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Last update: 2017-04-20

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Kenneth Koh
66199 Followers   10 Reviews
Launched in 2008, LeadsLeap has stood the test of time and emerged as one of the preferred advertising networks. Things don't happen by chance. Give LeadsLeap a serious look and find out why people are liking it.

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2 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-09-25
Leadsleap is excellent for free advertising! It gives you the leap you need to create traffic to your website FREE! Perfect for small businesses.
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27 Followers   4 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-09-25
My experience with this program has been great! It has not only been helpful with advertising my affiliate links, but it is also very helpful with learning more marketing techniques. This is one of my favorite programs. I highly recommend it.
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Shannon Maxwell
48 Followers   2 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-10-03
Awesome! Great real time tracking and referrals.
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Xuanhoa Nguyen
10 Followers   1 Review
Last Update: 2016-10-13
I am a citizen of Vietnam, I would love to work to make money online, I used to make money in various forms on a web page before, but I did not get a lot of support and I find it difficult, however, when engaged in leadsleap I feel very close and get more support, I feel very good, I feel more confident in their work and passion for more! leadsleap showed me a most specific detail I really very happy! thanks.
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1 Review
Last Update: 2016-11-11
I really had a good impression of this program. The website has a good variety of earnings options and excellent content to teach beginners to have a good start and over time will gain experience and have good earnings.
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Lynne Phillips
7 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-11-12
Leadsleap has impressed me so much. I've dabbled online now for a while, and I can't even think of a better and established system. I love the fact of simply getting paid for clicks. Its really neat, the ads are interesting and quality. I love that leadsleap allows and helps promote any product you have or represent. I have only been here for just about a week. This marketplace of online success is filled with info. I will keep you posted on my success... Leadsleap is the way to go.... If I could give 10 stars I would, and that's a review after a week...

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Yogesh Shinde
12 Followers   1 Review
Last Update: 2016-12-24
Leadsleap is fabulous program to promote any program. I have been member since 2012 and I have getting constant flow of sign ups through this system. I have been promoting my revenue sharing, Paid to click, traffic exchanges, etc.

It's a complete lead generation system, you just visit websites or buy pro membership and you are ready to promote your business to thousands of people.

Pro members are getting thousands of views to their programs and generating lots of leads because it rotates the link 24/7 on hundreds of websites, emails, etc.
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A.Halim Marzuki
1 Review
Last Update: 2017-03-06
Over the years, LeadsLeap kept on evolving and improving. It now provides a lot more values to its members.

1) In addition to getting traffic , free members can now get traffic from different sources, within and beyond LeadsLeap network.

2) LeadsLeap is also constantly creating useful and innovative tools that members can use free.

You may be wondering, why does a lead generation system provide free tools?

Let me ask you, "Why does Google provide so many free services?"

User retention!

LeadsLeap's powerful tools keep members coming back to use them.

As a leads builder, it is very important. It means my downlines will stay in the system for a long time, and I can reach out to them for years.

3) The new LeadsLeap even includes a revenue sharing scheme, where members can make money viewing ads and sending traffic to other ads.

Again, it is another good news to me.

Anything that can help people to make free money will easily attract lots of members.

With all the values that LeadsLeap is providing, I believe new members will soon realize that LeadsLeap is different from other 'make money programs' out there.

I'm excited to find out what LeadsLeap can do to my network.
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Threbor Sy
15 Followers   4 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-09-25
Everyone loves and recommends leadsleap 2.0 because of more information and guides how you become a Pro in internet marketing. They have a lot of variety of tools to help you build a successful business.

Leadsleap is a great site for getting traffic and of course earn you as well.
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Alexander Kuklin
12 Followers   7 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-09-24
I am free member and I use it for getting real quality traffic. It is not much I can get this way, but I still get signups from here.

Fringe benefits:
1. Many of programs advertised here are really interesting, I found some new ideas and good business here. Ads are worth to read, not just click on them. Besides, if you stay longer, you get more credits.
2. This is also a revshare program, so you get some cash as well with minimum effort.
3. If you want more cash, you may convert your unused credits, encash them.

