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Last update: 2018-05-08
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Adam Lassak
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Last Update: 2018-05-08
I've been a member of Postcard Networker for a couple of years now.

My experience with the program so far has been positive as I've been able to bring people to the business with ease by simply sending out postcards and doing some light promoting online.

There is a very easy to use back office and a very simple step-by-step instruction set up for anyone to follow. I also like that I can add my primary business to promote in the background to my leads who join Postcard Networker.

They have 3 income streams I can earn from plus my primary business. When I get the postcards in the mail all I have to do is put a stamp on them and mail them out. The leads are already printed on and the postcard is already optimized to get the best response rate.

My only dislike with the program is that the postcards can be a bit pricy when starting compared to other forms of postcard marketing.  The plus side is there is a commission attached to the price of the postcards so once you start referring people who buy postcards your cost is reduced quickly by earning some affiliate commissions. You also can receive free matching postcards for any of your downline postcard orders which greatly offsets the cost twofold of your postcard marketing which I haven't been able to find with any other business yet.

There are plenty of videos and training in the back office also if you get stuck with any steps and plenty of support available to answer any questions. Of course if you join me, I can help you along the way too.

All in all I find this program a pretty solid and stable opportunity which is very easy to understand and super simple to promote.
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