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Method #1
Traffic Exchange Advertising

If you think this is a typical traffic exchange, think again.

There is a flaw in conventional traffic exchange programs - members are only rewarded for surfing a site for 10-20 seconds. When the time is up, what do you think the members will do?

That's right! They will quickly rush to the next ad for more credits!

Our traffic exchange program rewards members continuously for surfing a site. The longer they surf, the more credits they earn.

If you have an interesting program or offer, they will be more than willing to learn about it.

Why do they want to earn credits?

Because credits can be exchanged for cash, traffic or BOTH!!

We share 5-10% of our advertising income* with members who view ads.

* Note: We are not an 'ad pack' system. If you are thinking of buying ad packs, click ads and make more money back, LeadsLeap is NOT for you. If you have a good offer and want to share it with like-minded people who are truly and continuously incentivised to read your ad, then yes, LeadsLeap is what you're looking for.

Read this post in our blog to learn more about how our traffic exchange program works.

More Than Traffic Exchange!

You see, having our members to see your ad is good. But having non-members to view your ad is even better!

How do we do it?

1) Ad Widget

Members are incentivised to our Ad Widget on their websites.

Below is how our Ad Widget looks like. Your ad can be inside.

How we incentivised members to show our Ad Widget on their websites?

1) When members show the widget on their websites, their ads will also be shown in other widgets on more than 4000 websites across the net. It is a win-win situation for them.

2) We share 15-30% of our advertising income* with them when their visitors view the ads.

* Note: Again, this is not some kind of bogus money rolling system. Only genuine non-members third-party visitors are counted. Members who try to cheat may have their account suspended.

As you can see, we share 5-10% of our earnings with members who view ads. We share more (15-30%) with members who send third-party traffic to our ads (i.e. your ads). That is how committed we are in generating both members and non-members traffic to you. LeadsLeap is not a system where everyone joins everyone and nobody is really viewing anything.

2) Link Tracker

Members use our Link Tracker system to track their advertising campaign in hundreds of other advertising networks on the net.


Because we are the ONLY link tracker that can tell them whether the traffic they receive are real or fake! (I'll tell you more about it later...)

What interest you now is, the trackers come with our Ad Widget and your ad can be in there!

We Are Serious About Ad Quality

Another thing I want to highlight is ad quality.

We review every ad that is advertised!

Yes, it is very tedious. But that is the only way to ensure that you don't waste time viewing junk ads, and the ads that you place on your website are up to standard.

It's Free!

Yes, you can advertise in our network free.

Basically you set up your text ad, surf other ads to earn credits and you'll receive Real Human visits in return.

There are other ways to earn credits, such as rating the ads and earning overriding credits from your 10-levels of leads network (I'll explain about our leads network later). We have members earning hundreds of credits everyday without viewing an ad!

Another option to get unlimited exposure in our ad system is to be a Pro Member. For just $27/mth, you can have your ads rotated in the system 24/7, without the need of credits.

Now, let's look at the next way to get you leads...

Method #2
10-Level Leads Network

The second method of lead generation is via our 10-level downline builder.

Imagine if you refer 4 people and each of them refer another 4. At the 10th level, you are going to have 1 million of leads*!

Of course, this is just a theory. But if you can get thousands of leads by simply referring a handle of people, that's not bad, isn't it? Once you get the engine started, the leads will grow on autopilot forever!

* Note: LeadsLeap is NOT an mlm. Our lead generation network is purely for leads building. Our affiliate program is single level.

How do you reach out to your team?

Just post a message.

Your 10-level of leads will see your message everytime they log in to their account and everytime they read our emails.

Don't get me wrong. LeadsLeap is NOT a safelist. Members don't email members.

We believe that conventional safelist system is flawed also. If we allow members to email members, every member will receive tons of ads. Who will be reading those ads in the end?

When you post a message to your leads, your message will be part of the update emails we send to our members.

They can ignore your message if they want to. The messages are non-obtrusive.

But many members will click it. Why? Because they will earn credits. Remember, credits = cash + traffic.

