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Last update: 2020-05-05
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Last Update: 2020-05-05
This website turned to be a SCAM! hope they will burn in hell!

My previous review

Australian based crypto company who made online wallet where you can earn on PoS (proof of stake) called (how surprising) Staked Wallet! On this platform/wallet you can earn by staking your crypto and with very lucrative referral program.

I have joined last week and been promoting it wide and already got some paying referrals all this without any investment.

What I Like

- Earn on your stored crypto currency up to 1.5% (Start with 0.6% and after 1 month plus 0.1% until 1.5%)

- Low investment to store crypto (can start with ~$10)

- You can earn Stake Wallet Tokens (SWL) by completing simple tasks and login every day.

- You can earn by referring others without any investment (earn SWL on their investments) - Earn on referrals of your referrals 5 levels deep: * 50% on 1st level * 40% on 2nd level * 30% on 3rd level * 20% on 4th level * 10% on 5th level

What I Dislike

After you store your crypto on the investment program on the first month you can't withdraw it out.

They call this a wallet but you don't have access to the private keys (makes sense because you locking it on PoS) so they should not call this a "Wallet"

Final Verdict

Excellent opportunity to earn crypto currency even if you never done it before and can do it without investing by referring other people who will. *disclaimer/Waring* In the Cryptocurrency online make money field there are A LOT of scams I do not own this website and do not know if it's paying yet. I will update this review once I will get paid.
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