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Last update: 2017-05-17
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Pete Ade
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Last Update: 2017-05-20
I have been a blo.gl user since early 2015. I felt in love with the fact that I could use Blo.gl to generate unlimited posts for my custom blog without writing a single post myself. That was awesome and everyday I was excited to check my blog to see what recent posts blo.gl had posted to my blog.

I became a Blo.gl Reseller to save on the monthly subscriptions, but then I discovered more…

I would have loved to add more blog to the blo.gl platform, but each additional blog would have costed me $29.95 monthly. Also, I wanted to add a company blog for the network marketing company I was involved in. That too would have costed me $59.95 monthly.

One custom blog at $29.95 monthly and one Company blog at $59.95 monthly meant a total of $89.90 monthly. But would have been more, if I wanted to add more blogs.

When I saw the Blo.gl Reseller option, which will totally waive the $89.90 monthly payments, plus give me the possibility of adding more custom and Company blogs to Blo.gl at no additional cost, I jumped on the offer instantly. I had no time to even think twice, because the offer was too good to be true, and I thought it was a kind of mistake.

But then, the Reseller option is even better, because with the option to be making unlimited $500 in direct sales Commissions, made the offer a no brainer.

Now, my initial reason to acquire the Blo.gl Reseller rights was too save on the monthly subscription costs of my blogs. But I now have an even more lucrative opportunity and plan to be sharing the Blo.gl Platform as my primary business.

Being a Blo.gl Reseller,

I no longer have monthly subscriptions,

I can earn unlimited $500 in resale commissions

I get a free custom built marketing system

I even get free targeted traffic sent to my reseller site to help me succeed

I get Free weekly Training From Tissa

Oh, I almost forgot, I get 100% commission on any custom or Company blog subscriptions I sell - wao.

I am more than happy and satisfied of all the comes with being a Blo.gl Reseller, and I am also very excited to share the opportunity of becoming a reseller with other struggling network marketers, with all the confidence, knowing that they will all get unprecedented support from Tissa, and could use the power of Blo.gl to financially achieve the financial success the desire in their business.

Even just for the savings alone and to use the power of Blo.gl to build your business, creating endless content for your blogs without writing a single one yourself, I would say it is worth being a Blo.gl Reseller. And if you want to think outside the box and free yourself from ever joining one company after another, then use the Blo.gl Reseller Training to achieve any level of income.
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