Tips On Using Adwords For Affiliate Marketing

Today’s discussion is on using Adwords for affiliate marketing. It is my reply to the question from our member, HuiTzy.

I found her question pretty informative and it will relate to many of our members. I’m going to show her question in orange color and my comment or reply in black, so you can follow my train of thought as you go along.

Ready? Let’s start……

Firstly a very quick thanks for all the services you are providing i.e. your blog, product and free coaching.

I am currently setting up Adwords Campaign to drive traffic to affiliate products. My goal now is to “test” which of them are profitable and worth my time to further invest.

Here are my steps,
1. select several related niches eg: how to stop procrastination, how to increase productivity, how to focus. (I am doing this so that when I am going to advance level I can cross promote my list.)

The idea of related niche is good, but if you are a beginner, you may be thinking too big. If I were you, I’ll diversify as much as possible and test different niches from different industries.

Your selection of products to promote should be based on how well they are selling, regardless of whether they are in related niche. A good practice is to go to > Marketplace and check the gravity rating. For example, if you search for products related to procrastination, most of the gravity ratings are less than 5. You can treat gravity ratings as a measure of how well a product is selling. Popular products usually have a gravity of more than 100. 5 is really way to low.

Instead of thinking of related niches, my advice is to fight a guerilla war, diversity and attack only products that sell well. Don’t think of going to any advance level. Take this chance to brush up your advertising and marketing skills.

2. select two affiliate products or more that I think will sell for each of the niches.

If you are doing a review page, you can promote 2 to 3 similar products at the same time. If you are advertising the products individually, you should treat each product as independent entity and select base on how well they are selling.

For your info, for each product that you test, you are likely to spend up to $100 before you can tell if the product is profitable. If you test 2 products in 5 niches, that’s 10 products in total and it can cost you $1000 to test. If you are mentally and financially unprepared, you chance of giving up prematurely is extremely high.

3. set up adwords campaign for each of the products.
4. track them so that i can know which keyword(s) and product(s) is/are profitable.
5. focus on those profitable products and scale up the sale.

Currently I am in step 3 and I am wondering should I directly link my ads to the sale page or to my own landing page? Based on what I heard, it is always good to link to landing page instead of sale page and landing page is also sort of “pre-sell” page. BUT I just want to so called “test” the market and I don’t want to spend too much time in this step. Only when I know I am able to convert well from that particular product or niche, I will then put all my focus in marketing such as building list, pre-sell, provide incentive etc. So I would like to hear what’s your opinion.

You should use a presell page, in most cases.

Think about it, you are going to invest $100 dollar to advertise for a product, and you are saying that you don’t want to spend too much time doing a pre-sell page?

I would like to focus on something that you said, “Only when I know I am able to convert well from that particular product or niche, I will then put all my focus in marketing such as building list, pre-sell, provide incentive etc.”

You see, if you’ve done your research, you should only promote products that convert well. If the product is not converting for you, it simply means that your marketing technique is inferior.

Imagine this, you advertise a product (that’s proven to convert well), but you don’t get any sales. What are you going to do? Change to another product? Or start preparing a pre-sell page?

The market is competitive. Your competitors are doing all kinds of stunts to get sales. Your job is to come into the market, with better tricks hopefully and compete with other marketers. Before you spend money to advertise, you should go to Google, do a search for the keywords that you are targetting, find out what the other advertisers are doing, see how they lure clicks and promote sales. Next you should come out with better tricks (in your opinion) and test if your better tricks work.

Your testing should be a test of your marketing strategy, not a test of whether a product can sell well.

My questions:
1. Are my steps going to work?

Anything is possible. I don’t dare to say your steps will not work. They are just not what I’ll do.

2. Sale page or landing page? All right to be honest, I have no clue about creating a good landing page. How much time it is going to take and in what format a landing page has to be? Seriously I am not keen to provide a “review” because I didn’t buy the product so I don’t want to crank out a false story to cheat my potential customers.

I think you have to get over this mental block. If you want to be a professional affiliate marketer, it’s your job to promote products and make them sell. Imagine if you are engaged to create a TV commercial for a product, are you going to try out the product and be very happy about it before coming out with an ad that sells? Treat it as a profession. There is nothing evil about it.

Of course, if you feel that a product is a scam or has lots of negative feedbacks, you can choose not to promote it. You do not have to force yourself to promote products that you don’t feel comfortable with. You can be ethical and professional at the same time.

3. If your answer is link to landing page. Could you show me some resources to create content for landing page?

Creating a presell page is not difficult. These two recent articles should be suffice to help you.

How To Write An Affiliate Presale Letter
How To Find Testimonials For Your Presell Page

8 thoughts to “Tips On Using Adwords For Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Wow Kenneth this article was “meaty”. This point stuck with me: “mental block…it’s your job to promote products and make them sell”. That perspective is golden.

    There’s no way you can check out every product on the market, but that shouldn’t mean you can’t promote it. Often just checking to see if there are any scam reports anywhere should be enough. If the product concept is promising and has proven sales, that should be reason enough to promote.

    Second point, take time to test EVERYTHING.

    Thanks again for a great article.

  2. Hi Kenneth,

    This is a good article. I myself wish to make use of adwords for my internet business/affiliate marketing. It’s good to hear that other marketers are successful and there are also the ones growing up.


  3. What an excellent post. It actually ties in well with a free trial of some research software I’m using at the moment. (In my link.)

    I also appreciated was your reassurance about reviews of products. I’ve often felt worried on this point as I would never want to mislead my subscribers.

  4. In the old days, companies could hire savvy code junkies who were able to leverage Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) into their AdWords Campaigns which produced a great Quality Score (QS) and lowered their cost-per-click (CPC) producing an impressive ROI.

    Nowadays, even us non-techie types can do the same thing without writing a single line of java script code (although you do have to know how to cut `n paste) to fully optimize your AdWords Ad with your landing page (LP) and do this in about 3 1/2 minutes.

    This new tool is only about 2 weeks old, its called Keyword ESP and I posted a quick 1-2-3 review on it a couple of days ago.

    Keyword ESP Review | Ferree Money Makers

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