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Last update: 2017-03-01
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Chinmee Leong
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Last Update: 2017-03-25
First of all, I would like to say thank you to my friend Deliang. If not because of him, I would never know there is such a wonderful company that exist to help people get rich month after month.

I am so happy that I have joined the program on 12th July 2016. Thank You so much to JJPTR Boss Johnson Lee ! An awesome young man, if not because of him, I am still losing money in order to make more money online.

It is now so easy for me to earn extra monthly income consistently. This handsome young boss never miss what he promises to give - a fixed 20% payout monthly, directly bank into my bank account. You hear it ? DIRECTLY BANK INTO MY ACCOUNT! FANTASTIC right ?

After I joined jjptr for 2 months, I am so excited and started to share the program with friends around me naturally. Thought it sounds too good to be truth, surprisingly, majority are willing to give it a try. I Happily sharing it because I saw real money into my account and it is the easiest way to make extra monthly income without hard work. To be more specific, it requires NO WORK to receive the 20% profit from own investment as a second income monthly.

While sharing and accepted by friends, I help them to register to the program or providing them with proper information and procedures before they fund their account, so that they don't make mistake. Through answering queries and clearing doubts, automatically I become an affiliate to the program. As am affiliate, I generate even more money from the program.

It is a one level marketing (OLM) company. Although it is only one level, it is pretty Awesome!

This platform is really suitable for people from all walks of life as it allows to start from small amount and there is no locking period of capital. Investor can start from as low as USD25. Whether you are poor looking for getting rich or you are rich looking for richer or you are planning for an earlier retirement. It is a platform that I never met before in terms of receiving profit, no request needed.

I trust the boss deeps from my heart. I believe his sincerity to help more people to get rich with his knowledge, strategy and experience. It is the way that jjptr makes profits to payout to their investors.

Thus, it is different from a ponzi scheme, a form of fraud in which belief in the success of a non-existent enterprise is fostered by the payment of quick returns to the first investors from money invested by later investors. ie. PONZI HAS NO WAY TO GENERATE REAL PROFITS.

Never too late to join. Be an affiliate or not, you are still making extra money on your own capital every month. 

I highly recommend jjptr to generate extra income because this company is so much different from other High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) company. Jjptr boss, Johnson Lee, shows his face all over the place and also conduct courses on forex trading. If you are a traders, you can use their trading platform to do your own trading too.

I learned forex trading before but I dare not trade as I saw many friends trade forex part-time, but most of them couldn't make profit. My mentality is, as I am not a professional trader, my knowledge and time are constraint as compare to the professional traders. If I will to do the trading myself, my chances of losing money is much higher than I joined a reliable professional forex trading management team. They do it for their living but we join to make extra income.  Many know that forex industry is a very lucrative market but in order to make money, one has to be very experience, knowledgeable and with effective strategy. The size of fund usually plays an important part while applying effective strategy.

You can access to more info of jjptr at my website : www incomeonlinework com

You can get in touch with me at :

Email : [email protected] Com

Whatsapp only : +65 97952479 No Call.

WeChat ID: cmextraincome

Facebook : cmzhiwei

JJPTR Agent ID: 110822 Leong C M

(You can write down my ID and Name for easy reference during registration)
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