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Last update: 2016-09-25
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Norman McDowell
83 Followers   11 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-10-03
I belong to a lot of click and surf sites as I like to call them. This one seems to give me more exposure than most. They are always coming up with new ways to get more attention. Some sites that I belong too are the same as day one no changes what so ever. But this one is the leader of the pack.
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Eva Landry
271 Followers   18 Reviews
Last Update: 2016-09-25
Dragon Surf is one of the coolest sites in the KRM group, and one of the core sites for commando surfing through TECommand post. For those not familiar with commando surf--sites that belong to tecommandpost award bonus credits if you surf them while you surf the core commando sites--Dragonsurf, Tezak Traffic Power, Traffic-Splash, and Traffic Swirl. Real Fast traffic also is in the group, but not necessary to get the commando bonus. On Sundays on a very regular basis, you can earn100% bonus credits surfing the commando sites. But dragon surf also has some other good points--like prize pages every 15 pages surfed and Zubee Coins at 99, 199, and 299 pages. The 8 second timer isn't the shortest around but not overwhelmingly long either, and the traffic I get to my sites from Dragon and the rest of the KRM family is typically "good" traffic--signups that actually use the programs I advertise, no BOT programs. Another real plus to Dragon Surf is the Social Shindig prize. This occurs randomly on the prize pages, and awards an extra .20 credits per page surfed. If you share your social shindig link on social media with friends, they get the bonus too. But even better is the regular seasonal promos KRM holds--like the falling leaves promo. During these promos, each site has 200 dimes and nickels as prizes each of the 4 days--and if you're surfing a social shindig and hit one of THOSE--EVERYONE GETS THE PRIZE! So my surf buddies and I make it a point to share the social shindigs whenever we get them, and to all surf around the same time of day during the seasonal promos, as it greatly increases the odds of getting tons of cash prizes :-). Since Tezak, Traffic Splash and Fasy easy traffic also offer the social shindig, it's really easy to end up getting 2 times as many credits or more as you would if you're not surfing commando or using the shindig. All the other sites also offer Zubees, and they all have the prize page every 15 sites. Between all the sites in the KRM family, you will be showing your website to over 400,000 users--so you really need to take advantage of the bonuses to rack up credits--they go FAST on these sites. But if you're looking for a wide range of visitors, and high traffic volume, then Dragon surf and the other KRM sites are a good place to be, with good bonuses, good contests, excellent benefits and value priced upgrades.
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