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Last update: 2018-09-24
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Okechukwu Ugwunna
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Last Update: 2017-05-11
I am a network marketing personnel, who was looking for a great platform to advertise my business and also meet others in same business.

When I google for multilevel marketing, I saw MLMgateway and I click on it. I was impressed with what they offer.

Some of their wonderful offer includes but not limited to these:

1 Opportunity to talk to other network marketing prospects in my country.

2 Get quality home based business leads everyday for free.

3 Promote my website and attract new leads to your team

4 Faster way to expand your network marketing business

5 Meet real people looking for business opportunities.

6 Advertise for free to my target audience.

I have been enjoying this platform like no other.
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King Of Traffic
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Last Update: 2018-01-19
You are probably pulling your hair out trying to get signups to your lists on free advertising sites. After all there are thousands of them all over the internet. From Traffic Exchanges to Safe Lists they all try and sell you on the idea of how to advertise free on the internet. The truth is you can click all day to get free credits and post your free ads and not get one sign up to your program. In my search for free advertising I joined a program called MLM Gateway.

You can advertise free at MLM Gateway in many ways. You can earn credits by signing up affiliates of course much like any other program and also earn income from your affiliates and their affiliates and have a nice monthly income coming in. The main reason this site is so cool is you can email all the other affiliates through the back office contact center and talk to them about your business.

This is priceless free advertising when you can talk business owner to business owners about your offers. One on one contact has always proven to be the best method to succeed at any business and you can do it easily at MLM Gateway. This is what puts this site above all others.

Another really great thing about MLM Gateway is their advertising feature. When you get enough credits through recruiting you can add a banner or text ad on the walls of every member who is searching through the huge amount of business offers in the back office of the site. Members click on these ads and they go right to your business and being business owners looking for opportunities gives your business a great chance of getting signups.

As far as the income potential of this site it has no limits for the simple fact that you earn commissions off all the members your members sign up and so on and so on for ten levels deep. This means that after you sign up a certain amount of members you can literally stop promoting and your personal members will be building a huge commission paying team for you. A lot of members upgrade at MLM Gateway just for the advertising power so it is a no brainer to upgrade and take advantage of the higher commissions.
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V M Krishna
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Last Update: 2016-12-13
The most important aspect of our business is leads. No matter what business it is without leads, the business is dead.

Most of the time we depend on our campaigns to get leads. Setting up a success full campaign is not an easy task. It's a game of clicks and conversion.

Now imagine a place where people come to you for your offers. You just submit your offers and people shows interest to signup for your offer. How effective that would be?

MLM gateway is another cool platform where you can connect with other network marketer/Online business leads and share your business. The type of traffic you find in the platform are ether entrepreneurs who wants to promote their business or people who are in search of residual income opportunities. Hence it is a hot place to find leads for your business.

Here is some features I Love About MLM Gateway. 

1- Connect straight away with leads across the globe. Country filters are also available so that you can send request to people from different countries.

2 - You can place a CPC Ad inside the network For free as long as you keep earning free credits. Its is not a traffic exchange and the clicks you get are not forced one. 

3 - Publish your business announcements. It will be visible to every one(including a miler o your followers) . You can also ad two links in each business announcements. And you get paid too for publishing business announcements. 

4 - Once you ad your business, you will find people who is showing interest in your offers and yes you got a hot lead there.

And there are a lot more you can get from the system. If you are seriously looking for leads for your business, I suggest you be a part of the network. Just like Leads Leap, This is also going to double your leads and sales. 
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Last Update: 2018-09-26
One of the best MLM Leads source with over 180 000+ high targeting prospects. Here I'm getting the best results of all my business program!
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