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Check Out The New Social Review Directory


We have been working on an improved Social Review directory, where you can easily search for the reviews that you want.

Finally, it’s done. You can check it out here > Social Review Directory

These are some of the new features:

1. Simply Type And Search

Simply enter the domain name of the program you want to research and read the reviews.

If there is no review for the program, it will display ‘No Review Found.’

2. Search By Category

If you do not have a specific program in mind but only want to look for something that works, you can do a search by category.

We have manually categorized the reviews based on the niche they are in.

For example, if you are looking for a marketing system to promote your business, simply click the ‘Marketing System’ category. You will see all the reviewed programs and their ratings.

3. Featured Reviews

We ditched the old table-style Featured Review and replace it with a cool (I thought it is cool) box as shown below.

These featured reviews will be shown in the homepage of the Social Review directory as well as the Members Dashboard.

Whose reviews will be featured?

Pro Members’ Reviews with a score of 4 and above will be featured.

What is ‘score’? How does it work?

Reviews are given a score from 1 to 5.

We rate reviews based on the insights they provide and how recent they are updated.

This means a well written review may get a high score initially, but will lose its score over time until they are updated again. We create this system to ensure that featured reviews are insightful and recent.

How will I know if my review is featured?

If your review is featured, it will say ‘Featured‘ next to the Score of the review (see the arrow below).

If you have a review that is featured, I suggest that you keep on updating the review at least once every two months.

If you have a review that is not featured, i.e. the score is less than 4, you can improve the score by updating your experience with the program. The more personal experiences you share (both good and bad), the better the score.

Moving Forward…

We believe that Social Review has a lot of potential. We are already seeing it ranking well in many keywords in Google. Search Engine traffic has been growing consistently.

As you know, we rotate your affiliate link if you submit a review. It’s a great way to get signups to the programs/services that you believe in.

If you haven’t submitted a review, please do so. If not, you are missing out a lot of good leads, especially after all the improvements that we’ve done.

But please do not hastily submit brief and useless reviews, or standard reviews copied from somewhere else. They will be rejected sooner or later.

Unlike an ad, the lifespan of a review is forever. It’s worth your time to write a good review and reap lifelong benefits.

TRT update: Archive Your Old Links + 24 Hour Stats


We have made 2 minor improvements to The Real Tracker.

1) Archive Links

You can now archive links that do not need frequent monitoring.

To archive/unarchive a link, simply click the archive icon as shown below:

Why archive a link?

The advantage of archiving links is to reduce the number of links that are shown immediately when you enter the TRT Link page.

If you have hundreds of TRT links, this feature will be very useful to you.

By archiving old links, you can quickly access those links that you are currently actively monitoring.

How to access archived links?

Archived links can be viewed by selecting the ‘Show All Archived‘ option from the Tag Filter.

Archived links will also be viewed when you filter the results by Tag.

You can easily differentiate an archived links from an unarchived links by the color of the archive icon. An archived link will have an orange archive icon, like the example below:

2) 24 Hour Stats

This is a feature request from our fellow member, Theresa.

Previously you can view the stats in periods of 7 days, 14 days and 30 days. Theresa needs to access the 24 hour stats.

This option is now available.

To view the 24 hour stats, simply select ‘Past 24 Hours‘ under the Period option (see the screenshot below).

I hope you’ll find these improvements useful. Have a great weekend!

New Members Area – Easier To Use, Better Tracking, More Power!


We have just revamped your Members Area. Below are some of the highlights of the changes.

1. Reorganization Of Links

One of the feedback we received from new members is that the system is complicated.

This is because over the years, we have added features after features, and the navigations are all over the place.

In the new Members Area, the links are reorganized into ‘4 ways to make money‘ and ‘6 ways to boost leads‘.

I hope that it is now clear to members. If you want to make money, go explore the 4 ways. If you want leads, go explore the 6 ways. As before, details can be found in each section.

2. Click And Credit Stats

We’ve also added a ‘My Clicks & Credits‘ statistic page.

On this page, you can monitor your daily clicks and credits and have a clear idea of where your clicks and credits come from.

3. Usage limitation for Free Members

We have imposed some limits to the use of certain features. In particular, TRT Rotators, TRT Adbars and PopupXpert Campaigns are limited to 10 for Free Members.

These limits only affect a handful of ‘heavy-user’ Free Members. Pro Members are unaffected.

I want to highlight that TRT Links are NOT limited for both Free and Pro Members. My intention is to keep TRT Links free to use forever.

4. Pro Member Feature – Top Recommendations Booster

If you are a Pro Member, make sure that you set up your Top Recommendations.

Your Top Recommendations will now be shown to your 10-levels of downlines, including your Spillover Downlines. It is a great way to share with them the programs that you believe in.

5. Credit Card Payment Option

Since Paypal stopped supporting the Traffic Exchange industry, we have been actively adding more payment options. We added Payza and SolidTrustPay, but both requires members to have a verified account with these processors and that has been a pain.

Then we added payment via LeadsLeap balance. It is a good way for those with consistent income.

