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Last update: 2017-05-31
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Achim Beda
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Last Update: 2017-05-31
I joined rainpool a couple of weeks ago as soon as it was launched. It has become my favorite way to collect bitcoins.

Every hour there is a bitcoins rain that distributes satoshis to all the active users. The only condition to qualify for the rain is to claim from at least 5 faucets. I love the fact that you not only get all the claims from faucets directly but you also have a chance to profit from the rain.

Rainpool is linked directly to faucethub.io, the biggest microwallet service out there and you can withdraw your funds starting from a single satoshi for free.

The faucets that are presented are selected through an algorithm that makes sure that there is available balance.

On the negative side, not all the faucets work all the time. In addition, you have to understand how the program works first, which is not so easy for beginners. Fortunately there is an extensive help section with videos to get you started.
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