANY one method, you can technically get thousands by simply multiplying the effort. The difference between a real guru and a failure is that the former takes massive action whereas the latter try something, see little success and continue believing that there are ‘better’ ways out there that the gurus are keeping with themselves.

    Comment by Paul Livingston
    2008-11-24 23:24:23

    Great post, thanks!

    I never thought of “list swapping.” That’s a good idea.

    I’m off to try it now!

    See my latest blog post, “Internet Marketing Success Formula…can it work?” at:

    Comment by Hui
    2008-11-26 00:10:15

    Just a little question, is this method applies to non IM niches? Seems like everyone using safelist to promote IM stuffs so just wondering if I’ll receive the traffic if I’m working on other niches.

    Thanks for your great content anyway.

    Comment by Joy
    2008-11-28 02:20:11

    I was very interested in your suggestion re JV lists, but my problem is that I fear it’s against the promise I’ve made to people who opt-in to my list that I would never sell or disclose their email address to anyone else.

    So I fear it could leave me open to complaints?

    Comment by Kenneth Koh
    2008-11-28 16:43:50

    That’s why it is better to cross promote free gifts. Every few people will complain that you give away too many free gifts.

    Comment by Jimmy Williams
    2008-11-30 02:30:26

    With JV,you do not have to sell or rent out your subscribers name. You and your JV partners can send your list the actual link to the email list yourself. It really is not that hard. Kenneth, I see that you are actually offering great service and support, but the people need to implement and stop finding excuses why things do not work. I have one of my sites set up and it gets a ton of sign-ups on autopilot, but I had to set it up first. Check it out at

    Comment by Joy
    2008-11-30 05:09:56

    > stop finding excuses why things do not work.
    It wasn’t an excuse, it was a genuine question, which you have answered for me and I now understand. Thanks for your advice.

    What is obvious to many people isn’t obvious to all of us:-)

    Comment by Tay Soon Peng
    2008-12-05 13:02:58

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    Comment by mcgo
    2008-12-21 02:08:36

    Hi Kenny
    I’ve been member now for some time and enjoy the imfomation that you put out and it has help me in a big way as a newbie just want to say thanks.

    Comment by growwealthtips
    2008-12-31 16:40:26

    Thanks for your great post again. Am trying to generate more traffic to my sites daily and your suggestions are something i have not tried before.

    Poh Heng
    Grow Wealth Tips

    Comment by Brandon
    2009-01-02 05:24:52

    Good info.

    Comment by Kunto Plus
    2009-01-08 05:25:39

    Search engine traffic is the best because of the high convert to buyers. You can make traffic with social media too but they don’t convert good either.

    Comment by Mr TrafficDigger
    2009-02-11 16:55:47


    Naturally, search engine is the best for promotion, and 70-80% of the search engine results are from google. So just focus on Google search engine. But, many people are not aware that Viral Markeing is a smart way to increase traffic. The principle behind viral marketing is others are helping us. You can click Mr Traffic Digger and read about the concept of Mr Viral Marketing

    Comment by Easy Pie
    2009-02-03 00:51:56

    I too am having problems getting traffic. Your site has opened my eyes to all the different methods available. Thanks!

    Comment by Justin Brooke
    2009-03-20 20:02:29

    Paid advertising will help increase the site traffic, but the issue here is that you have to pay someone to do the work for you. If budget is an issue, then other ways should be adopted.

    Comment by Carlos
    2009-05-03 21:08:14

    Kenneth is on the money, there are some many way to promote your site or blog. Here this will help you.

    Comment by Eddy Evbosaru
    2009-05-24 01:54:16

    having gone through your site on how to send traffic to site i was reaally impressed and i want to give me a specific i can promote my site and cause traffic to my site. I know you can help and i am meeting the right person.I wait your response.

    Comment by Yashu
    2009-07-02 19:52:10

    I am trying to generate more traffic to my site. This post is very useful to increase the traffic. I will implement some of your ideas. Thanks for great post.

    Comment by Arthur
    2009-07-08 06:08:30

    This is a great post. It really helped me in my efforts to get traffic to my website.

    2009-09-26 14:37:03

    nice post! i like it as well as the comments. I bookmarked this page for my future reference. Thanks for sharing the information..

    Comment by geoie
    2009-09-27 13:32:26

    I like this format. At first I thought it was to just pat yourself on the back. Now I see it is interaction of the traffic that comes here. I posted my first blog. It was fun. Now I have more confidence. I would have never thought to gather a list. Starting with 500 sounds like fun to me. ;>).
    I think I shall re-lie on the other lists for right now. Maybe in a few months, I shall take the building a bit more serious. I have so much to learn and later as I settle in, I think this could be a nice direction.
    Thank you for the information and feed back
    georg E

    Comment by Arfan Rashid
    2009-11-13 18:09:47

    it will also give you traffic.
    leave valueable comments on others blogs, but blogs must related to your topic also.
    go to yahoo answer and give answer of questions wich related to your blog with url of blog.
    send website link with email signature.
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    Comment by Roger Langford
    2009-11-16 19:53:35

    Finding ways to drive lots of traffic to your site quickly is OK, but for me the two best methods of traffic generation are article marketing and videos on YouTube.

