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Last update: 2017-02-20
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Sofia Sevda
31 Followers   3 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-10-31
FundMyCause is a newly launched program. A 2 x 6 matrix, Member to member, payments and earnings are with bitcoins. Instantly! Your initial deposit of 0.05 btc is returned with your first referral.

The system is built in such way that all members can benefit.

So far, so good! I love it!
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Tammy Jones
74 Followers   7 Reviews
Last Update: 2017-05-13
Just launched October 30th and this is a 2x6 Bitcoin Matrix

One of the objectives here is to help people earn bitcoins to create more financial freedom to help others.

Donations to your favorite charity is encouraged, not mandatory.

If you like the idea of helping others as you are earning, or you have a favorite charity or cause you are passionate about give Fund My Cause and honest look.

The owner is a successful business owner who really wanted to see others have a win online.

We have great team support and vision.

Join and Earn Bitcoin.

Tammy Jones
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