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How To Promote A New Website - A Step By Step Guide

Many new marketers fail to start because they are not sure how to promote a new website.

So today I’m going to show you step by step what I normally do when I start a new website.

Before listing down the step by step instructions, I need to clarify that what I’m doing is to promote 15 to 40 pages Adsense website or product review website. It can be a static site or a blog.

“Why is it important to clarify on this?” You may ask.

This is because you can start many kinds of websites. Adsense or product review website is just one easy way to make ’small’ money online, but when you have 100s of these little sites, it’s more than enough to quit your job!

Other forms of website you can start include a squeeze page to build list, a mega service site like LeadsLeap, your own product site such as your own Clickbank product etc. The strategies required for these kinds of website is different from promoting Adsense or product review website.

For one, you can’t do any form of joint venture for Adsense or product review sites. You can do advertising, provided you know what you are doing. But search engine optimization is a surefire free traffic source that you can rely on and once you get such traffic, it’s going to serve you for years!

So in this article, when I say promoting a new website, I’m really talking about promoting it to get search engine traffic.

I’m not going to talk about on-page search engine optimization here. You can read it somewhere else or if you post a request below, I’ll probably discuss it in my next blog post.

Today, what I’m going to share with you is off-page optimization, which is all about building link juice to your website.

Ok, I hope by now you get the whole picture and are ready to see the simple steps that I use for all my little sites that are enough to earn me a full time income.

Step 1 - Bookmark 1 page of your website at Digg and Propeller

This is the first thing you should do once your website is ready. Just choose any 1 page and bookmark it at Digg and Propeller. This will get your website indexed by Google, usually in less than 3 days.

Warning: Don’t bookmark more than 1 page and if you have tons of websites that look similar, make sure you open different accounts to bookmark or your account may be suspended. I have my account suspended twice! Technically speaking, you shouldn’t bookmark your own website. But if you do it under the radar, it is the fastest way to get your website indexed.

Step 2 - Write 5 articles and post to as many article directories as possible

Some of the directories you must “hand” submit to are Ezinearticles, ArticleDashBoard, Buzzle, GoArticles.

Next, take up a lifetime membership here and submit all your articles there. From my experience, 5 article submissions will give you 100-200 backlinks.

Step 3 - Submit your website to link directories

There is an argument on whether submitting to link directories is still effective as a form of link building. I’ve been doing it since 2006 as an integral part of the whole process and frankly I’m not sure what would happen if I stop doing it. Maybe one day I should try!

However, one thing for sure is the links count. If you do a link search for some high PR sites, you’ll see that many links come from link directories. If you believe that every link to your website will help you in your search engine ranking, submitting your website to link directories is a great way to get tons of one way link.

You can either do it yourself, which was what I did when I first started, or if you have the budget, get a freelancer to submit for you. You can get some cheap bargain here.

Step 4 - Set up 3 way link exchange

You probably are familiar with 3 way link. Yes, it’s one of my favorite tools too. If you are new, 3 way link is a little too ‘expensive’ for you. The price is $47 a month. Get it when you have 10-20 websites.

That’s all I do whenever I launch a new Adsense or product review site. Even without step 4, just by doing step 1 to 3 will get your website to PR 2-3.

What can you do with a PR 2-3 website?

Well, besides making money from Adsense and affiliate sales, you can sell link and make another $20 a month from each website you own. You can read about selling text links in this post.

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    Comment by Marilyn Martin
    2008-05-18 01:51:37

    This was a very well written and informative article that I know will be very useful for all the Newbies and perhaps even some veteran Network Marketers.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the article!

    Good Looking Out My Friend,

    Marilyn Martin

    2010-08-13 22:44:09

    I definitely concur Marilyn. As a veteran i’ve actually enjoyed this article. It’s an art to make people listen to the basics :)

    Comment by Tali bargains
    2008-05-18 02:27:57

    Super concise, very informative and wonderful blog article. I find that every leadsleap article is very useful and better than most blogs I ever come across which usually do nothing but promote affiliate marketing products. Keep up the great blogs!!

    Comment by Marla Jones
    2008-05-18 03:25:00

    I really enjoyed this article a great deal. It gave me the
    courage to write an article and submit it at Article Marketer.
    I am excited to be learning something new and doing something new as well. Thank you Kenneth for very informative content.

    Comment by Stepper
    2008-05-18 03:26:51

    How timely a post for me to find. I’ve just started a how to…tips…guide…news you can use type of travel blog and website.