    Comment by Vital Webs
    2009-11-23 10:57:03

    Great post, Kenneth

    Too many folks just don’t know where to begin. This post should be a must read for anyone just getting started.

    Comment by buxscorner
    2009-12-24 11:08:01

    nice blog, hope that i can be success like you are.. happy holiday :)

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    Comment by Asher Winata
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    Comment by search job
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    Comment by search job
    2010-01-29 14:58:04

    Thanks for your nice post. I always trying every new method to drive traffice to my blogs.

    Comment by aimstar4u
    2010-02-05 17:47:16

    Thanks for your good idea. I always use Article Marketing, Video on Youtube , Webboard, Social Networking sites(Hi5, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to drive traffics to my Blogs.

    Comment by passive income
    2010-02-18 21:47:10

    Thanks for your useful post. “List Swapping” is a great idea. I use Article Marketing , Video on Youtube and Social Networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Hi5, etc) to drive traffics to my websites and my blogs too.

    2010-02-19 12:30:36

    Thanks for your good idea. I always use Article Marketing, Video on Youtube , Webboard, Social Networking sites(Hi5, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to drive traffics to my Blogs.

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    2010-05-17 10:22:40

    Traffic is just like Blood in our Body.

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    Comment by Andy
    2010-05-30 15:15:13

    I have been doing some of your suggested tips and they work great. There are a lot of ways to make ones website known. And the really effective tools have been discussed in this post. Invest your time learning some of these ideas and it will be a time well spent.

    Comment by Webmaster
    2010-07-24 12:42:11

    SMO is the good way increasing this we bookmark our site.

    Comment by The Millionaire
    2010-08-21 23:11:03

    Some great points. SEO is my preferred method - good content, targetted keywords to drive the search engines to your website. Couple that with social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and SWOM.

    Comment by Schmidt
    2010-11-22 17:48:05

    Good info on getting traffic to our site.Most IM will sell this kind of info in an e-book.

    Comment by Brendon
    2010-12-14 03:31:22

    Great article. But I would have to disagree. I believe that the best way to see results fast is to set up a banner ads campaign and test the conversion of the landing page. Then by some ppc advert and test an ad and then with those 2 results I would put the copy of the ad on the banner and I would pay for a little more traffic and test the banner.

    Then with those numbers it is not hard to get JV on board because you know your numbers.

    By the way when I say JV I’m not saying the “gurus” I’m saying little guys just like you that have 100 or 200 people on their lists. Now i doesn’t seem like much but try getting 50 of them on board and do a launch.. ;-)

    This is just one strategy but if you want to know more about how to drive traffic to your website on the keyword rockstar website, all I know comes from them and it works like crazy.

    Comment by jan hansen
    2011-02-06 13:23:54

    yes traffic is good but when they son’t buy than one have a problem i promote apps but they don’t see to sell
    so what do I do ?

    Comment by
    2011-04-05 05:37:00

    Website traffic is like the gasoline that the website needs in order to generate sales. It is becoming almost impossible to generate website traffic online. It may be wise to go offline to advertise in order to get internet traffics to your website. That is one thing we observed many big companies doing. Another technique that is still working is to write laser targeted well- optimized articles with your resource box hyperlinked to your website.

    2011-07-18 23:31:15

    I’m not sure they will pay off on a blog. but their not bad for drawing traffic. best way is to use pure content, good seo designed site, and high PR back links.

    Comment by Paul
    2011-08-07 01:52:45

    How do you drive traffic to your website? It’s simple: write amazing content. Even if you manage to get traffic without the content, your visitors won’t be staying for long.

    Comment by Amar Ujala epaper
    2011-08-09 16:21:14

    Can we make use of social media buttons for the same?

    2011-08-10 14:53:38

    I think content is king. Unique and interesting content will always drive traffic to your website.

    Comment by Rasmus
    2011-08-14 18:29:23

    I totally agree with the above commenter. After I started doing better and more indepth content as well as posting regularly, I quickly saw an increase in visitors.

    Comment by seo
    2011-11-03 15:51:03

    As I am scanning your site I am sure learning a lot. Some of the info is very enlightening to say the least. Maybe you could write another post that explains how to our links added to “link resource pages”. It would be great info to have.

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    2013-03-26 12:34:08

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