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Last update: 2016-11-07
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David Martinet
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Last Update: 2016-11-15
Blaster.guru is a safelist mailer. It allows you to send emails to the other members of the safelist, providing you have enough credits to do it. Credits are earned by viewing other members' email ads. Sounds pretty usual, but what sets Blaster.guru apart from all other mailers, in my opinion, is the upgraded version of the site:

- The upgrade costs $99. It may seem a little high, but it's a one-time fee, and it's FOREVER. No monthly, no yearly, you are upgraded until the site closes its doors. 

- You can send your ads twice daily and completely on auto-pilot without the use of any credits. Yes, you set your ads and Blaster.guru will send them automatically. Very few mailers have that feature.

These are the main 2 things that make Blaster.guru a very valuable system. But the upgraded account brings you more:

- 2000 credits are added to your account daily.
- You can set up a banner ad that will be shown on the site without the use of any credits.
- You can trade your credits for a login ad that will be shown on 3 websites (nearly 100,000 members in total) for one month with unlimited views.
- You earn $25 (level 1) and $5 (level 2) per referral who upgrades.
- Unlimited signups are sent to you.

Blaster.guru is online for more than 2 years now and is run by Maryanne Myers, who runs a lot of other mailers and is there for the long-term.

I receive about 50 clicks per day, thanks to Blaster.guru. It's really a "set it and forget it" system that will bring traffic to my sites for many years to come. I think it's really worth the ride!
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