How To Choose Web Hosting Service (If You Are Starting Out)

This week, we are going to talk about how to choose web hosting service if you are a beginner who are starting out, wanting to make some money from the internet. Next week, we will talk about web hosting for advanced online marketers. If you are an advanced marketer, be sure to check out our blog next week.

So, what does it take to make money online? Is it know-how? Is it technical skill? Is it your connection or network?

Well, all of these play a part. But the main factor is Right Mindset + Right Action.

You may wonder what has it got to do with choosing web hosting service. Read on…

Another question. What makes a good web hosting service for beginners? Is it hosting features? Is it price? Is it customer support?

Again, all of them play a part. But the main factor is it should make you money.

When I say it should make you money, I’m not referring to those MLM web hosting systems. I’m talking about web hosting that has a workable system that practically guarantees your success.

Let me share with you my story, one that some of you may be able to relate to……

Many years back, when I first decided to build a website, my first thought was, well, I’ll choose a cheap web host.

I found one that only cost me $35 a year, including domain name and 1 year hosting. So I got a domain, a hosting service and a step-by-step guide that claimed to teach me how to make money online. I can’t remember what I did with the website, but basically I made $0.00 from that venture.

Finally, I gave up on cheapskate solutions and invested in a “guided web hosting system” that claimed to hold my hands and lead me step-by-step to success. The system costs me $300 a year (I think).

But guess what, when your pocket hurts, you work!

I dedicated months to follow the system to a tee, and started making some money and eventually crossed my first $100 a month in less than a year. (As you can see, it was a slow start, but hey, I was a newbie, remember?)

So which hosting is cheaper, the first one that cost $35 a year, or the second one that cost $300 a year?

Remember in the beginning of this article, I said newbies’ success depends mainly on Right Mindset + Right Action?

The $35 a year hosting gave me a cheap alternative, and left me with a ‘see-if-it-works’ mindset and a ‘step-by-step-but-up-to-you-to-follow’ action plan.

The $300 a year hosting, on the other hand, gave me a ‘I-must-earn-back-that-money’ mindset and a superbly ‘annoying’ system that forced me to do everything exactly its way. And the result was… I was forced to do the right thing and made money!!

Let me share with you what I mean by ‘annoying’. Imagine when you try to submit a webpage, the system will always slap you with tons of error messages, asking you to correct this and correct that. It’s like your nagging parents who insist that you must do things their way. But over time, you mind is slowly trained to do things ‘its way’ and it becomes your second nature. And guess what, that’s how you learn to do things the right way!

Honestly, I might not have the discipline to learn and do things the right way without this system.

But interestingly, I ditched that system after 2 years.


On the second year, I bought a cheap web hosting service with unlimited domain hosting, and started duplicating everything I learned from the “guided web hosting system” on several domains. I wanted to try and see if I could do it without the system. A little to my surprise, I quadrupled my earnings with my new sites. That was when I knew I had indeed internalized the process of building a successful website and I could do it without the help of that nagging and somewhat restrictive system.

So for those of you who are just starting out, I don’t mean you must spend $300 on web hosting, but you should not choose web hosting service simply based on price, support and/or hosting features. What is more important for you is the training. Of course, alternatively, you can learn things on your own or get some other good coaching program. If so, just make sure that you get a web hosting service that is low cost, with 24/7 chat support and more importantly with minimal technical restriction, so that you will not run into problem implementing some third party system in time to come. My favorite is Hostgator.

Lastly, if you want to know what is that “guided web hosting system” I was talking about, it is called SBI. It’s still a strong system until today.

21 thoughts to “How To Choose Web Hosting Service (If You Are Starting Out)”

  1. Hi Kenneth,
    Thanks for a great and simple explanation of this very relevant topic of web hosting. I’ve been involved in this for a while and I find that nowadays almost all the companies are similar in what they deliver, but where it really counts is the support. I use Hostgator and I find their support excels.
    Thanks again for a great article.

  2. Yes you could not have said it better. The right mindset is what you should have before choosing the right host provider.

    My venture online has morphed, and I do make a couple of bucks here and there, but this is the mindset I have had from day one.

    Although I registered my domain name without any research or tutorials, and started a website, and tried several different ways to make money with it, I was open to a lot of opportunities and control that were not available to me on free sites.

    Being able to control your traffic is key, being able to control what is on your sites is also key. Free sites? Not in my books.

    Force yourself to learn and recognize your costs.
    Track your own traffic.

    Really hard to do when some of the things are hidden from you.

    Although I’m not the top guru on the internet, I am fast becoming one of the top free information providers on how to market online.

    All this part time.

    Hostgator has provided me with a the bandwidth and storage space, and the opportunity to become a reseller.. That is one of the best tools I still have not put into action.

    Cheap too. Always up.

    So While I’m Learning, Gathering my own resources and scripts, learning keywords, SEO, and Finding the best affiliate programs that don’t dissapear tomorrow on a whim, my site is up working for me 24/7 365 without breaking the bank.

    How comfortable can you be?

    It did not become one of the top hosting companies by just collecting your money.