    I’ll be using all of the suggestions you have shared here.


    Comment by Wiellyam
    2008-05-18 07:32:36

    well, i think step 3 for me is not working! but it can be a good alternative for a new website.

    Comment by Gez Bennett
    2008-05-18 22:22:54

    Good info guys and as someone who has used Jonathan Legers 3 way link service I can highly recommend it to others as well, but at first the first three steps would get you on your way until you can afford the monthly fees of a service like 3 way links.

    Also don’t overlook using a blog to get your site listed whether you use Wordpress (they can host for you) or Blogger (which is owned by Google) I personally use both but have always found Blogger to be pretty quick in getting my blogs listed on their search engine which starts off the traffic process. Also make use of Squidoo or Hubpages where you can create a page detailing the service or product or interest you want people to know about, but you can put a link there back to your main site. Squidoo and Hubpages get listed quickly as they are trusted by Google as a resource site.

    Hope the info helps.

    Comment by Jeff Bode
    2008-05-19 02:32:24

    Great advice, I have been doing many of this kind of promoting for my site. I like writing articles because I think I get quality traffic from them. I didn’t know about Buzzle.



    Comment by kim adair
    2008-05-19 09:16:11

    Holy Cow! Great information here on how to promote your own website! I will takee this information to heart and use it asap! Thanks!

    Comment by Barbara Chapman
    2008-05-20 04:07:23

    Some great ideas Kenneth - I’ve only just signed up here but I’ll definitely be popping back regularly. Keep up the good work - I’ll be recommending this blog to my list.

    Comment by Tina Tobin
    2008-05-21 02:26:44

    Glad to find this article. I started my interactive advice site recently and have mainly seen articles about on page SEO.
    There’s so much to learn, but this us a great start.

    Comment by Doris Anne Beaulieu
    2008-05-22 07:52:36

    Thank you so very much for all the info. I’m new to all of this, but willing to learn and you have given me a good head start. Thanks
    Best wishes,

    Comment by ajt
    2008-06-06 16:20:53

    I have just come bnack to this post having first read it a couple of weeks ago. It is nice to read something that just simplifies the whole process.

    Comment by Work From Home Tips
    2008-06-10 17:57:46

    Very informative article Kenneth. I continue to learn new techniques and get ideas from every post. I also bookmark a page on stumbleupon whick seems to work pretty well.

    Thanks for the great information. Keep it coming.

    Comment by Tina Tobin
    2008-06-15 21:10:15

    I wrote a few articles at ezine after reading this post. Since then I’ve come across many articles that warn against duplicate content. My article is only posted in one place, but I do submit the summaries and links to the article to multiple places like Digg and Propeller. Does this count as duplicate content since it’s the same summary leading to the same article? I don’t know if this is the correct forum for this question, but I can count on this group for great answers and I don’t want to tick-off the search engines by doing the wrong thing.
    Thanks for any help you can give me!

    Comment by Kenneth Koh
    2008-06-17 11:49:31

    Don’t worry too much about content duplication. It’s another myth that is going around online.

    Fact: is probably 99% duplicated content but Google loves it.

    Fact: Popular websites syndicate their articles everywhere on the net but they’ve got tons of backlinks, traffic and high PR from Google.

    Fact: I also submit 1 paragraph from EACH of my website to Digg and Propeller and some of them even rank higher in search engine than my website! So what is duplicated content?

    Truth: Backlinks, the age of your website and ‘useful’ content are what determines the success of your website.


    Comment by Tina Tobin
    2008-06-18 08:36:41

    Thank you for your reply Kenneth. I knew you would give me facts about duplicate content and not just the myths.
    Tina Tobin

    Comment by jehrdbizp fginqpso
    2008-06-18 08:23:09

    kyxlgts yfgsmu bgonpqwz ovdiu ktvpablc cbsakr jhouq

    Comment by Migo
    2008-06-25 08:26:27

    A good written article for a newbie like me who had just start to create my own content website. Hope by following through what you write here, will help to boost my traffic.


    Comment by Bali Design
    2008-06-26 23:29:49

    Thank for your excellence article, that very helpful for me.
    And any body can inform me, how muck backlink to get PR4 ?

    Comment by juler
    2008-06-29 13:52:21

    Thanks for the information this really help me on gaining that coveted PR rankings..

