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Last update: 2017-10-25
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Christos Apostolides
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Last Update: 2019-03-12
I might as well be clear about Bitcoin faucets from the beginning. I don't like them! It may just be my own character shortcomings, of impatience, and certain kind of laziness, that makes me see them as too much trouble for relatively little gain! There are though some exceptions, that even their most fanatic adversary must admit that they bring a new and fresh perspective on the whole scene of Bitcoin Faucets!

One such Bitcoin faucet is BITTER.IO! What sets it apart from its peers, is not any new innovation to the business model, but rather a new approach to the execution!

Forget the heavy advert loaded web pages and the annoying pop-under intrusions!

Bitter.io comes as a Chrome addon, easy, safe and nonobstructive! It will make his presence known only when there are fresh ads for you to view and earn. You just have to open it and click at the suggested link. The clicked link opens in a new tab and the addon will time your visit and notify you when you are ready to claim your reward. The whole process is short, smooth and it can be initiated at your own convenience!

The human verification is much more simple than the competition, but the rewards are at par with it.

Although in their terms states that payouts take a week, the two I had so far were met in less than 3 days and with no fees!

A support ticket I submitted was answered swiftly, politely, and resolved my issue.

As far as faucets go this is a five-star program!
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