Improved Statistics For The Real Tracker

The Real Tracker has been very well received by our members since its inception. Thank you.

It has been an eye opener for many, as they realize that many clicks they have been getting are not real visits.

Today we’ve made the tracker even more useful, with some improved statistics.

Before Change…

Prior to today, we get a summary of the Total Clicks, Unique Clicks and Average Stay.

Look at an example below:


This link receives 5793 total clicks, 4577 of which are unique. The average stay is 3s.

Just 3 seconds? Something must be wrong.

Unfortunately, the “Average Stay” statistic doesn’t say much. To get more insight, we need to look at the Surfing Duration.

Below is the Surfing Duration for this link:


From the Surfing Duration, you can see that almost 50% of the clicks have surfing duration less than 5 seconds.

5 second is very short. It already takes 2-3 seconds to load a page. If a click is genuine, our system should easily record the first 5 seconds.

So what can we say about those clicks with less than 5 seconds of surfing duration?

Yes, they are likely to be fraudulent or useless clicks. They may be bot traffic or they can be clicks that are opened in the background and are not viewed.

With that understanding, we can calculate another statistic from the raw data that we’ve gathered.

I call it “Real Visits”.

“Real Visits” is a measurement of the total clicks with stay duration longer than 5 seconds.

After Change…

Below is how the new click summary looks like:


We omit the Average Stay but add a new statistic called Real Visits.

I hope you agree with me that the new click summary now makes a better sense: The link gets 5793 clicks, 4577 of them are unique and 2799 of them are real visits.

Graphically we also include the Real Visit counts in the Click chart. You can now see a chart like the one below:


I believe that the new statistics will give you more insights into your promotion campaigns and give you a quick idea of how well your campaigns are doing.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


12 thoughts to “Improved Statistics For The Real Tracker”

  1. So true. Having Real Visit also re-assure me that I am doing something right with my advertising and where was it been advertised. Thanks for the thought to improve this Tracking Function!

  2. The Real Tracker is awesome and super easy to use, the other day i buy a solo ads and use the real tracker, when the solo ad start, the tracker manage to record that only 11 real people was visiting my website, the other leads was bad quality and spend less than 5 second in my site.

    I manage to talk with the solo ads seller and he return my money, so use the real tracker, to start receiving real visitor to you website.

      1. Yes, he is a real seller and return the money without issue.

        I test with another solo ads seller and was more better, the real tracker said:

        Clicks: Total: 197, Unique: 180, Real Visit: 131 (i buy 150 clicks)

        the traffic was more better and the leads was real.

        P.S. Thanks for using my testimonial in the email and homepage.

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