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Last update: 2018-10-10
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Peter Paterson
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Last Update: 2018-10-11
WebTalk is brand new and touts itself as the answer to the issues that Friends are having at Facebook and is an alternative. It is in my opinion after being a member for just a short period of time, a cross between Facebook, LinkedIn and Xing with the added bonus of the ability to earn as an affiliate if your choose. WebTalk is via invitation only.

Why do I like it?

The fact the program is invite only will encourage serious business owners and online marketers to join. This has ensured so far a hive of activity from within the community.

Your profile page is crucial. Take your time to ensure this is completed fully and be sure to include all of your social media links for additional traffic.

You can chose who you connect with & on what level either Professional or personal, so you could in theory have one link to utilise all of your social media connections.

Group by family or professional.

In addition you can further separate your contacts by using tags.

For example: Business Clients, Fellow Marketers, Business Contacts, Etc.

There is no limit to the amount of tags you can use and this allows you to find the relevant contact quickly & simply from within your community.

So far, for me this is one of the most attractive and useful features.

What don't I like?

There is a limited amount of help on the site or useful guides to aid in setting up your profile.

Given the site is very new, I would fully expect this to change in the future.

In Summary

I will revisit this review in around a months time to provide an update.

However, if you want a good quality Social Media Platform to add to your marketing portfolio, I believe you should get in early with this one.
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Glen Palo
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Last Update: 2018-09-26
I find Webtalk, the newest social media network, to be very promising for people to socialize both personally and professionally. Being a ground floor opportunity, it should be leaving beta testing shortly.

There are several things I like about Webtalk.

1. The first 1,000,000 users* who help grow our community will receive up to 50% revenue share for life. (*terms apply) They are doing this to grow rapidly by incentivizing the "early adopters" and entrepreneurs.

2. Members have the ability to use tags and notes to add value to their contact lists. By identifying contacts by relationship, you can create searchable lists. It is a great way to keep personal and business contacts separate.

3. Members have the ability to control or limit what they see on their feed or timeline. Members can also control what content they share by limiting sharing to family or by relationship. 

There is not much to not like about Webtalk.

1. The affiliate marketing material is not ready yet. I expect it will be ready when beta testing is completed.

2. People only have a limited time to sign up as affiliates to earn 50% commissions. Once beta ends, commissions will be reduced.

Bottom line: Affiliates have the opportunity to make substantial income by driving traffic whether by invitation, sharing content, or using the affiliate tools. Earn commissions on purchases by everyone who joins because of you.
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Andrew Anderson
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Last Update: 2018-10-01
Connecting with people on Webtalk is amazing.

The program is very professional like a young LinkedIn, with more options to choose from and soon more ways to earn. Earnings are something this network will make sure happens with not only sold advertising but also professional memberships with a CRM or Customer Relations Manager solution tied in and the ability to turn off ads as a pro member.

They are adding an online marketplace to rival Amazon, pay walls to sell services and content, and they will integrate with apps and SAAS or Software As A Service programs to provide limitless earnings. In all have Facebook and Linkedin, Fiverr and Amazon have a brain child together and add in you control it privacy and you will start to see that their projection of earning $10 per month per user is a low ball figure.

They offer true you in control privacy on their site. Instead of businesses segmenting you alone you can segment your contacts and view feeds that are restricted to just the information you want to read using tags.

You can share viral PDF and white sheets to boost your business right on your profile, share stunning images and live video while not cluttering your feed or those of your contacts.

Web talk offers a 5 tier affiliate program paying 10% on each of 5 levels deep of referrals. That makes them the only viable Facebook competitor to offer up to 50% of their profits to members.

The best part id people will join with or without mention of the referral program and still bring friends and family to the service placing a limitless amount of referrals under you.

One of my connections there posted a snapshot of her downline she built in September and has 213 direct referrals but a 5 level network of 1,899 referrals. If all they hit is $10 a month in value per user as predicted they will pay her $1,899 a month just on that network. Needless to say it is understandable why they saw 565% growth in September and now have over 750,000 members while still in Beta Testing. Can you imagine when the whole thing goes LIVE!
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Aldin Hernandez
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Last Update: 2018-10-08
This brand new social networking site is beyond Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

It will pay its active users doing social stuff - 50% revenue share for the 1 Million active users.

As of now it has already 900,000 members worldwide. and definitely this is gonna be the next Facebook that people will love the most among social media site existed.
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