All in all - one of the best programs I have ever seen.
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Chad Flick
678 Followers   2 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-09-25
I've been a Pro LeadsLeap member since 2008-01-03, with 646 fellow members in my team. It's one of the only programs I still use and trust today to get traffic to my offers and promotions. And the traffic converts well depending on your ad whether it's your pro ad or your credit based ads.

Kenneth Koh the owner of LeadsLeap has made it very easy for us to earn advertising credits in several ways, in addition members can cash out their credits if they wish. Also the weekly revenue share cannot be ignored.

Not only am I still receiving commissions from LeadsLeap but my downline continues to grow even when I'm not promoting.

What I really like the best about LeadsLeap is all the proprietory tools that are available to our members that you won't be able to find for free anywhere else. And I'm not just talking about cheap tools either. These are tools that many pro marketers are actually paying for. I won't get into them all right now, but I would like to encourage you to check out LeadsLeap for yourself and see what all of our happy members rave about.
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Sunday Adebiyi
4 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-09-25
To God be the glory. I have a great experience with this site. A good experience to say. As a free member, I got free traffic to my blogs. I am happy for this.

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Kathleen Vanbeekom
759 Followers   9 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-10-16
I've been a member of LeadsLeap for well over 5 years, I joined because one of my team mates in another business told me he gained a great customer from here! I've gained signups for my businesses here also and I'm especially thrilled with the new updates since earlier this year. I highly recommend to all members to log in daily, click at least 10 ads and give a star-rating on each ad because that gives you an extra one-tenth of a credit so giving a star-rating on 10 ads gives you an extra full credit for your own ads. Promote LeadsLeap to gain a downline and create a Downline Message so they will all see it!

Also write lots of reviews for the LeadsLeap Social Reviews, and then Get Promotion Link for each one and promote those pages because they will link to YOUR affiliate link for the programs you reviewed.  That will send lots of traffic to your programs AND to your LeadsLeap site AND to LeadsLeap in general!
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Eva Landry
156 Followers   18 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-09-26
Just when I have decided Leads Leap couldn't possibly get better--it did. The addition of these social reviews is a complete game dominator! I am promoting Leads Leap on IBOToolbox at the moment, as the two programs really work well together. I also use the Website widget on IBOToolbox and on my other half's website, and have been pleased with the slow but steady growth of traffic and back links the widget has brought to the website in particular.

My down line here grows by one or 2 people every few days. I spend perhaps an hour a day on Leads Leap, surfing for credits, and I cash in 50 a day. I chose to cash out below 100.00, paying the 2% fee was fine with me, and I got paid in a timely manner. The only drawback to Leads Leap isn't really a drawback at all--that is the way they hold commissions for several months. It would be nice to get them faster--but it is much safer that they be held to avoid having to pay back people if they charge back the upgrade.

The ads I run here on Leads leap are bringing in sales and signups, and I know for a fact that some people are book marking things to return to later--something I do myself. I also know that I have already received 2 signups from the social reviews I wrote yesterday--which is amazing. Long Live Leads Leap!
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4 Followers   1 Review
Last Update: 2016-09-30
Really great site for anyone who wants to Online Earning
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Massimo D'Amico
217 Followers   17 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-10-06
In one word.....WOOOOOWWW

I do business on the internet since 15+ years ( I'm not a beginner) and I built several successful websites and platforms. My biz team has tried every kind of advertising and promotion available on the net because we love to test everything.

What can I say about LeadsLeap? ....Really it's one of the best systems on the internet, believe me. My businesses are getting thousands of clicks on autopilot and $$$$$$ (PROFITS).

Price? ....It's very cheap because you get amazing tools included within the TRAFFIC platform. WOOOOOWWWW!
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Monika Tuttle
60 Followers   1 Review
Last Update: 2016-10-09
I have been with LeadsLeap since May 5, 2008. I can only say wow Kenneth! I am really impressed with all the awesome changes you have made here. Its so much more user-friendly. Folks this is truly the best place to advertise and earn.

