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Last update: 2018-01-21
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Andre Glenn
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Last Update: 2017-12-11
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Get bitcoin with credit card quickly at xCoins! Fast approval for new users, instant for repeat clients. Visa, MasterCard, and **** are accepted.

How does it work?

Secured lending is just like exchanging, only better. It allows you to get bitcoin quickly. Most bitcoin exchanges do not allow payments with credit cards or make you wait several days before receiving bitcoin. In contrast, xCoins is instant! The entire process takes only a few minutes.

The process of receiving bitcoin is exactly the same as at an exchange. First, you give money to the lender. Then, he or she gives you bitcoin. But, as an added bonus, should you decide you do not need the bitcoin any more, or you found a better exchange rate, you can return the bitcoin to the lender and get your deposited amount back!

At xCoins, lenders compete with each other to offer the lowest interest rates to you. The interest fee for a loan is paid as a one-time payment together with the loan security deposit. The interest payment amount does not depend on the loan term. In addition to the interest fee, the borrower also pays the loan origination and payment processing or bank transfer fees. I Used promo code 9ige6j when signing up to reduce the fees.

If you have any questions or comments about our service or how the system works, please do not hesitate to contact there support TEAM. THEY will be happy to answer all of your questions.
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1 Review
Last Update: 2018-01-21
Do not use xcoins unless you want to lose your money.

Because I needed a **** balance, I lent my bitcoin through xcoins in exchange for a **** balance, but unfortunately, my **** account has been frozen.

Someone took away my bitcoin, turned to talk with **** that I violated **** rules. This is a very trash thing, but I know there are many trash on the Internet. What I am most angry is not money, but if even a platform sucks, then, what's the difference with the scam?

I contacted xcoins after the incident. All they did was ask me to contact ****.

Then, xcoins no longer respond to my mail. The website looks very secure but when you encounter problems, the website says, oh, the website is only responsible for making money, not responsible for security?

Well, xcoins has no difference with the scam. It does not guarantee security, nor protect the money invested. It even does not protect your account.

I want to take this opportunity to tell you that **** does not have any cooperation or authorization with xcoins . If you want to invest, your **** account is subject to freezing.

I want God to be with you.
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