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Last update: 2018-04-14
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Last Update: 2018-04-19
I've been a devoted member of the Diversity-Fund Club ever since it launched (back in November 2016), and it’s with great pleasure that I’m presenting it to you! If you want to know why I feel so good about this program, then, read on!

In short, this program works as an investment fund where the members buy the in-site “shares” (called “Profit Packs”) that qualify them for sharing the returns generated by the Club. All the money that comes from the purchases of Profit-Packs is being invested in the ventures that the Club is currently involved with – and that’s where the returns come from.

I’d very much like to honor the admirable stability of Diversity-Fund. Since the very launch, the admins of this program have been able to make enough profit to make the Club members’ stay there worth their while.

Now, unlike many other programs, DFC doesn’t promise you an “untold wealth” in return for your stay there (mind you, it’s not a HYIP! ). But from my experience of dealing with it for over a year now, I can tell you that the profits have been more than decent! Especially for the amount of time that is required to manage your account (almost passive).

The next thing that I’d point out here is the overall transparency of the program. The weekly results and the places where the Club is investing (as well as the statistics of those investments) are public. And some of them (like, Cryptocurrency Mining) can even be monitored in real time!

Aside from mining, it’s also worth to remark that the Club is active in Cryptocurrency and Forex Trading, as well as Sports Betting.

The admins of DFC are always optimistic, friendly and helpful, the withdrawal requests are processed on a daily basis (often, just in a matter of hours) and the whole project is rather inspiring. I’ve got enough experience in working online and, well, living (offline) to feel awesome about being able to trust a program (and the people leading it) as much as I trust Diversity-Fund!
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