Yes, we pay them to read your message.

You don't pay anything!

Real case studies from our members.

feature img

Method #3
The Real Tracker

The 3rd method doesn't really get you traffic directly. But it helps you to stay focus on advertising programs that work and eliminate programs that send you useless traffic.

When you focus on what works, your leads will keep growing!

I'm referring to our proprietary link tracker - The Real Tracker.

Most trackers can only track clicks. The Real Tracker tracks how long the visitors have surfed your site and whether they are taking actions.

I'm not bragging when I say "our members LOVE this tracker!"

From time to time, we will receive emails from members telling us that they manage to get refunds from websites that sell them bogus traffic.

Here is someone who blogs about his experience:

feature imgSource: infiniteleadgen.com

Method #4
Social Review

This is the latest addition to our lead generation arsenal.

Members can share their experiences in different programs in our SEO-friendly Social Review site. Both good and bad experiences are welcome.

In return, we will rotate their affiliate links in the review and get them referrals.

Why Social Review Works?

1) You get SEO traffic

These reviews are from real users who have tried a certain program. Every review needs to be approved. This is not some kind of junk posting site.

We didn't do any blackhat SEO. These reviews natually got into the top spots in many search terms simply because they provide valuable information for the searchers.

2) You can advertise your review

Reviews convert better than product landing page. Why? Because people trust other people's experiences more than what the product owner says!

You can use our Social Review system as if it is your own review blog by customizing all the links into your affiliate links!

3) Our members read the reviews

As I said, people trust other people's experiences. Forget about our members. Will you be interested to find out what others say about a particular program?

If you are, you bet our members are interested too!

Seeing is believing. Visit LeadsLeap Social Review here.

Method #5

Getting traffic is one thing, converting the traffic is another.

It is no secret that lightbox popup can increase conversion. But most of the tools available are either expensive or full of bugs.

And honestly, they are not as powerful and customizable.

There is a reason why our PopupXpert ranks #1 in Google search.

feature img

Still not convinced? Read what our member says...

feature img

Method #6
OTO List Builder

We've come to the last method. But I promise it will not be the last you'll have as a member because we are always building new weapons to help members to get more leads.

The last method is a full-fledged PHP Script.

I got to be honest that it is not for everyone. It is only for marketers who are ready to have their own products.

How this script works?

First, you will create a free product to entice people to optin. When they opt-in, they'll be presented with a one-time offer to purchase another product of yours. If you have a good deal, one-time offer converts like crazy!

This script comes with a built-in autoresponder, mass mailer, one-time offer system, payment integration and affiliate program. It allows you to build your own sales funnel and run an online business like a pro.

It is not some kind of PLR script. It is developed and maintained by our team. Whatever technical challenge you face, we are here to help.

feature img

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LeadsLeap a safelist?

No. You will not receive any email from any member.

Is LeadsLeap an MLM or Matrix system?


Do I need to buy 'adpacks'?

No. LeadsLeap is NOT an 'adpacks' system.

Is LeadsLeap a traffic exchange service?

LeadsLeap is more than just traffic exchange. Traffic exchange is just one of the ways we get you traffic.

Can I register multiple accounts?

No. Each person can only have 1 account.

I do not understand English. Can I join?

No. As our ads and the system are in English, if you do not understand English, it is hard for you to get the full benefit of the system. I'm afraid that this system is not for you.

Is there a limitation on what ad I can advertise?

Yes. Your ad and landing page must be in English. The landing page should not have any frame breaking code and it should be able to be shown in an iframe. The ad content must be family friendly. Some of the contents that are forbidden include gambling, adult content, dating and hook up services.

You may want to know that every ad shown in our system is reviewed manually.

Will I receive tons of emails from LeadsLeap?

No. We have a stringent mailing system. You will only receive daily update from us. No email from other members.

In fact, if you are inactive in the system for more than 30 days, your account will be dormant. This is how we protect and respect your privacy.

What payment processor do you use?

We use Payza.

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