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Last update: 2017-10-21
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Augustine Makinde
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Last Update: 2017-05-10
I was introduced to this program not quite long however the result has been so amazing. The company is into Stock Forex Trading. It a nice program with a huge potential.

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Stephen ONeal
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Last Update: 2017-07-26
UPDATE: USI-Tech continues to impress me. The company continues to expand and they pay 5 days/ week averaging 1% a day. Now with compounding you earn much more and that adds up nicely. They have a calculator and one of the members showed that you could earn 400% for the year. I now have 11 packages working and have put no more money into it. I just made a withdrawal and recd it in under 24 hrs to by bitcoin wallet. Several members have vetted the company spending time in their office in London. They have several lawyers who specialize in compliance and USI-Tech has now have opened in the USA. I would recommend this company to anyone and believe it's one of the best passive income resources available.

This is now my highest recommended program for several reasons. The first one is that USI-Tech is working for me. I started out buying 1 package for about $55 (price varies depending on value of BTC). I get paid btc daily and they have an auto-compounding feature that allows you to earn much more than the 1% per day that they give you which I am using. I like that they give you a realistic 1% as their standard rate. I have since purchased 2 more packages.

The company is a software development co. That trades in the forex market and has had tremendous growth. USI-Tech has been in business for over 8 yrs so they have a reliable outside income source and don't rely on incoming members to continue to profit. One of our sponsors actually vetted the company went to their cooperate office in London, England. There is a video with an interview with the founder while he was there. There is another video with a number of marketing leaders who feel strongly that USI-Tech is the program to be in especially when you consider the BTC coin value continues to rise and this company allows you to easily compound your money. Another advantage is they allow you to fund with payza as long as you use your balance to convert into BTC. You can't deposit with a CC and then convert to BTC, probably due to charge backs but this is still good for those who are not familiar with BTC and how to purchase it. They can use existing Payza funds to fund their USI-Tech accounts.

We do have a skype room so when you sign up, you can contact me and I will gladly assist you in any way I can.

Hope to welcome you soon!

Steve O skype - healthpro1 [email protected]
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Reiner Knapp
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Last Update: 2017-09-02
USI-tech is one of the best Bitcoin trading sites. It is built for a long term income.

I joined it about 3 month ago to compare it with some other systems which I am using for bitcoin trading.

Here is why it is my favorite:

very transparent and legal.
- no extra fees
- packs are only $50 and earn 140% in btc 1% daily.
- your packs earn in value of the growing value of bitcoins too.
- they have a great referal system 12 levels deep
- you can earn totally passive without refering and calculate it.
- withdraw can be daily

What I don't like is that they only earn 5 days a week.

Compared with other systems which show earnings in $ they show it in bitcoins which actually means you earn twice.

The owners are not hiding.

This is a system I am proud to promote and don't have to worry about that it will disappear like many other did in the past. They have about 8 years experience in trading.
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Yolanda Hernandez
5 Followers   1 Review
Last Update: 2017-10-21
This an amazing opportunity and it is going to be the future . I think that will be very big mistake not to be involve with it and millions of people are joining every day . I like that anyone can sign up for free and it is made for all the public to afford with investment and many new things are coming out.
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Erik T
451 Followers   11 Reviews
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Last Update: 2017-10-05
- The main opportunity is in building and multiplying Bitcoin on Autopilot...
- Bitcoin has the potential to rise to incredible levels in the next few years...
- It's so easy to set up a btc package and start earning trusted daily returns, 100% passive.
- Referrals can certainly help but there is no need for them!
- The system is stable and here for the long term years, not just a few months!
- People are crazy interested in this opportunity!

USI Tech ( United Software Intelligence Technology), is an 8 year old software company that specializes in the development of automated trading software for the forex market.

This has been their specialty with over a decade of experience , generating excellent trading results for their many private clients. For transparency purposes they make their corporate trading account information and results available at www.fxblue(dot)com/users/usi2017

More recently they have entered the Cryptocurrency Trading Market using the expertise gained from forex trading.

The forex trading software is licensed to people who install it on their own trading platform which interacts with their own forex brokerage account. However, with the Bitcoin product they have effectively created a managed fund, where the company runs the trading software and clients can participate in returns by purchasing what are termed "BTC Packages".

Each BTC Package costs €50, payable in the equivalent amount of Bitcoin or via Payza. Once purchased these generate a return of approximately 40% over a period of 140 business days. However, funds are not locked in for that period, but rather released each business day at a rate of up to 1% of total BTC Package value per day. Both initial capital and earnings are returned in the daily payments.

We should also point out, because it's very important, that the 40% return is based on Bitcoin itself, not the dollar value of the original BTC package purchase price. To make this clear, and for illustration purposes, if you spent 1 BTC on these packages you could expect in 140 days approximately 1.4 BTC in return - if you withdrew your daily earnings. However, if you were to repurchase BTC packages from those earnings, you would compound the results and receive a lot more.

If you're looking for a way to earn bitcoin easily and passively then this low entry opportunity is exactly what you need.

