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Last update: 2019-04-01
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David Easley
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Last Update: 2019-04-01
Hello David Easley here. I am one of over 20,000 Global Founders in GoFounders/Onpassive. I love the fact that this program is designed specifically to guarantee every members success. In fact the owner/ceo, Ash Mufareh, is so confident that everyone will succeed he will guarantee it with a 100% Money Back Policy that is available for the life of your membership. So as you can see thus far...you cannot fail or lose period!

They are still in prelaunch and during this period they are accepting Founder Positions by Personalized Invitation Only. I really like the structure of the program which is described below.

What will you get as a Founder is almost unbelievable but true. You will get is dedicated proprietary auto promotion for your link to build your team in every aspect of the program. You will also have the opportunity to plug in other programs you want the system to auto promote for you for as long as you remain a founder.

I do recommend that you click the link and receive a personalized invitation, which is the only way you can see what this is all about, and you will see my contact information to ask any questions. If I don't have the answer I will get it and back with you. I do prefer you contact me by email as I am an older gentleman and my sleep pattern is irregular.

Thanks for taking a minute to read this and I hope to meet you on the inside.

God bless,
David Easley
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Shannon Maxwell
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Last Update: 2019-02-19
I am able to fully run my businesses on autopilot! This is every marketers dream! A completely done for you system. I am so glad I was introduced to this program.
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Garry P
982 Followers   1 Review
Last Update: 2019-03-10
I have not seen a more honest, upfront online business ever and I have been in businesses since 1992.

There are thousands and thousands of Comments and Testimonials about this program.

It has Not Launched yet and has 17,000 Testimonials so far. There has been no advertising at all; just word of mouth. No one has ever seen such as system before and people can hardly believe they have this kind of opportunity.

Below is what I like about this program.

It Solves ALL Online Marketers, Network Marketers and Affiliate Marketers problems. It Has A 100% Success Platform with No Recruiting required for anyone. It has a 100% Fully Automated Targeted Traffic Generator; they have exclusive contracts with 4 of the largest Media buyers in the world.

There is a Lifetime Refund for anyone not happy with it. The system recruits and sells for you; you never need to recruit anyone to receive income. It Recruits for you within your present opportunity as well if you have one. There are No hoops to jump through, no CV or any requirements for you to earn. Founders Pay one-time or at most twice for the life of this program. They Will Be Licensing Network Marketing companies and other MLM and Affiliate companies to use their "Never-Before-Seen-Marketing-Tools". Then these companies downlines will come in under you and your team. THIS IS MASSIVE.

They have Proprietary Marketing Tools built in-house for you and hired their own programers for this; presently there are 3 fully-staffed full-time offices with just about 200 employees. Not a fly-by-night operation. This system promotes and works for ANY and ALL online businesses you may be presently operating or may start in the future.

If you Do Not have a business then this System will be your business - with no work on your part. It Works for those who do not have a business, at present, and it builds one or more for you automatically. It has Four Tier "Self Perpetuating" Forced Matrices to Infinity as affiliates make more on infinity programs. The income system is Unlimited and is Fully Automated; hands-free income for life.

Founders receive automatic placements below them before the Launch. Founders also have Priority Positioning on all New Income Streams and New Programs licensed ahead of the public

The company has Exclusive Contractual relationships with 4 of the Top Providers of Traffic in the world (multiple millions) - done especially for their members. Nothing works without traffic. It provides every "Done-For-You" Tool you will ever need - sales funnels, video marketing systems, autoresponders, landing pages, banners, etcetera plus "Done-For-You-No-Recruiting-Traffic" all rolled into one

What do I dislike about this program? So far nothing.

If you can find something that is negative about this program please let me know.
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Abdullah Alshelali
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Last Update: 2019-03-23
Gofounders was created by Ash Mufareh in mid 2018. Gofounders.net got the idea for the site when there was need of change in the industry.

They are trying to do something in the industry that no one has really done before.

What attracted me to this company was the concept that this business is hands-off recruiting, which means auto pilot growing the business with barely doing anything. Furthermore, the company itself is global so the potential for growth is there.

It is obvious the company is embarking a new concept, which involve a degree of risk of suffering loss. However,

This new company is attempting to do something new in the industry with low risk involve. Considering that a person can't always sit on the sidelines, it worth a try just to give it a shot at least for a few months to see if its the right fit for you, while the risk is low.

The owner (Ash Mufareh) runs webinars and updates from time to time, and I became more assured of this company future success every time I attend or listen to these webinars

To get involved and join, you have to be a founders first by paying $97 ( 4997 after lunch if available), then, after launch, you will chose from packages in the Onpassive with the affiliate program they have.
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