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Last update: 2020-07-29
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Mary Daniels
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Last Update: 2020-07-29
I am Mary Daniels, Director of the Philadelphia Senate On Aging. Our organization seeks to enhance the quality of life for senior by training, advocacy, peer counselling, and collaboration with other non-profits that serve seniors.

For quite a few years I explored companies online and found some to be legit but overpowered by their competition and others were scams, offering more hype than profit.

I still had a problem, "How will I get the message out and increase our Operational Budget? "

While surfing the net I was intrigued by a company, Chatter Pal, that offers Artificial Intelligence (Avatars) and as I began to study its features I realized that I could save our organization lots of time and money.

We needed to reach the seniors who so desperately desire information... In some cases life changing.

I took the time to set up the avatar and WHAT I LIKE the most is the choices: male or female voices, or Professional Spokespersons, as well as the selection of various languages.

As a public speaker, I love the ability to use my OWN VOICE to deliver the message via the avatar. This technology allows us to deliver "whatever message" we desire, as well as collect the visitor's information, book appointments and even receive donations.

What I DON'T LIKE is the upselling which is so prevalent online. However, the additional services were an asset in the long run and not very expensive.

There are no monthly charges and, truth of the matter, it saves us precious time to do more important tasks.

We are not tied to the phone answering clients' questions, setting appointments, or asking for contributions - ALL of that is time consuming. Don't you agree?

Most of all, I love sharing it with other non-profits and companies that are trying to survive during this unprecedented time.

It's a very practical and timely service that is sure to make a difference - if it is used.

Yes, it's work, not a "get rich" offer. Nothing grows overnight but a weed.

Whatever you do remember "In All Work There Is Profit" Prov. 14:23


Chatter Pal is like having a Personal Assistant working 24/7, 365 days/year.

I highly recommended Chatter Pal because it's the least I can do to extend a helping hand.

God bless,
Mary Daniels, Director,
Philadelphia Senate On Aging.

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