The Truth About Making Money Through Pay Per Click Marketing

Today, we’re going to discuss about identifying scam programs and making money through Pay Per Click marketing. It’s in reply to a members question.

Here’s his question:

“There is a lot of money making program out there, how to know it is not scam? I am thinking of Pay per click, how to start with it?” – Alvin Leow

Hi Alvin,

Frankly, there aren’t that many scams out there on the internet. The only thing you should really avoid is Ponzi scheme.

A Ponzi scheme is one that typically makes money from newcomers and use that money to pay the existing members.

There are quite a few Ponzi schemes out there, but it’s very easy to identify them.

When choosing money making programs, don’t look at the income potential. Instead, study the business model and ask yourself whether the model is sustainable. If it’s not sustainable, or you have doubt about the model, don’t join!

Alternatively, you can avoid all these get rich quick programs all together and simply focus on the mainstreams of internet marketing, which are things like affiliate marketing, Adsense marketing, Ebay marketing and providing online services.

You mentioned about Pay Per Click marketing. The idea of Pay Per Click marketing sounds like an easy way to make money online. But it isn’t.

Let me explain……

Many people associate Pay Per Click with affiliate marketing. The idea is this: “Pick a Clickbank product, post a PPC ad, get instant traffic and make sales”.

That sounds easy. But the truth is even the best Pay Per Click marketing expert needs to spend a couple of hundreds to test their ads before they can strike gold.

Pay Per Click marketing has evolved so much that it is getting harder for newbies to get involved.


Because there are many spying tools that can help Pay Per Click marketers to spy on other people’s ads and find out which keywords and ad phrases are profitable. As a newbie, without such tools, you are searching for gold in the dark and that can be quite costly.

I don’t mean to discourage you but it’s the fact.

The good thing about Pay Per Click marketing is that once you hit some ads that are profitable, they can be your cash cow for quite a while.

My advice is if you want to make money through Pay Per Click marketing, make sure that you follow the right guide and run different campaigns in at least 5 different niches. If you simply want to run an ad and test the water, you need to be superbly lucky to hit the jackpot.

16 thoughts to “The Truth About Making Money Through Pay Per Click Marketing”

  1. As already said by Guru Kenneth, please stay away from Get Rich Quick schemes. Link building (unique valuable content powered by SEO) and/ List building should be our focus. Ofcourse leverage does help always. So having our own affiliate program to sell our own product/service is a sure-fire way to make money online. But Business needs to be treated like business. Many people treat it like a hobby and keep spending for their hobby.

    Yes, all programs that need new members to join for old members to get paid are ponzi schemes. I dont want to take their names but you can guess them when I say they advertise “No recruiting” on the lucrative lead capture page with some Bonus pool figure increasing like Taxi meter :)

  2. I am of the opinion that one of the best ways to really earn substantial money online is to create your own product and create an affiliate program so that your affiliates can earn from your product while also providing you with automatic income.

    These MLM programs that pop up everywhere should be avoided at all costs.

    You will never see a true online marketer (aka “guru”) promote one of these junk programs to their list(s). They will promote products and membership sites that will help their subscribers become successful online. This builds trust and respect, which in turn rightfully earns the sender commissions.

    Great response Kenneth!

  3. Well said, Kenneth!

    You are indeed a great guru in this area.

    I always agreed with you that Pay-Per-Click is not suitable for newbies. This is what I advised my members too.

    As for money-making program, I strongly believed and suggest that newbies should start off with affiliate marketing first.

    Affiliate marketing is the most simple and easy way to earn.

    May I suggest to all newbies, if you are interest to learn about Affiliate Marketing, you may attend Singapore Internet Academy FREE 3 hours hand-on experience.

    Our aim is to help you to earn online using the most simpified method. Log on to to reserve a seat.


    Eddy & Kim Leong

    1. Eddy,
      I am in Kuala Lumpur. Iwill look your website. Any where PPC is more suitable for big business such as selling property, tourism, airline business and high value products. If you have small business such as selling USD100-USD200 for one product, I don’t it is worth advertising strategy.

  4. Hi everybody, good morning

    To me, the best lesson is our experience in online business and we can make judgement whether a particular strategy works or not work to us. For PPC, I only believe in “Adword” from Google, not from other parties. If you do, you are wasting your money easily.

  5. Hi World Economy Blog,

    I agreed with your saying.

    As most of us know that Yahoo had launched their own PPC as well. I decided to give it a try and found out the following:

    Yahoo’s conversion is higher. Need to pay lesser for the bid. Also more clicks more than google, but cheaper than google.

    Mainly I think Yahoo is pretty new, that why not many people is using that. However, few years down the road, Yahoo is going to be same as google.

    Have to bid more in order to get in the top page.

  6. Another great post Kenneth,

    When I first started out I lost £100’s on ppc marketing and had nothing in return. The competition is fierce and finding a profitable niche is proving increasingly difficult. The key is to research and test multiple niche’s, don’t put all your eggs in one basket! I use ad spying like you mentioned, it’s not cheap, but it does help with finding them golden nuggetts.

    With regards to get rich schemes, there isnt any! Before you go into anything make sure you do your research, google it, check out what people are saying about it on the forums etc, but I also agree that there are not many scams. Usually when somebody calls a product or service a scam, its because they fail with the product or service, listen to what others say about it.

    To your success,

    Tony Gibson
    Building Residual Income

  7. Some tips for making money online.

    SEO is the most effective and efficient way of getting free traffic, the only drawback is that it takes time. The next option would be traffic exchange; very effective, relatively fast, major drawback is the quality of the traffic.

  8. The biggest mistake PPC newbie marketers ( including myself at the beginning ) make is trying to promote saturated products. Newbies often lack necessary information and technical knowledge. They tend to promote products that are old and over-sold. Then they often overlook the necessity to do some calculations about PPC bidding prices, CTR and sales. They just believe what was written ( the testimonials and clickbank commission figures ) on that sales page of the product and end up burning their fingers. So, instead of clickbank products, try to find products at some other places or better still try to get closer to a guru and get some information about his next product or current trends. Normally they tell you all their secrets only after exhausting them. So try to get those secrets beforehand.

  9. If you use the experts to learn then you can progress at you own pace. Some of the experts will teach you for little or no money. On my site I outline how a newbie can learn and refer to many of the experts on how to get to the next level. There are ideas on pay per click, using banner ads, Google placement advertising and more. Take a peek if your interested.

    Earn while you learn.
    Bob K.

  10. A small client base could give a steady income but would not help make that extra money.

    Work really hard in the most focused and prepared way possible,
    always meeting the needs of your business correctly,
    by identifying where your time can be spent in
    the most productive way. Three: Take your time – Too many people get online searching for a way to earn
    money and then they choose the first idea they find.

  11. If you don’t have anything new on your web site, there’s really no reason for your customers to return.
    This is ideal for search engines who love dynamic content.
    If you are having trouble with Ad – Sense there are other programs which allow
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