I love this new incredible Tracker. Finally I can see where I get the best Traffic and Signups from.

Thank you Kenneth for all that you do for us here, this is so exciting.

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Norman McDowell
77 Followers   11 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-10-11
I joined this program years ago and forgot about it. I ran across an ad about it a month ago and thought I would check it out. To my surprise my log in came up. I then started to check it out and I seen just what a amazing site it is. I upgraded to pro on the spot. Not too many programs that I upgrade in. This site has so much going for it and I am glad to be back in it. Got to love the free tracker this site has....Five star all the way....
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Rafael Ferreras Castillo
104 Followers   5 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-10-19
I have a good experience with leadsleap, their always paid in time and the tools that their offer for free are premium and super awesome, i also use a lot of the Real Tracker to promote my link, thanks to this tracker that i use in a solo ads, i note that the clicks was not real, so i talk with the seller and he return my money. So i really recomend LeadsLeap so you can get traffic, money and use their tools to build you business. God bless you!!
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Bill Nickerson
2 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-10-21
I love LeadsLeap! It does take some work to gain credits, but you really can't be cheating with their system. To earn the credit you must actually stay on the page. You can't flip over to another tab in the browser or jump over to your email. Otherwise, the timer stops.

So when people are looking at your page to earn credits, they're really looking at it - unless they're doing something offline (which happens). So you get more opportunity to capture the attention of the members - provided your landing page is worth looking at 8=)

And there is great training material and tools available.

It just makes sense to join!
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3 Followers   2 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-10-22
I’ve made close to $100 in a few short months after joining LeadsLeap. I was surprised to be able to test ads for free and make money, plus be able to review some great offers from other members. I’m able to do all of this while earning addition free money through “Daily Revenue Share”. LeadsLeap offers Pro Members the opportunity to expand their advertising with dedicated emails to the entire network, increase their affiliate commissions when referring others to the network, and much more. LeadsLeap is one of the best advertising networks on the Internet. No wonder more than 80,000 Marketers and Bloggers use this traffic system!
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Mathijs Linssen
3 Reviews
Last Update: 2017-01-26
It is my first month of Leadsleap and I hope that it will be a good way to get free members and some nice payments with it in the future.

On my first day I tried to make an advertisement, but it was not accepted. I will try another time, since I am looking for an easy start and come back when I have more time for finding out how to make a good ads.

I continued the next day with viewing an advertisement. I noticed that you need to view at least 10 ads a day to qualify for revenue share of the networks advertisement income. I did and now I am visiting 10 ads a day.

So now I am looking into my account and see there was a payable earning made. This was for viewing 10 ads, and it made me $0.03. The next day the same and my total payable earnings gained another 3 ct to top up on the already made 3ct, so now I have a balance of $0.06, for just viewing advertisement.

So I guess this is just the beginning.

Now i will continue with my story but keep it a bit shorter for the overview.

This will be the third day that i am visiting 10 or more ads a day.
Also it is now the 27 of October, and i have made an effort to place 2 Free adds on the network.
The first was rejected due to little information or a direct link to signup.
So i fix this problem by redirecting it with tiny url to my page, and is now awaiting approval.

this was it for now...

Hope that you enjoyed reading my first review.

With kind regards,
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Gangadhar Kulkarni
10 Followers   2 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-11-29
LeadsLeap 2.0 uses related advertising to drive visitors to your site which may help your business pick up the slack. These are somewhat similar kind of ads that you would see in Google Adwords which are displayed based on keywords and have text-based content. This is probably a better form of advertising than banners and other forms of spammy advertising, isn’t it?
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91 Followers   9 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-12-07
I'm really impressed by LeadsLeap. Since I've joined I've received a steady flow of traffic to my sites. The best part about it is that you really get to know what works and what doesn't when it comes to marketing your offers.

Unlike other traffic systems where you just get clicks and have no idea where they are coming from, LeadsLeap provides a full view with tracking into your marketing efforts.

