List, Blog, Facebook. Which One Should You Start First?

10 years ago, it was all about list building. Build a list and money will come. Then came blogging. Now everyone is talking about Facebook.

If you are starting out in internet marketing, which one should you start first? A list? A blog? Or a Facebook page?

Of course, you should start with all three. But the focus should be the list. Am I old-school? Let me explain why.

From traffic point of view, blogging is necessary because in long run, as your blog becomes establish, it is going to bring you free search engine traffic and loyal readers. Facebook (or social networking in general) is also necessary because in long run, as your ‘fanship’ grows, it is going to create a viral effect and hence bring you more traffic. But in short-term, all that is not going to happen.

When you are new (and I’m assuming you are really new), you have little resources and contacts. Google doesn’t like you, hence there is no SEO traffic. Facebook doesn’t like you, because you have no fan (unless your friends are interested in your business). Other marketers don’t like you, because you have no innovative product to offer. Your web traffic is likely to come from advertising and article/video/forum marketing.

Since that is the case, it is important that you keep every traffic you can get and nurture them into either your customer or promotion partner. This is only possible if you get them into your list, so that you can contact them again. Once you do that, you can then channel the traffic to your blog and Facebook page, in the hope of building your future traffic arsenal.

Imagine if you start a blog and promote it aggressively, what will happen? Chances are the traffic just come and go. They are not there to wait for your next blog post.

Some people may argue that they can build a ‘virtual’ list through Facebook, by subscribing people through Facebook Like or Subscribe. But think about it. Is it easier to get a stranger to give you their email address or to ‘Like’ you? I haven’t really test this though. If you think it is easier to get people to subscribe to your Facebook page, please share your experience in the comments below.

Get the focus right and keep promoting. This is the way to survive and grow your online empire from scratch.

13 thoughts to “List, Blog, Facebook. Which One Should You Start First?”

  1. Hi Kenneth,

    I feel it is easier to build a following on facebook if done right, but I have more confidence and higher conversions on my email list, for me, facebook is great for adding to your email list and with my email list I’m not subject to losing it or being banned or shutdown like facebook

    1. Good point. You have full control with your email list. Anything that involves 3rd party does not belong to you.

  2. I am in total agreement with you that one should focus on list building first,because it will be something that you own and will not be subject to loss.

    As a person builds their list they should also focus on traffic and conversions through a blog,facebook and other social networks as well as relevant forums.

  3. Yes, I agree that all 3 are important. List building, Blogging and Facebook marketing. However I also vote for List building simply because we have more control on our list. Funny animal updates like Panda/Penguin can rock search engine rankings over night. Cannot depend on FB either as it’s Free to use. I have over 3600 subscribers on my list and already earning good income from it daily :)

  4. I think it wise to build one’s list first. The reason I say that is because one can start building their blog and building their fanpage on Facebook after they have set up their branded lead capture page first. That’s the reason I recommend building their list first due to the traffic & visitors captured from blogs or Facebook should go to one’s email contact list. Build & house your growing list here, PLUS, you can give free tools away that you receive free.

  5. As popular as Facebook is right now I wonder what things are going to look like in a few years with Google+. I’m sure the internet is big enough for both but there is just something about Google+. Then again, I am pretty new to all this.

  6. I fully understand and respect your thoughts, but i also have some ideas about this topic. You know, i still think that Facebook and Blog are the best options. Look, you need nothing to become the well-known blogger. Nothing but your thoughts. Become interesting and that is it. You can do this whenever. At school, in college or in adult life. Doesn`t matter. Just be interesting. Facebook nowadays is also one of the greatest ways of sharing thoughts. That is why i bet on these two, not on list.

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