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Last update: 2018-06-11
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Andre Zunde
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Last Update: 2018-06-11
I joined Arbitraging 3 weeks ago and I have been paid daily 7 days a week with out fail. I see real faces and real owners showing themselves. They are registered and Legal in the USA.

I like Arbitraging because trades are done for me without me having to do anything and I get paid daily from it so a true passive income is available here. There is never 1 trade that loses because each trade knows the profit it will make before its traded. Arbitraging is for example buying Bitcoin at one exchange for say 8k and selling it on another for 8200 which is $200 difference hence where the profit comes from.

The trades are done automatically for you the trade is only done if its a winner because our software initiates a trade between 2 exchanges and a profit is made.

While the whole cryptocurrency market is in the red Arbitraging gives me a haven where I can make money daily and it pays whether the crypto market goes up or down and its very affordable to get started :)
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