In addition, with the Pro membership, you can decide exactly how much time and effort you want to put into building your downlines each day. When you don't have much time to spend, your ads are still running and are generating traffic on your behalf.

I have only great things to say about this system and it is clear a lot of thought went into building it!
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Frances Tullao
1 Review
Last Update: 2016-12-08
The website offers simplicity.
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Vasanti Vijay Iyengar
1 Follower   4 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-12-21
Since I started in on-line work, I have been using only Leadsleap. The best I like is The Real Tracker feature. You have multi tools to grow your business & earn at the same.
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1 Review
Last Update: 2017-01-07
Very good location to attract visitors to your site. Lets you post your ad in several free and paid ads. You can earn free ad credits by watching ads found on the site. You can also convert credits into money. Really cool site.
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Edward Mckinney
5 Reviews
Last Update: 2017-04-04
I started with LeadsLeap in 2016 and never looked back since! It was my very first approach to Internet Marketing, thanks to the numerous useful articles I found in the blog. I use it to promote my network marketing opportunities and have grown my down lines greatly!
I have also been able to get a ton of free traffic to my website(blog), which gets me more clicks on my ads!
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1 Review
Last Update: 2017-02-26
Great site help you build sign ups for site
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10 Followers   3 Reviews
Last Update: 2017-03-04
Great site to get free leads and sales.
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Augustine Makinde
4 Followers   5 Reviews
Last Update: 2017-04-05
I joined leadsleap not quite long however, I never regret it!

Leadsleap is a REAl DEAL TRAFFIC platform you can rely on if you want to take your business/programs to the Next Level. You are absolutely in the right place!


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2 Followers   6 Reviews
Last Update: 2017-03-28
LeadsLeap is a must for anybody with an online business because using LeadsLeap will give you the chance to get hundreds of visitors to your site everyday.

You can advertise for free or you can upgrade your account and be a paid member for very little money each month. Your ads will be shown on other members websites, giving your business more exposure than it would normally get.

You can also write short reviews, with your own affiliate link being added to the review.

So why not give LeadsLeap a try? it is free to join and easy to use.
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0 Review
Last Update: 2017-04-20
I found leadsleap program on internet advertisement.

I have been a member of LeadsLeap.com since October 2016.

It was amazing and powerful program which enable us to earn money and advertise another program on its website being free member with Credits Ads and being Pro Member no Credits required.

Another way of earning is there promote your affiliate link and got referrals to build your downline size and increase your earning.

This program surprised to me. It was really revolutionary!

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Jason Descheneaux
602 Followers   13 Reviews
Last Update: 2017-03-22
LeadsLeap is packed with unique feature, marketing tools and the advertising works. You can even build your traffic with leadsleap for free. I did it a long time before I upgraded.

Highly, highly recommended!
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Keith Dyer
840 Followers   5 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-12-23
Wow! I'm blown away at how Kenneth Koh, leadsleap founder, has constantly taken this program to new levels. Honestly, I have only been using this system for a few months, but the utility of the Leadsleap program never ceases to amaze me. When I check my advertizing to see which ads are performing the best, Leadsleap is always at the top of the list in sending me lots of traffic. And with the Real Tracker, I know which of my ads are performing best. And I'm still learning new features and benefits!

But the traffic generation and aids in tweaking my advertising is only the tip of the iceberg. The best part of Leadsleap might be that in just a few short months, I've already earned commissions ready to be paid out. I never had commissions in mind when I joined Leadsleap, I joined to promote my primary affiliate business. Yet, when people get a good look at what Leadsleap can do, they join, and I'm earning. At the time of this review, I have 7 people on my first level, and 17 on levels 2 through 5.

(Update - As of 11/2016, I now have 9 referrals on level 1, and 259 on levels 2-8 - this is amazing!)

If you are serious about getting traffic and sign-ups for your business(s), Leadsleap is an awesome, free to join, system. And when you can earn additional money by just using it, it's a no brainer!

