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Last update: 2019-01-09
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Elizabeth Brown
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Last Update: 2018-12-01
My site traffic was low. ALEXA ignored website NULL RANK. GOOGLE SEARCH was not indexing me properly nor pulling me as a TOP option or front page.

Well FOLLOWLIKE helped me fix that; ability to get backlinks from FEDEX among other TOP sites with high domain AUTHORITY.

Things I do not like, well having to log back in PLUS not as much clicks as LeadsLeap, does provide a lot of impressions, though, adsense JUMP.

Hey when your autosurf is going, so are your coins for trade.

Any site (project) I add to followlike whether for social bookmarking, retweeting, or exchange. It gets done.

Best part is when I have clients requiring targeting; the option to narrow to country is suitable for GOOGLE ORGANIC TRAFFIC. Using relevant keywords, per backlink, trading for coins, GO FIGURE!

Wake up with almost 10,000 coins.

Better your domain authority (Tip! with Leadsleap OTO Product) , the higher your can charge to promote OTHERS!

I think 5 stars is expected for a site that gets the job done for FREE or CHEAP.

Best way to utilize site?

1. Create a cool OTO Product page with leadsleap

2. Create a cool Popups (see leadsleap) create popup

3. Check out the cookies generator

4. Google search console , adsense, and google tag to track

5. Prepare your leads affiliate setup, email list, auto banners , and Ads

5. Go to followlike submit your leadsleap landing page for SEO links (fast coins) views, traffic, bookmarking, and shares

6. Watch your email, ****, and google!

7. Leave a review for even more tips

Best Regards,

Elizabeth B


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Last Update: 2019-01-09
FollowLike is a Social Exchange where users can use credits to get other users to like,follow/subscribe,share, their profiles, or link to their site, post about their site and more. People get credits by paying for them or doing any of the above activities. 

One of the things I like about FollowLike is it can be done completely for free by doing things to help other members. In most cases, any actions you take for someone else will give you enough credits for that same action to be done for you. So if you like 10 things you will have enough credit for 10 likes back.

Now while that is good when you are just starting the real benefit is when you buy credits. For about $10 you can get enough credits for around 300 people to like/follow etc. your social profiles. I think that is decent since you know these are real people, not an automated bot. If these people will engage or not is another matter as they are mostly just doing it for the credits, but it is still a nice boost in numbers and can make your posts look better for having a lot of shares. 

One of the things I like most about this is they have a section of micro-tasks which you can do or place. These are small assignments typically a sign-up or leaving a review. For earning credits these can be done quickly and earn you a lot more credits than following a social profile usually 10-30 times as much. For posting them you can get people on a mailing list or to signup as a referral cheaply. It doesn't guarantee they will be active, but if you can find a program that pays you a few dollars per signup you could profit fairly easily. In theory, this should be amazing because there are a lot of members on the site you should get those signups fast. In practice though, I've tried for about a week to get people to signup for a free offer at close to the highest bid offered and I haven't had a single person signup. So while this is great in theory in practice you won't get floods of people signing up to your offer. 

You can also add your site to a traffic exchange, but as these aren't targeted people I don't think it would be too helpful. For earning credits there is a manual one which you change after about a minute and an automated one which changes on its own, but pays only 1/3 the amount of the manual one, but you can set it up when you go to bed and let it run overnight so you always have credits in the morning.  

You can also earn credits for each active referral that joins and you get a percentage of the credits they earn which can add up quickly if you get a few people who stay active. If you don't want to recruit you can also buy referrals. These are limited supply which always changes because they are only people who have been active within the last week and weren't invited by someone else. This is both good and bad because on the one hand, you know they are active, but on the other, since there is a good chance they are new I would expect a lot of them to drop off within a couple weeks.

Overall, I like that it can be done entirely for free, but I think the better choice is to buy credits than to spend the time earning them. I mean you can spend $6 or like/follow +100 things. I'd rather spend the $6. The other thing I don't care for is the Pro program. If you are buying credits anyway it makes sense to subscribe and get it, but I don't think the benefits they offer are as good as they could be like if they added increased percentages or spillover referrals.
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