    Support is awesome.

  3. Slowly but surely, with the right mindset you will build yourself a great business, and it does require you thinking .. hosting.. one of those things. Without the right mindset, you will lose your abilities.

    The ability to track your results, the control you have on your site, the ability to funnel your viewers to what they need to know and use.

    The worst thing you could do for yourself is to not start branding yourself. It starts with your own domain.

    Hostgator! Yep , I’ve been a user for quite some time.

    Packages for all levels.

  4. Right from the get go it is crucially important to choose wisely. From selecting a SEO friendly domain which matches your target niche AND has market brandability, to grabbing a hosting provider which suits your needs, be they simple or complex.

    Research is the key with a clear plan on what your needs and goals are. Search reputable hosting companies with high up time and be sure the host will be able to deliver the features you require.

    Cost is an issue but not the biggest, return on investment (ROI) is a far better mindset in which to place yourself. Be sure that the hosting service support is good, you WILL need them.

    Then of course setting up your site with either outsourced web developers or a more DIY (Do It Yourself) approach. If DIY is your go, be sure to learn html, and get a web editor that you find easy to learn and use. Again ROI is what you are looking for in both money and time.

    Then the biggie (as if all aren’t big enough) after uploading your site it must get traffic. Driving traffic is a whole subject in itself but is just so crucial to your success.

    Again this is a great post Kenneth, this viral blog just keeps delivering on content. Thanks.

  5. Great information and aspect. I totally agree. I recommend the exact same services in my linkcloud on my home page. Hostgator, SBI, and one more which is GVO. I heard bluehost is not only affordable but easy to use. I personally use hostgator and GVO

    1. I’m thinkin about trying GVO myself been a Go Daddy client and no complaints really just seems like I could make more money with a GVO site will look into it more

  6. I love Hostgator for low price and super value hosting solution. Had tried SBI many years back but gave up while following the step-by-step time consuming process. SBI / any good system is good as long as we are committed to take action :)

    LeadsLeap is amazing. Like reading the content rich and to-the-point no-fluff articles. Encourage all members to upgrade to PRO as it’s a great way to get targeted traffic!

  7. I have been with GVO for over 7 years. I have this webhosting service because I make money by being a member. Yes, I get affiliate commissions every month, but more than that I host 15 domains for others (unlimited reseller hosting), which is income. I also have web design/copy writing services as a package. On the training side, I have a Tutorial site, where I teach HTML, CSS, PHP, Graphic Design plus more.

    It’s more than just a webhosting service. We have a professional autoresponder that would at minimum cost $20 at Aweber; a 10 seat flash/interactive conference room that would cost about $25 per month from other conference systems, without half the features; a video upload program that easily would cost $50 a month based on all the features. Also included is a web monitoring system that you can rebrand and sell. If that wasn’t enough you also have Online Training at GVO academy and Live Support.

    All these features could cost upwards of $100 a month, but the monthly fee is less than half that.

    With all the Tools and Promotional material available, even new people can learn to earn an income within a short period of time.

    Claire Poulton
    Pro Member Leads Leap

  8. “But guess what, when your pocket hurts, you work!” LOL, I couldn’t agree more :-)

    I had the same realisation some time ago, it’s great motivation to keep the wheels turning.

    Overall, you’ve given excellent advice here. I look forward to the next week’s post.

  9. Ken,

    Your story sounds all too familiar! lol I too started with SBI. They do seem to “guide” you by the hand too much.

    I opted out and went with bluehost instead. Like you said support and training is key. Unfortunately I haven’t had much luck with bluehost in that area. I am planning on moving all my sites to hostgator when my current plan expires.

  10. This is a great article. I am seriously thinking of building some mini-sites for Adsense. I have really no idea of how to build a website. so I am looking at different angles.

  11. The choices of web hosting can be overwhelming. Promises of cheap, quick, and easy tempt Internet marketer at every turn. Don’t forget to ask yourself one key question.

    Is your goal to build a profitable Web business that enjoy free organic traffic from the Search Engines, or do you want to just “put up a site”?

    Regular Web hosting is fine for the latter, but to build a profitable business, you need more.

    So, once you pick up the reliable web hosting, still lot of things waiting to make your site stand out and be found at Google and the other Search Engines?

    It’s challenge.

  12. I thought you told your readers a great thing when you say when your pocket hurt you work. I know this from exprience.

    I have a free reseller website but I put no tme or real effort into it.

    But on the other hand I have this website that you can see here buy clicking my name that I spend hundreds of dollars a year just on webhosting alone. But it’s worth it because it is a fully loade webite with 24/7 tech support and you don’t have too spend days getting your site up and running it’ only miutes instead.

    I also use a seprate Marketing service too get me found that way the marketing service is not bias like on most MLM websites and there going to do there best too make you business profitable because they don’t want to lose there business with you

    Great Info:

  13. Like you said support and training is key,I opted out and went with bluehost instead. Ken,your story sounds all too familiar! lol I too started with SBI. They do seem to “guide” you by the hand too much.

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