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Last update: 2016-10-25
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Norman McDowell
83 Followers   11 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-10-03
I love this Banner Making Site. It is so easy to use and you can make several size Banners. Graphics are awesome . I use them alot just so I can have a different Banner from everyone else. Probably takes less than 5 minutes to make a Banner.
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Raymond Day
119 Followers   1 Review
Last Update: 2016-10-14
About Fugly Banners Dot Com:


Marketers should NEVER promote using the standard (all too familiar) affiliate banners...
Marketers should ALWAYS strive to promote using unique, personalized and/or branded banners.

Banner Blindness:

Standard affiliate banners have created a condition referred to as "Banner Blindness".
People avoid annoying banners that are...

Way too familiar...
Too slick & too busy...
Flashing, blinking, winking...
Pulsing, strobing, and wiggling...
And too darned distracting for words!
Fugly Banners Standout:

Fugly Banners are unique and can easily & quickly be crafted to elicit the desired response.

Many cool fonts...
Tons of nifty clipart, too...
Crayola Crayon Box colors...
Nine [9] banner sizes available...
Upload up to [9] images per banner...
Nine [9] optional text inputs per banner...
Choose in-house templates or upload yours...


You may purchase a Lifetime White Label License for a One-time payment of... $34.00 * (I Did!).
Your license removes the FuglyBanners.com watermark logo from all of your banners... FOREVER.
* This is an introductory licensing price...
* Lifetime White Label Licenses will increase after initial launch... so buy yours now!

I use this link to grow a downline and potential $17.00 INSTANT Payments!

One of the BEST!

Raymond "Ray" Day

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Kathleen Vanbeekom
1084 Followers   9 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-11-12
I'm very pleased with this service/business, my banners look fantastic and it's great to be able to be unique and not have to depend on overused and overseen affiliate-program banners for promoting businesses. 

I joined FuglyBanners just so I could make unlimited free banners, it's easy and fun!  It may take a little time for new users to get accustomed to using it, but once you get the hang of it, you'll get faster at it and probably think up any reason just to make tons of banners.   There are lots of backgrounds and fonts to choose from, and colors, of course.  We can also use provided images or upload our own images onto our banners.

At first I didn't mind having the branding on the lower corner of my banners, but after I'd made several and was promoting them heavily, then I really didn't want the company branding on my banners for reasons of: It makes the advertiser look like a free-user, of course, and also because of the potential of missing out on potential referrals who may decide to join FuglyBanners thru the main company URL since it's right there in front of them all the time.  So I decided to pay for the white-label removal of the branding, which makes the company branding disappear from all our banners immediately (even though it looks like it's there during the design phase) and it also allows for a little more design room on the banners.  That was a great decision, and I started making a lot more banners after that!

For promoting FuglyBanners, the splashpages can provide multi-stream advertising, they showcase the banners we made.  We can promote a page of 4 or 8 banners in size 468x60, or a page of 4 banners in size 728x90, splashpages with all sizes of banners.  If you've made more than fits on the promo splashpages, click "refresh banners" and the others will show up.  If you haven't made all sizes yet, that's a good reason to do it, to be able to use all available splashpages, all linked to any sites we choose.  So while we're promoting FuglyBanners, viewers can click thru any of our banners to visit our other offers!

The owner was brilliant in his plan to have the 17-banner-business Downline Builder as a paid option from which we can gain 100% commissions.  If you're going to promote FuglyBanners to gain referrals, it only makes sense to join the DLB first.  As I was joining each of those 17 sites, many of them offer free banner credits for joining, and many allow free members to display several banners, we can gain a lot of viewers to our banners thru all those sites.

ID: kcvan16

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