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Last update: 2019-11-05
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Anjali Behera
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Last Update: 2017-04-02
I have joined this program six years ago. Very good professionally managed program paying like clock . This program is for two types of people one who just want their online presence having their own website private email addresses with full security, and the second category who wants to make money using the program through multiple ways but top of the chart comes to be the affiliate income that is getting $1 for each downline you have active and it is unlimited wide and 5level deep which is very very attractive. But right now when I am writing this review or my true experiences this program is called a bad program by many and because people have failed making money.

This is not a get quick rich scheme. . You are getting products that is domain name, hosting, emails and an added affiliate income plan. You have the option of having just one website or have five wordpress blogs on different subjects if you want.

Why people call it a bad program?

Because initially it was marketed huge by the marketing sharks who just wanted the bonus (gdi pays $100 for getting 5 signups a week) paid for signups without caring for those who joining the program with a lot of hopes and when they failed it brought a lot of bad name. Another thing people complain about this the ws name is not so appealing. Further getting signups is not easy if you are not good at marketing I mean you can get blind signups who will come and go away but to get real success with this you need to find right minded people who really want to put in efforts to set their online business for a long time. So the the crux is if you want to make money with this you either need to master the art of using their products to make money or recruit at least 6 like minded people to your level one and help them repeat what you did...But the real problem is it takes time and some good amount of time to understand and set everything into action and people now a days do not have patience and most want to start making money the first month.

Further people do not like the subscription which is $10 a month which is less than almost all others in the market though many do not realize that they may have lost more than five year subscription cost jumping from one program to another just wasting time and money to get earning quick and overnight without doing anything at all.

For me this is the best MLM program I ever seen and very very professional in what they do.

I have created a blog to give free information on this even I have to attended huge success with it people came and go for a few reasons I have explained above and I do not repent because it is good to have right kind of people rather than those who do not want to work at all... Afterall setting and doing business online or offline means working boss.

So if anyone wants to give this a try, welcome. I will be glad to guide and share my experiences. Visit my blog incomeforlife.easyhomeincomeguide.ws for more information on this.
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Last Update: 2018-01-20
A great place to start your Internet business adventure. Nice domain niche is just a start and the founders really DO care about active members so they provide huge tool set, support and bonuses for you to start with. The only thing I could wish more is to be able to set subdomains to point at custom plugins/services for more advanced users... or at least url masking for external splash sites.
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Judy Workman
1 Review
Last Update: 2019-04-19
It is a very good website package. You get a domain name, hosting, website, blog, emails and more. It is easy to build a website and have a great looking one. There is nothing I dislike so far. I like the idea that you can get bonuses if you are doing the business part of it. That gives me motivation to push ahead.
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Ancel Fernandes
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Last Update: 2017-05-30
Global Domains International (GDI) is my first online marketing business, which I joined in November 2005. It has paid me every month, without fail, for the past 12 years.

GDI is a good online business for a newbie, due to the low $10 monthly fee.

The GDI products are worth paying the $10 monthly fee, and many of our referrals who use the GDI products (domain name, website / blog builder / emails) will continue to use it for many months and years, and therefore we will continue to earn referral commissions every month for many years.

The way the GDI pay plan is structured, it is designed for long-term stability. This is why GDI continues to pay every month for the past 12 years, and will continue to pay every month in the future for a long time.

I would highly recommend GDI to anyone who wants to start and engage in a good, legitimate and reliable online business with a low budget ( only $10 monthly ), and which would last for a long time.
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Robert Pugliese Jr
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Last Update: 2019-02-04
Global Domains International also known as website.ws, is one of the first online marketing businesses I had joined. It has been my go to company for web Hosting. I have been with them for the past 7 years and love all that they offer me.

For me this is the simplest Hosting program I ever seen and they are professional in what they offer. Even though the commissions are only 10% of all sales down 5 levels but once you have your team in place you’ll earn the INFINITY OVERRIDE and you'll qualify to earn a 10% "unlimited levels" override, which pays down to the next qualifying "Infinity Override" on any given leg.

I love that I can host my own content through an html or php file or IF you do not know how to design your own site you can use their SiteBuilder, and it’ll walk you through the setup process, rather quickly!

The thing that first got me to join was the low cost, $10 ($11 if you elect to have your whois data shielded for privacy) as when I joined I was not wanting to waste too much money on hosting, or you can pay for a year in advance for $120.

The second thing that I liked when I joined was the almost unlimited domain names I could choose from. I now own 3 different domains.

The final thing that got me to sign up is their compensation plan and Bonuses they offer as follows.

You will earn 10% of sales directly referred by you and 10% on each of 4 additional "layers" of Affiliate sales.

Earn an UNLIMITED Number of $100 Bonuses Each Week,

By Simply Referring FIVE New Confirmed Affiliates in a 7-day Contest Period.

GDI Learning Bonus

You have 8 weeks from your signup date to complete all items and claim your $25 bonus. If you don't complete all items within your first 8 weeks, this bonus will no longer be available. Why? Because GDI strives to reward those affiliates who give 100% of their effort right out of the gate. Once every step is completed within the 8 week time frame, you get paid $25! This bonus IS achievable, GO GET IT It’s Simple!

