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Last update: 2020-05-21
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Last Update: 2020-05-21
I have signed up about a month ago and since then covered my investment and made double and will keep earning forever. I have only used the referral system and did not invested in the autopools. I have invested only 0.1 ETH (was about $20) and for each direct referral I got 0.05 ETH so after only two the investment was returned.

Now I'm earning also on the referrals of my referrals up to 20 level deep 0.0025 ETH each in a unique 3x20 structure (This is NOT a Matrix) This is a Smart Contract / DApp so I know it's here to stay. I have made a special "Gateway" pages that I offer to anyone who joins under me and under my referrals (and referrals of referrals etc.. ) to help promote and grow our downline.

What I Like

  • Smart contract is hard coded to the blockchain.
  • Can't be manipulated or taken down.
  • No admin fees.
  • P2P (peer to peer) payments directly to my wallet.
  • Scam is impossible!

What I Dislike

  • I don't like how the majority of people are afraid of cryptocurrency
  • The UI is a bit ugly
  • The creator did not provide enough marketing material (that is why I have created the gateways)

Final Verdict

I like this opportunity and the concept of Smart contract/DApp, I think it's the future of online business. I have made money on this DApp and keep doing so. I Give it 5/5 Stars!
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