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Last update: 2018-08-23
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Last Update: 2016-12-01
Joined this offer a few months ago and it does what it says on the tin.

You get a fully monetized wordpress website with 5 affiliate programs ready for you to join if you want to. There is no pressure to join any of them.

There is a 30 day training program which is excellent for newbies like me. (covers internet marketing, including list building, from scratch with all the information you could possibly need. )

The idea with this program is to build residual income and so looks to build it up over time (seems like a sensible option to me)

This is not a get rich quick scheme, it does require some work, but that is fine as you are then set up to run any other programs you like.
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Last Update: 2017-07-22
I cannot believe that Stone Evans gives away this website for free. My very own website and all the tools required to start earning immediately. 5 Powerful online programs that pay huge commissions, autoresponder with pre-written emails, and complete training. This is my first week and I am already feeling like a guru. Everything here has a professional touch.
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Florence Robertson
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Last Update: 2018-05-24
Plug In Profits site by Stone Evans is pure genius.  I've been marketing and reviewing affiliate programs for many years, but this site is totally different from anything else I have experienced. 

Firstly, Mr. Evans supplies you with a Free Website, using your own domain, which you purchase.  You join the 5 listed programs, minimum of 3, your choice -  SFI, SUPER AFFILIATE NETWORK, TRAFFIC AUTHORITY, ONLINE SALES PRO, and BIT TO CLICK.  Request your website, and wait for Mr. Evans to build it for you.  When it's ready he sends you an email with all your details and you are set to go.  You have control over most of the website, add your own blog posts and banners etc.,

The first thing you get plugged into is Stone's 30 days to success training emails. Then you also get to see the 400 days worth of list building emails, (which are awesome training all by themselves). 

He covers everything, and he really does share his methods with you.  This program has me very excited and pumped.  I can visualize my end goal, and know that if I follow the program, I will see success also. 

If you want this for yourself, join and get started for free.  Build as you go! You really can not judge this site by its cover.

The one thing that I did not like about this program is the fact that I did not have enough cash on hand to jump in and do it all, the way I wanted to.
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Last Update: 2018-08-26
This is an all in one done for you website which generates 5 paychecks every month on autopilot. The site is well built and updated with the latest blog daily to pull in web traffic.

Best of all it is completely done free by the multi millionaire Stone Evans.

This is excellent for anyone who is looking to start online. And anyone thinking of give up on online after several attempts at succeeding online.
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Last Update: 2018-01-14
This was the first sytem that I joined when I started online in 2006.

But since early 2002 PIPS have quietly helped real people succeed online.

You get a money- making website online, with hosting, training, and support provided to members for free.

PIPS have the TOP five programs online all under ONE roof!

He also provide you with 400 days of emails pre-loaded into your autoresponder promoting these 5 programs.

This is in my opinion the easiest way to earn money online since it have some of the best programs in the industry such as SFI, NowLifeStyle, Traffic Authority and Digital Altitude. You promote all these programs with just one link.
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