GDI Duplication Bonus

You can earn $250 for every 10 directly referred signups who earn their GDI Learning Bonus.

Infinity Override

To qualify for this you must have a minimum of 10 personally-referred, active, paid accounts in good standing on your level 1, who each also has a minimum of 10 personally-referred, active, paid accounts in good standing on their level 1. In addition, you must have a total of 5000 or more active, paid accounts in good standing within the first 5 levels of your Downline. Obviously, your own account must be an active, paid account in good standing as well.

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Last Update: 2018-11-09
The program is excellent. I am participate as member of GDI Team Elite Group.

We Place Six Members On Your Team And Six On Theirs FREE Team Leadership Training - Active, Knowledgeable Sponsors - FREE Collective Advertising System.

As member you become an domain owner, you can build your web site, you can introduce other people, you can have up to ten mailboxes, you can use all GDI bonuses and you can earn residual income with sharing your best experience. 

The price is 10$/ month.

I am not dislike anything.

I recommend it.
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Last Update: 2018-11-17
Based on your skill level, making excellent money on the internet can literally take days, weeks, or even months before you’re able to acquire fantastic outcomes. One of the absolute most powerful online methods to begin using since you’re just new to the web is to acquire knowledgeable about affiliate programs. Once you’re able to secure more familiar with the Internet then you’re going to be in a position to be exposed to numerous online methods that you are able to utilize. If you want to make relatively quick commissions online, you will realize that many veteran affiliate marketers all say you have to discover a highly profitable to create a web site around.

GDI lets you create professional looking blogs you could take pride in and others are going to want to read and follow. GDI is Global Domains International and if you are searching for some information about how to earn money from GDI, I would really like to share with you my own experience. GDI does have a lot of promotional videos and you may use them to virtually do all of the selling for you. GDI provides an actual product which has value in the modern industry. GDI is additionally a multi-level marketing prospect. GDI is making it feasible for anybody to make a full-time income from home.

A Debt-free, financially-solid 18 year-old company will help you construct a worldwide home business from the comfort of your house. If you’re thinking of buying a business, opening a company, or possibly creating a business know that it’s critical that you learn about doing business research. You might not have to budget ANYTHING to do this business at the moment, because you’re likely to get a SEVEN DAY FREE TRIAL and following that it’s ONLY ten dollars per month! For starters, the company operates in a polarized market. It is essential that business understand how to use this platform correctly to maximize the results. Make the most of the huge range of the net and see your company grow. Only once you see they can manage their own business you can begin adding members on your very first level and do the very same with them over and over again.
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Wim De Jonge
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Last Update: 2019-11-05
Global Domains International seems to have a positive reputation since it has been around since 2000 and is in the top of Inc500 companies, so really big and sustainable.

Michael Starr & Alan Ezeir have partnered with the Samoan Government to offer worldwide Domain Registration Services.

". ws" is an extension coded for Western Samoa, just like ". us" for United States.

Besides the .ws domain, you can buy other extensions like .com, .org, .net etc

Can you make money with GDI?

My short answer is yes, GDI offers real 'state of the art' services.

GDI is the Only MLM that does not need much money to make money or take part in an affiliate program.

With this opportunity you can make full-time income.

To be into profit in a month you need to get over 10 active referrals.

The main reason why 97% of people fail in MLM is they think that they will be millionaire in less than a year.

That is how the MLM industry is known for.

You need to work really hard buddy, be patient and take time!

How we play the game differently?

Apart from being patient, you need to grow a team and be a real team leader by providing promotion strategies. For example, I'm a member of GDI Team Elite and there is a team website which will assist you in getting 6 guaranteed signups.

Otherwise the road will be rough and the blind will lead a blind.

The purpose of such a team is to do collective promotion to one account.

That account is owned by a team leader and every week the team leader distributes the new members among the participating members according to their hits contribution to the team website.

When you do nothing, you will get no referrals and when you do the job seriously, you get rewarded by the team leader, as you always depend on the efforts of your downline.

Features :

For as low as $10/month GDI is a provider for :
* domain registration, just like 'Namecheap'
* hosting your .ws website with 100MB storage
* email forwarding services
* site builder tool
* other web hosting services.

In the back office you can :
* setup a personal HTML-website with a website builder
* get 2 WP-blogs for biz-purposes (In fact you get 3 websites for the price of one!)
* a Drupal CMS
* setup a forum
* have a Coppermine Photo Gallery

Compensation plan :

- GDI pays you $1/month for any referral as long as they stay member.

- You get paid a $25 learning bonus when you complete the learning process.

- Now it gets more interesting, as for every 5 referrals you refer in one week you get paid $100.

- You get payed up to level 5, that will take a while to fill, but when you succeed you can buy an extra account in your own 5th level to be able to expand to an extra 5 levels.

There are 2 membership levels :

Basic for $10 and Premium for $40.

Most people start with the basic membership to test how the system works.

With the premium membership you get extra services :

- $14 Premium Commission

- Weekly Super Star Bonus

- Daily Ticket in the GDI Lotery

- More Webmail and Hosting Space

Conclusion :

Where else will you get all those services for $10?

Only on GDI.

To Your Succe$$
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