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Why Blog - The Purpose Of Blogging

In my last blog post, I said that blog plays a different role in advertising. As a follow up, let’s discuss the purpose of blogging and the role it plays in advertising.

My discussion is purely from marketing point of view. If you are blogging for fun or to pass time, that’s another purpose but it’s not our focus here.

So, why blog?

1. To Use It As A Bait

Blog is a good bait to attract traffic to your website.

First, if your blog is search engine optimized (I discussed this last week), it is a good bait to hook search engine traffic.

Second, if you provide useful information on your blog, it is a good bait to hook more traffic through networking and referrals from other bloggers.

Last but not least, it is a good bait to hook your existing traffic, who will revisit your website again and again.

2. To Differentiate Yourself From Others

With so many websites and competition on the net, it’s really not easy to make yourself stand out from the rest.

But with a good blog, you stand a much better chance.

Through blogging, you can connect with your audiance, let them know you better and thus foster better relationship with them.

People like to do business with people they trust. You know this, don’t you?

3. To Stimulate Your Creative Juice

Someone just posted a comment on this blog saying that he run out of things to write for his blog and ask how about me.

I don’t have such a problem because when I read the comments you guys and gals have posted, I will have new ideas for my next post.

The comments in my blog can also help me to generate ideas for my future projects.

The Purpose Of A Blog In Advertising

I said in my last post that it’s not a good idea to advertise your blog directly because the traffic is not likely to stick long. If you were to advertise, advertise to build a list.

But you can use a blog to increase the conversion rate of your ad, by using your blog as a tool to build your prospects’ trust and confidence in you.

If you have a decent blog, with some good posts and comments from the readers, you can direct the traffic from your squeeze page to your blog.

In the past, I thought this will reduce the conversion rate, since you send traffic away from the squeeze page. But my recent test shows that doing so can actually increase the conversion rate because people know that you are real and you really provide values.

Just a quick technical note. Make sure that you open the link to your blog in a new window, so that your prospects do not navigate away from the squeeze page.

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    Comment by Malaysian Economist
    2009-03-13 23:29:36

    I 100% agree that we have to decide the purpose of blogging. For me, blogging is a hobby and at the same time I want some pocket money to pay my internet bill. If blogging is a hobby, we should exploit our experience and expertise and start writing blogs. To get extra income is very simple–we just add adsense. At the end our blog is like a money machine. Since most of us have many hobbies, so start writing many blogs.

    Comment by Womens swim shorts
    2010-05-08 00:50:21

    Blogging for me is a hobby and a side earning also. Internet is a good way to share your views and experiences with the world. It gives little happiness when someone read your post and comment on that.

    Comment by John
    2009-03-14 01:54:29

    Very interesting Kenneth.

    A blog is so easy to update with fresh contents and looks very professional, it gives credibility and confidence.

    Looking forward to other comments to this post.



    Comment by Sharon
    2009-03-14 04:47:54

    My intuition would have told me to send people from my blog to my squeeze page, but I can see your point that sending them to your blog would lend greater credibility. Thanks.


    2009-03-14 05:40:13

    Blogging to me is a hobby as i have created
    more than 20 blogspot blogs for myself and earn
    money helping people create and design their
    i use blogs to create sales letter too that
    i use in promoting some specific products,
    it just got more fun for me as i play around
    designing blogs you can see one of my blogspot blog
    you never can tell its a blogspot blog it has 3
    videos embedded in it. this cost $99.99 and $39.99
    per month but i created mine i used for free.

    and i added adsense to the bottom making it
    bring in extra cash for me.
    am just excited about blogging.

    Comment by Joseph Dabon
    2009-03-14 08:52:15

    Just like the others posting their comment,I blog the to quench my need to write. Unlike the others, after more than a year at it, I still have to see extra money coming my way. Can somebody please help me?

    Comment by Kenneth Koh
    2009-03-14 09:39:27

    No offence. That’s exactly why I write the purpose of blogging. If your purpose is to quench your need to write, why disappointed that you’re not seeing extra money?
    Refocus. I too blog to quench my need to write, but with the above purposes.
    I’ve seen your blog through your link. I can’t see any SEO or marketing tactics in it.

    Comment by Kurt Johansen
    2009-03-14 11:17:14

    Yes, I blog for credibility and to keep my clients up to date with new information about email marketing.
    I also add, what I consider, excellent posts into my autoresponder so new clients who sign up for me free book don’t miss these past gems.

    Comment by Billy
    2009-03-14 11:31:04

    Blogging to provide real valuable content. That is your product = ). There is nothing wrong with blogging to quench your thirst for writing.

    Comment by Malaysian Economist
    2009-03-14 12:02:59


    The easiest way is to read blogs and comments related to ‘making money’ which are in the ‘Archieve’ on the right side of this sereen.

    Comment by Cecilia
    2009-03-14 19:39:13

    Hi Kenneth
    How does one put SEO or marketing tactics in the blog to increase adsense revenue? Somehow I find that the ads that google put on my blog is not relevant to the content of my blog.


    Comment by Tari
    2009-03-14 21:16:50

    Thank you for ur article on The Purpose of Blogging. It is very inciting and inofrmative.

    Comment by Your Business Tips
    2009-03-14 22:46:36

    Hi, I have several blogs, some are for my hobbies and some for money making. I use my blogs that are for money making as a source of information, marketing tips and tricks, etc.. for my visitors. On the right column are some links to businesses I support, and more information. One can also subscribe to a free Internet Marketing eCourse by filling out a form. Basically, I use my business blog more like a business card, or a shop window, with some discreet invitations to join or purchase.


    Comment by Lisa11
    2009-03-16 13:28:23

    It is really a nice and informative site.

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    Bumblbees-R-Us Child Care Center

    Comment by luke
    2009-03-21 00:35:08

    My purpose has been to advertise Global Verge,but it made me think about marketing.

    Comment by sam
    2009-10-11 14:08:34

    Blogging is a great way to get content to any website and thus make keywords that can be searched. If company runs a blog they could get tons of readers from their niche for free from google. More pages from blogging also makes a site bigger and gives bigger site impression to google too.

    Comment by search job
    2010-01-29 15:03:05

    ฺBlog is the best way for seo. I created many blogs for promote my Online Networking Marketing Business because it is easy and free.

    Comment by Andy
    2010-05-30 15:24:18

    I couldn’t agree more. Blogging is a powerful marketing tool to lure prospective customers to your website and expand your business. This is an inspiration to fellow bloggers–to strive to become better contributors of new information and make our readers feel their time was best spent reading our blogs. Great post!

    2011-03-26 02:09:11

    Thanks for ur article on The Goal of Blogging. It is extremely inciting and inofrmative.
    Aishwarya Rai Hot

    Comment by lehti tilaus
    2012-01-30 22:57:29

    Yes, i like the bait idea, never thought it that way but it’s clear.

    Comment by Vine Web Viewer
    2013-10-27 16:18:43

    I have read so many content on the topic of the blogger lovers
    except this piece of writing is really a nice article, keep it up.

    Comment by After Market
    2014-07-16 09:25:55

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