(Update - As of 12/2016, I have 10 referrals on level 1, and there are 360 referrals on my levels 2-9. Plus 214 in my spillover!)
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Kent Sapoznick
307 Followers   24 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-09-30
I was looking to find ways to market my sites and I came across this site leadsleap I thought it was just another site that promises you what ever you wanted to hear. Boy was I wrong! This is the BEST site I ever had! After joining leadsleap I noticed a positive surged in my sites. Soon after, I upgraded to PRO membership. Till this day my sites are still going strong with leadsleap. I like the custom tracking and the commissions are awesome.

-Keep Up The Good Work Kenneth
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Erik T
314 Followers   11 Reviews
Last Update: 2017-01-21
I love so much being a leadsleap pro member. And i will continue to be even if price increases, doubles or whatever! This is how happy i'm with the results i get on a daily/weekly/monthly basis with leadsleap. I'm a loyal customer for life! :) Thank You Kenneth and LL team for all that you do! This probably sounds more like a testimony than a review, but hey, what else can i say ? I'm in love with Leadsleap!
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John Magellon
452 Followers   6 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-09-27
As a Social Media Marketing Consultant since many years I have had the privilege of guiding and training people from all walks of life who have the common strong desire of making a living out of the Internet. During our first interview I recommend that they join LeadsLeap and have their account fully set up before we go any further in their training. LeadsLeap has all the free tools and advertising platforms any newbie can dream of, and all that is accessible to the FREE member as well as the PRO member. - John
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127 Followers   3 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-09-27
With this website I get hundreds of view and target leads to my websites every day and my link. It's simple and you can register for free.
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199 Followers   19 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-10-11
I joined LeadsLeap in 2015 and I am really surprised for all the features of this site, it is easy to receive leads from their traffic, but most importantly is they provide free tools that are better than the paid ones in other sites, my favorite is the The Real Tracker.

One thing that I really like is that Kenneth, the owner, really cares about his members and very open to receive suggestions, two times he has implemented small recommendations that I provided!

My favorite part is that the site is constantly evolving with new features, it is exciting to know what is next!

My ROI is positive in LeadsLeap. That is the reason that I am a Pro Member.
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538 Followers   5 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-10-12
I find LeadsLeap to be incredibly helpful in my business building. It allows me to run an ad. It help me with blog posts giving me guidance. It help me with an awesome pop up ... and in so many ways it helps me ... It doesn't let me sit and be complaisant but call me to action daily ... Thank you!
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Richard RichardLL
223 Followers   2 Reviews
Last Update: 2017-04-07
I had been trying for years to find an easy to use Lightbox popup for my websites and videos. It was a struggle because of the complicated procedures, high cost and the steep learning curves.

Then I started to use Kenneth's "All-in-One Popup Generator" from the Proprietary Tools in his LeadsLeap member site where I am a Pro member.

I currently have 17 of these professional Lightbox popups promoting some of my videos and a few of my websites. They are attracting great visitor traffic.

I am amazed at the results, the ease of creating them and how inexpensive (free) they are for members of LeadsLeap.
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138 Followers   5 Reviews
Last Update: 2017-04-21
Earn money just for viewing others mempers websites. Learn everything about
Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging For Beginners, Link Building, List Building, Make Money Online, Mindset, Monetization, Sales, Self Development, SEO, Site Conversion, Traffic Generation, Web Hosting, Website Building. Get Traffic,Leads+Tools. And all that's and much more for FREE.

That's the reason why I am in love with LeadsLeap and I Recommend LeadsLeap to everyone.
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Willie Williems
941 Followers   2 Reviews
Last Update: 2017-02-02
I don't remember how long I have been a member, but it has been years. Even without very much work on my part, I have amassed an huge down line. Whenever people approach me about online marketing, I direct them to Leads Leap.

LL's advertising system is much more than worth the cost of upgrade. LL is the core of my marketing system. I have had much success using it. Just when you think LL has addressed all the marketing venues available, they invent a new spin on the most up to date tactics.
LeadsLeap provides information, via blog posts, needed to make the final decision to market or not.

LL also has information and helpful tips for the well seasoned marketer.