    Comment by zaidi
    2008-07-22 00:14:47

    very informative and wonderful blog… enjoyed all the guides

    Comment by Tali bargains
    2008-09-10 01:42:56

    Another wonderful blog from one of the few marketers who can write concisely in a very very informative way without the fluff.

    Comment by Jeff
    2008-09-14 08:52:14

    that is an awesome idea. now i need to learn how to build a website. until then i will just keep
    Getting Free Website Traffic through my affiliate link here


    Comment by Search Engine Traffic
    2008-12-18 07:24:54

    This seams to be a simple 3 step process that produces results.
    Looks like you are mainly targeting search engine traffic although the articles if good will produce some traffic.

    2008-12-18 07:28:28

    Easy to follow, hard to screw up, put in the work and you should get results.

    Comment by
    2008-12-22 04:12:31

    What a great and simple post. After spending four months creating my site, during which my aims were clear and I knew when I would be finished, I am now faced with the really hard part - Getting word out there! This job is not so clear and will never be finished!

    Comment by Delords
    2009-01-10 12:51:42

    Great post
    If its a blog site, the best way is to join some blogger
    community and start participating in groups and make new friends also ask members to exchange links with you that way you can get some good free traffic.

    2009-01-17 17:31:56

    Excellent information for newbies, and useful reminder for old pros. Good meaty info, clearly written without all the fluff. Nice job, Kenneth.

    Drew Eric Whitman,D.R.S.

    Author of “CA$HVERTISING: How to Use More Than 100 Secrets
    of Ad-Agency Psychology to Make BIG MONEY Selling
    Anything to Anyone”

    Comment by GolfWedge
    2009-03-07 02:06:31

    I use Article Marketer and agree the back links are incredible and fast. One article a week for three months and I have hundreds of links

    Comment by Localadlink
    2009-03-09 09:26:21

    I have been using and bookmarking my blog each time I write a new post….now I realize that might be BAD!

    I haven’t been suspended yet but I noticed that the bookmark doesn’t shoot me up to the top like it did in the beginning.

    How in the word do you guys come up with so many thing to write about????

    That is my biggest struggle.

    Comment by Backup PC Drivers
    2009-04-06 18:38:59

    what a nice article

    Comment by gimp tutorials
    2009-08-18 21:04:11

    Thanks for this articles. I tried you times on a new website now a month later the website is starting to get some good traffic.

    Comment by wangking
    2009-11-13 11:36:47

    Leadsleap blog always provides the best article, informative and straight to the point.

    I am not sure how to do step3, can somebody teach me how?


    Comment by wangking
    2009-11-13 11:48:14

    I am also confused on step1 and 2,what to do that?
    Can Kenneth provides an example?

    You said you are talking about adsense website search engine traffic here, but in step1, what do you mean by website? Is it a blog or an article submitted to Ezine, Hubpage etc?

    In step2, write 5 articles regarding the website? If my so called website is an article, then is that mean that I need to create another 5 article to Ezine? Just not sure about the procedure.

    Please explain in more detail. Thanks

    Comment by Backpack Handbag
    2010-01-06 11:15:16

    Always did all the step but never really well-organized. Thanks, will make a to do list from this article

    Comment by Promote30
    2010-03-26 03:56:10

    Nice article !

    You can also promote your website here :


    Comment by langleybanqueting
    2010-06-03 16:20:04

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    Comment by Rahul Sharma
    2010-06-21 12:28:17


    Many thanks for this well written Information.


    Rahul Shamra

    Comment by chennaimoms
    2010-12-23 12:43:15

    Great advice for new business owners! You explain everything simple and straight to the point. Good marketing ideas… Thank you!

    2011-03-26 01:57:14

    An excellent written article for a newbie like me who had just begin to create my very own content website. Hope by following through what you write right here, will assist to spice up my traffic.
    Aishwarya Rai Hot

    2011-04-13 02:25:52

    Nice recommendation for brand spanking new business owners! You clarify everything simple and straight to the point. Good advertising ideas… Thank you!

    Comment by sbt
    2011-09-04 14:56:49

    This is an old post….please change it as per the new google panda updates…u cannot submit 5 articles everywhere…

    2012-03-21 15:24:42

    Nice post , know this will be good for up coming site .

    Will impliment it on and see how it goes .

    ‎​Tanx:) for sharing

    Comment by Wordpress themes
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    Thanks for your Great suggestions, and tips.

    I have increased My site traffic from 25 per day to 100, by your simple steps.

    Comment by Sunil Bharatpur
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