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Michael Anthony
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This is a review about the Private Synergy group coaching program of which I am a paid member and therefore qualified to write this review.

Some background about me and why I bought this...

My name is Mike J Anthony and I am from Atlantic City, NJ. I am an online entrepreneur with a background in computer engineering and I still have a full-time job that I would like to get rid of someday.

After many years of experience in the online marketing field, I was looking for some honest and affordable coaching. I learned that you must have coaching in order to learn the things you do not know. I fought this fact for a long time to my detriment, as I failed, and continue to fail, a lot on my own.

But there was a problem, even after I finally realized I needed coaching: There is a lot of coaching out there that rips you off, charges too much, is outdated, and does not help you in the least.

I've paid $3,000 and $10,000 for coachings that didn't do jack squat for me, or by the time I bought it, it was already out of date and no longer worked as it might have a couple years before. One guy even attempted to take my money, about $3K, and then not give me any of the personal 1-on-1 coaching I had just paid for.

So I also learned the hard way that not all coaching was created equal, and some of it is actually fraudulent.

Finding Those Who Are Already Good At What You're Not

If you are involved in affiliate marketing for any length of time, you will no doubt have come in contact with the Warrior Forum, which is a popular Internet Marketing forum that's been around for a long time.

They also have an affiliate marketplace called WarriorPlus where you can buy and sell affiliate products. It is a good marketplace and also provides a good payment intermediary in a time where **** is very strict on accounts.

Anyway, there are several vendors who put out products on WarriorPlus and know how to make a great income on a consistent basis. That's where I came across a guy named Trevor Carr, whose products I had purchased in the past, so I knew the type of product vendor he was.

He was never the type of person to scam you or just put up products just to get products with no substance out there, as many like to do. He was always an honest sort of fellow who truly believes in helping people. He has top ratings as a vendor on WarriorPlus and I wanted to know how I could possibly do that too.

Trevor was deep in debt just a couple years ago himself and had bailiffs calling his job about these debts so he was able to get out of that using affiliate marketing techniques, which he teaches in this coaching.

I contacted him on Facebook, became a friend, chatted with him, and found out he had group and personal coaching programs. Now I first thought it would be very expensive but its actually less than $1,000. I've paid 10 times that for coaching that did not help me in the past.

Trevor also partnered up with a guy named Lance Groom who is an expert on domaining, which is the process of buying and selling domain names for profit. This is also something that greatly interested me as I have bought many domains over the years but had no idea how to sell any of them.

Lance also had come through some hard times as he was going through a messy divorce and needed to find a way to earn extra income so he move on with his life and have another place to live.

Both Trevor and Lance managed to find different ways to earn the income they needed which got them out of the messes they were in.

What Is Private Synergy?

After awhile, I found out that Trevor and Lance had gotten together with their ideas, found a synergy with one another, and teamed up to create a coaching program called "Private Synergy", which is their private group coaching program.

In the coaching program, you get to attend live webinars which are recorded so you can go back and watch them whenever you can. I think 6-8 weeks is whats advertised but it does not stop there. They continue along with you as friends and associates as long as you want or need.

I have seen that the training provides a lot of value and also includes Lance's High Ticket Flips course which is valued at nearly $12,000. They sell it for $497 regularly by itself, but they include it in their Private Synergy coaching for no extra cost other than the price of the coaching.

Members also get access to the Private Synergy affiliate program and other products that Trevor created on WarriorPlus, where he gives you 100% commissions on some and 50% commissions on the high ticket coaching program itself, if you would like to promote it. Since I like to promote stuff from WarriorPlus, I loved this.

You also get access to Lance and Trevor personally and accepted into the private Facebook group as well. They are two real genuine guys, who are honest, care about people and their success, and are not big-time guru types who are in it just for the money.

These guys usually charge $750 for 1 hour of their time so how much is personal access to them worth? You can figure that out for yourself.

The coaching program is a good one especially for the price. Due to the nature of the training, all sales are final and their are no refunds.

I have not been a part of a better coaching program for as cheap as these guys sell it for. I truly believe it is UNDER-PRICED.

I will give you a hint of "how under-priced is it", and reveal that the coaching program does not even cost as much as either one of them would charge for an hour of their time at $750! Now that's value!

If it was my program, I would definitely sell it for much more than these guys do! But that's good for me that they don't. You already learn right away, through their example, that its better to charge less and over-deliver than to charge more and under-deliver.

To summarize, let me list some pros and cons...

- At first, it seems like a lot of information which starts to come at you from different directions so you could find yourself wondering what to do first. But this is addressed by Trevor and Lance so they are there to guide you should you feel overwhelmed.
- Other than that, there's really not anything I can say I truly dislike, honestly

- The Price
- Honest guys running the program who you can relate to because they "been there and done that"
- Lots of great information from experienced successful online marketers
- Its pro forming relationships and leads by example
- A LOT of value for what you actually pay

The Verdict:
These guys, Trevor and Lance, truly do let you into their world of online earnings and how they overcame adversity to become successful online, and show how they did it. They've also made it affordable for anyone looking for some help in this field and that is refreshing. If all that interests you, then I would highly recommend this coaching.

Mike J Anthony
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