Yes, I love LeadsLeap, and anyone serious about this business should have LeadsLeap as part of their arsenal.
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107 Followers   4 Reviews
Last Update: 2017-04-20
After stumbling over LeadsLeap more than once, I finally decided to join, and I must confess, ever since I have not regret it. I even go so far assuming that you do not find a more fine-tuned advertising system anywhere in the world. Do not take my word for it, just give it a try. It is free.

When you log-in to your backoffice the first time it may be a bit overwhelming, but after a couple of days, this feeling will be gone. By now I especially like the clear structure of the backoffice, and how nice everything is explained. You really cannot get lost with LeadsLeap, if you can read.

The results through the text ads that I have been receiving so far are really good compared to industry standards, and the clicking of ads is a smooth and profitable experience.

I appreciate that you can surf a website for up to 5 minutes and you will get credited for that. This is a huge game changer compared to many other surfing sites.

Did I already mention the free tools you get just by joining LeadsLeap? There is an amazing Link-Tracker, a List-Building-Script, and a state of the art Pop-Up-Creator. These tools can NOT be compared to so many other free tools you get everywhere on the internet. They really function as promised and offer tremendous value to anyone interested in taking his internet marketing career to another level.

And of course you can make some money on LeadsLeap, as LeadsLeap will share parts of its revenues with all of its members based upon there clicking efforts and the clicks generated through members websites if a member has placed the LeadsLeap-Widget on his site.

And for those interested in building a team and inviting new members, there is a pro membership involved, which pays generous commissions over some levels and as an extra advertising feature your newly joined team members will be rewarded for reading your specific Downline-Text-Message.

This Downline-Text-Message feature is a really intelligent way to stay in touch with your people without annoying them, and yes, this feature goes 10-Levels deep. So you will not only be able to reach your personally referred people, but all they refer, and all they refer, and all they refer, and so on until the 10th level.

I could go on for quite a while explaining all the details, as it makes fun, and I am really excited about this program, but I think I have covered the most important features, and as it is free to join, I highly recommend, that you go and check it out for yourself. Nothing to loose, lots to gain, what are you waiting for?
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Chinmee Leong
147 Followers   3 Reviews
Last Update: 2017-03-25
Not many traffic system can arouse my interest these days.

But this one did.

From FREE to Paid, I'm a PRO Member now.

I would like to congratulate myself for making the decision to join leadsleap.

After using it for few months as a Free member, I realized that it can help me to improve my knowledge and skills and more importantly, it is an advertising site which also supplies constant traffic flow, this gives my advertisement enough exposure.

It is very difficult to meet such a reliable company nowadays on the internet place. I had joined some paid traffic platform before but they all end up no result. Some not even sustainable.

Leadsleap is reliable and getting stronger and stronger with improvement to itself and to the users.

Get Your FREE Access to this Powerful Traffic System Now. It worth your time to explore and experience before you decide to go with Pro.
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David Martinet
1570 Followers   8 Reviews
Last Update: 2017-01-03
I started with LeadsLeap in 2012 and never looked back since! It was my very first approach to Internet Marketing, thanks to the numerous useful articles I found in the blog.

Then I discovered the awesome tools provided for free: The Real Tracker, the popup creator, the list builder script... I started to track all my links with The Real Tracker, which helped me identifying what were the best sources of traffic for my different offers.

I also started to click every day, which earns me a nice little income, participating in the daily and weekly revenue shares.

I began promoting LeadsLeap from the start, which I found was pretty easy. I have now more than 1,000 people in my downline, 5 level deep. Now I don't promote much the site, because my downlines do the job for me: every day, I put 3-4 people in my team without lifting a finger, thanks to the work of the people under me!

LeadsLeap is definitively the place to go if you're serious about building an IM business. You will find all the knowledge you need to succeed!
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Chris English
59 Followers   2 Reviews
Last Update: 2017-03-29
I joined a couple of months ago as a complete affiliate marketing newbie.  I didn't realize how powerful this tool is.  It took me a while but now I see.  This is a must have for the internet marketing arsenal.
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