This Is What I Mean By Search Engine Traffic!

In the past, we have been talking about keyword research, link building and other search engine optimization techniques. Today, let me illustrate to you what I mean by search engine traffic.

For example, last week, I posted an article titled “4 Essential Tools To Create Traffic To A Website“. Similar to many other LeadsLeap blog posts, the title wasn’t plucked from the sky. It was the result of careful keyword research.

Here’s a screenshot of the keyword research result:

As you can see, the keyword phrase “Tools To Create Traffic To A Website” is searched 32 times a day. That’s close to 1000 searches a month!

There are two ways to tap into this traffic. One way is by paying the search engines (i.e. Adwords etc). Another way is by getting to the top of the generic search result, through search engine optimization.

Both the paid ads and generic search result for this keyword phrase are shown in the screenshot below:

Can you see who is sitting at the #1 position of the 30,000,000 search results? Yes, it’s LeadsLeap.

The article we posted last week is now in the #1 position of Google search result.

With close to 1000 searches a month and being the first in the listing (after the ads), you bet we’re going to get some traffic from there.

That’s what search engine traffic is all about!

Before I end today’s article, let’s do a quick summary of what it takes to start getting traffic from the search engines to your website.

1. Keyword research (to find the right traffic generating keywords to target)
2. Search engine optimized content (to please the search engines and human visitors)
3. A website with lots of quality backlinks (to greatly increase your chance of getting the top ranking.)

Alternatively (or should I say ‘Additionally’), post your ad in LeadsLeap. Some of the traffic we’ve generated may click your ad and go to your website.

28 thoughts to “This Is What I Mean By Search Engine Traffic!”

  1. Kenneth –

    Loving your stuff; you ‘da man when it comes to online strategies. Been following you for some time now and using LeadsLeap successfully!

    Thanks again and keep up the great work.

    God bless,

  2. I prefer going for search engine optimization through blogging, social networking/bookmarking. If you don’t know what you are doing in google adwords u can put a hole in your wallet really fast.

  3. Very interesting post, Kenneth.

    Using a blog rather than a website, and with thorougly Keyword research it doesn’t take long time if you want to get into Google’s top rankings.

  4. Exiting!

    Keneth,I just read your blog and sow on the first place on the left side somthing familiar to me:

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    Get Your Website FREE to work for YOU

    That’s my site,I am sooo Exiting.
    Your Article is very helpful,I am learning every day.But,why your emails are coming into my spam box,not all,someof them.

  5. Great post. It is exciting to do a search on Google and see your own site in the top spots. I ended up in the number 2 spot on Google with a keyword that never occurred to me to use. I use it now!

  6. I remember getting ranked first in Google out of 2.5 million results, I was so happy. The next day, I got knocked back to 14th place! Like many website owners I know how difficult it is to maintain a great search engine position with a great keyword, so I give my congratulations to you.

  7. Interesting article and excellent information. Leads Leap the first program that has actually been successful for me in building a downline. Thanks!

  8. I’m with Josh and SEO Company on this one, I checked in Google Keyword tool and your longtail doesn’t even register any results a month. It’s all well and good targeting a long tail keyword phrase and getting listed on Google in the top spot but if you’re not receiving any traffic then what’s the point.

    Please backup your #1 spot with some actual proof of traffic next time

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