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Last update: 2019-02-05
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Last Update: 2019-02-05
The idea sounds great. You just send traffic to your link and you get paid plus more if they signup, and they even have "surveys" that claim to payout $30 each, but these are surveys that require signups and offers to be compleated and you don't actually get credit. It is a Scam Company that doesn't pay out. Requesting payout takes you to a "human verification" page that requires you to do 3 surveys which each in turn requires you to do a gold and silver offer to signup on other sites and/or buy something or do another survey with more offers and even if you do it won't recognize the action as completed or will say it timed out so you can never actually get approval so the "human verification" never gets completed and you can't get paid without it. Fortunately, I only sent free traffic, but I found it from someone who used paid ads. If something looks too good to be true it probably is as is the case here. Stay away from this site.
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