NO clicking, NO surfing and although I have recruited into this amazing opportunity, recruiting is not necessary to earn but can greatly increase your earning potential.

🔥1. USI has over 140,000 members.
🔥2. We are averaging over 2000 new members per day.
🔥3. We are operating in 60 countries.
🔥4. We have created 12 millionaires to date.
🔥5. Not one single account has lost money. Including their forex trading.
🔥6. USI-TECH has sold over $320 million in BTC packages.
🔥7. USI-Tech showed us today that they fully registered and in compliance
with all United States Laws and showed all the registration numbers and patents.
🔥8. OCTOBER 28 USI will be offering a NEW product and he said it will blow our minds.

USI TECH officially SEC and FTC certified!!
Both the Forex product and Bitcoin product!

Recognized as an official network marketing company to trade in the USA, the most governed country in the world!!!

The following is information I received on how USI Tech generates its trading profits:

-Trading Bitcoin against the USD
-Trading Bitcoin again other top-performing cryptocurrencies
-Using arbitrage (difference in price) of Bitcoin across many exchanges
-Investing a portion of Company earnings in altcoin mining

For further insight into this opportunity I recommend watching the 20 minute video below, which is a recorded interview by Rodney Burton a USI-Tech partner, with Master Distributer, Mike Kiefer and Owner, Horst Jicha.

Video: USI Tech: Behind The Scenes

Check out this cool video for more info..
it's DEFINITELY worth your time!

-Earn Daily
-Passive Income
-Autopilot Earnings
-No Brainer

Earn Daily Bitcoins Passively 100%

➡️ Buy trading packs at €50 & profit 40% again & again
➡️ Earn 1% a day for 140 days
➡️ Compound to double or triple your daily earnings & profits
➡️ Get paid for referrals 10% level one/ 3% level two
➡️ Withdraw Daily without restrictions
➡️ Solid Company, 8 Years in Business, FREE to join!

USI Tech operates on a network marketing model, paying commissions on the purchase of BTC Packages by referred clients. We should also make it clear that this element of the opportunity is not compulsory or required, as one can earn a passive income as outlined, without referring anyone.

However, if you wanted to refer others then you are certainly able to. And you may find the following generic promotional website @ usiview.com - created by another USI Tech Partner - to be useful, as you can easily and instantly personalize it to yourself.

-Free to Join
-No recruiting
-No Daily Tasks
-No Selling
-No Experience needed

Now, the first question that always comes to mind when looking at such opportunities is, "Is this another scam?", which is a valid question given the online environment these days. On this question I recommend watching the following 29 minute youtube video:

Video: Is USI Tech a Scam? Interview with Co-Owner Ralph Gold

After watching these videos i reconsidered my skeptical position and gave this program a real chance.

Now i understand why everyone is going crazy for this, works great.

Benefits Of Investing Your Bitcoins With Usi-Tech:

- Earn About 0.75% – 1.25% ROI A Day For 140 Working Days (Mon-Fri) ~20% ROI per month!
- Usi-Tech Does Forex Trading & Mining Altcoins & Bitcoin Trading Arbitrage Through 3rd party companies In    Europe
- They do LIVE events and seminars all the time, transparent ownership

- Minimum Investment: 50 Euros = 1BTC Package
- Ability to withdraw your Bitcoins daily!
- Ability to compound your profits daily!
- Earn Additional 35% in commissions Up To 12 levels deep
- No need to invest to start referring people and earn 10% on first level!
- Car Bonus Of 800 Euros Per Month For Hitting 2000 BTC-Packages + All Expenses Paid Trip Bonuses.
- Usi-Tech launched BTC-Package product in March 2017 and been in business on the Forex side for over 3 years.

But keep in mind that this is strictly "play money" territory.

As with all cryptocurrency investments, It's always advised using money you "can afford to lose". In other words money you are prepared to "play" with. This applies to purchasing various cryptos, and even more when trusting third parties with your money, as in this particular opportunity.

Wishing You Infinite Blessings & Abundance.
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Andy Colquhoun
55 Followers   1 Review
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Last Update: 2017-09-01
I have been with USI-Tech since April 2017 and started with nothing, zero, nada...

Once I had carried out my due diligence, including interviews with the owners, my confidence soared and I set about sharing the opportunity with my colleagues.

The Benefits and Features which, in my opinion set this opportunity apart from other offerings in the Bitcoin space are:

-The starting price to earn never changes in Euros : Always 50 euros

-The starting price REDUCES if you are funding in Bitcoin as BTC increases against the Euro (when I started a pack cost 0.049btc; today it is 0.013btc! )

-Your earnings also grow in value as bitcoin value increases (too many BTC programs grow in USD for example)

-The owners are highly visible and credible

-The company is committed to compliance in every country, and has taken huge strides to ensure USA compliance as regards Network Mareketing companies.

-120,000 people have joined since April

-You can withdraw daily

-You can earn without recruiting so anyne can do this

-You can earn from promoting as a FREE MEMBER: 10% on direct referrals

-They are not resting on their laurels and are launching a new product this Fall

To date I have earned over $7000 and that will triple before Christmas: watch this space!
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