A Simple Strategy To Increase Website Traffic


I’ve shared many strategies to increase website traffic in this blog and here is another easy strategy that you can implement in less than 30 minutes from now.

The strategy is to publish your existing website in different languages and increase your website traffic from the search engines.

This is not a new strategy, but I kind of forgotten about it until one member asked about website translation in our Tuesday With Kenneth Q&A session. (See, when you help people, you help yourself!)

To give this strategy a test, I translated 5 of my niche sites in December 2008 and then I simply waited……

> I was waiting for the Search spiders to digest the new contents.

> I was also waiting for the month of January to pass so that I can report my 1 month result to you.

It’s February now and I’m ready to show you the result from my test.

Here’s a screenshot of the traffic stats from one of the websites in the test:

Look at the highlighted stats. These are the traffic to the translated pages. Pretty impressive isn’t it?

What I’m showing you is just the top results. There are hundreds of other translated pages receiving small amount of website traffic like 5 to 10 visits. Never underestimate such traffic because they easily add up to a few thousands extra traffic to your website every month!

How To Translate Your Entire Website In Less Than 30 Minutes?

I translated the website above into 34 different languages and it took me less than 30 minutes. (I can do it in 5 minutes now!)

Obviously, I didn’t rewrite the articles. I simply uploaded a script to my website and added some codes to the homepage. That’s all!

The script automatically converted my entire website into 34 different languages.

The powerful part is the converted pages are search engine friendly. That’s why I’m getting thousands of extra website traffic to these pages, all from the search engines.

I told you that I tested this traffic strategy on 5 websites. What about the other 4? Do they all experience increase in website traffic?

Yes, they did.

Every one of them recorded significant increase in website traffic. Adsense earnings from these 5 sites also soared by 17%.

This is definitely one of the easiest strategies I’ve used to increase website traffic. Go ahead and try it. You won’t regret.

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  1. Niranjan Ranade

    Great tip to generate traffic even from global visitors speaking different languages. As you may be already aware, we can use http://translate.google.com to easily translate text.
    It’s especially useful while communicating with non-English leads/customers via email/chat :)
    Why leave money on table ? Lets tap international market!

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    Keep on the good work.

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  3. Tina T

    A very interesting concept. I have the Google Gadget that translates, but it sounds like this product will actually generate translated pages. Am I understanding that correctly?

    As always, thanks for the tip.

    1. Kenneth Koh Post author

      Yes, you are right. There are free translation services out there, but what we need is one that can generate translated pages that search engines will index and rank.

  4. Carol Oon

    I heard about this language translations some time ago but didn’t really think much about it. But now that you mentioned it, especially if it can increase your bottom line, why not?

    I think I must make an effort to find sometime to put it at my other “weight loss” site.

    Thank you for yr great article …

  5. Bill Masson (WWAH)

    Here’s a recent comment fro John Chow about N2H

    What makes this translation plugin better than others is that it doesn’t take your readers away from your blog and onto a translation site. Instead, all translated pages are kept on your blog and become new content. The key here is search engines will pick up this new content and index it. This is a great way to add a ton of new content without any writing. Conceivably, the number of indexed pages on your blog can increase by a factor of 34!

    John Chow

  6. Duane

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  7. James

    I have heard the translator scripts don’t work with the preciseness that one would hope for. I have seen rankings that are outstanding in other countries but have not heard many success stories about companies working with increasing traffic for say a motorcycle client in Europe, any thoughts?

  8. Justin Brooke

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    One way its not only best for seo but
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