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Last update: 2020-04-15
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Adam Lassak
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Last Update: 2020-04-15
I have been with QuickSilver for several months so far and I have had all positive experiences thus far. As of the writing of this review the company has fully launched. They have stuck to their timelines perfectly and kept their marketing info pretty solid through their marketing phases so far. I have been able to log-in on any given day with the site having full functionality routinely.

I like how simple the business is as far as joining, the compensation plan, and setting up the already made marketing system. All I have to do is provide traffic and my prospects go through a nice sales funnel process where I can login to my back office and check detailed stats on what e-mails they are reading, what their feedback is if they took the survey, and if I like I can e-mail them every three days with whatever additional info I wish to give them. The monthly silver coin auto-ship has been flawless from day one and very easy to update or change whenever I wish. I always look forward to getting a new coin in the mail every month too!

If I could change anything I would probably like to have more control over my auto-responder settings so I could add additional e-mails to the campaigns. The two campaigns are pretty foolproof for new marketers though. I would also like to see a new customer bonus like a fast start bonus for bringing in new people. But, who knows? That may change in the future due to this company just beginning.

Overall, I am satisfied with the business as a whole. I love the idea of getting silver shipped to me every month and building a side income by just sending traffic to a link with a done-for-me sales funnel in place. I was able to get started with a minimum one coin order monthly and I can purchase more as I earn more. So this is very affordable for someone who has little capital to begin a business opportunity and easy enough for a complete beginner to promote from day one. I'm not very savvy with building sales funnels or e-mail series so those features saved me quite a bit of time and frustration. Also I would like to mention that I feel comfortable sending customers just looking for a way to order silver monthly. The prices are competitive with standard bullion companies and very simple to order from. So I can legitimately build a customer base separate from a distributor base like any real business should work! I hope this review gives you some inside information on the business so you can make a better informed decision if this is something you want to pursue. Also, if you have any questions on where I get traffic from or more about the company feel free to contact me.
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