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Last update: 2019-02-05
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Ray Spr
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Last Update: 2019-02-12
I received an email from a friend sharing Impact101 with me. At first I was going to ignore looking at the Impact101 website. But then I said why not. I'm glad I took a look. I found Impact100 quite interesting. It a way of people helping people to raise fund for their needs. At the same time with Impact101 funds get raised for your needs or interests. There are different levels to join at to reap the benefits of the Impact101 program. I joined at the $40.00 dollar level to start. You can raise funds for just about anything with Impact101. Here is a short list of what people are raising funds for:

Help with family living expenses
Support important causes and charities
Help with community projects
Take care of loved ones
Pay off medical bills
Start a new business
Chase a dream
Pay off student loans
Pay for a wedding
Pay off debt
Get a new vehicle
Take a dream family vacation
Buy a new house
Pay off a mortgage
Help with retirement
Pay for education/training courses
To be able to stay at home with children
To be able to pay it forward
Summer camp or sports for children
New equipment for a business

I'm raising funds to pay for a trip to reunite my wife with her family.

It's to early to say what I don't like about Impact100 as I just joined 2 days ago. 

So far everything looks good with the Impact101 program. Impact101 provides a platform and tools to raise income for you needs.  I will update my Impact101 review in about a month.
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