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Last update: 2019-10-05
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Merry Makowski
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Last Update: 2019-10-05
I think, cause of the Exxa app, I am falling in love with my phone :-)

I used to say that cell belongs in a cellar, and seldom carried it with me. Now I do, can't stay away from it for too long, constantly need to check my balance and my affiliate network.

Also, I stopped using CoinBase, it is much cooler to use my Exxa wallet.

I can instantly exchange there all the major coins and instantly send them to any address I want.

EXXA Token Digital Assets Wallet has all the functions found in the best of multi-crypto wallets out there, BUT it has something else, something SUPER SPECIAL!

We can send your Bitcoins, Ethers, USDT or other coins in Trust Management. From this simple action, we receive daily profit of 3-19% per month (if the deposit is up to 300 $ - 3% -9%, if the deposit is more than 300 $ - 6% -19%)!

But that's not all! We get profit in EXXA tokens, the price of which is constantly growing!

A similar project PlusToken made many $ millionaires... (In PlusToken, the price of the token increased from $ 0.4 to $ 300. Initial Plus Token investors have increased their capital by more than 600 times! )

Plus token is gone time ago, I doubt if they ever had any real trading going on... And alike wallets in the market now with CloudToken being the most famous one, do not have all of the features found in Exxa Wallet:

- Simplicity! Unlike analogs, registration takes 5 seconds; it is also not necessary to enter SMS in analogs, which many do not receive!

- There are trading reports, as well as evidence of working trading software. The counterparts do not have any reports and evidence…

- And there is an Open Guide, a direct connection with the admins. This is what Exxa say about themselves:

In an online world full of faceless cryptocurrency entities, we emphasize on a credible real-world presence with customer support as we understand that it puts people at ease...

Exa Tokens has a real-world presence.

It has a beautiful office located in the main area of Singapore

360 Orchard Road, # 06-07 International Building, Singapore 238869
Tel: +65 6235 8890 I +65 6235 8891

It has a team of very powerful, experienced, reputable people with Danny Tang as a Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Frankie Lee - Founder, Gregory Ang - Co-Founder, Chia Hock Meng Michael - Share Holder and SQ2 FINTECH PRIVATE LIMITED - Share Holder.

You can easily check the credential of all these above online.

I have a friend and online partner in Thailand, he checked this company owned by Exxa CEO: Thailand Office

120/31 Moo 12 Soi Kingkaew
21/2, Kingkaew Rd, Rachathewa
Bangplee, Samutprakarn 10540
It is a MAJOR one...

I feel very confident knowing that Exxa is managed by a team of reputable people and has a real-life office with customer support. There is not a worry that my funds can be lost.

What else I like about them is the fact that Exxa is so new; It was officially launched on 29th September 2019, with a Big Inauguration Event at ONE 15 Marina, in Sentosa Cove, Singapore.

Exxa token is now at its very beginning, its price can only go up.

3% -19% monthly profit is nothing so crazy, so many people count on the value of the token going up and I do too :-) Who knows, maybe Exxa token will increase in value as much as Plus Token :-) Maybe now truly is the Millionaires Making Moment :-)

Cause of the Exxa's strong management team, future token potential, and the incredible simplicity of the business, (just keeping one's money in own Exxa wallet and collecting for it daily profits, ) I am giving it 5 stars, though there are few week points too.

Exxa has a very attractive partner program, but besides the main site and personal referring code, there is zero marketing material.

It is easy to share Exxa in person, (just show them the sleek app, show them your daily increasing coin balance, and there are chances they will want to have it too), but it is close to impossible to promote Exxa opportunity online.

There are not any regular affiliate links, I am not even sure if without them, I will be even able to post on LeadsLeap my review and add Exxa to my Top Recommended Programs...

There is also the requirement to hold $300 worth of crypto coins in one's Devo+ robot to be rewarded with the full bonus for the network below you. That $300 though can be deducted and withdrawn from Devo+ any time, but if you withdraw below $300 before 30 days, the commission will be 10%, if later - 1%).

Whoops, I did not mean to finish my review with a negative note,

After all, I am giving it my 5 stars!

As I said, there is no referral link. To join, please use my RefCode: 96531078
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