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Last update: 2019-02-11
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Supremacy.Digital is access to all the training that Todd Spears and Herc Magnus have done covering mainly SEO in general, Local SEO, and Schema, but they also have had guest speakers on who cover things like Chat Bots, Facebook, YouTube, and more. You can join for free and get access to all of the training 100% free. Which in my mind makes it well worth joining by itself, but there is more. You can also make money with  Supremacy.digital.

How do you make money with supremacy.digital? Simple you refer others to join you. During the training occasionally products will be mentioned and on your account page, you can add your affiliate link so you get paid when anyone under you signs up. Some of these are even recurring offers, so you can build recurring revenue, just by giving people free training. It's easy to just join facebook groups see people asking questions about seo or another topic, and just send them a link so they can learn more. You are being legitimately helpful and could profit if they join. 

There is a paid pro membership for 47/month. This allows you to get recurring commissions when someone under you upgrades and if the people you invite don't update their affiliate links it allows your affiliate link to be shown to everyone that they invite for any links they don't change. So if you get someone who only updates half of their links but adds 20 people under them you can get commissions from any upgrades and offers those 20 people buy from the links that weren't updated. This can allow you to massively snowball your commissions. 

I've been following Todd and Herc for years and they don't promote bad products, they don't overly hype anything, and they put out quality products that fill a need in the marketplace and they support and update them regularly. It is quality training and products I'm proud to recommend, though honestly, I've kept their tools to myself for years because I liked always having something better than what everyone else is using.
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