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Last update: 2019-12-03
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Gregory Osborne
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Last Update: 2019-12-03
Are you looking for a marketing system that will improve your over-all results without having to spend vast amounts of time in order to do so? This is where Pangea truly shines, simply input your ads and save them and from that moment forward, log-in and post anytime you are ready.

Pangea is founded by one of the industries top success stories, Maryanne Myers, she's always leading the field when it comes to providing the highest quality marketing tools and resources geared towards helping us marketing folks with highly effective avenues for getting positive marketing results.

Why do I rank Pangea as one of my top rated marketing tools?

91,624 members!

Wow, talk about exposure, yes, Maryanne is a true beast when it comes to providing the numbers of people needed to have success. Remember, success in the online marketing world revolves around the number of people we have to present our offers to.

I'm a dedicated member of quite a few of Maryanne's sites, if not all of them, that says something about the effectiveness of Her sites and memberships..

Another reason you should definitely consider joining me here at Pangea is the awesome compensation paid out..

* There is a hefty 50% affiliate commission (up to $73 a sale! or more)
* Pangea uses crypto & traditional payment processing.
* Packages can be bought multiple times by the same person.
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