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Last update: 2018-06-09
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Last Update: 2018-06-09
Started working with a Crypto Project as a shareholder and really enjoying what the company is all about.

The program is so far one of the best you can find right now on the internet, and I have talk with the CEO of the company, so I appreciate the fact that they have real human contact. I like it.

I found the academy really valuable, and I like the course they made to become a real entrepreneur, they teach you the leadership and how to brand yourself.

Here are some of the highlights : -

1. Legal contract, refundable at any time (Securitized by the lawyers)

2. As shareholder, every 5th of the month, you are paid a % of COMPANY'S profit of that month. (PASSIVE INCOME)

3. All daily profits are all paid to you daily, if any, direct to your BTC wallet without having to request a withdraw. There is no withdraw button. At 00.00 everyone is paid.

4. NO PRODUCTS or Services will ever be launched without following the regulation and laws of the country of operation.

5. CEO and Owner are always available and invite anyone to go to the head office in Seville and inspect documents.

6. The financials and documents of the company are placed on a blockchain and the shareholders have direct access to entire company financials.

7. No monthly or autoships.

8. Very generous compensation plan!

I like the fact we can become a real shareholder of the company


▶︎ Mize Academy will help you to become a better leader

▶︎ Mize give you the opportunity to become a co-founder of the network

▶︎ Learnchain has the best blockchain education system course with university certificate

▶︎ Mize Mining give you an amazing daily return on your investment

▶︎ Zironex is the top exchanger with the advanced technologies

▶︎ Cryptogrowth is the first crypto investment fund with annual sharing profit dividends

I will KEEP sharing this information.

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