My Recent Encounter With The Adwords Team

As you probably know, we are busy preparing the launch of our stock trading website. One of the things to do is to optimize its squeeze page. We got the squeeze page ready and used Adwords to drive traffic to it.

To cut the long story short, the site was suspended due to violation of their User Safety Policy.

When I say ‘the site’, I’m referring to the squeeze page. The content in it violated their policies and as a result, the ads that promoted the url were disabled.

Fortunately we still had time to change the site before the actual launch.

In this post, I’ll highlight some of the main issues that cause the violation. I hope it serves as a guide for you.

Some background about the ad… We are giving away a free report. Users will have to subscribe to download the report. It’s just the typical squeeze page you know.

Issue #1 – Misleading Claims

The main problem was the headline. Initially, we used this headline:

“This report shows how you can almost guarantee profits* for ANY 5 randomly traded stocks.”

I know that we can’t make any guarantee in our offer. I don’t want to make any bogus claims too. That’s why I said ‘almost guarantee’, with a disclaimer in *. Now that I know, that is still a ‘NO’.

In the end, this is the headline we used:

“A ‘no-hype’ report revealing a simple formula to get a net profit for any 5 randomly traded stocks*.”

Issue #2 – Lack Of Transparency

You know how a squeeze page looks like. It has very few words and an opt-in form. Unfortunately, that is not good.

The Adwords Team suggested that I explained more on what the report is about.

In the end, I added a preview of the content page and another inner page to let users have a peek into the report.

Issue #3 – Unclear Business Model

What kind of bothers me is they wanted me to clarify how I make money from the report.

Anyway, I added another paragraph explaining “Why Is The Report Free? What’s The Catch?”. I also added a link to show the price plan.


Before getting myself into trouble, I better write a disclaimer here. Whatever we’ve discussed above is what I think is happening. What works for me may not work for you.

If there is one lesson to take away from this article, it would be “Run your ad early and let the problems surface. Then work with the Adwords Team to resolve the issues.”

18 thoughts to “My Recent Encounter With The Adwords Team”

  1. What is the world coming to? i do understand compliance with regards to what we can title and what wording we can use but its almost coming to the point that we as customers are treated like second class citizens when buying advertising via Google?

    is it just me or is anyone else having the same opinion

  2. I also just read the rest of your email about this being connected to my affiliate url. I was going to curate this but wasn’t sure how you would respond but you just gave me permission. Thanks!

  3. The reason Google is so particular is because of the rash of shady promoters who were not very honest in their dealings with customers/prospects. We are just paying the price for their sins five years ago.

    All in all, it’s a good thing for getting prospects because you will get more highly screened and qualified prospects than you would otherwise. In other words you are getting quality over quantity. That’s how Google looks at it anyway!

    1. Yes Fred, totally agree.

      My reason for sharing this post is to help our audience avoid pitfalls when it comes to advertising, not to criticize Google.

      Google’s user safety policy is actually inline with my advertising fundamental, i.e. ‘sales is a transfer of confidence’. By giving users more information on what the product is about and what the company is doing, it ultimately increase the confidence of the prospects in the product.

      As for the title, yup, it’s a little too strict. Just need to play with the rules.


    2. Well ya but you got to leave a little mystery and let’s be honest when is the last time you actually bought something and it was just like it was on the advertisement I mean look, feel. and all that jazz!

  4. Thanks for the post Kenneth.

    A few years ago I was running an Ad-words campaign and not only did they reject the ad, they suspended my account. I received an email that just said I “violated their policies”, then the one for the account suspension.

    To this day, I don’t know what I did to get suspended, but still receive their $100 credit promo both electronically and with snail mail. Que Sera, Sera. As long as they’re the Big Kahuna they can pretty much do what they want.

    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Well I got my website which was a full website suspended and my account terminated too. To me there was nothing misleading about it as a matter of fact if you want to know which website got my account suspended just click on my name and then you tell me. Now mind you that I have made some upgrades since then but still!! Anyway to me there is plenty of other promoting sites that I can deal with like this one :)

  6. Is it really possible to work with adwords team? i had a banner on my site that i manage and i like to check things out to make sure they are working properly some times. Well, i had just finished updating my home page and some things got changed and moved around so i clicked my adwords banner to make sure it was still working and my account got cancelled. i would have thought the admin should have a rite to click the banner to make sure things were working properly but i sure got fooled. my account was immediately terminated and the twenty something dollars I had in it gone too. Be careful how you deal with adwords because they show you no mercy.

  7. I have heard of so many people having trouble with Google Adwords policy. You certainly have to tread carefully with them as there is no going back if you have made a mistake!

  8. The AdWords team is a complete Joke. The cancelled my account for lifetime, they gave me no warning or chance to change my ad. Just today I receive an email from Google about my Google+ account, that I am spamming and my account my be cancelled along with other Google services. You got to be kidding me, I promptly deleted the Google+ icon from my toolbar and I have switched to Bing, and I will never do another Google search for the rest of my life. They have way to much control over what everyone can do on the so called express yourself and be creative internet, or should I say Googlenet.

    1. I love and hate Google. Google is too big and too important to fail. Until we have someone who can compete, we can only play by its rules.

  9. The big ‘G’ really tries to make certain everything lines up to better serve their visitors. They will protect their brand at all cost.

    Billion $ companies tend to do that.

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