The Chinese Backstreet Boys – Just For Laugh

Today I’m going to do something I’ve never done in LeadsLeap blog.

I’m going to share with you two videos that have nothing to do with internet

My wife recently sent me these two videos and I almost laughed off my chair when
I watched it.

Christmas is round the corner. Let’s take a break and have fun watching these

Introducing…. the Chinese Backstreet Boys


And this is my personal favorite. (It’s a Chinese song, but it’s dead funny!)


Merry Christmas to all of you!!

9 thoughts to “The Chinese Backstreet Boys – Just For Laugh”

  1. Hello Kenneth, Thanks for the entertainment. The kids were really enjoying themselves. They have good voices. Maybe one day people will be paying to go to their concerts. Thanks for all the marketing info. I really like LeadsLeap. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Erica

  2. Hi Kenneth, great laugh, merry Christmas to all at Leadsleap, The best place advertising. Thanks for all of the terrific information and support. Great Job Leadsleap.

    Heres to a Prosperous new year to all

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