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Last update: 2018-12-25
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Last Update: 2019-03-08
I've followed Lior Ohayon for years on Scoperush where he publishes helpful articles. Scopeleads is his SAAS platform for prospecting local clients. It allows you to easily and quickly do a variety of searches and find leads in local areas while also pulling in their contact info. I'd consider it essential for any local marketer here is just some of the searches it has:

Social Lacking: Find businesses lacking a social media presence - offer to build their profiles then manage them for a monthly fee

SSL Lacking - offer to upgrade their site to SSL for a 1 time fee

Schema Lacking: Find site lacking schema - Offer to add it for a 1 time fee

Ad Words Bidding - find businesses paying for adwords - sell them ad management or SEO

Review Lacking - find businesses that have no or poor reviews on google - offer reputation management services to them.

Those are just some of these searches Scopeleads can run. We aren't done yet though because it can also connect to your email and allow you to make email sequences that will automatically followup based on the email receiver's actions. It is really an amazing tool and I can't imagine going back to manually finding leads. Scopeleads is a huge timesaver.
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