Finally, we added direct credit/debit card subscription. Now anyone can upgrade immediately using their credit/debit card, without having to subscribe to any third party processor.

Take a look at your new Members Area. I hope you like the changes we’ve made. As many sections are re-coded, if you experience any bug, please open a support ticket. We will fix it asap.

New Feature In TRT: You Can Now Track Conversions At 2 Levels


We had a feature request from our fellow member, Nequan.

“Hello, I am loving the Real Tracker but I just have one question or suggestion. Is there a way for me track conversions on a 2nd level? For example, I can track my optins but I can’t seem to figure out how to track where my OTO sales are coming from after the optin. Is there a way for me to do this? And if not, do you have any plans on adding this feature? Thanks.”

This feature is ready.

The stats in the TRT Link Manager now looks like this:

Notice that there are 2 conversion stats, Convert A and Convert B (see arrow 1).

You can use Convert A to track opt-in conversion and Convert B to track sales conversion.

“Kenneth, what if I only track sales conversion? Can I use Convert A, or must I use Convert B?”

If you only track one thing, just use either Convert A or Convert B.

Basically they are both conversion trackers to be placed in two different webpages and they are independent. You can track anything you want, in any order, not necessary to be one for opt-in, one for sales. If you need to make a note on what conversion they track, use the Note feature (see arrow 2).

How To Use

First, you need to understand that conversion tracking can only be used on your own webpage. If you are trying to track an affiliate link, i.e. you have no access to the source code of the link, then you can’t use conversion tracking. The best thing you can do is to track the Response, which is a measure of the clicking activity.

With that understanding, let’s say you want to track the opt-in rate, click on the link button (shown in arrow 3 below) to get the tracking code. Insert the tracking code into the opt-in confirmation page.

Next, let’s say you want to track the sales conversion also. Click on the other link button (see arrow 4 below) to get the tracking code for Convert B, insert the code into the sales confirmation page.

That’s it.

When someone visits your offer and opt-in, Convert A will increase by 1. If the person makes a purchase, Convert B will also increase by 1.

Not to forget that these conversion stats can be sorted by the Traffic Source and Country. So you will be able to tell which Traffic Source or Country gives you the best conversion.

That’s all for today’s update. I hope you will find this feature useful.

Change In Our Payment Processor


I have been thinking for a long time how to write this announcement. I think I will just be frank and direct.

From now on, we will use Payza as our payment processor. No more Paypal.

If you want to know what has happened, read the next section below. Otherwise, skip to ‘What To Do Now‘.

What Has Happened?

Last Friday, our Paypal account was limited due to violation of Paypal’s AUP (Acceptable Use Policy).

I was puzzled because I honestly didn’t think that we’d done anything wrong. I thought they had misunderstood us as an ‘ad pack’ system.

I wrote them a long letter explaining why we are not an ‘ad pack’ or matrix or mlm or ponzi system.

At the same time, within 24 hours, we replaced our payment system with Payza.

I’m glad to see that members continue to upgrade via Payza. Thank you! Thank you!

The Paypal AUP department was closed on Saturday and Sunday. We couldn’t do anything on those two days.

On Monday, we received an email from them saying that they were looking into our appeal.

On Tuesday, our appeal was rejected. They said that our program pays members to read ads. The only way to remove the limit on our Paypal account is to remove Paypal from our system.

We did as told.

On Thursday morning, the limit was removed. Our account was restored.

Can We Win Paypal Back?

Yes. Paypal is actually open for discussion.

They don’t like the idea that we pay members to view ads. I think they are worried that we may become another ‘Traffic Monsoon’.

If we remove the pay-to-click component of our program, i.e. members will earn credits for traffic, not for cash, there is a very high chance that Paypal will approve us again.

Will that affect the ad traffic? Definitely. But I believe there are always other ways to encourage members to view ads. Monetary incentive is just one of them.

Should we make that move, we will allow members to cash out all their earnings with no minimum requirement, and we will run the system as a traffic exchange system with no pay-to-click component.

This is an important decision. I hope to hear your opinion on this.

What To Do Now?

For now, Paypal is history. All payments will now be made through Payza.

In the future, should Paypal approve us again, we will have both Paypal and Payza. But for now, Payza is the only option.

Here are what you need to do now.

1) Add your Payza email

Go to My Profile and enter your Payza email.

All cash out will be sent to your Payza account now. If you do not have a Payza account yet, create one here.

2) Change your subscription to Payza

For existing Pro Members who used Paypal, you will have to change the subscription to Payza.

We want to make the transition as simple as possible. All you have to do is go to

and subscribe from there.

Only existing Pro members can access this link.

When you do that, our system will calculate your remaining days from the last subscription, convert those days as free trial, and your next payment will only start from the end of your last subscription.

We will manually check through every transaction from this link and make sure that there is no duplicated payments. If there is, we will refund you within 24 hours.

If you do not have a Payza account and need time to set up one, send us a support ticket. We will keep your Pro Account active while you set up your account.

Last But Not Least…

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. This thing caught us by surprise and we did our best to minimize the impact.

Now I need to think hard whether to remove the ptc component and win Paypal back. I hope you can share your thought with me.