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Last update: 2019-03-23
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Last Update: 2018-11-22
CashJuice is a new social network for online business owners. There, you can advertise your business for free. It has a similar set up to Facebook or Twitter in that you can post updates and like, share, and comment on other users' posts.

The types of posts you'll see on this site include:

- Links to the programs that people are currently promoting
- Special offers and coupons
- Motivational quotes
- Blog posts others have written

There is also a Post Rotator feature which ensures that every post made on the platform is seen sitewide by all users.

Earning Opportunities

There are multiple ways to earn from CashJuice. The best way to earn from CashJuice is by using it to get leads for your programs.

You earn 15% commissions on referral upgrades. You can also earn a portion of CashJuice’s ad revenue if you rank among the top 200 most active users on the platform.

Final Verdict

Overall, I think CashJuice is awesome because there’s simply nowhere else you can go at the moment to get access to people interested in online business opportunities for free.

In the future, I hope that they add more features but so far there's really nothing like it as far as how easy it is to get leads from here.
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Last Update: 2019-05-11
I've discovered this new platform thanks to another program that i use daily to promote my business. 

When we start online from scratch, we don't know what to do or where to go. 

Cashjuice is a social platform with the ability to advertise our business, make money, build an audience and more.

You can setup your advertising funnel and you will get visitor to your websites. I like the post rotator, it's an unique feature where you can promote a specific post you wrote to promote your business or other things and show it to the other members of the community. You can interact with the other members with the chat system, like, comment posts like other social media. You can also earn money from your referrals activity and more...

I am an upgraded member and really happy to be part of it and there are plenty of other features coming soon. 

It's an excellent platform that I highly recommend you to start and use to build your success online. 
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Passive Tools
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Last Update: 2019-04-07
This is a social networking site that has been built for allowing the prominent to filter to the top. What makes it worth while is you actually learn form the successful members ( they only rise to the top by participation points).

I like it because I can post what I want, but if it is what the community likes then it draws more attention. 

Currently I see the trick is to find what the CJ People want and let them know it is out there. 
Current trend is generating traffic and gaining followers. Content is more of the key here.
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Kevin Cates
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Last Update: 2019-05-16
I love this site! I advertise free to a large group of people that grow every day! Every day I gain new signups to every program I have!
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