Clicks = Real Visitors?

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Why The Market Needs A Better Tracker?

Because clicks are not visits!

Most (or should I say all) of the link trackers in the market only track clicks.

How do you know if those clicks are genuine visits?

How do you know if those visits are really exploring your ad or just 'looking'?

That's what The Real Tracker is capable of.

How is that possible?!

The Real Tracker monitors browser's visibility and user activities.

With these information, we are able to tell whether a click is a genuine visit and whether there is any activity during the visit.

Simple logic, great differences.

How Much Does It Cost?

It's Free.

Unique Statistics You Can't Get Elsewhere!

Real Visits

By monitoring the visitors' activities, The Real Tracker can tell you whether the traffic is a real visit or simply a click without someone really seeing your ad.

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Response And Conversion

The Real Tracker tracks visitors activities, such as clicking a link, filling a form and record them as Response.

If you are promoting your own webpage, you can also track the conversion rate.

Now you can tell whether your visitors are responding to your ad or simply 'looking' at it.

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Surfing Duration

The system tracks how long your visitors surf on your link and presents it in a chart.

You can tell how interesting your link content is, or whether the traffic is interested in what you are promoting.

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Track Any Source

Most third party trackers tell you where the traffic comes from by tracking the referrer domain. There are some problems with such tracking method:

1) You can't track links from email, apps or direct access.

2) You can't differentiate link source within the same domain.

3) Referral domain may be changed if the link opens in an iframe.

One alternative is to create a new tracking link for each traffic source. But that is tedious and inefficient. You will end up with tons of links. Comparing them statistically will be a nightmare.

The Real Tracker solves these problems by allowing you to add unlimited source trackers to the tracked link on the fly!

You can track any link source and know exactly which source sends you traffic.

You can also filter the traffic stats by the sources and find out the traffic quality of different sources.

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Other Features That Will Thrill You

Unlimited Weighted Rotator

Need to rotate your links?

The Real Tracker allows you to add unlimited links to unlimited rotators, each with a different weightage.

Detailed traffic stats are also available for each rotator.

Cross Promotion Capabilities

If you want to promote another offer in the same link and stretch your promotion effort, you'll like this function.

You can add an Ad Bar at the top or bottom of the page. You can even add a 20-second countdown to create a time-sensitive offer and boost the click-through rate.

Get Free Traffic And Make Money Using This Tracker

There is an optional ad widget. It is a little widget that will slide out and can be closed by your visitors so that it won't block your main page.

If you activate it and your visitors click the ads in it, you will earn ad credits and make money at the same time. You can use the ad credits to get traffic back to your website. You can use the money to buy anything you like!

As I've said, it's optional.

How To Start?

The Real Tracker is free, but you need a LeadsLeap account to use this service.

If you are already a LeadsLeap member, just log in to your members area.

If you are not a LeadsLeap member, register here. It's free.

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