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Last update: 2018-08-19
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Priscilla Cooke
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Last Update: 2018-06-03
What I like

This income could continue to grow for many years.

FortuneMaker pays out 100% of the product purchase price. Fifty percent of the commission requires no recruiting or sponsoring.

While their matching bonus and coded infinity enable you to earn an enormous amount of commissions by recruiting people, it is possible to earn over $1,600,000 in bitcoin from the matrix without recruiting anyone.

Certainly there is a lot of money to be made on the journey from $0 to $1,600,000. I'm confident that their $30 Accelerator will rocket you and your friends to success and prosperity!

What I dislike

There's not much to dislike about this program as it's very powerful and the commissions become larger and larger over time.

While you only come out of pocket for a one-time $30 worth of bitcoin, everyone is incentivized to share this advertising product and amazing opportunity.

When your organization grows beyond your 6 compressed level pay field, it will result in the people within your pay field receiving commissions and eventually automatically making upgraded advertising purchases. You will receive larger and larger commissions on these purchases.

If you sponsor more than three people who achieve the $100 upgrade purchase, you will begin to build a coded infinity organization on which you earn 25%. Imagine earning 25% coded infinity commissions on $1000 and $10,000 purchases infinitely deep!

In addition to that, you will earn 50% matching bonuses on the six level matrix commissions of all your personally recruited members no matter how deep they land in your organization.

Why Fortune Maker?

1. You only have to pay one time EVER to become a member. You don't have to worry about people dropping out every month as there are NO recurring payments here!

2. A product that everyone doing business online desires: Advertising! You get YOUR opportunity in front of a market of BUYERS.

3. Corporate trainer with years of experience building programs. They teach you how to succeed in this business and any other business you may be a part of. Fortune Maker is one of the most affordable programs you will find. For around $30 you will be fully paid and never have to spend another dime.

4. When you join and pay the one time fee to become a paying member, you get 2 solo ads at Free Advertising For You. These solo ads sell for $15 in the back office because they get well over 200 visitors on average.

5. You get a page with YOUR referral information on it. You will not have to compete with everyone else promoting the same pages and that means you will stand out and have a better chance of getting referrals.

6. Upline support. The team leader is near the top of the Fortune Maker matrix and is under another great leader so if you ever have questions they are there to offer you all the support you need.
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Robert Pugliese Jr
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Last Update: 2018-08-27
FortuneMaker is a one-of-a-kind business opportunity where you can earn and won't lose or are left behind. It offers a Free 6S-Marketing System the real income potential come in with paid matrices.

What I like...

The paid matrix is a low-cost one-time out of pocket Ad credit purchase (of $30 in either Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum) which will place you into a 3x6 matrix that pays out to those that sponsor... Matching and Unlimited Infinity Bonuses that can easily take the full matrix potential to well over $4 million and to those that chose not to sponsor up to 1.6 Million dollars!

NOW... Understand, I am not telling you that you or anyone else is going to have a full matrix and make that kind of money .

BUT It’s possible there’s a risk though, since MOST matrices don’t fill perfectly!

The thing is there’s a lot of money to be earned between $0 - $4 million and even more when you refer at least 4 other people to FortuneMaker.

Their System provides me with an amazingly easy yet powerful way to build your team by simply giving away the 6S-Marketing System for Free BUT since I am interested in a real shot at making money working from home in the Bitcoin industry I decided to spend that $30!

Next I'm sharing it with everyone I know (and those I don’t know yet but will) who want to make more money online or are interested in Bitcoins!

Their system offers free training and tools to help me to build my 3x6 matrix faster and almost effortlessly.

Those that share the 6S-System and the FortuneMaker Opportunity, will see their team grow and put themselves in a position to earn 10x more than those that did not.

There really is absolutely NOTHING I dislike about the System other than the fact I haven't had time to put what I learned into effect, till NOW.... .

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